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Mr. and Mrs. Kerry and Mr. and Mrs. Assad, during a private lunch in a restaurant in Damascus in 2009. 

Here is Thierry Meyssan's view of what will be Obama's foreign policy.

It is not necessarily our view.

Obama II: the Purge of the Generals and the Pact - with Russia, Iran and Syria against China.

By Thierry Meyssan  of Voltaire Network, November 27, 2012 arthur zbygniew: obama II : la purge et le pacte

With greater legitimacy brought about by his re-election, President Barack Obama is preparing to launch a new foreign policy.

This is due to:

1. The relative economic weakness of the United States.

2. The need to give up the idea of the USA governing the world alone.

US forces will continue their departure from Europe, and their partial withdrawal from the Middle East, so that  more can now be positioned around China.

The idea is to weaken the Russian-Chinese alliance and get Russia to share the burden of the Middle East. 

Therefore, the USA is ready to implement the agreement on Syria concluded on 30 June in Geneva.

(This means the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force; and keeping in power Bashar al-Assad, who is popular with his people).

This new foreign policy faces strong resistance in Washington. 

In July, organized leaks in the press had scuppered the Geneva Agreement and Kofi Annan was forced to resign. 

This sabotage seems to have been organised by a group of senior officers who do not accept the end of their dream of global empire.

At no time was this issue raised during the presidential election campaign; the two main candidates agree on the new policy, but disagree on the way to present it.

Obama, on the night of his victory began a purge which had been quietly prepared for months.

General David Petraeus resigned as Director of the CIA. 

The heads of many other senior officers roll in the dust...

One thinks also, for instance of the premature death of General Omar Suleiman (Egypt).... or the attack against Prince Bandar bin Sultan (Saudi Arabia), seven days later.

Assad and his friend Kerry.

It remains for Barack Obama to compose his new cabinet by finding men and women able to accept the new policy. 

It relies primarily on former Democratic candidate for president and current chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, John Kerry. 

Already Moscow has stated that his appointment would be welcomed. 

Above all, Kerry is known for being "an admirer of President Bashar al-Assad" ( The Washington Post ); they have often met in previous years [ 1 ].

The question is whether the Democrats can accept losing a Senate seat, and if Kerry will be the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense...


John Brennan, known for its particularly dirty and brutal methods, could become the next CIA director. 

He would be responsible for turning the page of the Bush years by:

1. Liquidating the jihadists, who worked for the CIA

2. Dismantling Saudi Arabia, which is no longer useful... 

Zionist, and yet realist, Antony Blinken could become national security adviser.

This could awaken the plan... to make peace in the Middle East based on ... Assad.

aangirfan: IRAN IS RUN BY THE CIA...

The policy shift has already materialized with the resumption of secret negotiations with Tehran. 

Indeed, the new situation requires abandoning the policy of isolating Iran and finally recognize the Islamic Republic as a regional power. 

First consequence: the construction of the pipeline linking Iran's South Pars gas field, the largest in the world, Damascus and the Mediterranean and Europe may be resumed...

The new foreign policy of Obama II will change the Middle East in 2013 in the opposite direction to that reported in the Western media and the Gulf.

US accelerates intervention in Syrian war

RT-17 minutes ago
The US government is contemplating significant intervention in the Syria conflict and has discussed employing Patriot Air and Missile Defense ...

Will Obama's Re-Election Ensure World War III?
Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)-10 hours ago

  1. AP sources: US preparing to upgrade recognition of Syria's ...

    Washington Post-2 minutes ago
    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is preparing to recognize Syria's new opposition council as the legitimate representative of the ...
  2. No return to Assad's old Syria: UN envoy

    Khaleej Times-26 minutes ago
    UNITED NATIONS — The old Syria ruled by President Bashar al-Assad's family is finished and the “new Syria” will never be the same, the UN ...


Anonymous said...

In that case why this news today?:

AP Sources: U.S. is preparing to recognize Syria's new opposition council as legitimate representative of Syrians

Anon said...

I agree.

It makes it look as if Meyssan has got it wrong.

- Aangirfan.

dognamedblue said...

I thought this was the most interesting news from Obama this week:

"Presidential Memorandum -- National Insider Threat Policy & Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs"

Anonymous said...

insider Marz Bruzonsky is confirming loud and clear in his interview with Press-TV's Autograph: US Middle Eastern politics are dictated by AIPAC (AmericanIsralePublicAffairsCommetee). To think that Obama can make his own decisions is ridiculous. NuttyYahoo n frenz say they want an attack on Iran, who is going to contradict them???

CanSpeccy said...

The insider threat thing is interesting. Does it reflect some urgent current concern or is it just a case of the bureaucracy tying itself in knots?

Meyssan may be correct in asserting a change in US foreign policy. However, this is likely a change in approach not in objective. There surely must now be general recognition that the NeoCon plan for brute force colonization is too costly to pursue.

But a change in tactics need not be announced. To perpetuate the belief that the US is insane enough to launch a large-scale war against Iran or China or anyone else, may facilitate the assertion of influence by other means.

PS. Thanks for kind comment and link on the previous post.

brian said...

The Making of Terror and Lies in Syria, Free Syrian Army Exposed as Terrorists

Anonymous hackers attack syrian govt and people...go have your say

Exclusive: Inside Future Movement's Syria Arms Trade
It was soon revealed that the source had been working with Sakr for more than a year as part of an operations room established to support the Syrian uprising. (Photo: Haytham al-Moussawi)
By: Radwan Mortada
Published Thursday, November 29, 2012
Al-Akhbar has obtained recordings of Future Movement MP Okab Sakr organizing weapons transfers to the armed Syrian opposition at the behest of Future leader Saad Hariri.
The phone call is the first hard evidence of the role Sakr and his backers in Future were playing in providing arms and logistical support to the Syrian rebels.

yes2truth said...

Obama is a Jew and he's surrounded by Jews as advisers and he's going to side with Iran. Yeah right, yadda yadda yadda - who puts this crap BS out?

Aldebaran said...

Obomber is surely just a manikin, interested only in riches, stardom and luxurious living.

I doubt that he even chooses his own bedtime.

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