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1. Israel-Iran cooperation

2. He was Director of Public Prosecutions in the UK.

He resigned in October 1991 when he was allegedly spotted kerb-crawling [1]

Allan Green (barrister) 

3. "There is plenty of circumstantial evidence, and at least one eyewitness, indicating that the real masters of the CIA recruited Fidel Castro through its newly created intelligence agency in early 1948 and was sent to Bogota, Colombia as agent provocateur on an important mission...

"The CFR conspirators faced a serious problem: the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev revealed to the world his policy of peaceful coexistence..."

Hence the psy-op Cuban missile crisis.

"Castro’s attempts to spread the revolution to the rest of Latin America in the 1960s, were unequivocal failures." Castro's Secrets.


Anonymous said...

Eutelsat’s ban on entire nation’s (IRAN) media unprecedented

Anonymous said...

Polish Plane Crash, GeoUNgineering, Internet Surveillance - New World O.

The polish Jewish delegation and chief rabbi were to be on that plane but canceled, no reason given, at last minute. Of course the crash was foul play but neither the Russians nor the Polish can bring it into the open without also proving they weren't involved. Poland and Russia were trying, successfully, to improve their relations when it happened. To point towards Putin is disinfo. All his efforts to renew relations with Poland were instantly destroyed.

Anonymous said...

may be that's true for Rafsanjani, Musavi, (partly for Chamenei - till 1988, and no longer (?)
and probably NOT for Ahmadinejad...

There is no Rotschild Banks here (last such a country was Libya...)

Iran was FORCED & blackmailed to agree NOT to engage Hisbollah and Iranian media against NATO bombing of Libya.

It was sad to see the tacit agreement for war in Libya
by PressTV,
although it wasn't blind prowar propaganda Western style...
(Afhsin Rattansi, Lizzie Phellan) and others
broke the taboo, NATO crimes were reported.

Libya and Beyond: How Did We Get There and What Happens Next?

IRAN now=CIA? Rather - under great pressure

Censorship as a Badge of Honor? Britain Bans Press TV

Press TV starts online petition to save news channel in Europe

Anonymous said...

Hello Aangirfan
Today on Australian ABC 24 we saw an interview with Geoffrey Robertson QC, promoting his latest book: Mullahs without Mercy.

In light of his illustrious record on Human Rights, I found it difficult to accept Mr Robertson's position on Iran.

He said that he had no doubt that Netanyahu would be re elected in January 2013, and that he would launch a strike on Iran, come spring, perhaps.

Mr Robertson predicts a nuclear accident or catastrophe, before the Planet reverts to proper disarmament with prospects for peace.

Iran is therefore cast as the rogue/unstable state, which distresses me.

I am, despite my seniority, slow to have awakened to the true state of affairs in this world.

Why would Mr Robertson have omitted, in this interview at least, the fact that Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty?

I look to Aangirfan and The Truth Seeker for most of the information outside Oz.
Peace xx

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