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David Headley.

David Headley is the American who organised the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008.

Headley worked for the US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), which has close links to the CIA.

The DEA and CIA have a long history of being in the drugs trade.

CIA 'manages' drug trade / THE MAFIA AND THE CIA

Rahul Bhatt

Headley was a friend of the Indian actor Rahul Bhatt.

Bhatt writes that Headley had contacts in the drugs mafia.

Exclusive: David Headley and I

Bhatt was interviewed by officers of the Indian security services: including someone called Singh.

Singh said, "Why did you refer to him as Agent Headley?"

Bhatt writes: "I had already answered all the questions about why I thought Headley was an American agent and probably from the CIA."

Bhatt replied to Singh: "Headley always liked to flaunt his knowledge about spy craft and espionage, and his knowledge of different kinds of weapons..."

CIA asset Ayub Afridi. In close collaboration with the CIA, Afridi financed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan with profits he made from the heroin trade.[1] He also transported weapons supplied by the CIA to the Mujahidin.

Bhatt told Singh that Headley had once told him that he knew Ayub Afridi.

"I had never heard of this man at all!" said Bhatt. "But Headley told me that Ayub Afridi was a hot-shot drug lord, the Pablo Escobar of Pakistan. And he told me that he knew him personally. What else would you make of him, Mr Singh?"

Bhatt told Singh:

Headley, while talking about Afridi, had spoken about a weapons bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan, where one could get Uzi submachine guns cloned in Iran.

Headley also said that heroin was openly sold in Pakistan and that he had some very good contacts in the drug mafia there.

According to Headley, the entire drug belt in the Pashtun area of Pakistan was run by the heroin mafia.

The book "Headley and I", by S Hussain Zaidi with Rahul Bhatt, is published by HarperCollins India

David Headley, who claimed he worked for the CIA.

David Headley became mixed up with drugs, sex and an attempt to start a war.

India claims to be still in the dark about who funded the American terrorist David Headley.

"The US never gave us access to David Headley's bank accounts that would have revealed who paid for his trips (to India and Pakistan)," said former Union home secretary G.K. Pillai.

Headley made many visits to India to map out targets for terrorism.



One of Headley's ex-wives told U.S. officials that she thought Headley was linked to the 2007 bombing of the Samjauta express train in India that killed dozens of people.


Parliamentarian Vivek Pandit has said that David Headley has links to the 1993 bomb blasts in India. (Which ex-minister put pressure on Ujjwal Nikam? )

The 1993 attacks on Bombay are believed to have been coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim, who allegedly works for the CIA.



Headley was an agent of the US government.

And he is believed to have worked with members of the Indian security services, who secretly worked for the CIA.

Police chief Hemant Karkare discovered that Lt.Colonel Srikant Purohit, of Indian military intelligence, had got 60 kg of RDX explosive from government supplies for use in the attack on the Samjhauta Express train in February 2007.

(Purohit supplied RDX for Samjhauta bomb: ATS - Express India)

The innocent patsy Kasab, who 'was interviewed by David Headley.' KASAB FRAMED BY ISRAELIS?

On 22 November 2011, ProPublica has an article on David Headley entitled: Contradictions Undercut U.S. Accounts of Mumbai Plotter's Terror Ties

From this we learn:

1. A senior European counterterror official thinks David Headley was an intelligence operative.

2. Headley was born in Washington, D.C.

His mother, Serrill Headley, was from a wealthy Philadelphia family.

(His father worked for Voice of America, reputed to be a front for the CIA)

Serrill owned the Khyber Pass, a club in Philadelphia.

David Headley helped manage the bar.

David Headley with his mother

3. David Headley attended Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

4. In Pakistan, David Headley was arrested for drug possession.

He beat the charges.

5. In Germany, in 1988, police caught him en route to Philadelphia with two kilos of heroin hidden in a suitcase.

6. In 1997, he went to work for the US Drugs Enforcement Administration, which works closely with the CIA.

(The CIA is reputed to be involved in smuggling Heroin)


7. In January 1998, the DEA sent Headley to Pakistan.

He used his father’s house in Lahore to meet with heroin suppliers.

8. In early 2000, Headley was involved in an operation involving Pakistani traffickers and he was studying Lashkar-i-Taiba, an ally of al Qaeda.

(Al Qaeda is said to have been set up by the CIA and is said to be involved in the drugs trade)

9. In New York, Headley joined Lashkar.

He visited a mosque in Queens at the direction of the DEA, according to his testimony and officials.


10. In 2001, a former girlfriend of Headley’s told a bartender named Terry O’Donnell that Headley wanted to go to Pakistan to fight alongside Islamic militants.

O’Donnell contacted the FBI.

Investigators interviewed Headley’s mother and the girlfriend.

The investigators cleared Headley.

The DEA handlers did not write a report.

Governments have used terror in Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Pakistan, India, the USA, the UK... (Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta, Mumbai ...)

11. Headley was on probation for an offence relating to drugs.

A federal judge ended Headley’s probation three years early so he could travel to Pakistan.

