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Justin Welby, who is to be the head of the Anglican Church, is the son of a German Jew called Bernard Weiler

Justin Welby: Secret life of my father

Allegedly, all the top people have to be Jewish these days.

The Sunday Telegraph has discovered that Justin Welby's father "disguised his real name and German-Jewish roots."

Welby's father made his money in the USA, with the help of the Mafia.

Bishop Welby said of his father: "He would tell me how he ran alcohol with his 'Italian friends'"

Welby's father had an affair with John F Kennedy's sister.

Welby's mother, Jane Portal, was a personal secretary to Winston Churchill.

Churchill's mother was Jewish.

Welby's father had an earlier marriage to an American called Doris Sturzenegger.

"This publication of the National Jewish Welfare Board lists a Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush, and Major Solomon Bush, as Jews participating in the American Revolutionary War against the British." (New World Order )

The Bush family are reportedly Jewish.

Close to 100% of Obama's White House staff appointments were Jewish - Emanuel, Geitner, Summers, Axelrod, Clinton, Paulson, Napolitino... 

Mrs. Obama’s paternal great-grandmother was Rosella Cohen of Georgetown, S.C. Michelle Obama's Ancestors

Sarah Margaret (née Lipsett), gave birth to Tony Blair's mother, Hazel.

The Lipsett family originated with a German Jewish immigrant to Ireland. 

Texe Marrs reported on Hillary Clinton's Jewish ancestry.

He reported that John Kerry, Madeleine Albright, and General Wesley Clark have Jewish origins.

"Hillary, Kerry, Clark and Albright subsequently came out of the closet and owned up to their Jewish heritage." 

The UK Royal Family is reportedly rather Jewish.

Ataturk was Jewish, reportedly

There are many Jews pretending to be Christian or Moslem.

Mohamed Atta, 9 11 'hijacker'

Mohamed Atta spoke Hebrew.

We can assume that the Atta in the USA was working for Mossad.

Osama's family is Yemeni in origin. The Yemenis were Jewish. Yemenite Jews - Wikipedia,

According to Rose Cohen, of Sydney, Australia: "A very close friend and a most eminent Israeli journalist told me recently, that according to Jewish law - bin Laden is Jewish, as his mother is Jewish...

"This irrefutably honest Israeli journalist, disclosed to me personally that bin Laden's mother's family lives in Israel. I knew that bin Laden was Jewish long time ago..." (Bali, Australia And The Mossad)

This guy, Frank Collin Cohen, is Jewish (Website for this image)

On 21 February 2011, the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported on ten Jews, of Iraqi origin, who were trained to act as Moslems.

The training took part in the mid 1950s.

To improve their cover, the men married Moslem women and produced families.

The men were then sent into Israeli Arab communities, posing as Jews.

The job of these sleeper agents was to spy on the Arabs.

('Your Muslim husband is a Jew' The Australian)

This al-Qaeda guy is Jewish (Website for this image)

In 1964, the men's wives were flown to Paris to be met by a Mossad officer who told them that their husbands were secretly Jews.

The Mossad station chief told the women they could either join their husbands in a Jewish community, or they could be resettled in an Arab country of their choice.

The women chose to remain with their husbands and so they were converted to Judaism.

"The kids experienced serious trauma. They tried to forget their past, where they came from, but they couldn't."

David Headley, the 'CIA-linked' planner of the Mumbai terror of 2008.

'Moslem' terrorist David Headley visited various Jewish sites in India.

He claimed to be Jewish when he reportedly stayed at the Chabad centre in Mumbai in July 2008.

The American FBI found a book in his bag in Chicago entitled 'To Pray as a Jew'. (Cached )

This guy, Bill White, is Jewish (Website for this image)

Weizman (left) and Prince Feisal, 1918

The Turkish Ottoman Empire, which included key parts of Saudi Arabia, had lots of crypto-Jews (Jews pretending to be Moslems)

These crypto-Jews (also called Donmeh) have connections to the Saudi royal family and Saudi religion.

The Saudis follow the Wahhabi form of Islam.

Reportedly, the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, was a crypto-Jew.



Anonymous said...

The actress Elizabeth taylor was told she would be going "bigtime " as an actress but she had to become a jew as hollywood was exclusive on this.
She said no, so the studio asked her to visit the in house psychatrist, it is said she was brainwashed and weeks later became a jew, she was found drunk after a party and was screaming anti christian hatred, the journalist
PF Harris was told it would never appear in print.

Anonymous said...

So we can safely say,in any position of importance throughout the western world,the Jew has assimilated just about every position...


Anonymous said...

And not forgetting Rupes of course...

