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You may have noticed that certain people are in need of a good education.

These are usually white people.

"White schoolchildren in Britain's poorest communities lag behind peers who are black or of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin."

This is according to a Financial Times analysis of more than 3m sets of exam results.

"Poor white children even achieve worse average results than deprived pupils for whom English is a second language."


It is generally these 'poor whites' who write the 'ignorant' comments on blogs.

Lynching of an innocent black kid in the USA. Outside a courthouse in Omaha, Will Brown, after being killed, mutilated and burned. Brown was innocent of the crime of which he had been accused. Cached

In the UK, "Poor white children have fallen behind by the time they reach the age of seven... 

"In Hull, the worst-performing local authority area, a child eligible for free school meals, a widely used indicator of poverty, has a more than two-thirds chance of finishing in the bottom fifth of national exam results at the age of 16." 

Matthew Shepard was an American student who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. Shepard was targeted because he was gay.[1]A gay teenager was reportedly murdered by his uncle and father in Turkey because of his sexuality, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Dumb whites tend to see things in simple black and white terms.

A study by Edinburgh University researchers found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.

British National Party voters, some of whom are fans of Hitler, had the lowest average intelligence - scoring just 98.4.

BNP voters have lowest IQ

The USA also has its poorly educated, fundamentalist whites.

People who give in to racism, and prejudice against people like gays, may simply be poorly educated.

Read the article.

"The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults." 

The research was led by Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. 

"Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward racist and prejudiced political beliefs, the study found. 

Earlier studies have found links between low levels of education and higher levels of prejudice.

Website for this imageTHE REAL HITLER

Low intelligence in childhood corresponded with racism in adulthood. 

"There is reason to believe that strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world."

According to Hodson: "Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order," something which appeals to people with low intelligence. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice."

In a study in the United States, Hodson and Busseri compared 254 people with the same amount of education but different levels of ability in abstract reasoning. 

They found that people who were poorer at abstract reasoning were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays. 

(5 Myths About Gay People Debunked)

Brian Nosek, a social and cognitive psychologist at the University of Virginia, says: "I think that lower cognitive capacity can lead to multiple simple ways to represent the world, and one of those can be embodied in a right-wing ideology..."

"There may be cognitive limits in the ability to take the perspective of others, particularly foreigners," Hodson says.

"Much of the present research literature suggests that our prejudices are primarily emotional in origin rather than cognitive."


Anonymous said...

Hi Aang, I am a reader from the Netherlands. I visit your site on a daily basis. Congrats with your site.

But today I would like to make a comment. Would´nt it be fair to explain how en why white people have become so dumb? Just delve into the Protocols of the Elders or in the Franfurt School program. You will see that there is/was a deliberate plan behind the dumbing down of the white people.

White people should return to Christianity (Catholicism). In the fifties blue collar children sang in the church choir and learned some Latin, just to be able to follow Sunday Mass. Imagine how this triggered eagerness to learning!!

Blue collar children today got lady gaga and all that soulless stuff.

Look also into 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America' bij Charlotte Iserbyt. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows that north america has the worst educational system. canada is worse than the US at this chapter. Canadians seem to be the most stupid ppl on earth. and no, this is no joke, this is the fucking reality....

Anonymous said...

propaganda for women's brainwashing....


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

What is needed is a detailed expose of how and why the educational and intellectual aptitude of such a large section of the white population has been under attack. And by whom.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

aangirfan have you been taken over ? two crap articles ina row.
I was a runaway from homosexual abuse ina childrens home,
i was stariving and sleeping rough.
All i knew was selling my arse to poofters.
Si i had to go back to.
% years later i managed to get myself out and intoa shared room with another ex abused boy.
I have low self esteem and much self hared, but more hatred for those who abused me.

dognamedblue said...

when I found out that people were actually reading my blog I used to allowed them to post without checking first, but the majority weren't even reading the blog let alone the links in the posts before making comments... that were answered by pointing out all they had to do was read the blog & links

my only friend at infant & 1st year of primary school was Michael, the reason we were friends was I was the only bastard & he was the only black kid & as we had to play by ourselves we became friends, I'm not trying to compare my formative years with the racist abuse he had to put up with, just that the end results were the same, I always wonder what happened to him
when I was 16 & ran away to my grans she pointed him out to me as he rode past on his bike but I never went downstairs to reconnect, which I always regretted
I know how those years shaped me & I do wonder how they shaped him

dognamedblue said...

