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The Legatum Prosperity Index measures countrys' prosperity.

The index considers each country's economy, education, entrepreneurship and opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety and security and social capital.


1 - Norway
2 - Denmark
3 - Sweden
4 - Australia
5 - New Zealand
6 - Canada
7 - Finland
8 - Netherlands
9 - Switzerland
10 - Ireland

All of the top ten are countries with small populations, and the majority are in Europe!

Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are in the top 25 countries.

Other small countries in the top 25 include Luxembourg, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia and Malta.

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Anonymous said...

...wait until islam is running Europe. Demographically it's only a matter of time. And then this list will be vastly different.

Read the Bible to see what is coming in the future.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Islam is false. The Bible is true.

Stephen Gash said...

Denmark, Norway and Sweden siblings of the English, along with the Netherlands.

When Doggerland was inundated by the North Sea the Dogger folk migrated outwards to Scandinavia, the Netherlands and England. The common Dogger language developed into the various so-called Germanic tongues.

Trade and contact continued between the Dogger descendents. Albion didn't exist in flint-knapping isolation. Artefacts found at Stonehenge came from what is now Switzerland.

The Angles described by Tacitus in Friesia/Denmark were probably a colony of craftsmen from England not the subsequent "invaders" that dominated England leaving no trace of their existence behind them in Friesia/Denmark, as is absurdly alleged.

Every invader has sought to undermine and nullify the existence of the English. The Angles are the natives of Albion and Saxons the invaders. The so-called Anglo Saxons were merely the ruling class.

The English have always and will always prevail.

Stephen Gash said...

The ruling undemocratic elite seek to impose sharia law upon Europe. This will legalise paedophilia and multiple child brides. There is a determined move to reduce the age of consent to 13 for heterosexuals across Europe. Homosexual consent will surely follow even though Islam forbids homosexuality (between adults at least) and homosexuals are killed as a matter of course in a significant number of the 56 (57 including Palestine) Muslim countries.

Human Rights are used as a weapon against the native Europeans, but no Muslim country has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Instead each has signed the Cairo Declaration that enshrines sharia law that in turn enshrines the hubris of Muslims over non-Muslims. Sharia also sanctions paedophilia.

The EU was already in a union with Muslim countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This was called the Mediterranean Union and was officially ratified in January 2010. Barroso and Sarkozi may be seen talking about it on YouTube and there are many pages on the web, the official one being here See the members listed.

There is a Med Union university in Slovenia.

The Med Union was the first step in the formation of Eurabia, again many pages on the web. This is planned to extend to and include Saudi Arabia. In return for technology and trade flowing to Muslim states the EU would gain some control over oil. There would be free movement of people intended to flood Europe with Muslims from Med Union Muslim countries. Thus sharia would be imposed by the majority of Arab invaders.

Libya was an intended signatory but Gaddafi ultimately refused and was thus assassinated and Libya bombed. Syria's Assad signed the agreement which is why NATO will not bomb Syria.

The Arab Spring killed the project leading Sarkowzy to declare its demise for which he was ousted out of power.

CS said...

"Every invader has sought to undermine and nullify the existence of the English."

Like this bugger.

And this:

And this son of an illegal immigrant:

Anonymous said...

"A series of assassinations were committed (1881-1914)
to advance ILLUMINATI war objectives, the most critical
were: Czar Alexander II ("Little Father") Russia, in 1881; the
Empress of Austria, in 1893; King Humbert of Italy in
1900; U.S. President McKinley in 1901; Grand Duke
Sergius of Russia in 1905; Premier, V. von Plehve, Russia, in
1905; Premier, Peter A. Stolypin, Russia, in 1911; King Carlos
and the Crown Prince of Portugal in 1908; Archduke
Ferdinand and Duchess, Austria in 1914. All of these murders,
and many more, are traceable to Bolshevism, Freemasonry
(Masons of the Grand Orient) and other ILLUMINATI sponsored terror groups."

Anonymous said...

LOL ISLAM doesn't condone pedophilia there's nothing in the quran that condones it. As for angles being natives thats a falsehood the angles were a germanic waring tribe. The Muslims controlled spain and portugal for more than 8 centuries and ottomans controlled 40% of europe for about 5 centuries. Fact is ISLAM took the europeans out of the dark ages a time when european ate rats for dinner and defacated in the street then you have colonialism that made europe very rich and it still continue's to this day. Read the biography of european philosopher NIETZSCHE who gladly admits in his biography that islamic civilisation was greater than the romans could ever be.

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