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Jeanne Stourton, Lady Camoys.

Jeanne Stourton (1913-1987), was bisexual and loved the Nazis.

Her mother was Frances Stourton a British army major's wife.

Her father was a Spanish diplomat named Don Pedro de Zulueta.

Jeanne seduced the Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton and slept with Joachim von Ribbentrop.

She entertained British and European royalty and various celebrities including Benjamin Britten, John Betjeman and Graham Greene.

Source: Sherman’s Wife by Julia Camoys Stonor.

Jeanne Stourton

Jeanne blackmailed Cecil Beaton's younger brother Reggie, an RAF officer who was gay. 

She threatened to reveal his homosexuality unless he agreed to hand over a large sum money.

Reggie killed himself.

Sherman and Jeanne.

In 1938, Jeanne married Sherman Stonor, 6th Baron Camoys

She slept with Sherman Stonor's father, and had relationships with the conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent and the drinks tycoon Enrico Cinzano.

Source: Sherman’s Wife by Julia Camoys Stonor.

Julia Camoys Stoner is the daughter of Sherman Stoner.

Julia Camoys Stonor

Julia, the daughter of Jeanne Stourton, Lady Camoys.

Jeanne apparently murdered her husband Lord Camoys (who died in 1976), according to Julia.

Julia has also claimed and that Jeanne was apparently murdered by her younger son the Honourable Robert Camoys (died 1994).[3]

Julia has claimed that she is the only legitimate child of her parents; her mother's other four children, including the present Lord Camoys (7th Baron Camoys), being illegitimate and biologically unrelated to Sherman Stonor.

Thus, she has argued that she is the rightful heir to the Camoys barony.[4]

Julia Camoys Stonor - Wikipedia

Julia Camoys Stonor

"By her daughter’s account, the dark-haired, volatile Jeanne, with her rapacious appetite for money and sex, her complete disregard for convention, her alarming mendacity and her streak of cruelty, exhibited all the faults the English like to associate with the Spanish...

"Julia Stonor’s account of upper- class fascism is unrestrained. 

"Her mother’s friends and connections were mostly ragingly right-wing, anti-Semitic and pro-Franco, as upper-class Catholics tended to be, and pillars of the Right Club and the Anglo-German federation."

Chishom, Anne. “Rampant fascism near Henley,” The Spectator. 12 July 2006.

Sherman and his mother, in Newport, Rhode Island. Julia Camoys Stonor

Jeanne Stoner and her children. Julia Camoys Stonor

Julia with Prince William of Gloucester. Julia Camoys Stonor


Barney Thomson said...

That is one sad old Doris.

Anonymous said...

She got away with it because she knew of the skeletons in the cupboard. And was sharp enough, and ruthless enough, to use it.

Wish I'd met her when I was a teen and she young enough to enjoy me!

I met Lady Nancy Astor, but she was well over 80 and soon dead...

...but the will was there, anyway.

That was also a lady who bucked the system.

And she was actually very nice...

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that you did not have to be beautiful in those days, to be wanted.
What interesting lives, & freedom from consequences, money can buy. They also bought tickets to heaven, from the Church Officialdom no less.
None of them were educated I bet. Queen Elizabeth & her sister were not educated, or educated after a fashion I heard.
Wouldn't it be interesting to shove your husband down the stairs & shout "but that I was rid of you, for I am bored of you, you fool of a man."
They were all nut jobs in those days.
They got their money & opportunities free & were the selfish, self serving, lazy, dirty, ignorantus of their time.
A bath was considered once a month or so if one was up to it, in those days.
Thank God we have running water.

Anonymous said...

remember that the spanish civil war was unlike what we british read in thepapers.
The papers were on the side of the russians who were installing communism, ( under another name ) my family are from that area, and fought bravely against the atheist commies who murdered as they went, the people asked hitler againand again for suport it was a horrible time

KPatrickRyan said...

A real piece of work. A dyke, she blackmails a man because he's a closeted homosexual.

Gay or not, she's amoral enough to have sex with men as well, including her husband's father (I'm sure that made for fine Christmas get-togethers). Then she knocks off her husband?? Getting cuckoled by her sleeping with your own father... he was probably damn happy to be murdered by the bitch.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that hate and self-loathing run the ruling elite.

Too bad the churches appear to have lost their way, as God really IS, LOVE.

As for the Kate nurse, we in Australia are deeply, deeply sorry for the loss of the life of a clearly conscientious and caring nurse.

My condolences to her beloved family in UK and India.

At the same time, the hypocrisies of the British 'establishment' ('royalty'/press/police/pollies/academics/banksters) continue to make many of us cringe, while the usual culprits fawn and feign....

deceit and deception for self-gain is the 'establishment' Standard, the other side of their 'coin' being 'charity'.

Duplicity/double standards rule the world.

There is only One

and we are all in it


Peace xx

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