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David Laws - Cabinet Minister

The Independent on Sunday Pink List 2012
 is a list of some of the famous people in the UK who are gay.

Here are a few of the names:

 David Laws

Cabinet office minister, whose responsibilities include schools policy.

He is close to both Michael Gove, the education minister, and Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister.

The BBC's Evan Davis

Evan Davis

BBC Radio 4 presenter.

Stephen Twigg 

Shadow cabinet Secretary for Education .

Iain Dale

Iain Dale's Diary is a famous blog.

Missing from the list - Stephen Fry. Website for this image

Sir Paul Jenkins

The most senior openly gay civil servant, responsible for the largest legal department within the Civil Service.

James Wharton

The member of the elite Household Cavalry regiment, the Blues and Royals, who escorted the Queen during Will and Kate's wedding.

Missing from the list - Lord Browne, former boss of BP.

Chris Bryant

The shadow Immigration Minister whose question to Rebekah Brooks about payments to police officers led to the phone-hacking investigation.

Nick Boles

The Conservative Minister who was Prime Minister David Cameron's policy chief.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

TV Illusionist/Hypnotist

Sir Terence Etherton

Court of Appeal Judge

Simon Hughes

Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat party

Sarah Brown

Councillor in Cambridge and the only 'out' transgender politician in Britain. 

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

Actor, musician and writer

Jane Hill

One of the main BBC News anchors.

Jonny Oates

Chief of staff to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg

John Amaechi

John Amaechi

Before retiring, he was one of only a handful of publicly gay sportsmen in America.

Sir Adrian Fulford

First openly gay judge in the UK.

April Ashley MBE

Awarded an MBE for her services to transgender equality. April Ashley was a 1960s socialite, friend of models, actors and peers (including John Prescott, her former housemate).

The BBC's Eddie Mair

Eddie Mair

The voice of BBC Radio 4's PM.

Guy Black

The executive director of Telegraph Media group and chairman of Pressbof, which funds the Press Complaints Commission.

He is the first openly gay Tory peer.

Russell T Davies

TV producer and writer reponsible for Children's BBC's (CBBC) Wizards vs Aliens.

Missing from the list - Derek Laud, friend of the prime minister.

Michael Salter

Head of broadcast for the prime minister, David Cameron.

Lynette Nusbacher

A senior lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

She has recently advised the Government on national security strategies.

Missing from the list - Peter Mandelson

Angela Eagle

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

Michael King

Psychiatrist and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Professor King's publications include Prevalence of same-sex behaviour and orientation in England: results from a national survey.

Alan Duncan.

Alan Duncan

Minister in charge of the International Development Ministry (believed by some to be a branch of the security services)

His knowledge and contacts in the Middle East oil industry "helped Britain contribute to the fostering of the Arab Spring protests in 2011."

First openly gay Tory MP.

Ben Bradshaw

Politician, former BBC journalist, and the first Cabinet minister to enter a civil partnership.

Margot James

Conservative Party vice-chairman

MP for Stourbridge.

Ruth Davidson

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives


Anonymous said...

lord browne looks like gw bush.... related maybe?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ewan Davis looks like he's gonna take off any minute now. Must have good hearing.

Anonymous said...

Gay either....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Loadsfans loads of them,,,are any of them actually gay or just addicted to perversion though,,,,,?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

When i first qualified as a doctor
i was sent as a locum to work in Brighton, knowing nothing of the town i got into a taxi at the station and picked upa magazine in the back on the floor called "rent boy" the cab driver said they leave allsorts in his cab and i put it in the bag to read later
and was horrified to read the ads and articles it contained, tips on picking up boys etc
One of my first patients wasa man who was a senior detective and chatting afterwards we discussed this, i had no idea this was such a problem in the area.
he told me a a large gay club where
to have a pair of white gloved folded over your back pocket meant you were a virgin, a brown pair meant you would play with excreta in the sex act, and red gloves meant you were into spilt blood,
this shocked me and as he left he said just do not ever go intoa public toilet here
Dr Ahmed

yes2truth said...

