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  1. Kasab - innocent patsy.
  2. Ajmal Kasab, the innocent patsy framed for the Mumbai Attacks of 2008, has been hanged.

The Mumbai Attacks were designed to get India and Pakistan into a war.

David Headley.

The Mumbai attacks were organised by an American, David Headley, who worked for the US government, presumably as a CIA asset or agent.

There is evidence of involvement by Israelis and officials of the Indian and Pakistan governments.


India, like Pakistan, is a corrupt, feudal, fascist state. It is run by politicians in league with the CIA and Mossad?

Fake evidence was presented in the Lockerbie trial (Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb) and in the trial of Kasab in Mumbai.

Both Megrahi and Kasab were framed.

Not Ajmal Kasab.

1. We were told that 8 gunmen were arrested and then we were told that only Ajmal Kasab was arrested. 

“The Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh told Associated Press that two British-born Pakistanis were among the eight gunmen arrested by Indian authorities.”  

Many British Pakistanis reportedly work for MI6.

The reports about Kasab are contradictory and confusing.

2. We are told that the gunmen at the railway station and elsewhere were white men and yet Ajmal Amir is reportedly from Pakistan. 

(BBC NEWS Mumbai attackers create 'killing zone' /Mumbai Attackers were 'Hindus' and 'White Men' )

3. One moment we were told Kasab stayed for several days at the Taj Hotel; the next moment we were told he got straight off a boat and started a killing spree.

4. There are reports that Kasab had bullet wounds and reports that he did not have bullet wounds.

(No bullet hit Kasab, no active treatment on, says hospital's dean)

There are reports that one of his fellow gunmen was arrested at Cana Hospital and reports suggesting that nobody was arrested there.

(According to the BBC: "2120-2200: Gunmen raid the Cama and Albless Hospital ... One attacker is captured here."

(BBC NEWS South Asia Timeline: Mumbai under attack)

5. There were reports that Kasab speaks fluent English and reports that he is rather illiterate and poorly educated.   

According to the BBC, "Indian officials originally portrayed him as a middle-class boy who spoke good English.

"But subsequent reports suggested he came from a remote village called Faridkot, where his father sold food.

"He had received little education, the reports said, and had spent his youth alternating between labouring and petty crime." 

According to "Who Killed Karkare? The Real Face Of Terrorism In India" by M Zeyaul Haque, former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police , some of the terrorists are Hindus with links to the government of India. Karkare had discovered the Hindu links to terrorism in India.

6. We are told that the gunmen who shot Anti Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare spoke Marathi (Not from Pakistan) and then we are told that it was Pakistani Ajmal Amir and his Pakistani friend who shot Karkare.

The Marathi daily 'Maharashtra Times' said the terrorists who targeted Anti Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare were speaking Marathi fluently. (i.e. they were not from Pakistan) 

Reportedly, traditional Jews from Mumbai, who have migrated to Israel, speak fluent Marathi and are known to have been recruited by Mossad.

7. There are reports that one gunman was arrested at Cama Hospital and reports suggesting that nobody was arrested there.

(According to the BBC: "2120-2200: Gunmen raid the Cama and Albless Hospital ... One attacker is captured here." - BBC NEWS South Asia Timeline: Mumbai under attack)

Ajmal Kasab

Mumbai suspect Ajmal Kasab claimed he was framed by the Israelis.

And by India's secret service (RAW).

Ajmal Kasab alleged that the TV footage recorded by a Pakistani channel GeoTV (which was shown in the special court) "was made at the behest of RAW and Israeli officials."

Kasab said he learnt this from crime branch officials.

(Kasab now claims RAW accused him of spying)

On 25 December 2010, The Washington Post reported that Mumbai suspect Ajmal Kasab "told the judge he came to Mumbai as a tourist and was arrested 20 days before the siege began.

"On the day the attacks started, Kasab said police took him from his cell because he resembled one of the gunmen.

"They then shot him to make it look as if he had been involved in the attacks and re-arrested him..."

(Mumbai gunman demands trial by international court )

Ajmal Kasab claimed that the the Indian secret service, RAW, took him into custody on 6 November 2008, and later handed him over to the Mumbai police.

The Mumbai attacks were on 26 November 2008. (Kasab claims RAW custody )

Not Kasab.

