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How do you prove that a conspiracy is true or untrue?

Czech logician Kurt Godel (1906-78) showed that it is impossible to prove anything 100%.

This is because any attempted 'proof' is based on 'propositions' or assumptions.

And these 'propositions' or assumptions may not necessarily be true.

(Kurt Gödel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

If you ask certain Evangelical Christians why they think that Israel should be expanded in size, they will reply 'because that is what the Bible says.'

But, are their assumptions about the Bible correct?

And, is it possible that the Palestinians have closer biological links to the tiny Kingdom of David than many Israelis?


Take the 9 11 story.

Many Americans believe that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda carried out the 9 11 attacks.

Their 'proof' involves what the media tells them.

There is an assumption that the media does not lie about such an important issue.

Sometimes the media tells the truth; but then the newspaper gets taken over.

But, what if the 'proposition' or assumtion that the media would not lie turns out to be impossible to prove.

What if, as a result of Operation Mockingbird, much of the media is controlled by the CIA?

And, what if many of the 'alternative' blogs are now heavily influenced by the CIA?

Newsweek reported that five of the 9 11 'hijackers', or people with the same names as the 'hijackers', had been trained at US military bases.

Daniel Hopsicker reported that Atta and several other 'hijackers' learnt to fly at an airfield in Venice Florida, long used for CIA operations.

The BBC reported on the close business and personal relations between the bin Ladens and the Bush family.

But how do you 'prove' that Newsweek and Hopsicker and the BBC got it right?

Is this Rabi Burns?

Take the 1605 Gunpowder Conspiracy in the UK.

The government story is based on the confession of Guy Fawkes. But this confession was obtained under torture and is probably untrue.

A careful look at all the evidence suggests that the so called Gunpowder plot was an inside-job, although this cannot be proved 100%.

Take the media story that Obama is one of the good guys.

If you look at the list of Obama appointments, and see that most of the key appointments are either Zionists or Bilderbergers or both, this might suggest that Obama is a bad guy. But it is difficult to prove 100%.

Godel suggests that that there are some things that one just KNOWS are true, even if these things cannot be 'proved'.

One reason why the USA is in such deep trouble is because so many of the assumptions made by Americans are probably untrue.

Here is a list of assumptions that are most likely to be untrue:

1. The Pentagon would not carry out acts of terrorism involving the killing of Americans.

2. The CIA is not the brains behind terrorism in Europe, including the Bologna Bombing.

3. The CIA does not control the mainstream media.

4. Elections are not rigged.

5. Jewish terrorists did not steal the land of the Palestinians.

And Jewish oligarchs have not tried to loot the USA.

6. The Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are not used by the CIA to do their dirty work, such as carrying out the Arab Spring.

7. The CIA did not put Saddam and the Ayatollahs into power.

8. The CIA did not bring down PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

9. The CIA and its friends were not the people who carried out the London Tube bombings, the Bali Bombings, the Madrid Bombings and the Mumbai Attacks.

10. There is no alliance of Jewish fascists, Christian Fascists, Moslem fascists and other fascists who are attempting to keep some sort of feudal system in place worldwide.

Let us look at some of the 'WRONG' assumptions made by people who comment on this blog.

Godel suggests that that there are some things that one just KNOWS.

1. Unknown writes:

"I worked for Reagan's re-election in 1984...

"Let's consider some traits of those on the Left - 'Eager to follow authority'..."

Unknown is wrong.

Surely it is the Right that is most eager to follow authority.

Hitler was supported by the military and by the rich oligarchs.

2. KJ psychologist writes:

"hitler cleaned up the country and put all the homosexuals in the work camps if you research figures there were almost no child sex attacks during this period"


Many children were abused by the Nazis, in mind-control experiments for example.

Children abused by Hitler's Nazis.

3. Carol A. Valentine writes:

"People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned." [Carol says: that is just wrong]"

Carol is wrong.

My most inspiring teachers were all gay.

All the most popular the youth leaders in my city were pretty gay, and they did a splendid job.

(Remember that the vast majority of Gay people are married to people of the opposite sex and appear to be heterosexual)

I came across a lovable old English vicar who was living in India.

