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Anonymous left this comment on the post "SIR CYRIL THREATENED TO SUE 'AND WAS PROTECTED BY MI5.":

I'm sure that, unless something happens, a whistleblower for example, the Savile expose will die a quiet death.

These people are too entrenched, for so long, so deep, with so much to lose, that they're pulling the stops out all the way and will succeed.

They'll offer the odd sacrifice, low echelon nobody's, cheap at the price, but these people are too powerful to allow themselves to be exposed.

People get bored so easily today. All they need to do is drag it out long enough with no apparent result.

Just look at Diana. 


But not only did they eventually cover it up they smeared her reputation...

Stephen Ward, with Christine Keeler to his right, knew the Rothschilds. President Kennedy 'slept with one of Ward's girls'.

Same with Profumo.

To accomplish anything my research indicates we have to study what was going-on back then.

Ward's spy-team was infiltrating the posh houses of the elite, using the girls as these people are into kinky-sex. 

Age-old masonic rituals.

Peter Arne was working with him, but using boys.

Ward arranged 1-on-1's with top glam-models, sex-shows, orgies. All to occupy the family and their guests, tire them out. Clear the field...

What was he trying to do?

... None reacted to Ward sliding about taking piccies of the orgies etc.

For he did this (info confirmed by a famous actor, an ex-SOE agent, one of Ward's team. He's dead now, drank himself to death)...

There are several scenarios as to what happened, he seemingly was working for SIS AND the CIA at the same time, but it's obvious Ward was sussed and 'dealt with' by somebody, for something...



Unknown said...

Hell, look at JFK

Here in the US the populace can't even comprehend that the Federal Reserve is owned by a few families and not a 'federal' agency. They can't comprehend both parties are controlled by the same masters.

So yes, the sicko Savile will rot in the ground and his soul will experience the misery he so eagerly offered these boys.


The Savile Story will be 1 more piece of evidence that humans can use (like the Franklin/Larry King Scandal) in the future. Because these psychopaths will be caught again. A new story will emerge in 10 or 20 years.. a story that's taking place today as I write these words on my computer. A similar coterie is abusing young boys (another is abusing young girls) and one or the other will come to light. With luck, a bit more evidence will leak. And it, together with the GREAT WORK YOU HAVE DONE, AANGIRFAN, will be cobbled together to finally bring down this masonic/b'nai b'rith cabal of evil.

I thank you for your heroic efforts, aangirfan. I want you to know you are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I was involved at the sharp end of much of this and i could write youa list of high level child abusers, but my family would be hit.
freemasons/jews /common purpose
operatives work within government child care agencies and the BBC to keepa lid on this.
Almost 90% is abuse of boys- not girls, which is why cameron said
"we cannot have a gay witch hunt "
why not ? just because the law says its OK now does not make it so

Anonymous said...

I read an article in The Guardian today saying "a new charity, the Loudoun Trust, has been formed, bringing together specialist academics and practitioners" to help the public understand paedophilia. I favour that. But something in the article makes me uncomfortable.

Then I checked the Loudoun Trust registration, which was in October 2010 - not "new" at all.

Then I checked their registered aims: "To advance education for the public benefit about paedo-sexual offending (sexual crimes against children)" - as distinct from paedophilia, a distinction promoted by paedophile groups like IPCE.

So the Loudoun Trust could be *promoting* paedophilia. Anyone else feel unsettled?

Zoompad said...

"On 19 December David Smith, then aged 38, also returned to the moor. He spent about four hours helping police pinpoint areas where he thought more bodies might be buried.[71] Topping continued to visit Hindley in prison, along with her solicitor Michael Fisher and her spiritual counsellor, the Reverend Peter Timms, who had been a prison governor before resigning to become a minister in the Methodist Church."

Anonymous said...

A very interesting debate about Myra Hindley

Unknown said...

I would like to affirm what has been written by Unknown.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Nothing sick and twisted about Britain surprises me anymore. But I have never thought that things have got this bad. The majority of these sickos just happen to be Jews and Freemasons. These people have complete control over the people's minds through the entertainment industry. Good luck trying to fight these people.

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