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Hitler is very popular in India.

One top Hindu leader said: "If you take Mein Kampf, and if you remove the word Jew, and put in the word Muslim, that is what I believe in."

Dilip D’Souza has written about how the Hindu political leader Bal Thackeray persuaded Hindus to admire Hitler and despise Gandhi.

Hitler's strange afterlife in India

These children were hanged by Hindu fans of Hitler.

Bal Thackeray, who died in November 2012, was a rabble-rousing orator who used violence to try to win power.

Bal Thackerey supported the idea of Hindu suicide bombers and the planting bombs in Muslim neighborhoods.

Hindu extremist leader Bal Thackeray dies in India ...

Bal Thackeray of the right-wing Hindu Shiv Sena political party which is allied to the Hindu BJP political party

In 2002, the Times of India reported a survey that found that 17 percent of students in elite Indian colleges "favored Adolf Hitler as the kind of leader India ought to have."

There are reports that Mein Kampf has become a must-read for business-school students.

Hitler's Nazis killed millions of people: disabled people, homosexuals, political prisoners, POWs, Jews and other so-called undesirables. They also bombed London, Liverpool, Glasgow....

In 1993, Thackeray, in an interview with Time magazine, said: "There is nothing wrong if Muslims are treated as the Jews were in Nazi Germany."

In December 1992 and January 1993 large numbers of Moslems were slaughtered in riots in Mumbai, thanks partly to Thackeray.

On 8 January 1993, Thackeray wrote: "The Muslims of Bhendi Bazar, Null Bazar, Dongri and Pydhonie, the areas … must be shot on the spot."

Hitler's strange afterlife in India

Eustace Mullins - on the link between the Nazis and the Zionists.

The Nazis and the Zionists share the same racist philosophy.

The Nazis and the American extreme Right share the same racist philosophy.

"Hitler ... had been obsessed with the Wild West stories of Karl May. He viewed the fighting between cowboys and Indians in racial terms. In many of his speeches he referred with admiration to the victory of the white race in settling the American continent and driving out the inferior peoples, the Indians."

A Radical Blackfoot: What Inspired Hitler

The Nazis and the Islamists share the same racist philosophy.

The Nazis and the extreme right-wing Hindus share the same racist philosophy.

The Hindu Fascists appear to run India

Ayodhya Mosque

On 5 December 2008, Allen Heart, at had an article entitled:

False Flag Attack: Gathering Evidence

Among the points made:

1. In 1992, in the town of Ayodhya in India, hundreds of Hindu 'terrorists' tore down a 500-year-old mosque. 

The authorities failed to act against the Hindu 'terrorists'.

(In 1993, bombs in Bombay killed over 200 people. Some saw these actions as part of a conspiracy to get the Hindu 'fascist' Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into power. The BJP came to power in 1998.)

The Staines Family

2. In 1999, a Hindu mob surrounded the station wagon occupied by Australian Graham Staines, and his two sons, 7 and 11 years old, and burned them alive.

Ahmedabad_riots .jpg

3. In 2002, almost 2,500 Indian Muslim men, women and children were burned alive in the Hindu 'fascist' attacks in Mumbai-Gujarat.

What the Hindu 'fascists' did in Gujarat. Photo from

Victim in Gujarat. Photo from

4. 'Fascist' Hindus have attacked Christians, often with the help of the police and the Indian Army.

More than 600 Christians, nuns and priests and 200 of their churches, were targeted by Hindu mobs in eastern India in August 2008.

Hindus attack Christians.

5. Hemant Karkare, the head of the Maharastrian Anti-Terrorist Squad (MATS) announced in 2008 that terrorist bombings on trains and at Malegaon Muslim cemetery had been carried out as false flag attacks by 'fascist' Hindus with the support of officers in the Indian Army.

Police rounded up ten alleged members of a Hindu terror cell.

Andrew Buncombe of The Independent reported that the Mumbai police:

"...believe the cell may also have carried out a number of previous attacks, including last year's notorious bombing of a cross-border train en route to Pakistan, which killed 68 people.

"Among the alleged members of the cell are a serving army officer and a Hindu monk...


