Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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Google has been notified that content in your blog contains allegedly infringing content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country. 


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In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. 

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Anonymous said...

1984 is here aang.... one more proof is whats happening to u.... idiots forget that they can stop some of us, but they cant stop all of us....

Anonymous said...

So the subject is so heavy even google is censuring. Time is speeding up.

Zoompad said...

One email at a time. One conversation at a bus stop queue/supermarket/anywhere where there are other people at a time.

They will never silence the truth.

Zoompad said...


The Staffordshire Pindown child abuse investigation documents have been made inaccessable to the victims, and the victims and their families are being persecuted.

I am praying for their deliverance out of your wicked talons, for myself and for others.

The Lord will hear my prayer.

Paul said...

So this is the way Google and the like will be used as Gatekeepers.

Anonymous said...

When the jimmy savile story first broke google was deleting every piece about savile with boys, they just allowed through the stories of savile with girls, we figured that it would overturn the governmental homosexual agenda, so they stopped all items on this dead in its tracks

Anonymous said...


the link to chillingeffects seems to be wrong. Is there anything more you could share about this?


Anonymous said...

Griffinwatch have also had a visit from the Statsi ?

Anon said...

"Is there anything more you could share about this?"

The post suggested that 'Y' might have been br.........

Unknown said...

The Rising will begin in Kent and Essex.

Maidstone and at Brentwood.

They will not see it at first.

The Tower, the Savoy Palace and the Temple will burn.

Some can already taste the smoke and smell their fear.

The deceits of the lords this time must not avail them.

God Bless the British people.1381.


The Rising will begin on the social media internet.

Facebook and Twitter.

It will be too fast to stop.

Parliament, SIS at Vauxhall and the Palace will burn.

We can already smell their fear.

The deceits of the lords this time will not avail them. Now we know who they are thank God.

God Bless the British people.2021.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Is Aangifan being censored? Is this because of the ongoing debates on sex-scandals and paedophiles?

Why the censorship?

For you (the censorer) cannot possibly be CONDONING the evil practices?

Yes, we posters may sail close to the wind sometimes, we are dealing with a wily and slippery opponent with the odds stacked in their favour, we thus have to push the boat out and even the best sailors read the wind wrong sometimes, occasionally resulting in hitting the odd rock, but WE mean no evil, we are trying to expose and STOP evil.

What are YOU doing?

Anon said...

Dear Carol,

Re - "The Rising will begin in Kent and Essex."

The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 was easily defeated by the elite.

This was because the peasants were naive, and the elite were cunning and ruthless.

I do not recommend a repeat of the Peasant's Revolt.

Conditions did improve for the peasants; there was a shortage of labour (due to the plague) and so wages went up.

Unknown said...

I wrote "The deceits of the lords this time will not avail them"

That was a reference to precisely the point you are making.

IE The next time we will have to box more cleverly than the last.

These opportunities just do not come around too often. So best to be prepared. Now that we know that they are full of deceit then there can be no bargains no dialogue.

The grievous blow struck by Walworth will be avenged at last.

There is now only time for justice.


Anon said...

Dear Carol,

If there is a 'revolt', it will be run by the spooks, in order to keep the elite in power.

The Homeopathic approach is best.

Unknown said...

A revolt that takes away all the zios, spooks, molech idolisers etc is unlikely to be run by spooks.

Organic uprisings do happen and can succeed - they just require sufficient knowledge amongst the population at large and an non-corrupt leadership. We can do without defeatism.

Sorry I am not the type to sit around at home drinking tea.

They are afraid of the ones who are threatening to come right through the front door at them.

They are not afraid of the easily led revolutionaries or the armchair types.

In any event hopefully we are not going to fall out over tactics as we appear to be fighting on the same side at least?


Anon said...

Violence has not helped the Palestinians.

Their 'violent' groups are fully infiltrated, one assumes.

Unknown said...

I am not looking for the last word so feel free to respond. So only to be clear I am adding this.

I was advocating justice not violence.

I still regard those as two separate concepts.

Anon said...

We agree about justice.

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

Aang -

If you can be the Judge

then can I be the advocate?


Anon said...

Maybe we need a truth and reconciliation commission?

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

If there ever is one it will make the Bloody Sunday Inquiry seem like a blink of the eye.

No pun intended.


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