Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ricky Martin - Gay

Atlantic mollies show a huge amount of homosexual behaviour.

Scientists think that this gay behaviour leads to fatherhood.

Atlantic mollies are tropical fish, famous for their gayness.

Researchers have found that when males go in for homosexual flirting and foreplay, this makes them attractive to the females.

The females think these gay males will make good sexual partners.

Royal Society journal Biology Letters / Female Atlantic mollies attracted to same-sex flirting

Rock Hudson - Gay

Woody Allen said, "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."

Same with fish.

The study of molly fish, Poecilia mexicana, was carried out by scientists from the University of Frankfurt who wanted to find out why so many animals are bisexual.

'Rates of bisexual male mating behaviour are moderate to high in numerous group-living species, including humans.

'We demonstrate that males of the tropical freshwater fish Poecilia mexicana increase their attractiveness to females ... through same-sex interactions.'

Atlantic Molly.

The scientists believe that homosexual behaviour may actually increase the chances of finding a female partner and fathering young.

Read more: Aquatic-study-finds-girls-rate-males-virility-touchy-feely

Richard Chamberlain - Gay

Why some people are gay: New study claims trait is passed from mothers to sons an

Chad Allen - Gay

The gay Tony Curtis playing the gay-bisexual Casanova.


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