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Gerard Elias QC, the leading counsel to the Waterhouse Tribunal which investigated child abuse in North Wales, 'is a freemason.'

Reportedly, top freemasons are involved in top pedophile rings.

All across the UK, child abuse has taken place in children's homes and schools.

Reportedly, the abusers include top people in military intelligence (think of Blunt, Burgess and Oldfield), top people in the police, top judges and top people in government.

The 1997 Waterhouse Tribunal investigated pedophile rings at children's homes in North Wales.

Reportedly, the Tribunal's own top lawyer, Gerard Elias QC, appointed by the government, 'is a freemason'.

A Mason-Free Zone? - Rebecca Television

How many of the barristers who took part in the Tribunal were or had been masons? 

"Gerard Elias is a member of perhaps the most powerful masonic lodge in Wales, Dinas Llandaf. 

"The lodge, which meets in Cardiff, is made up mainly of legal professionals and members of the Conservative party, although there are members from other political groups.

"Another member of the lodge, Gwilym Jones, was the Tory MP for Cardiff North between 1983 and 1997. 

"He was minister of state at the Welsh Office when the Tribunal was set up...

"Gordon Anglesea was a retired North Wales Police superintendent who was accused by journalists of abusing young boys at a children’s home in North Wales. 

"He won a libel action and accepted £375,000 in damages.

"The judge was Sir Maurice Drake. He told the court that he was a member of an organisation to which Gordon Anglesea also belonged. He did not mention freemasonry but all of the legal teams on both sides knew which organisation he was referring to...

'Anglesea was questioned also about his connection with Freemasonry,' said the Tribunal Report, 'because of an underlying suggestion that there had been a ‘cover-up’ in his case.'

Anglesea disclosed that he was a mason, a member of the Wrexham lodge, Pegasus lodge.

Lord Kenyon was the Grand Master of the North Wales Province of Freemasonry in the 1980s. He was also a member of the North Wales Police Authority.

The Waterhouse Tribunal considered a comment made by Councillor Malcolm King that "there was speculation (he believed) that Lord Kenyon had asked for promotion for Gordon Anglesea."

"This was said by Councillor King to have been based on a conversation overheard at a police function; and that the speculation was that Lord Kenyon had advocated Anglesea’s promotion ‘for the purpose of covering up the fact that his son had been involved in child abuse activities’."

"This was alleged to have related to an incident in August 1979 when Lord Kenyon’s son, Tom, reported the theft of articles by a former Bryn Estyn resident while the two men were staying at a flat in Wrexham. The young man he accused of theft was arrested and later given three months detention.

A Mason-Free Zone? - Rebecca Television

"However, during the course of the investigation police discovered a series of indecent photographs in the flat which was owned by a man called Gary Cooke.

"Cooke was later gaoled for five years on two counts of buggery, one of indecent assault and one of taking an indecent photograph.

"Cooke claimed that, after he was arrested and charged, Tom Kenyon came over and apologised to him for what had happened and handed him a letter.

"He added that if Cooke agreed “not to say anything” he would have a word with his father to improve Cooke’s chances in court.

More here: A Mason-Free Zone? - Rebecca Television

In the 1980s freemasonry came under fire from journalists. REBECCA was one of the first with an investigation in 1981.


Teresa Cooper is a Children's Rights campaigner against family injustice and child abuse.

She is known for her eighteen year campaign on fighting for the justice and exposure of one of the child abuse against children in Local Authority and the Church of England's care and was one of the girls drugged, sexually abused and imprisoned in a small room for over 163 days while in care at the children's home, Kendall House, Kent, in the 1970s and 1980s.[1]

She claims that the girls she was with in the home have now had children of their own with birth defects, and that these defects are a direct result of being drugged while at Kendall House.[2][3][4][5][6]

The story was first revisited in a national newspaper by Adrian Butler of the Sunday Mirror in January 2009 [7]

The story has been covered by Sally Gillen in 2007 reporter at Communitycare Magazine [8], Review by Liz Davies is senior lecturer children and families social work, London Metropolitan University [9] and blog by Sally Gillen [10]

Cooper first took her case to Parliament with her then MP Neil Gerrard in 1994[11]

Cooper has since received a "substantial out of court settlement" in regard to her civil case against the Church of England.[12][13]


Zoompad said...

Well done Rebecca!

Teresa Cooper said...

have you looked at the kendall house abuse scandal?

Anonymous said...

So is Tom Kenyon "the son of a Lord" who is mentioned as being present with the "senior Tory politician" by Messham?

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Zoompad said...

Teresa, you accused me of being a stalker, and I am a victim of Staffordshire Pindown, just as you were abused at Kendal House in Pindown.

I absolutly and completly forgive you for giving me the cold shoulder, because I know that the media scum who promised to do a dramatisation of your book put you up to it, and I know how persuasive and tricksy they are, and the hell you have gone through (I know that only too well!)but PLEASE, for heavens sake, will you now please tell us who was that senior police officer who wrote that letter to you telling you that the Staffordshire Pindown and Haut de la Garenne child abuse investigations had been discredited? Please, for the sake of ALL the victims of Pindown, Kendal House included, please? NOT in a private email to me or anything like that, but out here in the open, either on Aangirfans blog, Stuart Syvrets or Rico Sorda's? Please?

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