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21 November 2012, Al Jazeera torched in Egypt.

Egyptians are revolting against the hated Morsi, who belongs to the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

Pre election poll, May 4-10, 2012, University of Maryland Poll

36% Abul Fotouh moderate Islamist
28% Moussa Independent
14% Shafiq Last PM under Mubarak
8% Morsi Muslim Brotherhood

By election day, the only two candidates left on the ballot were Shafiq and Morsi. 

Turnout was less than 20%, and Morsi won, through fraud. 

Morsi represents 10% of the electorate.

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Egyptian Chronicles keeps people up to date on Egypt.

21 November 2012

"An angry mob today torched the Al Jazeera ... studio in Tahrir square. 

"Al Jazeera ... is accused of being biased towards the Islamists...

"I asked the doorman and he told me ... 'An angry mob stormed the channel... after a TV interview the channel aired with some Muslim brotherhood member.'

When you become the News

The studio is completely destroyed

 20 November 2012.

"I went to Mohamed Mahmoud street and Tahrir square to see what is happening today after yesterday's clashes between the protesters...

"I went in the morning when dozens of young protesters 'mostly teenagers and even school children' blocked the traffic in Tahrir square.

"They were carrying anti-Muslim brotherhood slogans.

"They were chanting: 'We will not leave. Morsi leaves.'

Rebels losing their cause

Morsi and his boss.

"There were tear gas grenades smells through out El Sheikh Rihan street...

"The kids were hurling rocks at the police while cursing and giving their middle finger to the CSF...

"I headed to Mohamed Mahmoud street. New graffiti paintings are added to the street.

"There was a small protest led by that Al Azhar sheikh known from his opposition to the Muslim brotherhood.

"The protest was describing Morsi as the 'agent of the Americans' and demanding him to leave.

Rebels losing their cause

Gaber, shot dead

"Moving to Youssef El Gendy street... It is blocked just like Sheikh Rihan street.

"It was a true war zone with all the broken rocks and glass.

"Again kids ... taunting the officers and soldiers...

"The Lycee El Horeya school was partially torched.

"On my way out I heard that two young men 'Gaber' and 'Mido' had just been shot in the street...

Victim of latest Cairo riots

It did escalate as predicted...

"More injuries.

"The police forces from CSF are now standing on the rooftops of the schools in Youssef El Gindy street hurling rocks and glass at the protesters below.

"There are field hospitals now...

Wounded protester.

"44 have been injured...

"Ahmed Gaber , a student and a member in April 6th youth Movement was shot dead in Mohamed Mahmoud street this morning.... Some are reporting that it was at point blank to his head.

"I think that with the death Gaber , things will get worse...

Egyptian protesters

19 November 2012

Egyptian police and protesters clash in central Cairo

Egyptian police, protesters clash in central Cairo

"Clashes between protesters and Egyptian security forces intensified after nightfall Monday, marking the anniversary of a bloody confrontation in Cairo, when 42 people were killed in a street battle months after the uprising that ousted the country's longtime president."

The police fired tear gas and birdshot.

60 protesters were injured.

"The persistent unrest reflects divisions plaguing Egypt 21 months after Mubarak's downfall in February 2011."

Egyptians have been protesting against both the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Demonstrators hung a banner reading, "Muslim Brotherhood not allowed," while others chanted, "the people want to topple the regime," referring to Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

Previous clashes.

"Since January 2011, the police have been literally getting away with murder, again and again," said Nadim Houry.

Even members in different security forces have battled each other.

An Egyptian security official said clashes erupted between civilian police and military forces in northern Cairo.

"Members of several liberal parties and representatives of Egypt's churches have announced their withdrawal from the 100-member constituent assembly tasked with writing the document, protesting what they perceive as attempt to impose ultraconservative Islamist content."

The Arab Spring was run by the CIA and its friends, including the BBC.

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America and Israel share a common thread in regards to greater Beirut and Lebanon proper. Israel oil and gas America revenge! In 1968 I had a neighbor whom came from Christian Beirut and his mother was a fortune teller of misfortunes. I have followed this failed state for years. American gear under IDFz command is probably being massed to the north for the push to Beirut and EAST!

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notice its Morsi not Assad who has the uprising against him

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