At a time of terrible famine there were many orphaned children who were starving to death.

Nobody was helping them.

The vicar set up a large orphanage and provided the children with good food and a good education.

I am still in contact with one of the children involved; he is now happily married and has a very well paid job.

He tells me that the orphans were very grateful for being brought into the well run children's home.

Unfortunately some Evangelical Christians decided they did not like the vicar because he was gay.

These Evangelical Christians conspired to have the orphanage closed down.

The girls of Falkland Road. Just some of the millions of young girls abused by heterosexual males.

Elsewhere in Asia, I came across an institution looking after handicapped children.

The lady in charge was a married, heterosexual, church-going Christian.

She made sure that the children were tied up, naked, in uncomfortable positions.

When I came across these kids, they were covered in cigarette burns.

They were also covered in excrement.

I contacted a certain Prime Minister, and the lady was moved to another post.

The best run and happiest orphanage I came across in that part of Asia was run by a kindly old gay man.

I could tell you scores of similar stories.

Carol writes:

"The following Disinfo/Troll....."

Carol is wrong.

The person concerned is not a disinfo/troll, but simply a well-educated, non-brainwashed individual who thinks for himself.

So many of the commentaters on this blog have no original thoughts - they simply parrot Henry Macow or similar people.

('Conspiracy Researcher' Henry Makow.)

Phil Marlow writes:

"Yes, we need more gays, like Henry Kissinger....."


He could have written:

Yes, we need more heterosexuals, like Idi Amin, Attila the Hun, Heinrich Himmler, Charles Manson...

Here is a wise comment, one that I can agree with:

It's been the story of my life that in choosing the middle way, ie. picking at fallacies in both sides of an argument, that I am seen as an extremist opposition to whosever argument it is that I am unpicking at the time.

Truth is, I am not in opposition.

Rather I am opposed to the concept of opposition, ie. that held by the person I'm talking to.

Can you dig it?

Thus, if I said that gay people were every bit as capable of opting for a counter-productive, reactionary, us-and-them mindset as everybody else would I be wrong?

Are gay people, unlike everybody else, beyond criticism? Is someone who discusses gay people as something other than heroes or victims a villain? What about someone who discusses the mindset?

In no way do these questions qualify as support for the persecution of gay people. To think so is to fall into the trap of us-and-them. I am not that.

Gays are my brothers and sisters. Their differences are nothing.

My point is - anyone who fixates on those differences, whether straight or gay, might want to wonder at themselves.

Paul writes:

Fine, but save it for those who abused you. Don't stretch it out to make everybody else guilty for the offenses of some. I refuse to bear your anger over something that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Anonymous left this comment on your post "WE NEED GAY PEOPLE":

The title of this article represents part of the problem as does some of the conflating content: However it is very good starting debate point.

There will be a percentage of people in a population who are homosexual, and its biological function is likely to be connected with population control.

(The Bonobo chimps do their bisexual sex for fun and pleasure - Aangirfan)

It could be regarded as similar to checks in other species which see bias towards one sex over the over depending on population densities and environmental conditions: Certain aquatic species are well studied.

In human society, homophobia is a product of a tribalist instinct, the same instinct which leads to racism and other irrational discrimination. 

The modern labels for the effects cloud this in most peoples minds: The key is the irrationality of the fear which drives the reaction in the people.

Homosexuality has been exploited as a division tool by propagandists, as has racial, class and other divisions for various ends. 

Even Prime Minister Cameron fell fowl of a rather nasty propaganda item which is stuck in most peoples minds on live television - that being the 'link' between homosexuality and predatory paedophilia. This type of propaganda once started is very difficult to correct. This primarily originated in western Europe.

One thing which is overlooked is how some of the major religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism reflect on the issue of sexuality.

The Hindu Gods and teachings reflect a very androgenous picture, Buddhism divorces the spirit from the corporeal form making sexuality a non issue.

Pre-Christian European religions and societies were similar. 

This is not an attack on Christianity, but that appears to be a key point where the promoted notion of homosexuality being less than desirable started, and likely for strong sociological reasons at the time.

In the UK, the laws passed banning homosexuality during the reign of Victoria show an interesting mix of prejudices which highlite clearly the irrational aspect.

