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Henry Makow

We like most of the stuff on Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, David Icke, Mike Rivero, Alex Jones....

It is only 'natural' that people sometimes disagree with each other and call each other names.

None of us is perfect.

Makow fell out with Icke and here is their e-mail exchange:

Makow to Icke: 


Rense kicked me off his site for posting an article you linked to, and now you're cutting me off for exposing Rense as a fraud? Just look at the evidence.

People have a right to know who David Icke is. 

Icke to Makow

Henry ... I knew you would turn on me, too. It was only a matter of time. It is clearly the nature of who you are with your fake and self-delusory moral superiority.

Do you honestly think that I am going to use the work on my site of someone who can so viscously abuse a fellow researcher who has already done far more to expose the conspiracy than you will do if you live to be a thousand? You have shown that you don't give a shit about the big picture we are trying to expose - only yourself.

Jeff Rense

Makow thinks Rense is making rather a lot of money.

The Hidden Jeff Rense -

"They are both MKULTRA creations who were made to infiltrate the conspiracy scene"?

Henry Makow vs. Jeff Rense - WTF? - David Icke's Official Forums

Website for this image...

Henry Makow is a Canadian Jewish author.

"Basically, Makow's philosophy is simple: all that is satanic, which is mainly feminism and homosexuality, (and pinko commie Jews) are the doings of the Illuminati."

Women Of Esoterica: Makow on The Illuminati and Gays

Some people think Makow is wrong in putting the blame for the New World Order more on Satanists than on certain Jews.

Henry Makow -- EXPOSED! - Birdman Bryant

"Henry Makow hates women and all things feminine. 

"He uses the word, 'gay' the same way most 10 year old boys do, as a form of derogotory to describe what is undesirable to him, you know, like women... 

"His site is called SAVE THE MALES (for himself?) for crying out loud. What about the females?...

"No wonder he was single for so long.... 

"He blames the demise of the family on feminism but never holds the men who leave their wives and chidlren or never propose marriage in the first place responsible."

Henry Makow: A Question of Scruples | Conspirazzi

Who do you trust? 

"Henry Makow is 100% gay.

"The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Henry Makow has been voted highly gay."

Henry Makow gay or straight?

(Don't take this seriously! Only one person voted)

 Falling out with people and name calling is not a good idea.

Is it possible that one of the people named above is deliberately trying to wreck the 'truth' movement?

It is probably more likely that it is just 'human nature' at work.

We really do like most of the stuff on Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, David Icke, Mike Rivero, Alex Jones....

We do not think that any of them are disinformation agents.

Of course a lot of people think that Aangirfan is run from Tel Aviv by a bunch of black lesbian communist convent-school girls.


Anonymous said...

u mentioned makow before, so did I. hes a self hating jew, mentally disturbed. but there are always idiots who take for granted most of what he says. did u know he literally bought a 18 year old filipino bride a number of years ago? how can u not love and trust makow?

Anonymous said...

I have loved Aangirfan from the moment of discovery, and consistently said so :-)

I do not always agree with every single little thing: e.g. Assange, who I support whole heartedly, not least because he is my countryman, and I loathe and despise our government for its pointed neglect of him; I simply do not know enough about Julian's associations, in order to link him to CIA/Israel etc. But I would never never never call Aangirfan names, or sling accusations....because Aangirfan might know more than I do, or some other mysterious fact that no one knows about.

The one thing I do know I share with Aangirfan is on the infinite mysteriousness of Life on Planet Earth, in this world without end.
Peace xx

Anonymous said...

As a former administrator of a top conspiracy site, I can tell you that this does not surprise me.

Many of the people who frequent these sites range from the intellectually curious to the paranoid.

Those that run these sites range from the egostical to the exploitative.

Think for yourself !

But don't for God's sake leave your new herd or you'll be picked off.

No one can logically knit together the disparate strands of conspiracy theory.

And anyone who claims to is either a fool or a charlatan.

And yet the fools continue to do the spade work for the charlatans.

No harm if the fools feel some sense of reward.....

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon captioned with Divide and Rule: somewhat phallic, was my first thought.

and then, my thinking wanders along the lines of the Rift Valley, and the rift that runs through all of us, along male -female lines....rift marks the human condition, until we 'get it': we are One.

Going with the Flow: the sacred and the profane

That is Life Eternal
God Bless Aangirfan xx

Anonymous said...

# Of course a lot of people think that Aangirfan is run from Tel Aviv by a bunch of black lesbian communist convent-school girls. #

You're not?

The prolific nature of your posting indicates you either work in the industry, live on benefits and burgers, or are Stephen Hawking.

For you cannot work for a living and post every day, several posts, sometimes, and do the shopping, housework, pay the bills etc., that all we others have to do.

