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Dognamedblue left this comment on the post "DUMB WHITE PEOPLE":

"When I found out that people were actually coming to my blog I used to allow them to comment without checking first.

"But the majority weren't even reading the blog let alone the links in the posts before making comments...

"My only friend at infant and 1st year of primary school was Michael.

"The reason we were friends was that I was the only bastard, and he was the only black kid.

"And, as we had to play by ourselves, we became friends.

"I'm not trying to compare my formative years with the racist abuse he had to put up with.

"But the end results were the same.

"I always wonder what happened to him.

"When I was 16 and ran away to my grans, she pointed him out to me as he rode past on his bike.

"But I never went downstairs to reconnect, which I always regretted.

"I know how those years shaped me and I do wonder how they shaped him."

Anonymous left this comment on the post "DUMB WHITE PEOPLE":

John Trudell, a Native American activist explains in simple terms the social engineering of white people to do the bidding of 'the powers that be' in exterminating spiritual tribes globally for many centuries past.

It takes five generations to completely conquer and change the beliefs and priorities of a grouping of people, and white people were the first to have their tribes decimated or destroyed.

TPTB use groupings of people to their end and then discard or genocide them, and race, gender or sexual preference, or nationality makes no difference.

Ignorance isn't owned by any one skin color or nation.

Ignorance has been brought to all of us, on one level or another, by those who, over the last 40+ years have systemically destroyed critical thinking in education and anything amounting to real information (news) for understanding the world in which we live and who is manipulating it.

As people we are pitted and played against each other the live long day, told who is 'different' and who is dangerous.

"You've got to be taught, before it's too late, to hate all the folks your relatives hate, you've got to be carefully taught." - from 'South Pacific'

Anonymous left this comment on the post "DUMB WHITE PEOPLE":

Actually this article illustrates why I never had my own children, even though I am great with kids and have god-parented 6 so far.

I live in Texas and can still remember back in the early 70's gay men being dragged  out of their private homes while sleeping in the same bed and being charged with sodomy. 

Real charges. Real time.

I knew when I was 11, and I asked my mother what homosexual meant, that that was me. 

I remember feeling a light relief since I finally had a name for what my difference was.

Anyway, my whole life I've had terrrible fears of having a child, maybe two and then making an innocent mistake (as all parents do eventually).

And having my children ripped from me and going to foster care, where only God knows what might happen to them.

I dont know if I could have survived such a tragedy. ?..........

The flip side is my god-children have been lavished with all the love and care I never was able to give to my own children.

Not just trips to the park, restaurants; I mean paid trips to the doctor, school clothes, toys, and bikes etc.

Always being a loving shoulder for them to lean on and count on.

After all those diaper changes and late nights on sick watch I have gotten back all that love invested in spades! 

Sorry to ramble on Aang, but this topic is so very near to my heart!


felix said...

What is the chance of spooky Yvonne Ridley being elected MP in Rotherham?

Anonymous said...

Very moving dognamedblue.

dognamedblue said...

it was because of the blog title... 'Dumb White People"
because even back in 1971, they were, it could only have come from their parents, I mean who else could be programming 4 years olds to behave that way?
[so glad I was brought up by my grandparents for those years]

I know it's wrong of me as they were betrayed by their parents & they could have changed the world with the right guidance but I do hope they full filled their potential, obese, benefits, unemployment, low iq jobs
wrong of me but I can live with it

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember the vicious racial hatred taught to us by government in W W II.
We the white british christians are now being groomed for extinction, we are being replaced by ousiders imported in by government.
The new racsim is against british christian white people

Anonymous said...

Tried to watch the Marley video and the content is blocked in my country, the U.S.

WE are the PEOPLE ..
and we are the 7th generation ..
everywhere on Mother Earth.

Eyes open, no fear.

Anonymous said...

PM GILLARD wants OZ to vote NO to Palestinian statehood.

Goes to show whose stooge she really is.

Integrity? Dignity? Loving neighbour as self?

Paul said...

Gillard is part of a Zionist-controlled faction and has done a few of the free politician and journalist trips to Israel for "education". She is a traitor to Australia and deserves the fate of traitors, as do the others in her faction. Australia is under the heel of Zionist control of government and media like any other Western nation.

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