For men this was made illegal, but women not - mainly on the incorrect assumption at the time that females did not engage in homosexual activity.

The current attempt to stamp homophobia out of society is a wrong approach as it serves only to promote the division which reinforces the root cause driver. 

The notion of 'needing more gays' is similarly flawed as gender orientation is not something which can be switched on and off, and the desire to nurture or create life in ones image is hardwired into all.

The desire for gay couples to adopt and have surrogate children is evidence of this.

As a means of population control, homosexuality is not a real solution with today's technology available.

For a more natural and equal society though, irrational discrimination of homosexuals is not desirable.

Zoompad left this comment on the post "ABUSED GIRLS; TROLLS; BRAINWASHING; UNEMPLOYED":

This is the last post I am going to make on your blog, and I am reposting it onto my own blog just in case you dont publish it. I feel disguasted and betrayed by this comment:

"People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned."

That is a lie.

I don't want to be associated with your blog any more because of this, Aangirfan. 

Zoompad: Gays are my brothers and sisters.

CanSpeccy writes:

A person's tendency to irrational hate is, I suspect, more or less inversely related to their power.

Those without money, social position, authority, good looks, or achievements of any significance, are, on this view, the most likely to engage in bullying, lynching, and cheering on brutal fascist leaders.

Hence the lynch mobs of the US Deep South, where the white "trash" were inclined to take it out on niggers, the only people more powerless than themselves. 

Hence, today, the demonization and casual slaughter of dusky Muslim "terrorists", which serves to keep the masses in line with the forces of imperialism.

Anonymous writes:

"The reactions we see shows that hatred for the 'other' is so strongly entrenched that not only are all gays hated but any hereosexual who dares have the nerve to stand up for them. 

"The parellel being the old cruel term "nigger lover" here in the south.

"I suppose accepting that there are gays who are by their very nature good and loving is too terrifying for the closed brain to accept. 

"The global network of violent abusers must be some alien, bizzare species of human that is in no way related to the straight world. 

"Maybe that rigid false belief comforts some. 

"The scapegoats are always needed in society and its always to that society's great loss that they ruin such assets in the process. 

"Aang is still here. 

"He just understands the abuse issue and doesn't want it sidetracked into petty homophobia issues I bet." 


Unknown said...

I do not believe this article was written by the Aangirfan I have come to know over the last few years.

I am not going to bother to recite my reasons for saying this but I think regular readers of this blog will know precisely what I mean.

If that is the case then it begs a number of worrying questions:

1. Where is the real Aangirfan?

2. Who is the phoney impostor?

3. How has this happened?

4. Why has this happened now?

5. What are we doing about it?

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The reactions we see shows that hatred for the "other" is so strongly entrenched that not only are all gays hated but any hereosexual who dares have the nerve to stand up for them. The parellel being the old cruel term "nigger lover" here in the south.

I suppose accepting that there are gays who are by thier very nature good and loving is too terrifying for the closed brain to accept. The global network of violent abusers must be some alien, bizzare species of human that is in no way related to the straight world. Maybe that rigid false belief comforts some. The scapegoats are always needed in society and its always to that societys great loss that they ruin such assets in the process. Aang is still here. He just understands the abuse issue and doesn't want it sidetracked into petty homophobia issues I bet.

Anon said...

Dear Carol,

I think you recently supported the idea of some kind of revolution.

The real Aangirfan is the one who suggested that Revolution is not the answer, as it leads to dictatorship.

I think we disagree about a lot of things.

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

Dear Aangirfan(?),

I have no problem with disagreements

That is a fact of life, it would be boring and most likely dangerous if everyone agreed with one another.

Your personal experience on an issue may lead you to a different conclusion or view to that which I and others have. That is fine.

Sometimes it helps to sort the wheat from the chaff..

Time always tells in the end.

I do have a problem with hypocrisy

I don't think I'm alone about that

Carol A. Valentine

dognamedblue said...

it doesn't take a lot of working out to figure that Carol A. Valentine, zoompad (& her other names) are the same person
which when zoompad is not going to post on your blog [although still take the time to read it] is a little strange that she comes back under an "assumed" name

the first thing I read on your blog is the disclaimer at the top of every page but I can see how things are difficult for zoompad as where ever she turns to get some answers she currently hits a brick wall

I do think she needs help at the moment as if you follow through on her links she appears to be having conversations with herself, although I could be wrong and they may well be different people

keep up the good work A.
after all people are strange, when you're a stranger

Mel said...