Unless your living IS information-gathering. Probably for an agency used by all the newspapers.

Or you're David Icke in drag (you say you're female).

Who cares, as long as you're healthy and happy and don't abuse kids.

Anonymous said...

God save us! God save us from the Jews! God save us from the Jews that are trying to save us from...the Jews!

Peter said...

I'll have a little of Makow, a little of Icke, a little of Rense, and a little of Aangirfan, essentially, I'll EAT THE MENU

Anonymous said...

Came to your blog recently and found some information and interesting links.

For me to say that is quite a compliment, because I look NEARLY EVERYWHERE and I have been doing so for a long time.

Icke is not that original research wise, you only have to look at the late William Cooper or Jordan Maxwell (his stuff was ripped off for the Da Vinchi Code). That said, he has a place,being the most 'mainstream' of the non-mainstream.

Makov has some interesting slants on ideas. Rense has a lot of current stuff.

They all have a place and are part of the mass awakening.
All that said, of them all, Icke is probably most questionable. Reptilians do make things difficult for conspiracy analysts. Icke definitely does have a New Age Agenda, which Christains will find hard to reconcile.
They're all 'dogs' with different fleas.

A. Peasant said...

Thank you for the link over aan.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to and read most of those you mention, as well as Jesse Ventura, Alan Watts and others, and find it interesting, suspicious even, that ALL of them are white men. Where are the voices of women and minorities in this overwhelmingly white male alternative news fraternity, who apparently are now turning on themselves?

I find them all much like mainstream news, i.e., they all carry the same stories, often even the same headlines, as though there's an alternative ap out there. And at this point, I find them all dreary, fear mongering, and depressing.

I don't know who aangirfan is, a person (if so a very hard working dedicated person), or a group of people. I discovered your blog after the Savile scandal broke, and have been back each day since. Thing is, I don't care who or what you are because I get more news, more leads to follow, and more to think about on your site that on any of their sites, and you present it without all the personal swaggering and bandstanding of pretty much all the lads above.

When the messengers of information make it personal, (i.e. about themselves), their egos become just more distraction, and these insider fights made public even more distraction. Thank you for the work you do and for your very educational presentation of it .. whoever you are.

BTW, is anything being done with regard to the BBC and all that's been exposed by you and others? Are any big heads going to roll? It gets harder and harder to find out what, if anything, the powers that be are doing or saying about all this exposure and scandal.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

All of the quibblers named have things of value to contribute. I just pick up the nuggets and avoid the stuff slinging through the air.

Aang, I heard you were PYGMY black lesbians..... etc etc

Anonymous said...

you have to remember the posts that are refused by angirfan,
some of these are seriously good but are deleted, here at MI5
we see everything.

Anonymous said...

All the various 'truth' bloggers have their own angle on things, all come across as being a bit mad at times, but in all the confusion is the odd clump of gold. If you know what to look for (depending on YOUR angle etc., and, if you didn't know it, YOU come across as being a bit mad, too - believe me I know!)

Icke is generally not liked by the others as he's prints the lot without thinking, the lizard thing was known for years but never published as they knew it would cause derision - but Icke went full-speed ahead, without the backup needed to give it some credence.

For there is some credence...

Think Quatermass. The first UK sci-fi tv-thriller that was banned for kids to watch as it was so scary.

It came up during my extensive research into Dr. Stephen Ward. He was heavily-involved in black magick, satanic rituals. It was said he could create holograms, a mist coming out of his mouth, and in the witches circle at Clivedon bring the devil to life (Keeler might have been used as a vestal-virgin priestesse in rituals, under hypnosis). Ward met an actor of interest.

Quatermass was based on real events. The aliens were bugs, but in reality were more lizard-like. They designed and made humans as slaves as they couldn't function properly here, the work needed to survive here was too hard for them, so they bred man as cattle, eventually worked-out how to transfer their brains across and become man themselves.

There were age-old tales of this passed-on by word of mouth in the East End of London for generations, since before the Roman occupation.

Information recounted by Richard Shaw, who was in the series. He was from the area around 'Hobs Lane'.

Claudius wanted to built his palace near the 2-3 villages in that area, north of the river for protection, near a ford, but then they found out about the hauntings, dogs, cats, cattle, people disappearing, found later with hearts ripped-out and eaten, frightened talk of ...aliens.


Claudius built his palace on the south of the river instead, in Bromley (the town square is the remains of the gatehouse to the palace, which stretched down to the church, the amphitheatre is still there, in the gardens).

The area around what we now call the East End was the last place developed and only poor people were housed there, the rich refused to live there because of the strange goings-on that occurred. Shaw talked of rituals, sacrifices, to the Hobgoblins, to appease them. Some of the child-abuse we object to today might be a result of this sort of stuff, for it is in areas like this the first freemasons appeared, tradesmen.

