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Violet Asquith

Violet Asquith was the daughter of the UK Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

Violet 'jumped off a cliff after being ditched'.

The person who had ditched Violet was the 'boy-loving' Winston Churchill.

Asquith, the man who led Britain into World War I,

Churchill liked boys?

"In the fifty-six years of their married life Winston and Clementine Churchill were often apart...

"He was backward with the opposite sex... Winston (was) awkward with women

"Readers are bound to be struck by the fact that Winston and Clemmie took so many holidays apart..."

Churchill's parliamentary private secretary Lord Boothby (left) and gangster Ronnie Kray who supplied rent boys to top people.

"Winston Churchill ... had a fling with musical comedy star Ivor Novello."

In 1991 Brian Lamb interviewed Martin Gilbert about Gilbert's biography of Churchill (homosexuality - John Derbyshire's home page):

Gilbert said: "When Churchill was 20 and a young soldier, he was accused of buggery..."

Morocco has been linked to pederasty. Churchill liked to visit Morocco.

"In the midst of war and grand strategy, as he himself recorded in his history of World War II, he took time to note the pleasures of the flesh in Marrakesh in Morocco."


Churchill also like Camara de Lobos in Madeira.

Paedophile groups reportedly used to travel to that area to seek out young children. (Guardian Unlimited The Guardian Portugal's elite linked to ...)

Slains Castle - the inspiration for Bram Stroker's 'Dracula'. Website

Violet jumped off a cliff?

Violet Asquith was reported missing at Cruden Bay on the Scottish coast.

The Asquith family were on holiday there, in September 1908, at Slains Castle.

Violet Asquith was discovered near a coastal path - uninjured but 'apparently barely conscious'.

A doctor arrived and Violet revived.

There were rumours.

Venetia Stanley

Violet's mother, Helen Kelsall (née Melland), had died of typhoid when Violet was four.

Violet's father, Herbert Asquith, had then married Margot, born Emma Tennantwho had became Violet's stepmother.

Margot was allegedly lesbian.

Margot Asquith (ne Tennant). Noel Pemberton Billing heard rumours that Maud Allan was a lesbian and was having an affair with Margot Asquith, the wife of Herbert Asquith. He also believed that Allan and the Asquiths were all members of the Unseen Hand.

Violet's best friend when she was young was Venetia Stanley.

Venetia Stanley had an affair with Violet's father Herbert Asquith.

(aangirfan: SEXY WAR LEADER).

MICHAEL SHELDEN discovered, "buried in the Asquith family papers", the link between Violet's 'accident' and her relationship with Winston Churchill.

(Michael Shelden’s new book Young Titan: The Making Of Winston Churchill (Simon & Schuster, £20) will be published in the UK in March 2013)


Violet Asquith had met Churchill in 1907 at Taplow Court, near Windsor Castle.

Over the following months, she met him again at balls and dinner parties.

Churchill knew that Asquith would probably become Prime Minister, and Churchill wanted to be in Asquith's cabinet.

In 1908, when Asquith did become Prime Minister, Violet told her father: ‘Make the most of Winston.’

Churchill duly entered Asquith's cabinet as President of the Board of Trade.

Violet had served her purpose.

Violet invited Churchill to stay with her family at Slains Castle.

Clementine, whose paternity is a subject of much debate, as Lady Blanche was well known for sharing her "favours". Website

A week before Churchill's promised visit to Slains Castle, Churchill was with Clementine Hozier at Blenheim Palace.

There and then, Churchill proposed to Clementine.

Churchill sent a note to Violet.

He said he would have to postpone his trip to Slain's Castle.

According to Clementine: ‘When Violet heard that Winston was going to marry me, she fainted.’

Violet wondered ‘whether he (Churchill) will ultimately mind her (Clementine) being as stupid as an owl’.

Churchill and Clementine

On Monday, August 24, three weeks before the wedding, Winston did travel to Slain's Castle to see Violet.

Perhaps, he wanted to remain on good terms with the daughter of the powerful Prime Minister.

Clementine was not happy about this and threatened to call off the wedding.

They went rock-climbing below the castle.

On one particular day, Violet slipped on a wet rock.

"I scratched my face rather badly rock-climbing with Winston," she wrote to her best friend Venetia Stanley.