Jack Straw confirms Conspiracy Theory of the existence of the UK "Secret State in League with Dark Forces in the United States"

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan has written similar articles in the past, nothing new.
He doesn't like to favor one group or another. It is his blog and there is not much you can do.
Some of my articles have never showed up in his blog. It happened a few times in the past.
Soon I expect Aangrifan to write an article about all the good things that the Jews have done for the world.

Newspaceman said...

Rabi Burns is a good one. A very good one. Note he was initiated into the lodge on 4th July.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Well that was a bit of a shitstorm wasn't it? Was that the idea? This and a thousand other questions, sure. In some dream world we'd sit down you and I and have the most fascinating conversation. Never mind, I'll just have to be happy living in this world of 'never quite knowing what's going on'. It's not so terrible. And one does love mystery of course...

As is, to my way of thinking, but for the most minor of tweaks in direction (without altering the main thrust) this could all have been made a bit less 'hot button' if you know what I mean. You may argue otherwise, and you may be right. Who knows?

We'll just call it a quibble. Especially given my own propensity for flinging petrol on fires - Do as I say not as I do, ha ha.

Anyway, it's clear to me that underlying it all is a true heart. No path is ever trod perfectly straight (ayah, the puns abound don't they?) but the level-headed will know that at least we're in the right direction.

The only advice I have to offer is to not listen to anyone's advice. Except for this bit of course. And to keep going. Er... and that bit too.

best, and I remain etc. etc.

yes2truth said...

You have to understand that mainstream Christians are NOT Christians at all. They are mostly protestant denominational people of religion who in turn are just schisms of the Roman Cult.

They will obviously deny this but they all have the unifying bond of the pagan trinity.

The real name for the whole shebang is The CAINITE-JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION.

The word 'religion' originates simply from the multifaceted demon named Legion whom Yashua Anointed cast into the Gadarene Swine. All he did was re-invent himself as Re-Legion. Hence re-Legion has so many faces and not just the Christian Religion - all religion.

Anonymous said...

I think Aangirfan believes in a world where people accept each other as they are; no cheating, no lying, no judgement, no hate.

A world in which there is 'enough' for all: dignity, respect, compassion, care, understanding and forgiveness.

That is the world I believe in, as did Christ.

Something wrong with such a vision?
God bless Aangirfan xx

yes2truth said...

@ Anonymous

No, that is not the world Christ believed in.

There can be no forgiveness without repentance first.

Luke 17:3 (KJV) Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

From the Greek MSS we learn that Yashua Anointed said "Father forgive them NOT for they are aware of what they are doing"

Just another little KJV corruption revealed and put right for you.

yes2truth said...

Conspiracies usually get found out by Conspiracy Theorists.

Someone once said that a conspracy theory will remain a theory and nothing but a theory until it is met with obvious lies and obfuscation.

Once this occurs, by default, we know we now have a conspiracy on our hands.

Plus once we understand that the conspiracy is based upon Admiralty Law - the Law of the sea or piracy then cons-piracy is the appropriate word for the job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we got Protestants from Martin Luther and his Jewish friends. Too bad he felt betrayed and then wrote his little booklet "The Jews and Their Lies". Thanks to Luther we have a few thousands different "Christians" cults claiming that they are the true word of God. Divide and Conquer, Jews are good at.

yes2truth said...

@ Honk Bonk Man

The conspiracy is the Rothschild/VatiCain conspiracy and is spelt out in Daniel Chapter 2.

Rome and UN-holy Rome is the Iron of Nebuchadnezzar's image and the Miry Clay represents the Canaanite Jews. It's a love hate relationship with them attacking each other at different times through history.

Protestantism is really just a schism of Rome. Nothing can be reformed (the reformation) so it was always going to be a feeble protest, but no real change. A Jewish financed thorn in Rome's flesh or the clay having a dig at the iron.

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