Sir Adrian Fulford

Nominated by Irvine and Blair - say no more.

Anonymous said...

Im gay and a very decent person. Perversions, peadophiles, satanism, even cruelty to animals sicken me. However power and money seems to have much of humanity in a downward spiral of decay. Clean living people are out here , just quietly living out our lives. Cruel perversions and being gay are not the same things.

rico sorda said...

Readers of this Blog should also check out the Jersey situation. The walls are starting to crumble but this is no time for complacency.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Im gay and a very decent person. Perversions, peadophiles, satanism, even cruelty to animals sicken me. However power and money seems to have much of humanity in a downward spiral of decay. Clean living people are out here , just quietly living out our lives. Cruel perversions and being gay are not the same things

I am not gay but I am a bit disappointed by the gay bashing on this site, also the racist anti semitic stuff.

Divide and Rule

Name the paedophiles
BBC News - Children's Commissioner for Wales calls for abuse probe

Anonymous said...

I was sexually assaulted by a man when I was a young boy. What he did was not homosexual, it was not gay. What he did was paedophile sexual abuse. A paedophile is not the same thing as a homosexual, and it does not help anyone to confuse the two.

Name the paedophiles.

Rufus said...

Excellent article. it is no wonder that the UK is awash with pædophiles, and that the Establishment are, ahem, bending over backwards in order to rush through anti-democratic and un-natural homosexual 'marriage'. The country is ruled by heterophobic perverts who have an anti-family agenda which is destroying our land.

The comments by a nice boy and a fan of such like are obviously designed to promote the idea that exposing the crimes of the perverted rulers of the UK is somehow 'hateful - and interestingly, anti-Semitic. It seem that you have ruffled a few feathers and that the cries of racism, homophobia et al are being used to silence you!

As for the comment that a man who commits an act of pædophilia against a boy, is not homosexual - that is so absurd as to be mind-boggling. Homosexuality and Pædophilia are both forms of mental illness, and you are right to expose them. Don't let the politically correct censors steer you into the trap of apologising for telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

In re Anonymous: anal sex in itself is brutal. Excreta, "golden showers" child sex and other abhorrent practices exist almost exclusively in the homosexual community.

Anon said...

"Homosexuality and Pædophilia are both forms of mental illness."

Strangely enough, we disagree with that.

We have written before about the Bonobo chimps, our nearest relation in terms of DNA, being bisexual, pedophile and very sociable.

Bonobos are more peaceful than the common chimps which occasionally go in for gang rape.

"Child sex and other abhorrent practices exist almost exclusively in the homosexual community."

We disagree with that as well.

Large numbers of heterosexual males and females go in for anal sex and child rape.

Look at all the girl brothels in Thailand and elsewhere, and look at all the middle-aged female tourists who go to places like Jamaica or Bali for sex with young men.

We are not actually homophobic.

But we are against people raping and torturing kids.

- Aangirfan

yes2truth said...

Makow refers to homosexuality as a developmental disorder i.e. they fail to mature into real men capable of loving a woman and building natural relationships.

King Asa, however, knew what to do with them.

Anonymous said...

this is not specifically to do with this link that was nevertheless interesting

I would like to invite the owner of this blog to view my YouTube channel ( and indeed anybody who follows politics, Savile etc) We cover a lot of the same ground although my preferred medium is the video blog

my channel name is thisisyourwakeup and my channel is VERY HEAVILY targeted by Zionists ( whom I also imagine monitor this site)

Anonymous said...

A few years ago Peter Tatchell leader of Stonewall wrote a letter to the Guardian supporting 'boylove' apparently he knew of several people aged 9-13 who had had sex with adults and really enjoyed it.
He was exposed by Peter Hitchens.

Tatchell is obviously a very sick man he actually believes a 9yr old can have consensual sex with an adult man!

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