I forgot to add this:


Anonymous said...

John Trudell, a Native American activist explains in simple terms the social engineering of white people to do the bidding of 'the powers that be' in exterminating spiritual tribes globally for many centuries past. It takes five generations to completely conquer and change the beliefs and priorities of a grouping of people, and white people were the first to have their tribes decimated or destroyed. TPTB use groupings of people to their end and then discard or genocide them, and race, gender or sexual preference, or nationality makes no difference. Ignorance isn't owned by any one skin color or nation. Ignorance has been brought to all of us, on one level or another, by those who, over the last 40+ years have systemically destroyed critical thinking in education and anything amounting to real information (news) for understanding the world in which we live and who is manipulating it. As people we are pitted and played against each other the live long day, told who is 'different' and who is dangerous.

"You've got to be taught, before it's too late, to hate all the folks your relatives hate, you've got to be carefully taught."
from 'South Pacific'

Anonymous said...

Actually this article illustrates why I never had my own children, even though I am great with kids and have god-parented 6 so far. I live in Texas and can still remember back in the early 70's gay men being drug out of thier private homes while sleeping in the same bed and being charged with sodomy. Real charges. Real time. I knew when I was 11 and I asked my mother what homosexual meant that that was me. I remember feeling a light relief since I finally had a name for what my difference was. Anyway, my whole life Ive had terrrible fears of having a child, maybe two and then making an innocent mistake (as all parents do eventually). And having my children ripped from me and going to foster care.where only God knows what might happen to them. I dont know if I could have survived such a tragedy. ?..........the flip side is my god-children have been lavished with all the love and care I never was able to give to my own children. Not just trips to the park, resturants, I mean payed trips to the doctor, school clothes, toys, and bikes ect. Always being a loving shoulder for them to lean on and count on. After all those diaper changes and late nights on sick watch I have gotten back all that love invested in spades! Sorry to ramble on Aang, but this topic is so very near to my heart!

Anonymous said...

The American public school system is an enclusive system. Each class must be taught at lowest common level to ensure a favorable result. And even this result can be tailored to look different or better. Its the laziness of this homogeneous requirement. Making it a requirement is one thing caring about the results is another. Its not teacher pupil or parent that create the problem its the force of certain mediocrity. Kids are learning everywhere but where its structured its breaking down from the lack of direction of the system. Education was about learning and love of knowledge. Now its know enough to fill a job!

Anonymous said...

Good article.
As we all search for the truth and cast aside our lifetime of indoctrination, saying goodbye to the left vs. right duality is vital.

As a lefty, finding ways to embrace the righty, redneck, hillbilly cliche.....I remembered simple men from my childhood. Good honest trustworthy neighbors, not too bright, not prone to complex thought.

Perhaps there was a time when simple men (today's dumb white person) were very valuable to society. Hard working, bring home the bacon, love the kids and their stay at home wife etc. When those men live in a free country with good leaders, they are valuable contributors.

The traits that make them all of that, make them very susceptible to ugly propaganda. The stuff of FoxNews and W Bush, dumb, ugly, simplistic talking points create the modern 'dumb white people' that this article discusses. The education system as many point out, is a huge part of why this is happening.

We all have potential to be good or bad. The conversion of the simple honest hard workin man to the dumb war loving drone has been a great crime.
Good discussion of it here.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Aangs on holiday so we have to put up with this well poisoner again. The last time this impostor sat in we had a hug the Illuminati lecture. Folks dig in sense will return in a week or two just don't take the bait.

Anonymous said...