"However, the BJP has refused to call for a clampdown on Hindu groups, and last week Mr Advani even criticised the police over the way they questioned one of the alleged cell members, a woman called Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur."

On the first day of the 2008 Mumbai Attack, Hemant Karkare was killed.

Hemant Karkare, chief of the Anti Terrorist Squad

6. Lal Krishna Advani, former Deputy Prime Minister of India (2002-2004) and former President of the nationalist BJP, met the heads of MOSSAD when he visited Israel in June 2000.

Advani advocated "closer India-Israeli cooperation on all security matters".

Moslem victims of the right-wing Hindus who are fans of Hitler.

7. In October 2007, the investigative newsmagazine "Tehelka" reported on the Gujarat riots sting in which several Hindu leaders explained on camera how they planned the massacre of more than a thousand Gujarati Moslems in 2002.

The involvement of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, complicity of the police, and connivance of the judiciary was revealed to the public on television.


Frontline India commented:

"Yet, no action has followed one of the most explosive news investigations in India. None of those caught on tape boasting about raping, burning and hacking Muslims have been arrested or even interrogated...

"The role of the Modi government in the State-sponsored terrorism of 2002 is well documented.

India Pakistan partition genocide. The extremist Moslems are as bad as the extremist Hindus.

8. According to an article in Asia Times, 7 February 2008,

Israel now sells more weapons to India than to any other nation.

Mossad has been training parts of India's security services.

In January 2008, an Indian rocket launched an Israeli satellite from a pad in southern Andhra Pradesh. This satellite can be used to spy on Iran.

9. Control of the drug trade is also involved.

On 10 July police in Rajouri district.arrested Sumeet Singh an Indian army trooper and recovered heroin worth Rs. 10,000,000.

David Headley, the American who organised the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008.


10. Yoginder Sikand at CrossCurrent observes:

"...the fact remains that it appears to be entirely in the interest of the Israeli establishment and powerful forces in America to create instability in India, fan Hindu-Muslim strife, even to the point of driving India and Pakistan to war with each other, and thereby drag India further into the deadly embrace of Zionists and American imperialists.

Ben Gurion wrote about his thoughts regarding Pakistan in the Jewish Chronicle, 1967:

"The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it.

"And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence...

"It is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan."

Rajiv Gandhi, reportedly murdered by Mossad and its friends.

The top people in the Indian security service (RAW) are said to be working for Mossad.

"The inner circle of the Indian RAW ... were on the Mossad payroll." 


Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was killed in 1991 by the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers - who are Hindus, with links to India.

Justice Jain investigated the conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi. 


Justice Jain came across evidence that one suspect known as Chandraswami had links with the CIA and Mossad, and through them with the LTTE (Tamil tigers)

A poster from the pro-Israel Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - a Hindu political party in India

At, 30 November 2008, we read a post entitled: Hindutva and Zionism

Here are some of the points made:

1. Mohandas Gandhi regarded the actions of the Zionists as 'terrorism'.

In 1948 a man by the name Nathuram Godse shot Gandhi.

2. There now appear to be racists within the elites of India and Israel.

People within the governments of Israel and India need "terrorist" incidents, in order to advance their agenda.

3. Israeli agents seemed very active in India, especially Kashmir, the year prior to 9/11.

Website for this image

"Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism" refers to the 'fascist' Hindu political parties in india.

1. In India, the BJP (political party) has embraced Israel and turned a cold shoulder to the Palestinians, betraying the bonds of friendship shared by the Palestinian and Indian people in this process...

Hindu extremist websites gloat about the need to work together with Israel to target Muslims in South Asia...

Israel has also been suspected of involvement in the incitement of virulent anti-Muslim activities in India...

Faisal Kutty, a writer from Kerala state... noted that a meeting took place, shrouded in secrecy between BJP high officials and Israeli officials preceding a completely uncharacteristic violent communal anti-Muslim riot in the normally peaceful and harmonious state of Kerala in 1992...

Faisal Kutty also notes that the first serious communal clash between Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus and Muslims occurred shortly after the opening of an Israeli interests section in the U.S. Embassy in Colombo...