Kasab said he arrived from Pakistan by the Samjhauta Express and travelled to Mumbai as a tourist 20 days before the November 26, 2008, assault.

He said he was detained while strolling on Juhu beach and falsely implicated in the 26/11 case as he had facial similarities with one of the Mumbai attackers.

The 22-year-old Kasab told the court: "I would like to consult the Pakistani authorities," including passport officials.

The judge rejected Kasab's plea for trial by an international court.

(Kasab now claims RAW accused him of spying)

Reportedly, India's spy service RAW, copying Israel's Mossad, kidnaps people in order to create patsies.

"The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that RAW, for the past many years is following the policies of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad...

"Mossad has managed to create many fake terrorists out of the innocent Palestinians and made them to confess the crimes they never committed.

"The Daily Mail’s finding indicate that these tactic were adopted by RAW in the late 90s and suddenly the number of Pakistanis, arrested in India with terror charges started increasing dramatically by the late 90s while Ajmal Kasab being the latest in the series." (The Daily Mail - from Pakistan

More dead patsies in Mumbai.

Ajmal Kasab said that the American David Headley, who is alleged to be a CIA agent, interrogated him, with four whitemen, in his cell at the Mumbai police custody after he was captured. (Mumbai attacker Kasab retracts confession, claims meeting US terror suspect)

Kasab claimed he was interrogated by FBI officials and that David Headley was one of them.

(26/11 trial: Kasab was interrogated by Headley )

According to Ajmal Kasab, "The police have killed the main accused, who resembles me, and they told me that his name was Abu Ali."

"I am his look alike. His height and face resembles mine," Kasab said.

(Kasav's U-turn, retracts 26/11 statement )

The Guardian has reported on the framing of innocent people in India.

In 2008, in The Guardian, we read:"It was after the 2001 parliament attack that the first serious questions began to be raised.

"A campaign by a group of lawyers and activists exposed how innocent people had been framed by the police and the press, how evidence was fabricated, how witnesses lied, how due process had been criminally violated at every stage of the investigation."(Arundhati Roy: Mumbai .)

Triple Canopy was founded in Chicago in 2003 by U.S. Army Special Forces veterans. 

Triple Canopy has experience managing cases in India, Nigeria and Somalia. 

(Experience Triple Canopy )

In the Mumbai attacks of 2008, eyewitnesses said some of the attackers "included Nigerian or Somali mercenaries."

(Bloodbath in Mumbai -

"It appears that the Obama administration has decided on its hired guns of choice: Triple Canopy, a Chicago company...

"Triple Canopy has ... a record of hiring mercenaries from countries with atrocious human rights records..." 

(Triple Canopy, 'Obama's Blackwater' / ISN Triple Canopy Takes Over ...)

Wayne Madsen reports that a 'mercenary firm' working for the US government has been carrying out 'false flag' terrorist attacks in Asia, with the assistance of Mossad and India's spy service RAW. 

Not Kasab

According to The Hindu, 16 January 2010, (Headley attended Lashkar training camps in Pakistan):

Starting November 26, 2008, and continuing for the next two days, attackers carried out assaults against multiple targets in Mumbai, each of which David Headley allegedly had scouted in advance.

Headley befriended Indian celebrity Rahul Bhatt.

According to Bhatt, Headley claimed to have done a stint with the US army.

Headley told Bhatt about the US military's Delta Force and the CIA's top-secret force called Special Activities Division which carries out covert political action and paramilitary operations.

(IndiaDaily - Rahul Bhatt hints Headley may be a dual CIA-ISI agent ...)

Headley was operating from a Training Gym extremely close to the US Consulate at Bridge Candy.

(Mahesh Bhatt & the Headley affair )

"He was also very friendly with the personnel at the US consulate and was on a first name basis with a number of US Consulate officials that he met at the gym."

(Mahesh Bhatt & the Headley affair )

Headley of the CIA?

David Headley is from Chicago.

Two of the Americans reportedly killed during the Mumbai attacks have links to Chicago.

These are Ben Zion Chroman or Kruman (his father is from Chicago)

Sandeep Jeswani (An American of Indian origin. He is from Chicago; killed at the Oberoi)

A federal grand jury indictment in Chicago says that in 2002 and 2003, Headley attended training camps in Pakistan, and conspired with Abdur Rehman, in planning and executing the attacks in India.

Major (retired) Abdur Rehman?

