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Jimmy Savile Fixed it for Doncaster

Jimmy Savile was occasionally seen at Doncaster Corn Exchange with Yorkshire wrestler Les Kellett.

Doncaster man Ray Nortrop knew Jimmy Savile.

Savile fixed it for Ray, aged 20, to become a disc jockey

One of Jimmy’s former Mecca management associates, Jack Allison, was responsible for employing a resident disc jockey for Doncaster's 2,000 capacity Top Rank Suite on Silver Street.

Ray ended up with what was to become the top DJ job of that era in South Yorkshire.

Doncaster, near Savile's home in Leeds.

The Edlington child abuse case took place in the Doncaster area.

It has been suggested that the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), and the police and the social services were at fault in the Edlington story.

More than half of all calls made to the NSPCC about child abuse are not referred to the police or social services, the charity has revealed.

"A pivotal organisation for childcare in Britain is the NSPCC.

"Lord Mandelson is one of its leading patrons...

"In the light of Edlington,the NSPCC trotted out the never-ending mantra: 'Full reports should not be made public as sensitive information must be kept confidential to protect vulnerable children'.

"This excuse is wearing very thin indeed."

Lord Mandelson, the NSPCC and the Edlington cover-up.

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The Edlington case involved two brothers, aged 10 and 11, who brutally assaulted and tortured a pair of fellow schoolboys in Edlington near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

"The brothers – then ten and 11 – lured their victims to a secluded spot in Edlington, South Yorks, and subjected them to savage violence and sexual degradation in April 2009. 

"Boulders were thrown at their heads and dropped on them and they were whipped with sticks.

The older brother tried to strangle one of the boys with a metal hoop. 

"They were also burned with cigarettes, forced to undress and covered with a plastic sheet which was set alight. 

"They were then forced to sexually abuse each other. The brutes filmed the boys’ torment and gloated, “Hell of a picture” as they viewed the footage.

"A 12-second video clip shown to the court showed their 11-year-old victim – now 12 – with blood caked and pouring down his swollen face."

Seven children known to the Doncaster authorities have died in the borough since 2004.

Jimmy Savile's friend Ian Brady, the Moors Murderer.

The brothers assaulted an 11-year-old choirboy who "thought he was going to die" a week before the main attacks but police failed to interview the boys before they launched a worse attack.

Reports of arson and killing of ducks in November 2007 were not followed up, despite a legal requirement to do so.

The family of the brothers was known to nine agencies over 14 years but children's social care services were "reluctant" to get involved.

Edlington torture case: key failings of social services

The two brothers "watched pornographic and violent films, identified in court as a possible inspiration for the sexual element of their attack...

"The boys' mother asked that they be taken into care as she could not cope with their behaviour, bringing about their move to a foster home in Edlington, just south-east of Doncaster."

'Toxic family life' of Edlington brothers | UK news | The Guardian

Teaching assistant Rachel Peters of Edlington, at Doncaster Crown Court for sentence after being convicted of sexual offences against a 13 year old boy.

A FORMER teacher has been sent to jail for an internet sex offence involving a child.

Until last May the 56-year-old worked as an art teacher at Sir Thomas Wharton Community College in Edlington, Doncaster. (Edlington)

Jimmy Savile lived not very far from Edlington.

Child abuse victim.

In Yorkshire, in the UK, Child abuse can get covered up.

1. The father Piers Grant-Ferris Ampleforth child abuse scandal was hushed up.

2. There was a police inquiry after a BBC investigation revealed a paedophile ring reportedly targeting schoolgirls in West Yorkshire.

One former victim said up to 50 girls, some as young as seven, were taken in vans to houses where they were forced to have sex, often with several men. 

(Bradford Police in child sex ring inquiry)

3. In 2003, there were arrests after raids in West Yorkshire.

There were claims concerning a satanic child abuse ring.

All charges were dropped without explanation by the Crown Office in 2004. 

(UK Legal — Satanic child abuse true according to new report.)

4. Saddleworth Moor lies partly in West Yorkshire. 

The Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between 1963 and 1965. 