(Are you listening, Aangirfan, THAT'LL please you!)

Quite possibly with more alien blood in them than we others, we slaves.

Direct-descendants of the Hobgoblins...

So Mr. van Icke screwed that one up, reet proper. People might have listened more attentively if he'd written what I've done.

And not laughed at all.

(It IS very interesting, but VERY hard work, digging-up info like this. I think I've gone as far as I can, though, the people I need to talk to are few and hard to find, I found a few as they were around in the period I was researching, Shaw died this year, age 94, who I need to find today I don't know).

yes2truth said...

It is alleged that Makow is a Jesuit gatekeeper. I have challenged him on this and he did not deny it. Many Jews are Jesuits.

Myself I like his stuff on feminism, queers and dykes and agree that all these developmental disorder types are being used by the PTB to destroy the hetereosexual family unit.

I also believe that once they have fulfilled their 'usefulness' they will be rounded up and wiped out by the NWO ala Hitler and the appropriately named Brown Shirts.

yes2truth said...

@ Anonymous who said:

"Icke is generally not liked by the others as he's prints the lot without thinking, the lizard thing was known for years but never published as they knew it would cause derision - but Icke went full-speed ahead, without the backup needed to give it some credence."

That's because he never read The Bible and really studied what occured in The Garden where Eve and The Devil produced Cain - the very first reptilian. Eve was the mother of ALL living - Adam via Eve the father of man alone. Hence Christ was known as the Son of man and was not a Canaanite Jew - a reptilian. Cain's descendants rule the world.

Anonymous said...

@ unknown 4:06
Indeed, Eve's seduction by Satan holds the key to EVERYTHING that all of the researchers omit or simply do not know.
Myself, with my knowledge of 10 years of research of the world conspiracy, believe now that the Bible and book of Enoch is the key or you might say...REVELATION.
In these dark days I heartily recommend Christ.

Anonymous said...

Many Jews are Jesuits? I don't think there is one Jesuit that is not a Jew. Loyala was probably a Crypto-Jew.

yes2truth said...

@ Anonymous "In these dark days I heartily recommend Christ."

Been a follower of The Way, The Truth and The Light Yashua Anointed for 30+ years, but thanks for recommendation.

@ Honk Bonk

Thanks for that and it all fits in with the miry clay and the iron of Nebuchadnezzar's Image in Daniel 2.

It's well worth a read, for it describes the world's history from the time of Nebuchadnezzar circa 585 BC until a time just ahead of us now in the 21st century.

Give a shout if you need help interpreting it.

... said...

Hi, I haven't had enough time to read the comments here, but yep, there is a real effort going on to destory the true researchers - I think it's quite obvious now, especially when you see the bizarre being mixed in with the scientific proof and witness statements. It's actually a very clever strategy when you look at it closely.

Anonymous said...

Unknown - affirmed.

Ann Diamond said...

As I understand it, Henry Makow was a Canadian child prodigy who had his own syndicated newspaper column, "Ask Henry", in the mid-1960. My guess is, he was in the MKULTRA program as a child and was groomed to make it very big by his military/political handlers. I would also guess he rebelled and got dropped, or just has a moral nature that refuses to go along with their fascist plans.

I think he is right in exposing "feminism" -- the anti-male ideology that subverted the women's liberation movement which I support. I actually saw right-wing provocateur(e)s taking over women's groups and centres in Canada in the early seventies, often with federal funding. Some of these women were quite scary, and went on to have successful careers with other government agencies, i.e. they were agents sent to divide the movement and push it to the Right, or dilute its political goals into social service work.

SHenry has issues. If he really was a MKULTRA child, he is entitled to be a bit miserable and screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Why the focus on Makow..? Having followed this drama as it unfolded, I have to say that the only one who handled themselves with any integrity is Henry... The quote in this article shows Icke's response, and you should read what Rense said about Makow, versus what Rense's ex-wives told Makow in his interviews... I don't agree with everything that any of these men say, but after this drama went down and the smoke cleared, I lost a lot of respect for Rense and Icke, and more respect for Makow...

Anonymous said...

May I declare that until you have read the Babylonian Talmud and studied the way these belief systems have transferred from the Babylonians to some of the Jews who are powerful and influential, then you will not understand what has happened to our society. It appears to be a perfect storm and will culminate in a great need and desire for some unforseen and much needed miraculous help to change the course we humans are on - hell bent on destroying Planet Earth and all life will cease. Recall Star Trek - once the whales died, humans had no hope. Looks like we have been warned and still we ignore the warnings. Yes, feminisim is warped and so is transsexualism and all that is so foreign to most but we all know it is a forbidden subject - especially the young who are well versed in what one is allowed to say and think - 1984 has arrived only a bit late.

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