Tuesday, November 06, 2012


You Get What You Vote For, Drones


Today's Presidential Election (What Really Happened)

8% (29 votes)
5% (20 votes)
Gary Johnson
15% (56 votes)
Jill Stein
4% (16 votes)
Virgil Goode
1% (2 votes)
Ron Paul (write in)
29% (108 votes)
Michael Rivero (write in)
2% (7 votes)
Someone else
2% (8 votes)
I don't vote, it just encourages the bastards!
33% (123 votes)
Total votes: 369

Ominous Signs of Romney/Ryan Election Coup

NATE SILVER: Obama’s Odds Have Surged To 92%
Nate Silver now predicts a 92.2 percent chance that President Barack Obama will win the election.

Hurricane Sandy: The ‘October Surprise’ Which Won Obama the Election?
Despite the fact that east coast residents feel “abandoned”.


Anonymous said...

Hurricane Sandy, the October surprise?
Cute, a link to a site that still asks people to believe in the two party fairy tale, where R and D fight it out in a winner take all election!
Teabagger level analysis and dire warnings of an Obama second term.
How did that one sneak in here??

aferrismoon said...

Aww Va Bes


Anonymous said...

If one chooses not to vote, his vote will not be missed, and neither will he. If one votes for someone other than the selected "two," that would give some indication to the criminals in charge of just how many persons are not going to be co-operative in their on-going criminal agenda. It would better to give these criminals cause to really worry. Whoever thought up the not voting scheme as a way to "we'll show them" is actually playing right into the hands of the government criminals' agenda. So just whose agenda are the don't vote operatives following? Silence gives consent, and certainly offers no threat. Advocating silent dissent threatens whom and with what power? Verbal outcries are more effective for dissent, but might also get unpleasant or deadly reactions from those in power.

KPatrickRyan said...

$3 Billion Dollars spent just by the 2 creeps and their campaigns for the right to be a manager, bossed and bullied by their Illuminati Handlers.

Elections are queer business here in the States.

Another $3 Bil spent across the country for the rest of the campaigns (for senator, rep, governor, mayor, etc, etc, etc).

Clearly it HAS to be an ego-thing (and a way to make a boat load of money - bribery tends to pay well but can become stressful).

But the president doesn't even get to share in the bribery. Because the president can ONLY go one way. Sure, he gets all the boys he wants and practice all his deviant behaviours for 4 or 8 years, but what he'll ''accomplish'' is as pre-ordained as the sun rising in the East.

Anyway, it sure is an exciting day to be a yank and see who'll lead me this time!!!!

KBK8 said...

I rate most of this site. I rate your objectives. I read your site regularly to learn the truth. I am very uncomfortable with the occasional anti semitic and anti-gay posts that appear. Very. Jewish people are, like every other group of people, very good or very bad and in the middle. And people who want to have sex with others of the same sex are in a different category from pedophiles. There are gay people, pedophiles (straight and/or gay), and they are not necessarily the same by any means. If your blog is aimed at people who want the right thing to be done, you put some of those right thinking people off by being scarily hard right in your approach to these subjects.

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