The victims were five children some of whose bodies were discovered in graves dug on Saddleworth Moor.

Jimmy Savile became a friend of Ian Brady.

Then we have the case of a father and his three children.

1975: A father began to abuse his son and 2 daughters in Sheffield in Yorkshire.

If the children resisted, they were beaten black and blue, kicked and burnt by the flames of a gas fire. One child had a limb broken.

Relatives of the abused children said that when they told the authorities about the abuse the authorities threatened them with prosecution for slander. (social services failings )

1978: The Authorities were told about the abuse.

The authorities began monitoring the family.

1982: A further five claims of abuse were made.

The authorities failed to take the children into care.

1988: The girls started to become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse by their father. Soon they had been made pregnant 16 times.

1992: The family moved to Lincolnshire. The abusive father's wife and the 15 year-old son escaped.

1997: The son told police about the sex abuse but they took no action.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe with Sir James Savile.

1998: One of the daughters rang the charity 'ChildLine'.

She was told that she might not be allowed to keep her children.

2004: The father and one daughter moved back to Sheffield.

The authorities ignored suspicions of incest.

2008: The girls reported the abuse they had suffered. The father was sent to prison.

The Court of Appeal reduced his sentence from 19-and-a-half years to 14-and-a-half.

NOBODY CAME - the story of brothers abused in a Jersey children's home.

On 11 March 2010 we read more about this 'British Fritzl'. ('British Fritzl' made daughters pregnant 18 times after social services failings)

A report has revealed that for many years 'care workers were aware of repeated allegations of incest but did nothing'.

The report lists failures by 28 separate agencies.

The authorities received 12 reports of physical abuse by the father and seven specific allegations of incest.

The two sisters were questioned about the paternity of their children 23 times.

Nobody has been sacked or disciplined.

Explosive: Editor of the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Iain Overton, revealed the scoop online


Anonymous said...

What you wont see in the papers is that killers harry roberts and Ian Brady were both in special forces in the army, ian brady was subjected to strange experiments,
i am told by an ex nurse there that there was a third killer which she cant remember now.
what happens is that the army subject all men to testing, some men are suitable to go on for more training, and some are picked for this to be trained as killers.
problems start when these men leave the army and the mental programming begins to slip.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask *WHO* is the senior political paedophile to be outed tonight on Newsnight. Then I smacked my forehead - eeny, meeny, miney, mo ...

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Savile's flatmate, support DJ, chauffeur and sidekick, Ray Teret, shared a half-derelict apartment in Salford with him in the early Sixties.

Ray Teret was jailed for sex with an under-age girl in March 1999.

Anonymous said...

On the richplanet site
rchard d hall gaves a fabulous narration of manchurian candidates,
and speaks of Raoul Mote, forget what the media says here PC rathband was harrassing mote day in day out, watch the short bit of film, my point here is that Ian Brady Harry Roberts ( SAS trained killer ) and Raol Mote all had similarities, no one trusts the official news any more and this is why

Anonymous said...

Caption should be "Yorkshire Ripper with Peter Sutcliffe".

Is the BBC going to out Leon Britton this evening, member of our ruling tribe and handler of Nick Clegg?

I will believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

Time to tackle the elephant in the room - Jewish control.

Many of the key figures in this are Jewish, and blackmailing non-Jews in positions of power has been a key part of Jewish control.

Edwina Currie
The Krays
Jimmy Savile
Leon Brittan
Freddie Star
Jonathan King
Jonathan Epstein
Esther Rantzen

All Jewish. Jews are less than 0.5% of the British population and yet the number of Jews in positions of control in politics and the media is vast:

Ed Miliband
David Cameron
Leon Brittan
Michael Howard
David Miliband
Jack Straw
Peter Mandelson
Attorney General Goldsmith
Rupert Murdoch
Richard Desmond
Michael Grade
Alan Yentob
The contollers of BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four
The Chief Executive of Channel Four

This is just a taste.

Let's also get the involement of the Freemasons into public attention.

Jews, Freemasons and paedophiles have been running this country for the past few decades, and systematically destroying it. The reputation of all of our leading institutions has been destroyed.

