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Max Clifford.

"PR Guru Max Clifford revealed his fondness for the Jewish community during a fundraiser..."

The Jewish Chronicle - Max factor

Max Clifford, in 1962, went to work for the press office of the EMI music company.

"EMI was a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment."

(The Roots of Rock)

Clifford claims he was given the job of promoting an unknown group called The Beatles

In 1970 aged 27, Clifford started his own agency named Max Clifford Associates.

Among those he represented were Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Paul Simon, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, Paul and Barry Ryan, Don Partridge, and Freddy Star.

Clifford came in contact with a 'madam' who ran a top brothel.

Reportedly, Clifford asked the madam to reveal details of her clients.

Reportedly, one prostitute, Pamella Bordes, was simultaneously dating: Andrew Neil (then editor of  Sunday Times); Donald Trelford (then editor of The Observer); Conservative minister for sport Colin Moynihan and billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

("'Life has changed - it's nastier now'The Guardian, 28 April 2008. "Paper tiger",The Observer, 28 July 2002. "A trip down memory lane", The Telegraph, 9 October 2005. "Billionaire arms dealer breaks his silence over claims he hired Heather Mills as escort", This is London, 11 November 2006)

Clifford contacted Murdoch's pro-Israel News of the World and a story was published in March 1989 under the headline "Call Girl Works in Commons".

Clifford provided the newspapers with stories that helped Tony Blair to come to power.

Allegedly, Clifford invented the story which claimed that Conservative member of parliament David Mellor made love while wearing Chelsea football kit.

Clifford helped to expose the Conservative party's Jeffrey Archer.

Shortly after Harrod's boss al Fayed employed Clifford, the Conservative MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine were both arrested on rape charges.

Clifford was accused of arranging a distraction from the assault made by his friend Rebekah Wade on her husband, EastEnders actor Ross Kemp, via the "coincidence" of the other "Mitchell brother", Steve McFadden being in a similar incident with an ex-partner.

"Pamella Bordes's Arab benefactor... was Adnan Khashoggi, the billionaire Saudi arms dealer. 

"And the man who occupied her evenings at the Plaza Athenee in Paris was none other than Said Ghaddaf Adem, the cousin of Colonel Gaddafi...

"20-year-old Raicey Wightman sobbed to the News of the World... 

"Raicey revealed there had been sex and drugs orgies at the home of a Tory MP with a member of the House of Lords and a well-known businessman involved...

"The Times of India, not to be outdone, claimed Pamella had links with the Al Fayed brothers who had taken over Harrods... and that she was the femme fatale in the loop of Ollie North and the mullahs in the Iran-Contra deal...

"Andrew Neil revealed... who had introduced him to pamella Bordes - Lady 'Bubbles' Rothermere, wife of the proprietor of the Daily Mail..."

aangirfan: Ollie North, Pamela Bordes, Adnan Khashoggi, Al Fayed ...

Gold $1,697


Anonymous said...

Interesting snippet in his autobiography where in response to a potential kiss + tell story by a bloke against a client of his, he set up the bloke by swapping a girl for a guy in the bloke's bed, filmed it and threatened the bloke that his 'bisexality' would come out.

Anonymous said...

A trainer at my gym is a friend of Heather Mills going back to the 80s

She acts oddly and can sometimes be aggressive to people. Strange..

No further comment.

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MAX CLIFFORD, PAMELA BORDES, OLIVER NORTH, SPOOKS....":

Pamella Bordes was also set to honeytrap the Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham, reportedly to keep him from complaining about all the foreign refugees funneled into his constituency, as he was not happy.

A reportedly fraudulent vote count slipped in George Turner a New Labour 'slime bag' who the intel review claimed was in the bag of local Russian mafia chiefs.

The reason, reportedly, was for George Turner to import huge numbers of immigrants quietly into the area.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was quick. Just another life under the wheels of the juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Some more background on the Hamilton affair.

The allegations against the Hamilton's were made by Nadine Milroy-Sloan.

She was jailed for 3 years in 2003 on charges of intending to pervert the course of justice in relation to the allegations.

In summing up, Judge Simon Smith made the following of statements to Ms. Milroy-Sloan:

"It became clear to me during the trial that you were planning to do something like this from your arrival in London."

"You had already had an interview with Max Clifford and a sum of around 80,000 was being talked about for a story."

"It is becoming all too easy for people to sell allegations about well known people to the Press, and the courts have to deal firmly with it."

This was reported in the press at the time:

The Old Bailey case: R vs MILROY-SLOAN , PCoJ

Some further background:

It should be noted that the twist in this case was that the accuser sold the release of her identity to the News of the World for GBP 75k : She was originally granted anonymity during proceedings.

The Hamiltons - who have launched a libel action against Miss Milroy-Sloan - described publicist Max Clifford, who advised their accuser, as 'lower than vermin'.

Anonymous said...

SIR ALLAN GREEN...Have a look at him.
Terrific blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You have to understand the press and the power it wields.
Heather MIlls upset the PTB by campaigning against landmines,
it was said that the crash which took off her keg was contrived to kill her, when i knew her she was far diferent to what the press says.
Paul Mcartney is nota nice guy and totally jew controlled, this is why he had his success.
Pamella Bordes if you met her is justa stunning beauty, men would stare at her inthe street, and she
was a foreign agent an expert in honey trapping
pete wilson

Anonymous said...

Mills was prostituting herself to wealthy Arabs before marrying the fake Paul Mcartney, their marriage was nothing but a PR scam to legitimise the two charlatans. Any wonder John Lennon refused to talk with the Beatles imposter for the last ten years of his life before being murdered by the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Pamella Bordes = Pamella Chaudhry Singh

She has since dropped an l in her christian name, now known as Pamela.

Good background here - surprised not on Wiki:,9171,151539,00.html

Ahmed Gadaff al Daim - cousin of Gaddafi - was reported to have been involved with Bordes in Paris in 1989. Due to her relationship with various MP's and fact she had passed all security checks that elevated things to national security issue in UK, a la Profumo.

It was years later in 2003 that Daim apparently attempted to bribe the Labour party in to helping end its international isolation:

The offer was turned down by Lord Evans outright. The middle man, Wolfgang Michel, did agree that he concluded agricultural business with the Iranians in the company of Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and Tiny Rowland.

Anonymous said...

Some further detail on the fall of Adnan Khashoggi:

Lots of background, including the detail on the link between Khashoggi and various US military companies (Iran Contra etc.), Dodi Fayed, Pamilla Bordes, Ferdinand / Imelda Marcos, Shri Chandra Swamiji Maharaj (aka: Swami or Swamiji), King Fahd of Saudi Arabia

Swami introduced Bordes to Khashoggi in 1982 following her failure to be entered as Miss India into Miss Universe that year.

Khashoggi's use of women in business deals is documented in: 'By Hook or by Crook' by Steven Martindale, banned in the UK by Mohammed Al Fayed.

Donald Trumps summary is accurate.

Jonathan Aitken is the biological father of Petrina Khashoggi as proven by DNA, following an affair he had with Soraya Khashoggi (English, name before conversion to Islam: Sandra Daly).

Some further background:

- He has never been convicted, only linked to nearly all major international scandals.

Thailand ordered his arrest for Fraud related to the Bangkok Bank of Commerce Plc in 1997:

That fraud has been linked directly to the Asian financial collapse of the late 90s. The convictions are still ongoing:

Khashoggi's involvement with BCCI is documented elsewhere in this blog.

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MASSACRES IN EUROPE":

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