I think that this crypto thing is perhaps the cannot-be-broached crunchpoint. Even those Jews prepared to question all sorts of things (like Gilad Atzmon perhaps) never have, and never will, cross that line. It's right up there with the black wickedness of the Talmud as a non-topic, a thing that may not be discussed.

The thing is, if you go there where does it lead? John Carpenter's The Thing maybe? If only we could stick a hot wire in a sample of blood. Never mind.

And following that who's-who logic, how should we view the Spanish Inquisition? I'm not advocating a Spanish Inquisition (nor do I expect one, ha ha) but you can see why a primitive society would resort to such a thing.

Anyway, it's a big topic.

PS. Frank Collin/Cohen, leader of the Illinois nazis and the basis of the risible nazi caricatures in The Blues Brothers wasn't just Jewish. He was also a convicted paedophile. 10 year old boys it was. Following his outing as a Jew and a paedophile he changed his name to Frank Joseph and became an aspiring new-age guru.

And what was it the scorpion said to the frog again?

PPS And go figure the America History X depicted logic of neo-nazis as vicious head stompers - there's Frank Cohen: homosexual; Jewish; a paedophile, and astoundingly not a quadriplegic. Good thing we've got a bunch of Hollywood movies to tell us how wicked their haters are because in the real world it seems no one's up for it.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

The rothschild octopuss wanted the czar of russias wealth, so sponsored the communist revolution,
comunism+athiesm+judaism are 3 aspects of the one, they tasked with getting 1000 homosexuals into the catholic church to destroy it, which has happened, the Church of England has been riven with fake scandals like women preists , homosexuals, and athiests in its church.
the C of E is about to collapse too.
jews apoint other jews, look at the BBC how rotton that is.
The Chris Cooper investigations team found that jews homosexuals and freemasins werea diret threat to the fabric of our nation and should thgrow them all out before they take our young men into W W 3

Anonymous said...

anony 9:52 - after that, a jewish master/handler/programmer was found for poor Liz. His name was Mike Todd. After him, another Jewish celebrity ensued, Eddie Fisher....

j said...

a) aangirfan declares that anyone, of us, who finds out that his/her mother, father, grandmother, grandfather had "Jewish" "blood" (genome) should consider him/herself as hostile and destructive to their motherland. Even If they are of good will they should never run for public office, because they are bound to destroy their own patria and to run over to the Israel mob.
According to aangirfan they are "Jews" exclusively because of their "Blood" or "genome" … and thus they are always negative or of inferior value' (yes, I know that aangirfan avoids(!) this term - but means it anyway)

According to aangirfan this Anglican Justin Welby is a "Jew" not because of his religion (I use the word "Jews" only with believers of the Talmud and Thora). aangirfan is definitely not using the word "Jew" in a religious way, lets say, because aangirfan thinks of this Welby to be a 'crypto-Anglican' ( = a faker - who still believes in Talmud and Thora and only pretends to be of Anglican religion). No, aangirfan considers this Justin Welby to be a "Jew" because of his Hebrew "Blood" or "genome".
It's racism.

But if it was at least 'pure' racism. But its not! 'Pure' racism is that of the French Count Gobineau or the Nazis. They never believed there was a "Jewish Race". They saw only "Semites", which they considered to be inferior. And as there were no Arabs or (historical) Phoenicians within their conquered territory the only "Semites" they could find were "Jews" (in their racial definition). So they used the word "Jews" quite often, but all they meant was "Semitics".
My arguments against those 'classical' Gobineau-racist You find here: .

But the Zionists and aangirfan are even worse than the 'classical' racists.
If the Zionists (inside or outside of Israel) followed at least this (disgusting) ideology of Gobineau (and Nazis) they would embrace(!) all Arabs and Palestinians as brothers and sisters. And they would have defended Gadhaffi and Mubarak with the Israeli an military forces. And Hitler would nowadays have defended the Iran (the word "Iran" stems from the word "Arian").
But these Vulgar-Racists like the Zionists or aangirfan, want to hammer into our head that there was a special, selected race: "THE JEWS". Even Adolph would have refused such an absurd ideology

Yes, You readers could reply now that the people of aangirfan present their 'Jews-by-blood' in a most negative way. But this is just the program of the "Protocol of the Elders of Zion". This "Protocol" orders that propaganda has to be on B O T H (!) sides.
The program of the Zionists and - obviously - aangirfan is to hammer into our heads that there was a special and definable race "THE JEWS" - allegedly easily to be defined by blood/genome.

a) On what scientific (or empiric) grounds do You found Your assumption that there was a special "Jewish Race"?

b) Why is somebody with a "Jewish" (in you racialist determination) grandma but with other "Arian" ancestors for you a "Jew" - and not an "Arian". I mean: ¾ of his "blood"/genome is Arian!
Citation: "Churchill's mother was Jewish". That’s 50/50! So why was Churchill a JEW and not an ARIAN??? Are You shy of the word "Halbjude" (Half Jew) - as You are shy of the expression "inferior value"?
Don't be shy!