We have been involved in grotesque wars of choice not in the national interest.

Our industrial base has been hollowed out and our leading companies sold to foreigners.

The gap been rich and poor has exploded.

The nation has been flooded with immigrants to such a degree that we are on course for complete ghettoisation and fragmentation.

Over half of all domestic lawmaking powers have been handed to a United States of Europe in the making.

Civil liberties have been savagely reduced, cameras are everywhere, there are secret courts and secret police.

It is one minute to midnight. We clear out the filth now or we are finished as a nation.

Zoompad said...

Google IFGLC

Anonymous said...

That SAS bollocks is bullshit ! You had to have a sane mind before during and after.Killer instict only kicks in during.Plenty of sane men walking from the top rank regiments its the ilks that were known as the regular army that were being used as science fodder ? Any army base you walked on in the 80s where these geeks were,that knew they would never fight in any war used to walk round like zombies on LSD.

Anonymous said...

Newsnight did not name "the senior Tory politician"! Very disappointing.

Mr Meesham also insisted that his statements to the police included allegations of sexual abuse against the politician.

In his original investigation Stickler also spoke to another victim who claimed to have been abused by the politician, as well as others.

Newsnight/the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has been unable to track him down for this latest report however, in 2000 he described how as a teenager he was abused by the politician:

"We went out for something to eat and he pulled over in a layby and then, hey presto, oral sex took place," the man - who wanted to remain anonymous - said.

He told Stickler that at the time, in the early 1990s, he went to North Wales police to report the abuse, showing them faxed photographs of the senior Tory politician.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:30 PM,

It is not only England, it is everywhere you go you see the same thing. I have met a few "English" Jews that are constantly moving from New York to London. Lots art swindles. The Jews have complete control of every political, financial and educational institution. If they are caught usually they run to hide in Israel.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jews Freemasons and paedophiles...not just England. There is a new video out on Gillard selling out to Zion/Israel. Her partner worked with/for Israeli real estate developer in Melbourne. I will try find some links for these snippets of info.
We must stop the rot, by legal /peaceful means; even if this means 'they' up the ante, as they have historically demonstrated. Peace

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Masters Of Porn

If you look at this page, be advised it is at your own risk. Viewing page may induce spells of dizziness or vomiting...

Jews have been the pioneers of socially and spiritually destructive porn as an industry. Porn is a sin industry, meaning most of it has long existed in the black market, and has long had connections to other forms of vice and crime including all manner of prostitution. Obviously, a "porn actor" is intrinsically a prostitute, thus pornographers, who employ the "actors" to engage in sex acts for their profit, are mega-pimps engaged in a form of mega-prostitution. If an industry deals long with prostitution and other outlawed vices, this creates certain blackmail opportunities over time as influential persons -- politicians, etc. -- gradually fall into the far-flung vice net. Jewish domination of porn and related sin industries, it is suspected, has allowed them to blackmail and control politicians...

Anonymous said...

The Babylonian Talmud

The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book (actually a collection of books).

Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).

Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").

This passage is from the original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617).

This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, " the various versions the reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].

Anonymous said...

Sex with Children by Talmud Rules

Anonymous said...

anony 12:15, that site with Jews in everything is a load of bollocks. The owner of the site must be a religious retard, mixing info with disinfo.... No, thanks....

Anonymous said...

^^INCREDIBLE! talk about Synchronicity!!! I was just about to post a few of those quotes from the babylonian talmud_thank you.

"A woman who has intercourse with a beast is eligible to
marry a priest.
TALMUD: Yebamoth 59b.

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, less
than 3-years old, it is as nothing.
TALMUD: Kethuboth 11a-11b.

Sexual intercourse is permitted with a dead relative.
TALMUD: Ya Bhamoth."

(and that is what is permisable to the jews only, just imagine)

I must say the satanic agenda was also invented just like communism/liberalism by the worlds "precious" judaics it goes right back to the talmud and even in the old testament you see obscene brutality (and injustice against the gentile) is also there motto.

Anonymous said...

What utter, utter twaddle.

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