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Telegraph boy

"The senior Tory accused of child abuse has ... said: 'Some guy said I was in the habit of taking young men from Wrexham in my Rolls-Royce.

"'But I have only been to Wrexham once; and I didn't visit the children’s home...

"When the inquiry was taking place I hired a lawyer to watch it in case there was any mention of my name."

Why might he expect someone to mention his name?

In the Daily Mail, Simon Parke has written: "My uncle Ernie, a society sex scandal... and a lesson in courage."


Simon's great-great uncle Ernest Parke was a journalist who named a top person involved in a boy brothel.

Ernest Parke, and some of the boys, ended up in prison.

The 'toffs' were not prosecuted.

Telegraph boy

In 1889, a London policeman was investigating a theft from the London Central Telegraph Office. 

A 15-year-old telegraph boy, Charles Swinscow, was found with what seemed like a lot of money.

Charles said that he had been 'going to bed with gentlemen' for four shillings a time. 

The police discovered that 'a number of men of superior bearing and apparently good position' were frequent visitors to a boy brothel at 19 Cleveland Street.

The brothel was furnished with velvet curtains, antique furniture, oil paintings, Dresden china, silk bedding and a grand piano.  

The brothel, run by a Mr Charles Hammond, employed several Post Office messenger boys as prostitutes.

The clients included Lord Arthur Somerset, an equerry to the Prince of Wales, and Henry Fitzroy, Earl of Euston.

The only people to be prosecuted were two of the boys.

They were given 'hard labour'.

Ernest Parke was editor of a little read publication called the North London Press.

He published a story naming Lord Euston as a person involved in the boy brothel.

And he suggested that a much more important person was involved.

Lord Euston sued for libel. 

In court, he admitted going to 19 Cleveland Street, but said it was not for sex with boys.

The court supported Lord Euston and Ernest Parke was sent to Millbank prison.

Charles Hammond escaped to the USA.

Lord Somerset

Lord Arthur Somerset, the manager of the Royal Stud at Sandringham, was said to be a key member of the pedophile ring (or ephebophile ring).

He was allowed to escape to the South of France.

Prince Albert Victor, who reportedly died in 1892. It has been rumored that he lived until 1930 in the old " Glamis Castle". Website for this

Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son of the future King Edward VII, was said to be involved in the boy brothel.

An American newspaper reported that Prince Albert Victor went abroad 'escape the smoke of the Cleveland Street scandal'. 

In the UK, the big mainstream media named no names.

Today, in the UK, we have the Leveson Inquiry which may suggest imposing extra curbs on the media.

An Australian newspaper, dated 12 November 1888, describes another scandal. The Cleveland Strret scandal was in 1889.

Simon Parke is the author of Solitude — Recovering The Power Of Alone published by White Crow Books at £11.99.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2228474/My-uncle-Ernie-society-sex-scandal--lesson-courage.html#ixzz2BQHOIKgX


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when we lived in ramsgate my elder brother bought at a bootfair pile of old records one of which was bya group called the spunk monkeys and it was about toffs using young boys ina care home, so its nota new thing
The telegraph boys was also interesting, as to work for royal mail means signing the official secrets act, about 12 years ago at kings lynn in norfolk a case of pressuring female postal workers for sex against 2 managers was kept out of the press, but one manager called cannon escaped to the US because he was pressuring the younger postmen for sex

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This says it all


I am just glad its coming out about the upper classes
pete wilson

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"Hebrew financiers".


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1997: "There is no evidence at all of a child pornography ring at Broadmoor Hospital ... we are a secure environment and that is why we have policies which cover searching patients and their rooms." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/broadmoor-denies-child-porn-ring-1279132.html

"Bosses at Broadmoor hospital yesterday ordered a ban on personal video recorders and computers amid fears that patients are getting hold of pornography.
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, who has a personal computer in his room, is among patients at the high-security hospital who has had to hand over equipment.
The move follows allegations that a sex ring dealing in child pornography videos is operating at Broadmoor." http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Hospital+in+crackdown+on+videos+to+halt+porn.-a061106035

1999: "The financial irregularities arose from a shop on Lawrence Ward, from the sale of pornographic materials, including videos, and from people conducting credit card businesses. From the report, Lawrence Ward appears a veritable outpost of the enterprise culture. The father who brought his daughter into Ashworth Hospital also supplied pornographic videos, which it seems he was allowed to deliver by car to the ward without being properly searched. There was a shop on Lawrence Ward which was supposed to sell confectionery and soft drinks. Its turnover, starting at £50 per month, soared to £14,000 between January and October 1996. The child murderer also ran an unofficial shop from his side ward.
Unbeknown to senior managers, several patients, including Mr. Daggett, had been allowed credit cards. Eventually, when managers decided to end this arrangement, patients were forced to cut up their cards. But they retained the numbers so that they could renew them or continue to use them in phone transactions. Security was so slack that Mr. Daggett managed to change his name by deed poll, acquire a new passport and driving licence and use a credit card to take out a large sum of money prior to absconding.
The inquiry found that security was so lax that neither patients, staff, nor visitors were properly searched. They confirm Mr. Daggett's claim that on Lawrence Ward the patients' rooms were not properly searched. This was illustrated when a full-scale search in January 1997 revealed a stock of children's underwear in the room of the man who had molested girls and male pornography in the room of the child murderer. Both of them had VCRs used for copying videos. A previous search of the bootroom on the ward had revealed 41 pornographic videos." http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld199899/ldhansrd/vo990112/text/90112-05.htm

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Lift up the rock and along with all the maggots you will generally find members of the tribe, either participating or trying to gain advantage through blackmail.

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jesus i just watched that truthnews
item on the spank account, i am shocked that so many politicians
would pay for this stuff,
this is f...g shocking stuff .
maureen callohan

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