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Savile, 'working for the spooks'.

According to former residents of Bryn Estyn children's home in Wales:

1. Sir Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor to the Bryn Estyn children's home.

One resident, called Ben, had his trousers pulled down for Savile's 'entertainment'

2. Boys from Bryn Estyn were gang raped.

3. 12 or 13 people have died because of events at Bryn Estyn in 70s and 80s

4. Top people in the Conservative party visited the home.

Keith Gregory was aged 11 when he was taken to Bryn Estyn.

He says children were driven to a hotel where they were gang raped.

According to a former resident called Ben, Sir Jimmy Savile made him sit on his lap, 'then he started rubbing my leg. After that I went to bed but he had other children brought up to him'.

Bryn Estyn

Ben says that boys were sent to to the flat of the headmaster, and Savile and his brother Johnny would sometimes be in the flat with the boys.

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A former detective who helped catch 'the Yorkshire Ripper' serial killer has said that the BBC's Sir Jimmy Savile was quizzed over the Yorkshire murders.

Former West Yorkshire detective John Stainthorpe told ITV News that Savile was brought in for questioning

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"Detectives 'had a cast made of Savile's teeth' to check against bite-marks left on the bodies of the 'Yorkshire Ripper' victims... 

"Savile's teeth were examined in 1980, a year before Peter Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others....

"Police knew that Savile used prostitutes, according to a friend of the dentist involved....

"Two of the Ripper's victims were found near Savile's home in Leeds...


Anonymous said...

Icke has mentioned Willie Whitelaw, and interestingly, 'Willie Whitelaw paedo' is a google search, albeit others mentioned are not. I wonder if there's an intel agency faction with control over the Google search terms.

Unknown said...

"Mr Stainthorpe said the person who gave police the anonymous tip-off was 'aiming in the right direction'."

[Carol: Yes, I daresay}

"'Child perverts soon become child killers,' he added."

[Carol: The view of an expert]

"The detective's shocking revelation comes as the killer claimed today that Savile regularly visited him in custody and the pair became friends."

[Carol: Was Savile visiting his accomplice/apprentice?]

"Rubbishing claims the late DJ abused around 300 victims over six decades, Sutcliffe said those making allegations were 'jumping on the bandwagon'."

[Carol: Sick]

"The Yorkshire Ripper's horrific crimes shocked the nation as he embarked on a murderous rampage across the country."

[Carol: Yes but was it only Sutcliffe? The early photofit, the strange references by Sutcliffe to hearing Savile's voice at the time, the scenes being close to Savile's residence at Roundhay Leeds, the Hospital Porter connection between Savile and Sutcliffe, the police 'incompetence' in the hunt for the killer... Questions, questions...]

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Thank god this is coming out now, i cant bear the thought of other little boys going through what we went through, i am 70 years old and cant trust any person, i still keep myslef to myself and never been able to have a relationship,
my life was over when i left that home, many times i wanted to take a knife and go and kill gays for what they did, i still dream of them and hate them still

Anonymous said...

i was reading all the comments, and one mentionend sir athony blunt hanging the toilets of a rail station, this is dead right my mnager hada waterworks problem and could not go long before he had the bag fitted, and he said every loo he went in there was sir anthony Blunt with another old creep trying to strike up a conversation, well well whata small world it is
Brian barrough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Savile was a Jew and a freemason (33rd degree!).

So it's no surprise that he was a sociopathic abuser, nor that the media, political and judicial "elite" covered up his crimes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

My mum said that early in W W 2 my garndfather died and she gave some of his clothes to old Dan the poacher, old Dan would goout at night and saw some headlights up at Beachy Head, so creeping up to see what was going on, some policemen were scattered about and s he crept nearer he saw Winston Churchill take off his hat because of the wind, a Rabbi and another man he thought may have been Alister Crowley witha young boy up on the Head, according to him they sacrificed the young boy then went back tothe cars and drove off leaving the 4 policemen to clear up.
My mum also said after the war
she thought it was the Daily Herald news paper said that Winston had caight VD froma boy on his holiday in Morocco.
President Obama is said tolike boys too.

soapy said...

It was William Hague, Secretary of State for Wales at the time (now Foreign Secretary), who set the terms & announced on 17 June 1996 that there would be a judicial inquiry, under the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921 , into allegations of widespread, high level involvement in child abuse in north Wales.

The resulting (Waterhouse) Report condemned social workers, children's home staff, police and local councils, but stated there was no evidence of a high-level paedophile conspiracy.....

No names were mentioned in the report & also the insurers (Royal And Sun Alliance Plc) of BRYN ALYN etc. ensured that no claims would ensue.....(
Details here: )

Now Theresa May will order an inquiry under the toothless 'Inquiries Act 2005'.....

Anonymous said...

Is Judeo-Freemasonry the official religion of Britain? It seems like. My ex-barber is on business for over 35 years. He has a nice chess board floor. Just another gate keeper.

Anonymous said...

If you read the holy book of the Jews, the Talmud, it says there that its no sin to sexually interfere with boys and girls even babies, provided they are non jews,
both Jonathan King and Jimmy Savile
claimed they saw nothing wrong in this, and it is jewish pressure that is bringing in the pro-homosexual agenda as shown by the zionist BBC which is making us all homophiles

Zoompad said...

Soapy, you have it spot on, and also Leigh Day and co have a nice little earner going, with their cover up investigations as well. I felt angry when the phrase "No stone will be left unturned" was rolled out again, they said that at the start of the Stafford Hospital investigation, whilst they were deliberatly and systematically stopping some of the victims from having their chance to read out the statements they had made of the abuse they and their relatives had suffered. It was total bullshit what they did, and yet another layer of abuse to victims of institutional abuse, and I am not talking about accidental stuff, I am talking about deliberate, cruel, cold blooded institutional abuse of the vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Under the Inquiries Act 2005, the government can control who sits on an inquiry, it can order part of the inquiry to be held in private and it can decide which of the findings are published and which remain secret.

Anonymous said...

Folowing on from what was said earlier, i knewa bodyguard of Peter rachman who did indeed nob the occasional small boy, but peter said only when they deserved it, the bodyguard also told me they would go and break up national front rallies etc.
I also wanted to say i knew the MP Michael Pooftillo's tailor
and apparently he liked the young lads but after psychiatric treatment was cured and then could go with women.

Anonymous said...

Quote: I knew a bodyguard of Peter Rachman who did indeed nob the occasional small boy, but Peter said only when they deserved it, the bodyguard also told me they would go and break up national front rallies etc.

My info: Michael De Frietas, who became good friend to John Lennon, rumour has it they met via 'the mysterious Sven'. MDF was said to be the owner of the bankbox raided in a film rumoured to contain photos of a certain 'R'. MDF made himself out to be Portugese, as he had trouble accepting he was half-nigger. He was framed and hanged.

Unless you are referring to one of 'Peters' bodyguards AFTER he supposedly died. I've no info on them.

"Peter said..."

This indicates you knew him personally. Again, which one? I know of no one else still alive who knew him other than the 2 girls and Tom M#ng#ld, who refuses to reply to my emails. If prior to '63, any chance we could have a clue as to which shadow YOU were? For I have a few to chose from.

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