Violet Asquith

After Winston went back down south, Violet became "completely demoralised", according to her stepmother, Margot Asquith.

Violet refused to attend Churchill's wedding.

Late in the afternoon of 19 September, Violet left Slain's Castle castle with a book in her hand, and wandered along the path above the cliffs.

When Violet did not return that evening, search parties were sent out.

She was found by some fishermen.

Churchill and Clementine.

Violet claimed she had slipped and landed on a ledge, where she hit her head.

But, she'd been found lying near the coastal path and her head showed no signs of injury.

In October, Violet heard that Churchill was in Dundee for a meeting.

She decided to attend the meeting, and speak on Churchill's behalf.

Her father persuaded her to desist.

Two months after his wedding, Churchill arranged a lunch in London for Violet, Clementine and himself.

Violet continued to support Churchill and reportedly played a part in his rise to the top.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly believe nothing you read from Christopher Andrew, he is the MI5 official mouthiece, he writes what he is given.
Churchill was mentally unstable, his doctor Lord Moran often mentioned that he was a tool of the jews.Churchill with Alister Crowley was into magic and child rape and ritual murder in the fashion of ancient hebrew sorcerers.
Churchill was convinced his own pwoplw would kill him for engineering them into 2 needless world wars, so had in all 5 doubles
he was a rampant homosexual
and disliked women and preferred young boys.
In his spare time he would build brick walls in his large garden,
he was always drunk and a local builder would come in while Churchill was away and rebuild them properly, one day he caught a man holding a young village boy while Churchill was furiously rogering him, in the aftermath churchill had to give the boysfamily £20 to ensure silence.

Anonymous said...

I met an ex intel man who sometimes puts stuff on the net...
this man was at the top of the intel tree...
he told me that Churchill was a satanist who had no conscience...
this man told me he knew Churchills secretaries and speech writers and churchill was a drunken fraud from top to toe...
as time passes i now belive what this man said totally.

Anonymous said...

Is it so hard to realize why that happened to poor Violet? She discovered the true face of the monster....

Anonymous said...
we do a lot of work for governmenrs and the intelligence services, going through old files, doing criminal record checks
and seeing if people are fit for office and most of them are not.
we are full of common purpose, queers freemasons jews and cash fiddlers, how these people get picked for these jobs is beyond us
and churchill was the most corrupt of the lot with missing boys and allsorts

Anonymous said...

Here is a long comment, but if you make it to the end it is interesting.
Jonathan William Patrick Aitken (born 30 August 1942 Aitken's parents were Sir William Aitken, a former Conservative MP, and Penelope Aitken. Aitken is a great-nephew of newspaper magnate and war-time minister Max Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook (Lord Beaverbrook).At some point in the 1950s, Le Cercle was established by former French prime minister Antoine Pinay and French intelligence agent Jean Violet under the name 'Cercle Pinay'. In later years, the British took over the chairmanship of Le Cercle.In the late 1990s, the Cercle received some attention after a scandal had broken out involving Jonathan Aitken, at the time chairman of Le Cercle.. Aitken wrote a highly confidential letter to Thatcher in early 1980, dealing with allegations that the former Director-General of MI5, Sir Roger Hollis, had been a double agent also working for the Soviet Union. This information had come to Aitken from retired CIA spymaster James Angleton. Aitken had previously been a director of BMARC, an arms exporter, from 1988 to 1990. While a Cabinet minister he had signed a controversial Public Interest Immunity Certificate (PIIC) in September 1992 relating to the Matrix Churchill trial, and that the 'gagged' documents included ones relating to the supply of arms to Iraq by BMARC for a period when he was a director of the company. He later was appointed as a representative for the arms company GEC-Marconi part of BAE Systems since November 1999. Saif Al-Islam Gagdaffi as head of the Libyan Investment Fund was/is on their board of directors. Aitken's friend and business partner, the Lebanese businessman Mohammed Said Ayas, a close associate of Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia.In 1999, DNA testing confirmed that Petrina Khashoggi, daughter of billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, was Aitken's biological child, the result of an affair with Soraya Khashoggi, née Sandra Daly, then wife of Adnan Khashoggi. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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