Friday, November 23, 2012


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Egypt's President Morsi mediated for Israel "and finally turned himself into the Jewish state's de facto protector." 

(Morsi emerges as Israel's protector)

Morsi has his thugs. Alexandria 23 November 2012.

The CIA likes its Islamist puppets to be dictators.

On 22 November 2012, Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi assumed sweeping powers.

23 November 2012, protesters burnt the offices of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood in several cities.Tens of thousands headed to Cairo's Tahrir Square to protest against Morsi.

"The president can issue any decision or measure to protect the revolution," according to a decree from Morsi

"The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal."

Egypt's Morsi assumes sweeping powers, branded new pharaoh

Down with the CIA puppet.

Reportedly, Morsi is seeking to become the "new pharaoh".

The move is a blow to those who thought that the CIA's Arab Spring would bring democracy.

Opposition forces have denounced the declaration as a "coup".

They held nationwide protests on 23 November 2012.

Abe Solomons, Free Gaza Assoc., comments:

"The attack on Gaza was solely to test the US funded Iron Dome, before any attacks on Iran.

"The rocket firers are all IDF Israelis, to justify any assaults.

"The Israelis openly claim the Palestinians must all be killed so they can take all the land and its resources.

"The London Israeli Embassy were cheering as the bombs landed on Gaza."

23 November 2012 - Attack on an Morsi-Muslim-Brotherhood office.

23 November 2012: anti-Morsi riots

23 November 2012: anti-Morsi march.

    1 day ago – Egyptians are revolting against the hated Morsi, who belongs to the CIA's Muslim ... Turnout was less than 20%, and Morsi won, through fraud.
    24 Aug 2012 – On 24 August 2012, anti-Morsi protests hit Egypt. "Violence in Tahrir ...Thousands of anti-Morsi protesters gather outside presidential palace. 1.
  3. aangirfan: DICTATORSHIP IN EGYPT?
    17 Aug 2012 – Reportedly, Morsi now controls the military, the political parties, the courts ... Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood "are replacing the chief editors ...
    12 Jul 2012 – Egypt's President Morsi shows his support for Saudi Arabia. Morsi and Crown Prince Salman Egypt's Mohammed Morsi has made the first ...
  5. cia's muslim brotherhood 'crucifies' opponents in egypt - Aangirfan
    19 Aug 2012 – "Supporters of Tawfik Okasha, another vocal critic of President Morsi - the one who ... aangirfan: WHO LOVES THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?
  6. aangirfanMORSI'S MAD MOSLEMS?
    6 Jul 2012 – One day after Mohamed Morsi became Egypt's president, Egyptian Islamists stabbed a student to death for 'walking next to his fiancee'.
  7. aangirfan: 'QATAR AIDED ATTACK ON GAZA'
    5 days ago – "Egypt's Morsi came to power via a CIA engineered Arab Spring. ... Morsiand Erdogan: The Traveling Clowns Take Their Rodeo To Gaza ...


Anonymous said...

we look on this with wonder but rothschild money has given the USA France and Britian to mossad, the people are just there to fund the banks who are only acountable to rothschild

Unknown said...

Yep. These phony 'revolutions' have been fully orchestrated by the SuperState (London, US, TelAviv) triumvirate.

Now there's a wholly owned puppet ruling Egypt; joining his brethren in Qatar and Libya and UAE and Iraq etc, etc, etc.

Unknown said...

Off topic but,

Interesting new info on Savile and Arnold Schwarzeneger here:

Weird. Got to be occult based.

Arnold married into the US Kennedy clan I heard somewhere.

Carol A. Valentine

yes2truth said...

@ Unknown

You're forgetting The Vatican. The Triumvirate is London, Rome and Washington.

The Rothschilds control Tel Aviv from London. The State of Israel is their state.

yes2truth said...

Morsi also spoke up for the west and Israel in Iran at the recent meeting of the Non-Aligned Nations. That in itself made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

You know,i thought it was el barad or what ever his name is,was the CIA puppet,,,
I hope morsi isn't a puppet,,
To be honest I thought he was doing ok so far,,,
He stood up for the people from the get go,,,
Had good relations with Iran and everything,,
To me he looks like a positive force,,,
A breath of fresh air in the region,,,
I keep my mind open though


Anonymous said...

Egypt is the best country I've ever visited and it was because of the people. They're leading the world in en-masse clear headedness.They're not fooled by all
the NWO puppets and schemes.
What a brave and wonderful people.We should be supporting them but it is they
who are raising our spirits. God bless them.

Anonymous said...

Peter said...

Arnie is very popular within the gay community.
NYC 1970's
Scroll down a little more then half way for pics of Arnie in NYC promoting his Pumping Iron film.
Arnie's pappy was a Nazi. Maria Schriver's grand pappy Joesph P Kennedy dug the Nazi's too.
Sheesh the elites are soo smarmie. I feel like i walked in dawg poop.

Anonymous said...

To be honest,I thought el baradei was the puppet of the CIA that didn't make it,,,,,
Morsi was actually who the people wanted,,,
Will keep an open mind,,,,

Did leave a comment earlier,,


Anonymous said...

The attack on gaza was solely to test the US funded Iron Dome,
before any attacks on Iran.
The rocket firers are all IDF israelis, to justify any assaults.
the Israelis openly clainm the palestinians must all be killed so they can take all the land and its resources.
The london israeli embassy were cheering as the bombs landed on gaza
Abe Solomons Free gaza assoc.

Anonymous said...

If you think iron dome missed any rockets your being duped. Battelle doesn't miss!

Anonymous said...

Egypt was a magical place. I do remember a rug school sweatshop however the children where amazing even in large groups. It is humbling to remember families living on graves of loved ones. And how they will end in a mass grave!

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