These suspicions cannot be unfounded because of similar reports about Israeli agents wandering in Kashmir...

Hindu nationalist Bajrang Dal training camp.

Recently the BJP has built close security ties with the U.S. and Israel under the guise of "fighting terrorism." 

It is certain that this is a step towards turning India into a "security" state as both the U.S. and Israel will provide technological support in terms of arms, intelligence and who knows what else...

Organizations like the Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva (Hindu Nationalist) version of the Storm Troopers, the same group who last year burned to death an elderly Australian missionary and his children, also find inspiration and who knows what else in Zionist Israel.

Reportedly, Hindu nationalism has been encouraged by Israel, and has been inspired by Hitler.

2. The Indian Express, June 30, 2000 had an article entitled "Desi Mossad is getting ready at Bajrang Dal's Ayodhya camp." :

"I, as a member of Bajrang Dal, swear in the name of Lord Hanuman to always remain prepared to protect my country, religion and culture," 150 young men, between 15 and 21 years of age, recite in unison.

On several occasions, the cadres and their leaders mention Israel and the Mossad as their inspiration.

Asked what he did at the camp, an activist whispers, "I am from the secret service of Bajrang Dal. Israel's Mossad is my inspiration. I can't tell you more.''

Hindu Nationalist Bajrang Dal flag.

3. The Times of India, Friday 22 September 2000 reports that

A high-level team of Israeli counter-terrorism experts is now touring Jammu and Kashmir and several other states in India at the invitation of Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to make an assessment of New Delhi's security needs, high-level government sources said.

The Israeli team, headed by Eli Katzir of the Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit of the Prime Minister's Office, includes a senior Israel Police commander and Israeli military intelligence officials.

The team will prepare a "feasibility study" of Indian security needs and assess the areas in which Israel can offer assistance to New Delhi in tackling the activities of insurgent and terrorist groups.

Hindu militants

4. More from Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism:

(India's Hindu BJP political party appear to be neither patriotic nor honest. They were in power from 1998-2004)

A team of investigative journalists videotaped a series of bribe taking and bribe negotiating episodes involving people in the highest levels of government including the armed forces.

Using a fictitious arms deal the team easily bribed its way into the offices of high-ranking Indian officials in the armed forces and the government...

The most damaging episode in this was a videotaped recording of the leader of the BJP... taking a wad of money and also mentioning that he prefers dollars...

Overnight, the BJP’s never ending charade of patriotism and honesty turned into outright guilt... 

These so-called ‘patriots’ of the BJP are willing to send Indian soldiers as cannon fodder to their stupid warmongering disasters, with equipment that is sub standard, and available only because the officials procuring them were bribed into doing so.

Thus the so-called Barak missile found its way from Israel to India, while India’s own Trishul missile, which outperforms the Barak, got pushed out, perhaps because the Indian defense industries couldn’t match the Mossadis in bribery and intrigue!?

Goon Squad: Hindutva and Zionism, Agents of Imperialism...

"Your blog posts continue to amaze me in their depth, completeness and richness of links.

"Utter perfection, also in terms of visual effects.


"Just one big question, please: what does Aangirfan mean?

"I am German and publish a bunch of sites, my most popular one being Victims Unite!

"More and more power to your blogging elbows!!! on LINKS"

Aang and Irfan are two of our staff.


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Anonymous said...

Aang, ure just like DAILY FAIL, u have a fixation with Nazi's.... At least if it were true.... Nazi's didnt kill millions, history is written by victors. U act as if Hitler beat u at some chess game and u became grudgeful over him.... I dont even hope my comment would appear, its smth common here....

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Anonymous said...

dont forget that in the bengal famine that killed milions churchill refused to send any food, yet hitler said if he could help he would, this is while many indans were fighting for the british
churchill was hated all over the world, while hitler was seen as a progressive compassionate leader
dave tellis

Anonymous said...

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Anon said...

Hitler was a grate man.

I think you wont post this comment.

Hitler never bombed Coventery or Liverpool.

That was Jewish lies.

And you forgot Tojo the leader of Japan in World War II.

Tojo was on the side of Hitler.