This is a disappointing article. Of course, prejudice doesn't exist within black or Asian communities, does it. Maybe poor whites lag behind in some areas because the majority of their classmates and teachers are from abroad? I have seen disgusting prejudice from black/Asian posters on messageboards, this white-bashing article is like something that might appear in a pc rag like The Guardian. This country has been deliberately flooded with unmaneagable amounts of immigrants to destabilise it, and to label anyone who is not happy with that as a dumb bigot is, well, dumb and bigoted.

Paul said...


Fine, but save it for those who abused you. Don't stretch it out to make everybody else guilty for the offenses of some. I refuse to bear your anger over something that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

The Realist Report said...

"It is generally these 'poor whites' who write the 'ignorant' comments on blogs."

lol, and I suppose it's why they don't get them published either?

andie531 said...

For the past several years, I have been dealing with anti-hetero prejudice at my job. This is not the first time. I have dealt with this several times before. I have no cares or concerns whether someone is gay - it's their business, but for whatever reason, I end up under attack. I don't go around making fag jokes, or even causing any controversy. I usually do my job well and go home, no big amount of socializing at work - however it seems like I've got a target on my back (much like the pic above.

My opinion is this has less to do with the H word and more to do with substance abuse and the behaviors that go with it - or as Dan Savage, the gay columnist said, there's a lot of damaged goods in the gay community. If you look at behavioral cues, you can tell if someone is an addict, and these people I work with tick all the boxes. They use their homosexuality as a territorial issue (addicts tend to get territorial about one thing or another, could be their lawn, the tv remore, their car, their race, or in this case, their sexuality).

As for whites being dumbed down, I lived and worked as a teacher in Japan, and frankly found Asia to be the most ignorant place I've ever been, and I've been to several dozen countries. The Japanese imported the Prussian education system lock stock and barrel from Prussia. The result is a robotic mass lacking in critical thinking (their memorization ability is excellent, however).

If you want to know what is really going on in Japan, read any books by Jon Woronoff. He had it right on the money back in 1980 when he predicted Japan would never make it in the real world.

andie531 said...

And another thing - could you explain why one group of people that tends to be well educated (Jews) is so bigoted, prejudiced and racist?

I've been to a lot of 3rd world areas where illiteracy is rife and frankly I am not seeing the connection you insist there is between lack of education and bigotry.

Anon said...

Dear andie531,

I would certainly agree that in many places with low levels of literacy there are low levels of bigotry.

I can think of one village in North Africa where the people were extremely friendly. These were people who did not feel oppressed.

But, some hundred miles further south there was a very unfriendly village. The people there felt poor and oppressed. Some were living in home made shacks.

It's interesting that in South Africa, many of the Jews supported the Black population. I suppose both the Jews and Blacks felt oppressed.

andie531 said...

Well, I've got some relatives and coworkers that would qualify as "dumb whites" who are bigoted against "Mooslims" and the only reason they are is because of the machinations of the Zio-media. On other groups they are unrealistically PC. Go figure - the programming is working in any case.

I have to concur with several others in this thread that the main problem still is the machinations of the Zionists-in-charge. The stupidity of the masses is a symptom.

I am working with a few "dumb whites" in a deprogramming effort and in some cases, I've had some success. Unfortunately, this article is an exercise in victim blaming.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article

Check out the antidote:


FedUpofLies said...

-Check out my links to truth on glbt issue & reality of root causes of homosexuality.
-Dan Savage is a very disturbed gay man who advocates S&M including fisting, man-boy sex & all sorts of harmful activities to youth. He's not to be trusted.
-Criticism of muslims & islam does not necessarily equal bigotry or pro zionism. That's the typical bullying accusation from pro-islam apologists. Research into the disturbing effects of islam on the west & what they're doing in European nations; rape, crime, intimidation, etc. Zios brought them over to distract but they're cultish & will more damage than was expected. Threat from islam is real, no culture ever survived their aggression unless they were driven out. Simple fact. Islamism isn't any better than zionism

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