Military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas told The Hindu that there was as yet no formal communication from the U.S. about his indictment, nor any requests for questioning him.

According to Wayne Madsen (Blackwater/XE behind terrorist bombings in Asia and Africa?) There is a secret Blackwater-XE/CIA/Joint Special Operations Command forward operating base in Karachi.

Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Mumbai suspect David Headley visited the Osho Ashram in Pune twice during 2008 and 2009. 

(Police claim Headley visited Pune’s Osho Ashram)

Some people believe that Osho Rajneesh was a CIA agent. 

(set up in Pune.)

When Osho Rajneesh died in Pune in 1990, rumours spread that he had been poisoned by the CIA. 


Osho Rajneesh drives by. (Source: © 2003 Samvado Gunnar Kossatz)

In 1985, The Portland Oregonian published a series linking the Osho Rajneesh cult to the CIA.

The Oregonian also linked the Osho Rajneesh cult to opium trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, arson, slave labour, mass poisonings, illegal wiretaps and the stockpiling of guns and biochemical warfare weapons. (The Strange Legacy of Osho - eMusic Spotlight)

The Oregonian investigation revealed the cult had ties to CIA-trained mercenaries in El Salvador and the Far East.

According to the Oregonian investigation, Rajneesh's secret police force worked with CIA operatives.


On 22 January 2010, it was reported that Ajmal Kasab said that the Mumbai police, and the FBI, made up all the evidence: Kasab

According to Kasab, the Mumbai police Crime Branch, who had the help of the FBI, fabricated the evidence against him.

This faked evidence included the FBI's alleged retrieval of data from a global positioning system.

Does the FBI fake evidence? (aangirfan: Lockerbie Evidence )


Anonymous said...

poor patsy indeed....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dr John Oddy of Shelford Drive kings lynn investigated and exposed
corruption in the norfolk area, such as people trafficking for sex
( mainly boys )and communications between the russian gangmasters and tel aviv, He also helped expose the linking of pedophile activity with the evangelical church in the area

A. Peasant said...

Very sad news.

This detail was also curious, that the bodies of the terrorists were mutilated beyond recognition and never claimed from the morgue.

Their faces were beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

Thats strange i was only thinking about Dr John oddy the other day....,
he whistleblew on all the brothels and underground gay clubs,... in one police raid 4 boys under 14 were found locked in a back room, no changes were brought....

Anonymous said...

Maybe an answer to The Lubavitch,Israeli,and Indian Triangle ?

The Nariman House affair brings the Mossad angle to the fore. Two of the `hostages’ killed in the Narimam House were identified as Rabbi Gabreil Holtzberg and his wife Rivka. They ran the center as spokespersons of the Chabad Lubavitch movement.

Now the Chabad movement is one of the many sects within Israel and Judaism. But of late it has come under the Zionist influence... Zionism is the political ideology of racist Jews, just like Hindutva is the political ideology of a section of `race conscious’ Hindus...

Zionists believe in creating murder and mayhem as a matter of policy...

Because Lubavitcher outreach offices are located in some of the most important political, corporate and university centers throughout the world, the Lubavitchers have put together a network that is incomparable for corporate and international espionage as well as for the secret exchange of information...

[According to a Jewish writer] "...I have visited Chabad houses and encountered senior Israeli government or military officials (and probably intelligence agents). One can easily imagine that Neocon intelligentsia trying to develop a relationship with Hindutva (?????????) intelligentsia or politicians might have used the Chabad Nariman House as a meeting place..."

The Jewish writer... himself asks the question: WOULD MOSSAD HAVE KILLED THE RABBI AND HIS WIFE IN NARIMAN HOUSE?

Zionists have always used dead Jews to build sympathy for Zionist goals and as cover for Zionist crimes against humanity.


Anonymous said...

The item about Dr John Oddy is not quite right, the then chief constable of cambridgeshire Julie Spence was prevented by the gay lobby from closing the brothels,
so she had people coming out arrested, Dr John then agreed to work with the authorities. the brothels were used to trap US servicemen working at the many bases in the area, by jews and russians using fake polish passports. Gays were cming from al over even from europe for the boys
Julie Spence ignored political correctness and closed 120 of these before being asked to stand down
Operation radium was able to release many women and young boys from an awful life often chained to beds and servicing up to 60 clients a day

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