It is Jewish lies that Tojo's Japan took over countries in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:58, thanks for supporting my thoughts on one of the greatest leaders ever, Hitler....

Paul said...

"Hitler never bombed Coventery or Liverpool."

So, all that destruction from bombing by waves of aeroplanes with German markings on them....just disinfo huh?

If you're here to poison the well you need to do a lot better than that.

Shayari said...

Let us wait and watch! The question that who will be the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate is premature. There is plenty of time for this and the media is biased against BJP. On the face of it, it seems difficult that the BJP in in a position to win the 2014 election.

dognamedblue said...

interesting follow up to the other days "divide & rule" blog

another interesting thing is the "anon" post, not what "they" said, even though there's film footage of warplanes bombing coventry, from the germans... but how they posted it
a line of text then a blank line, a line of text then a blank line & so in
if you check previous blogs this type of posting occurs before, under two named "individuals" I can find
I haven't checked every blog you've posted nor am I going to but it does make me think, as I find footsteps interesting

whilst you're free to think "2+2=5" it does actually equal 4, can you guess who they are?

dognamedblue said...

oh & how they say things is interesting too don't you think? "I think you wont post this comment" etc very similar ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there one Security service that the Israeli are not training in this planet? The Jews seem to be controlling every country's military force in this planet. They train their people and then provide them with weapons. It would not be a surprise if the Jews were not training the Iranian military forces and providing them with weapons... Yeah, we are screwed!

Anonymous said...

The World Conquerors The Real War Criminals by Louis Marschalko, published in 1958 is one of the most important books that you will ever read. It contains information about "Nazis", the Protocols, and much more. The following PDF file is rather large, being a scan of the actual book, so be patient while it downloads. Be sure to save a copy while you can:

P2P said...

note chile,_Jamaica,_and_Nicaragua#Subliminal_Methods

Anonymous said...

India is probably the longest running example of how divide and rule tactics are used to keep a nation down.
I love that place and its people. The most beautiful aspect of India to me was how so many diverse groups get along in such high density situations. This is how people really are, when not goaded or tricked into fighting each other. The pigs who rule our world don't like countries like that.
The greasy spooks doing the crimes in India are a despicable lot. In addition to the terrorist crimes covered in your post;
They are supporting efforts to privatize water and hurt the poor.
They are using Bollywood to attack traditional family values and creating a youth vs. age/tradition split something like what was done here in the 1960's.
They are invading with western medicine (vaccines and pills) and starting a siege of all things Ayurvedic.
They are attacking farmers and the food supply with a Monsanto leading the way.

The finest bit of CIA/Mossad/MI5 propaganda I have ever read is a book called 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. Hugely popular with backpackers, it spins lie after lie about India and seeks to refute the many issues discussed in this article.

Anonymous said...

Rift, Partition, separation, division......

there is something within their DNA that impels humans to want to be a 'Somebody' which means Winners and Losers, Elites and others needed to be Nobodies....

Nothing wrong with striving for excellence in all things, according to one's gifts, but in this world,
the concept of Divide and Rule has become so deadly and ludicrous, we see it in Aangirfan's harrowing post today, and almost everyday.

'Love thy neighbour as thy self' and 'do good to those who hate you' are but two precious Lessons, more than 2000 years old, and mostly ignored.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

The rift/division/separation runs within each of us, and might be recognised as self-loathing on one side, self-love on the other.

We posture our socially desirable (lovable) selves, repressing/projecting the 'shadow' (loathed) selves, onto those in our external world.

The 'enemy' is always within.

When we reclaim our own 'shadow', we contribute to peace in our world.

Meanwhile, Australia is taking a hiding from South Africa in the cricket :-(

Anonymous said...

# Hitler was a grate man. I think you wont post this comment. Hitler never bombed Coventery or Liverpool. That was Jewish lies. And you forgot Tojo the leader of Japan in World War II. Tojo was on the side of Hitler. It is Jewish lies that Tojo's Japan took over countries in Asia. #

You meet the strangest people on the internet. With the strangest ideas. But in order to find that 0.1% of genuine info we are looking for we unfortunately have to read through all the crap that comes with it.

There are times I thought I'd go blind or mad, which first.

