Tuesday, November 20, 2012


South of France. The French tend not to be as fat as the Americans and Brits.

We adore France.

In France: "High incomes are heavily taxed, the rich are routinely abused and people are instinctively hostile to capitalism." (The Economist)

Très bon! 

Une Fillette.

Currently, France is under attack by the Anglo-American-Israelis.

France - Moody's downgrade

Mort de rire.

France ends Afghan combat mission early

South of France. French culture is 100% superior to American culture.

France is the world’s fifth-biggest economy and sixth-biggest exporter. 

It is the fourth-biggest recipient of foreign direct investment. 

It has more companies in the global Fortune 500 than Britain. 

French infrastructure, such as transport, is second to none. 

French people.

Much of the French education system is world class. 

The French health system is much admired. 

Most French people enjoy high living standards. 

Over the past year French stock markets have performed well.

Les Fillettes

France is the world's leading tourist destination.

Unlike Britain, the USA and Israel, France is still famous for "the taming of uncontrolled markets, the promotion of culture, literature and intellectual debate, even the very notion of civilisation."

In other words, France is not like Detroit.


French politicians, of course, are merde.

Think of Nicolas Sarkozy, reportedly the agent of a foreign power.

François Hollande may be doing the work of the Anglo-American-Israelis in his foreign policy.

UK joins France in supporting al Qaeda in Syria


But, Hollande has increased taxes on the rich.

This has meant that many rich Jews have left the country.

Imagine if Obama had a 75% tax on the millionaires and consequently got rid of people like Kissinger.

Deux Garcons.

If Hollande was a good guy, he would leave NATO.

In 1966 President Charles de Gaulle denounces the secret terrorist warfare carried out by the Pentagon and expelled the European headquarters of NATO.

NATO commander General Lyman Lemnitzer then ordered various terrorist attacks on de Gaulle.

In 1992, Admiral Pierre Lacoste, in a 1992 interview with The Nation, reported that certain elements from the CIA's 'Gladio' network were involved in the terrorist activities on de Gaulle.

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Petit Garcon


MaryC said...

And what does that moron Osbourne do? He reduces the top level of income tax.

Anonymous said...

According to Julia Child, it is the flour which keeps the French slim. The flour in America has been doctored with chemicals and we have a different type of wheat.

Anonymous said...

And France still imprisons people for "Holocaust Denial"

Anonymous said...

Yeah whatever, tell it to the Syrians suffering the French campaign of terrorism aimed at their women and children.

traducteur said...

Nice wine and cheese too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:10 PM

French flour is made from wheat; British flour for bread making is adulterated with soya flour, an anti-nutrient. Before the UK entered the Common Market, British flour was made from Canadian hard wheat. The French could not make a British loaf from their wheat because it is not hard enough, but they bake baguettes etc. It is noteworthy that Orientals tend to slake or ferment soya before consuming it.

Anonymous said...

Strange piece. No mention of the recent riots in Nice and Paris and other towns and cities across the country. The complete apartheid of neighbourhoods depending on colour?
That's before we get on the the genocides they helped commit in North Africa and SE Asia. The Aurora Atoll. The Rainbow Warrior. Etc Etc.

Curses On France.

brian said...

pity about the new sun king Hollande, who wants to wage war on syria...he thinks he is France

j said...

Hollande is a warmonger against the Syrian people as was Sarkozy against the people of Libya.

But now this:

I wish all other Nato countries would do the same.

thetruthhurts said...

er, no. Nationl debt at 100% of GDP, 10% official unemployment, youth unemployment for under 25's at least 20%, huge immigration problems, stuck in the ticking time bomb of the Euro. France is screwed like anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I live in France - there are some compensations, like the cheap wine and good food - but this is still a communist country in all but name. The state rules supreme and governs even when certain subjects are taught in schools and at what time of the day. There is a strict hierarchy of the elite, and you are not encouraged to go beyond your pay grade unless you're a freemason of course - the Grand Orient is infamous for it's part in the French Revolution. Not much sign of Egalité, Fraternité et Liberté here mon vieux!

Perhaps De Gaulle was the last honest French leader, all the succeeding ones have been of the Fabian Marxist variety. De Gaulle belonged to another era. The French Revolution rivaled the more recent communist takeovers in making the streets run red with the blood of it's peasantry - see Vendée for details!

Anonymous said...

Until the muslims outnumber the French, and then you can kiss this goodbye.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I agree De Gaulle was the last real president the French had.

Speaking of whom, watch the movie The Day of the Jackal. It really is quite astute and underrated. Though I have to admit that the ending was a bit of a cop out. The fact that le Chacal was english was a little too plausible, so they had to provide some lame excuse that he wasn't really english after all.

Or maybe he was just an Israeli.

The Jackal really was the ultimate killing machine, much as you'd find in a freelancer from a Mossad Kidon or SAS Special Reconnaissance Regiment death squad. A depraved, disgusting, duplicitous, cold-blooded, soulless money grubber.

De Gaulle was especially hated by the zionist/angloamerican plutocracy because he demanded physical gold back from the New York Fed. He redeemed US Treasuries for physical gold, as was possible at the time. This is why the US government later broke the link between the US dollar and gold.

Now look at the loathsome plutocrat's marionettes France has tolerated since, culminating in Sarkozy, l'americain. Or better described as l'israélien, given his allegiances.

Oh well, could be worse. Look at the monsters that have historically run the US government.

"The house was built on radioactive waste and an ancient indian burial ground? That would never happen."
"Ok, obviously you don't know much about the US government."

Anonymous said...

Yes, french culture differs from anglo culture.

Witness this delightful little episode recently.

No comment necessary.

"Oi oi oi!"

Abu-Suleyman said...

bien vu ! France is still under Tel Aviv commands... Sarkozy was at the prosecutor office today... for having received at least 50 millions euros to get elected in 2007... from Gaddafi... and form L'oreal Betancourt family

now guess who published the evidence that sarkozy was elected fraudulently in 2007 with money form libya...

ambassador stevens killed in benghazi, do you connect the dots ?

mwaura kinuthia said...

If you truly want to see the nature of a man see how he treats those weaker than him-for the true face of France,look at their machinations in Africa.
Jean Claude instigates coups,civil wars and upheavals all over Francophonie-look at Cote de Ivoire. That was presented as another African civil war but it wasn't;France wanted Gbagbo out. Without their African fiefdoms Paris is Belgium or Portugal. Read this:"The French have been acquiring and holding the national reserves of 14 countries since 1961. Even allowing for losses and expenditures in keeping the CFA franc viable, the French are holding about at least 400 billion dollars of African money, wholly unaccountably to the money’s putative owners, the African states."

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