Friday, December 21, 2012


The son of a leading faculty member at a Connecticut prep school was making a documentary on child abductions.

"He had no intention of saving kids from these criminals, since his stated ambition was to launch a pornography industry in China."

The Connecticut prep school "sponsors troubled boys and prepares them for a life of male prostitution, with dormitory screenings of videos showing the gang rape of preteen girls."

This is done "with the knowledge and sometimes approval of teachers, according to testimony submitted to court."

Sandy Hook - Rense

Yoichi Shimatsu and his multinational team have tracked and exposed American government pedophile rings in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

According to Yoichi Shimatsu:

These US government pedophile rings provide children for "VIPs traveling in Asia, including diplomats from the highest levels of the White House and State Department, top executives of major corporations, and heads of universities and aid agencies."

Sandy Hook - Rense

The organisers of the pedophile rings "have backgrounds in US intelligence ­- the CIA, NSA or State Department intelligence."

The suppliers of the children include individuals of various religions, but especially Jesuit priests.

MK-ULTRA Links To the Sandy Hook Assault - Rense

An orphanage in Cambodia provided children for "a former US ambassador to the United Nations, the celebrated head of a new media program at an Ivy League campus and a renowned correspondent based at the Tokyo American Club."

One of the first postwar American ambassadors to Tokyo would pick up young boys at gay bath houses frequented by 'war criminal' Japanese militarists.

Child-abusing American government officials worked alongside these militarists to secretly control Japan.

Sandy Hook - Rense

Child abusing Americans "are often studying abroad on US government fellowships, CIA grants or working for Soros-funded NGOs."

A member of the US military visited a Peace Corps camp on the Laotian border.

This person "was stunned to discover that every American women, ­all graduates of elite East Coast colleges, ­ was asleep with a 12-to-14 girl tucked inside her bed."

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Anonymous said...

Jesuit Priests? Really? If someone looks up all the "Jesuit" organizations will see that they are not run by Jesuits. Maybe Aliens from Jewpter?

Anonymous said...

@HONk bonk man - yeah, Jesuits are so innocent.... wake up, dude....

Anonymous said...

Well... the Jesuits were founded by a Jewish Converso Ignacio Loyola. No surprises that they operate on a principle wherein every member is a spy with each reporting on the other. Nor that the adjective based on their name, jesuitical, means 'designing, cunning, deceitful, crafty'.

Speaking of Jesuits, paedophilia, and MKULTRA, go watch The Exorcist again. Keep in mind that the whole thing had a very heavy jesuit involvement (all the priests in it are real Jesuits and they all get a double billing as technical consultants). And when you watch it this time don't be distracted by the smoke and mirrors narrative of brain scans vs satanic possession. Instead factor in paedophilic sexual abuse and see if the film doesn't make a whole other sense.

Says the Jesuits, 'If your children are presenting with the following symptoms you should hand them over to us'.

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