Our mystery poster is of the modern generation, if not a schoolkid (in name only, he can't spell and uses text-speak) is probably a benefit fraudster living in a bedsit on burgers, his only tentitive grasp on life his computer (smothered in Beiber and Rhyana stickers) his only company the interweb and child-porn sites.

# Hitler never bombed Coventery or Liverpool.

No, but his airforce did. Via my dad I met a business acquaintance ex-ME111 pilot who dropped said bombs on said cities before we got the cane out and shot 'im down, why he now spoke Scottish (the pow camp was in Scotland). I also knew several Scousers who'd kick the shit out of you for saying such lies, they were old enough to have to dig out their families from the rubble - in bits - after the raids you say didn't happen ...did.

Hitler might not have physically bombed them, but they were genuine German ME110's, 111's, and Dorniers that did, they saw and recognised them.

# It is Jewish lies that Tojo's Japan took over countries in Asia.

Tell that to the guys I knew who built the railway, or the actor who, as a lad, was in a concentration-camp in Malaya and had to watch the beheadings of innocent civilians who had somehow annoyed the Japs; tell that to the 1,000's of Yank and Brit/Aussie/Indian troops who were killed freeing the innocent peoples of SE Asia who lived in those countries under Jap rule and were raped and slaughtered by them for the slightest infringement of this iron-rule; tell this to the 100,000's of innocent Chinese, including women and children, slaughtered by the Japs in the unprovoked invasion before and during WWII.

All this is proven fact, photos were taken to back it up.

Hitler may well have been a great man, but he lost, as did Tojo.

So neither were THAT great.

Get y'self a life, mate, get out of the house and look about, try and learn something real for once. Try getting a J.O.B. Hard work, but fun if you make it so, sweat and dirt is good for you!

Anonymous said...

# Just one big question, please: what does Aangirfan mean?#

I tried to research this, just for fun, and the reply seems to be accurate, Aang (seemingly Scottish, but still diffuse origins) and Irfan (Ivan in Welsh) are actual names. But still strange names for several lesbian negro Catholic schoolgirls who can post every day for at least 10 years (?) No other blogger has ever managed that.

Anonymous said...

Anony 2:17

While I find your comments interesting and informative, I do not waste energy on thinking about who/what is Aangirfan.

I feel very loyal to this site, visiting at every available opportunity,\.

Like you, I was extremely curious about the name, thinking it Scandinavian.

When I read the claim that: "we are a bunch of ex-convent girls and circus performers', I enjoyed a really great belly laugh, (in an otherwise harrowing context) and from then on, accepted Aangirfan as the co-operative stated that it is, by Aangirfan.

What does it gain any of us, to know absolutely, the identity of the author/s of this site?

Better to know one Self (that process of taking the beam out of one's own eye)

Life is Mystery, Risks, Tests, Lessons and Blessings.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan has NO Scandinavian connections. I am one, and have asked other Vikings well into inbreeding and the ye olde past. There is an Indonesian connection, however, a real one from Bali has said it does ring bells.

Whatever, Aang does gather info from afar and put it together in a cohesive manner. Add him/them together with van Icke and you must be puzzled and confused enough to ask questions.

I know the answers already.

But knowing and proving is another thing.

I have no proof but my mad ramblings.

Why I'm out here prodding.

For I KNOW the proof is somewhere.

I intend finding it.

sms in hindi said...

there is a very good chance of BJP coming into power & Narendra modi becoming Prime minister in the 2014 election.

punjabi sms said...

Let us wait and watch! The question that who will be the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate is premature. There is plenty of time for this and the media is biased against BJP. On the face of it, it seems difficult that the BJP in in a position to win the 2014 election.

Love sms said...

there are many others like hitler in india..check today's politics you will see everywhere.anyways nice post awesome content.

Love Shayari said...

Hitler was a grate man.

I think you wont post this comment.

Hitler never bombed Coventery or Liverpool.

That was Jewish lies.

And you forgot Tojo the leader of Japan in World War II.

Tojo was on the side of Hitler.

Love Shayari said...

Can say he was the great leader but not a nice human being... Hitler always remember in India for his great leadership skills.

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