Saturday, December 01, 2012


CIA masks.

The CIA-run global hacking network Anonymous has said that it will shut down Syrian government websites around the world.

On 29 December 2012, Syria was plunged into communication darkness when the CIA hit Internet connectivity.

Land lines and mobile phones networks were also disrupted.

The Syrian government said "terrorists" had attacked Internet lines.

Anonymous declares Internet war on Syria


Anonymous said...

Clearly, this action would reveal the 'real' nature of Anonymous to anyone with suspicions of this group:
"Anonymous, will remove from the Internet all web assets belonging to Assad's government that are outside Syria"

The above action is definitely a CIA operation. However, the problem with being "a loosely affiliated organisation, with no leadership" is that anyone can say that they are "anonymous".
As ever, to discern what is behind an event, we Conspiracy Analysts must look to who gains.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is groundbreaking stuff..

Really blowing the lid on something here - i never would have suspected this till you worked it out..

Anonymous said...

Including WikiLeaks is wrong in the video is wrong. Most people don't know that Julian Assange is a convicted Hacker who did breach Usa mil security in the first first Gulf War extracting documents that the USA intentionally bombed a civilian bomb shelter knowing it had no tactical advantage. This is 1990-1991 with trail 1993 and under a 3000 AUD fine for hacking into systems. Since then he has developed his network contacts.

Underground: The Julian Assange Story go watch. This will explain where Julian Assange motivation comes from.

The claim that wikileaks is linked to the CIA is bogus. Julian Assange is heavily anti USA. Julian Assange does believe government documents should be public. He did this before Wiki-Leaks existed including going to the media in 1991 with information.

The thing most people don't get 4 October 2006 of the wikileaks domain registration date is linked to when Julian Assanges probation for is 1993 prosecution ends. While on probation he was not allowed to part take in a public media role.

So wikileaks link to CIA is stretching past breaking point. Julian Assange is Australian not Swedish.

Remember Julian Assanges had over 10 years to build his contacts and locate flaws. Julian Assanges methods include social engineering.

Interesting enough anyone who know there hacker history knows where Anonymous comes from.

All you need to do is read careful the line all Anonymous quote: We are Legion. Section particularly.

Why do they mention Legion. Most people also don't notice that Legion is has a capital letter this is because its a name. A name of a very old hacking group marked as dead.

That is why they are the descendants of the Legion of Doom. The line is a declaration of war/revenge for what happened to the Legion of Doom. So a party out for revenge you should be very careful getting mixed up with.

You are dealing with cyber-criminals with a 30 year history of being such.

Short name for the Legion of Doom is Legion and that was the affiliation mark.

Look at the Anonymous phrase very carefully only the two names have capitals that are not at the start of a sentence. They have told everyone who they are most people are too foolish to read what they have been told.

So you want to attempt to prove link to CIA check out where Legion of Doom members are now.

The video is mostly bogus. The hacker groups do use logos that look like other parties. This was tradition 25+ years ago.

Also take a close look at one of Legions operation logos.

Notice the related theme. Most people would not follow the tradition Legion of Dooms logos. Globe in centre is standard form them.

Anonymous said...

Yes the core group of anonymous is run by the CIA. But there are lots of individual hackers and activists who do their own thing. They are the real anonymous. The CIA run anonops crap is not real.

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