Wednesday, November 07, 2012


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DB. Obama (i)49.9%
RM. Romney49.2%
LG. Johnson0.5%
GJ. Stein0.1%
OR. Barr0.1%


KPatrickRyan said...

$3 billion dollars spent to choose betwen
Tweedle Dee and
Tweedle Dum.

Happily, another screwjob of the American people has reached its climax.

Congrats to the Indonesian/Kenyan (or whatever the hell he is). Frankly (and I'm loathe to admit this because I tried to keep myself from voting and failed) I voted for Obama. For this reason and this reason only: I think somehow, someway Obama has tossed a monkeywrench in the zionist plan to send our 18year olds into war against that evil nation, Iran. God knows the neocons and their conservative base have been frothing at the mouth for war with Iran. When I was a kid there used to be Catholic families with 2 pics on the of the Pope and one of JFK. Today, there are Baptists here with pics of Netanyahu on their walls. Romney's eager to do their business.

So I'm not silly enough to think my vote matters or to think either of these pols isn't totally controlled by the banking/elite/illuminati cartel, but I really do believe Obama has thwarted a new war with Iran.

A. Peasant said...

Obamas win may have increased the chances of a false flag route to the war that the neocons still want.

Anonymous said...

Would sir like the (half) black Zionist puppet or the white one?

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