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Galletas (round bread)
People of Paraguay. By yryvu_py

If you have been to Latin America, you will know that the people there, apart from the US trained generals, really do smile a lot.

It's the same in Malaysia, outside the cities.

In Indonesia, the rich Chinese-Indonesians may frown, but the ordinary villagers are a bundle of fun.

Singapore gets a lower score for happiness than Panama or Paraguay.

People of Singapore. By latigi

If you've been to Singapore you will know that many of the people there these days seem rather grumpy.

Singaporeans are afraid to be silly; afraid to be spontaneous; afraid to be unconventional?

"Gallup Inc. asked about 1,000 people in each of 148 countries last year if they were well-rested, had been treated with respect, smiled or laughed a lot, learned or did something interesting and felt feelings of enjoyment the previous day.

"In Panama and Paraguay, 85 percent of those polled said yes to all five, putting those countries at the top of the list.

"They were followed closely by El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Guatemala, the Philippines, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

"The people least likely to report positive emotions lived in Singapore, the wealthy and orderly city-state that ranks among the most developed in the world. Other wealthy countries also sat surprisingly low on the list."

Happiest People On Planet Live In Latin America, Gallup Poll ...

Indonesians, not afraid to be silly.

In Taoism, the idea is that if an object has a 'front' it must also have a 'back'.

In a created world there are opposites, yin and yang, which are actually part of a whole.

Waves cannot exist without troughs.

In order for 'compassion' to exist, there must be 'suffering'.

In order for 'happiness' to exist, you must avoid living in a rigid, heavily controlled state like Singapore.

Buddhists believe that you cannot have 'nirvana' without its opposite 'samsara'.

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