A. Peasant said...

Seems that with the real numbers killed in tha holocaust being much much smaller that 6m, and the habit of name changing to "protect the innocent", and the old "one drop rule" being enough to get one into the "race",, and just the sheer observation that they seem to be plentifully available for any influential job, their actual numbers must be well above the 2-3% we are formally supplied with. They benefit from this deception as it makes them appear so talented to the naive, and yet small and needing special minority status and protection. Nothing could be further from the truth. The census issue is a great deception as stated by anonymous at 11:13.

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask what the point of all this lying and sneaking into places of authority like the Catholic Church is--but I guess it's pretty clear--they seek to destroy what is good from within through their deceptions.

What an ultimately horrible experience their lives must be.

Unknown said...

j at 2.41pm, Thank you for your comment. You raise interesting points for discussion that deserve some response, although your comparison to Arthur Comte de Gobineau is somewhat sweeping.

Much of the references made to someone possibly or possibly not being 'jewish' or a 'jew'. Might be taken as perhaps a short handed reference to the existence of some 'jewish' lineage in that persons ancestry which maybe hidden or not widely known. Indeed of course some of us have taken it upon ourselves to research our descent and therefore can rule out the existence of any jewish heritage. Upon enquiry it would appear that many people in positions of power cannot give such an assurance.

For the avoidance of doubt I use the terms 'jewish' and 'jew' in the sense that they are used by most followers of judaism today. Equally those terms could be applied to cover the existence of a group of predominantly Turkic descent who represent themselves as being Israelites. That of course is a whole different question...

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

"On what scientific (or empiric) grounds do You found Your assumption that there was a special "Jewish Race"?

U pretend to be stupid or u really are? Have u read the Bible? How many times "god" says that jews are his chosen ppl?

Anonymous said...

J., I must say ure talking totally bullshit. But totally....

Anonymous said...

I've told Aangirfan before not to dig himself so deep in the Jewish issue, as, if we all were able to research far enough back we'd find we are ALL Jews. Whatever that is. Just as all Germans weren't baby-eating Nazi Jew-burners and not all Englishmen eat fish and chips, not all Jews are responsible for the evil in this world. There is a clique, a sect, a tribe (said to be 13 families ruling the Illuminati) who split from a larger civilisation and formed a cabal to take and keep power ...over the now cowed 'Jewish' civilisation around them. That they are Jewish, still use Jewish rituals, speak Hebrew etc., has got nothing to do with it, we all live to certain rituals and speak various languages.

Example: some of us like fish and chips, watch cricket, and speak English; some eat hotdogs, watch Nascar, and speak... er... something that resembles English at times.

Fact: there was a Jewish exodus to the UK 500-750 + years before the Romans. All took local names and became the myriad of minor Lords ruling the UK, shoving the wode-coloured savages they found that they didn't kill into Wales and Scotland, where no sane person wanted to live. Alfred who burned the cakes was a Jew, as was Guttorm his Danish cousin who dethroned him, as was all the nobility in Europe. Ethelstan, the 1st UK King, was a Jew. I did have his Jewish name somewhere but can't find it.

Ergo: all Brits are Jewish. All Europeans are Jewish. And as all the USA (Carol Valentine included) emigrated from Europe all Yanks are Jewish. I'm Jewish theory. I eat pork, totally non-religious, only know 'shalom', don't dress funny, have never killed an arab yet, stuff notes into walls whilst wailing, nothing. And... tummy to one side... quick look - yup, still got it.

It's just a word ...Jew.

We all have the same blood.

It's the politics, who has all the money, the power, that makes the difference.

Don't blame all Jews for the evil handful ruling us.

j said...

@Carol / 7:13 PM
Thanks for Your reply.
But to me Your answer is really quite horrible.
1.) Questions to Your 'classical' racialism
a) If I'd find what You call "'jewish' linage" among my ancestors - what would that mean in reference to my character, attitude, moral, intelligence and my political and religious view.
And on what scientific facts do You ground that 'effect' You ascribe to the "Jewish" blood/genome?

b) What if I'd find what You' d call an "Arabic linage" among my ancestors - let's say from Lebanon. What would that mean in reference to my character, attitude, moral, intelligence and my political and religious view.
And on what scientific facts do You ground that 'effect' You ascribe to the "Arabic" blood/genome?

c) What difference would it make in Your opinion if I had a "'jewish' lineage" - but the first time that "lineage" was by real genetic Hebrews and the second time it was by genetic Khasars. See: and see .

