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Children preparing for evacuation from Spain, during the Spanish Civil War. From the estate of Olga Brocca Smith

Europe has known a number of massacres of civilians.

In Spain, in the 1930s, the Republican government passed a law giving poor farmers the right to become land owners.

In 1936, the Nationalists, led by the fascist General Francisco Franco, began a revolution to topple the government.

After the Nationalists had captured the town of Badajoz, around 4,000 civilians and others were rounded up and murdered by the Nationalists.

The Nationalist's General Yag├╝e ordered the confinement of all 'prisoners' (most of them civilians) in the town's Bull Ring (Plaza de Toros) and that was where they were tortured and murdered.

Serb family massacred by fascist Croatians in 1941

In 1941, the Croation government set up the Jasenovac extermination camp.

Up to 800,000 people died in the camp.

The majority of the victims were Serbs.

Gypsies and Jews were also victims.

In 1941, in the village of Jedwabne in Poland, "local people, at the instigation of their German occupiers, drove more than 300 of their Jewish neighbours into a barn and set it on fire, killing them all."

In the village of Radzilow, as many as a thousand Jews were killed, probably by Poles, in a crime that is still being investigated by Polish prosecutors.

"Terrible things happened there. They cut a girl's head off and played football with it."

There were other similar massacres in Poland.

"Poland had Europe's largest prewar Jewish community - 3m people in 1939 - while now there are only about 20,000."

Massacre haunts Polish history -


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"Kate hoax call: Am I the only one?

I think some sanity and balance needs to be injected into the hysteria over this. Two Australian DJs made a prank call in the night claiming to be the Queen and Prince Charles to the London hospital where Kate Middleton was being treated for apparently severe morning sickness.

One nurse on the switchboard put them through to another nurse on Middleton's ward who gave a few details of her condition. Many people may not think that the prank was very funny, but it was only a radio prank. Such things are happening all time around the world, though not usually involving the royal family.

Neither of the nurses was publicly named nor officially reprimanded, according to the hospital. But the nurse on the switchboard then later apparently committed suicide and now the DJs are facing the condemnation and wrath of all and sundry.

I'm sorry, but if people are now responsible for the inexplicible actions of others, as with this bizarre 'suicide' by a mother of two children, then no one will ever do anything in fear of what others might do as a result.

What happened is very sad, but to take your life over what happened is extraordinary and how could anyone have foreseen this from a prank call in which her identity remained anonymous and when she did nothing except pass a phone call through to a ward?

In fact, it is all so bizarre that there is likely to be a lot more to know about the whole affair."

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Jedwabne massacre - there is no material proofs of Polish involvement,
only fabularised book by J.Gross...

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Jews started WWI and WWII and many Wars past and present.

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Never mind about elite paedo rings.
It's beginning to look a little like 'the empire strikes back'

Nice choice of title.

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there is a movie released in sweden about the spanish civil war..

Masonic and Communist Intrigues in Spain

This film shows how freemasons and communists tried to size
political power in Spain in 1936 – the attempts leading to the outbreak of
the Spanish Civil War. The fight against Stalin, the Comintern (the Third
International), and international freemasonry, was led by General Francisco Franco.
You will find previously unknown examples of communist terror in Spain.
Franco was victorious in this clash of forces. Soviet Spain never materialised, despite Stalin's engagement and enormous efforts.

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The plot thickens with David Rose and the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up


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Let's please allow the German Nazi Regime to embrace the calculated murder of over 11 million Europeans, of which 6 million were Polish Citizens, half Christian, half Jewish. To say otherwise is to disrespect the memory of those who perished at the hands of the German barbaric campaign.

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aushwitz film of dead typhus victims,exasperated by allied bombing of supply also of civilians clothes,which were replaced by aushwitz work clothes and boots on entry to the work camp.

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