Yes there were little
Hebrew colonies in old Rome and already in very early Spain. But most of what You would call "Jews" lived and possibly still live in Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Which could easily be explained with the Khasars (a Turk tribe).

And on what scientific facts do You ground that 'effect' You ascribe to the "Khasaric" blood/genome?

2.) In Your last paragraph You write "For the avoidance of doubt I use the terms 'jewish' and 'jew' in the sense that they are used by most followers of judaism today".
Yes, I know that the Zionist want to create a racial identity. But that has no basis in science nor logic.
Im a Buddhist. But there is no racial identity of Buddhists. Also Communists, Catholics and Nazis have no racial identity. Some 35 years ago I was in Pagan, Burma. And there I met an elderly Gentleman from Neuss (a little town near the Rhine). And while we chatted a lot he suddenly confessed to me that in the late 30ies he had been an SA man and an absolutely convinced Nazi. But a few years later it was found out that his Catholic mother was considered to be "Jewish" by the Nazis. He then had to leave the SA - but his former comrades cared that nothing happened to him and hic family. So even Nazis have/had no racial identity!

Anonymous said...

2.41 - You're an idiot, a pavlovian dog who slavers when the bell rings. Every argument you make is a bullshit straw-man. Forget everything you've been inculcated about race and about religion. Clearly the people we're discussing here possess neither. What they do possess is a mindset and a pretty simple one at that: us-and-them.

Thus, if a given person is useful and can be given a fig leaf allowing them to join the 'us' they will make out like bandit kings. To not join is to be part of the rabble, a goyim, a beast, useful only as a slave.

And sure, the formula for success consists of lying, cheating, and stealing. Morality is abandoned and viewed as a weakness. People are chattel to be used, abused, and killed. But whatever, it works and that's all that counts.

And yeah, they call themselves Jews. It's just a name, a convenience, a thing that works. It doesn't mean anything beyond being a camouflage for the mindset that underpins it.

"Love each other, love the robbery, hate your masters, and never tell the truth". What the people who live by that credo call themselves is irrelevant since they are liars. The window dressing is bullshit. Set it aside and look at the transparent obviousness of the mindset that that line expresses. It's that of a dim-witted, self-obsessed, me-uber-alles, us-and-them scumbag hubristically declaring themselves god whilst denying those not them of their humanity. This is simple stuff.

And yeah, they call themselves jews. Big deal.

Unknown said...

Life has taught me to be suspicious of people who seek to put words into my mouth as it were. I find there seems to be an element of that going on here.


Q. 1.a) [I think you intended to refer to lineage as I did and not ‘linage’ as you did] ANSWER:

You tell me - what that would mean in reference to your character, attitude, morals, intelligence, political/religious views?

Forgive me I did not know that you were the police [maybe ‘thought police’ is more accurate] or that I had any legal/moral duty to answer questioning.

As far as I am aware the New World Order has not quite yet progressed to that point although no doubt you may wish it would.

All I have done is to freely leave my comments in response to a blog as I would expect others to be able to do by exercising their liberty within an ostensibly free society.

I hope those are concepts that do not cause you any difficulty?

Q. 1.b) ditto

Q. 1.c) ditto

BTW – thank you for confirming: the undeniably overwhelming Khazar origins of modern ‘jewry’;

As an aside the British and Northern European peoples cannot be associated with the word ‘jewish’ as even British Israelism does not teach that they have descent from Judah but rather the lost ten northern tribes – hence the term British Israelites and not ‘Jews’ or British Judah.

Q. 2. Oh dear, I don’t think we have too much in common.
Though I might add that so many of these isms start out with big pronouncements and promises but seem most often to lead to oppression, enslavement and tyranny in the end.

One has to wonder who is behind it all?

By the way I do not like the inference of racialism you have used against me in a pejorative way.

I deal with facts and seek the truth. I have no interest or intention to offend for the sake of insult.

So please clarify that comment or apologise if you do wish to respond further. Otherwise if you are unwilling to do that then I will have to refrain from further discourse and allow your unfounded aspersion to speak for itself.

Endorsed: Anon10.28pm Anon 11.49pm

Carol A. Valentine

A. Peasant said...

who says once a jew always a jew, and you can't leave?

rabbis say:

“In the world of Hebrew jurisprudence there is no force capable of changing a Jew…into a gentile. Even if the Jew were to desire this, and even if every Christian priest in the world were to baptize such Jew into Christianity, he would remain a Jew. Moreover, if a convert to Judaism wishes to deny his Judaism, he will not be able to do so and return to his previous faith. He is and will always remain a Jew, and there is no way in the world to take this away from him.”

i suggest J take his litany of complaints to the rabbis.

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