Headley’s lawyer, Howard Leader, said: "The fact that this was coming from the government, that was, frankly, highly unusual...It's the only occasion I can recall it ever happening."

Leader said he believed the DEA had made the request and that Headley would continue working for the agency in Pakistan.

Leader said that "In light of the then-very-recent events on September the 11th, I think that he was going to go back to Pakistan with a view towards meeting with or gathering whatever information he could that might be useful to the U.S. government..."

12. A number of DEA informants moved to counterterror work during that period. Some were passed to the FBI or CIA, according to former U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials.

A counterterror source said the DEA had discussions with the FBI and other agencies in late 2001 about which agency could best use Headley.

Officials at other agencies say Headley remained a DEA operative in some capacity as late as 2005.


13. By February 2002, Headley was training in Lashkar camps.

Lashkar camps produced people who went on to lead al Qaeda (CIA) plots.

That summer, Headley visited his mother in Oxford, Pa., a small town about 50 miles from Philadelphia where she then ran a day-care center.

She told her friend Phyllis Keith that her son was training in militant camps in Pakistan.

Keith called the FBI in Philadelphia.

An FBI agent in Philadelphia did basic record checks and closed the case.

14. Headley did more Lashkar training and returned to New York on 11 December 2002.

Headley was not on a watch list.

Headley married a Canadian woman at a resort in Jamaica.

He then did more Lashkar training in Pakistan.


15. According to Charles Wardle, a former Lashkar operative from New Zealand, Headley "was an authority and a power in his own right. He could pretty much do whatever he wanted."

Wardle met American, French and British trainees. The recruits also included a Korean-American and a French-Caribbean.

Wardle traveled to Saudi Arabia, where Lashkar militants helped him make his way to Iraq in time for the outbreak of the war.

Wardle went to Dubai, a hub of Lashkar activity, for training in the use of explosives and espionage techniques.

16. Lashkar reportedly told Headley they wanted to use him for missions in India.


17. In the summer of 2005, Headley visited his Canadian wife in New York.

She had phoned David Headley's father in Lahore.

He had told her about David Headley's Pakistani wife and children.

The father said David Headley claimed to be working for the U.S. government and was spending time in the Lashkar camps.

The Canadian wife contacted the authorities.

She told FBI agents about her husband's work for Lashkar.

An FBI agent called Headley’s former DEA handler.

The FBI agent said the wife had claimed that the drug agent had obtained night-vision goggles for Headley.

The agents did not question Headley,

"Why close a case when you have a guy going to Pakistan to train?" said a U.S. law enforcement official who believes Headley was still an informant.

The Canadian wife was assaulted by David Headley, but the authorities decided not to prosecute.

18. In 2006, Headley traveled to Pakistan. Nobody stopped him.

In Lahore, the Pakistan army reportedly trained Headley in spy techniques.

(At that time, the Pakistan security services worked closely with the CIA)

David Headley at Mumbai airport 7-1-2008

19. In June 2006, Headley’s estranged Canadian wife filed a petition for permanent residency with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The petition gave details of Headley’s militant training with terrorists.

The immigration service took no action against David Headley.

20. Headley spent most of the next two years in Mumbai preparing the attacks of 2008.

Headley joined a posh gym and took part in the elite party scene.

He stayed at the Taj Hotel.


21. In 2007, in Lahore, Headley met a young Moroccan, Faiza Outalha, and soon married her.

She filed assault charges against Headley, who was sent to jail in Lahore.

Headley was quickly freed after certain people intervened.

Faiza reported Headley to the U.S. embassy in Islamabad.

During interviews in December, January and April, she met with agents of the State Department’s security bureau and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Faiza described Headley's involvement with Lashkar and visits to India. She called him a drug dealer, terrorist and spy, according to officials.

She said the agents had an inch-thick file about Headley.

When she mentioned his training at Lashkar camps, the Americans told her they already knew about that.

The State Department security agent communicated the wife’s warning in an information package to the CIA, FBI and DEA, according to U.S. officials.

No action followed.

The DEA senior official says he has not seen any record that his agency was informed.

Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Mumbai suspect David Headley visited the Osho Ashram in Pune twice during 2008 and 2009.(Police claim Headley visited Pune’s Osho Ashram) Some people believe that Osho Rajneesh was a CIA agent. (set up in Pune.)

22. Headley was able to complete his mission.

The targets for the 2008 Mumbai attacks included the Taj hotel, the Leopold Café, the CST train station and the Oberoi-Trident Hotel.

On the night of Nov. 26, 2008, Headley was at home in Lahore when he got a text message saying: “Turn on your television.”

The siege of Mumbai lasted three days.

Headley watched the coverage with his Moroccan wife; they had reconciled weeks earlier.

Taj Hotel - The Mumbai Attackers were 'Hindus' and 'White Men' -TRIPLE CANOPY; THE MUMBAI ATTACKS

23. Headley visited his family in Chicago over the Christmas 2008 holiday.

A female friend of his mother went to the FBI to report that David Headley was working with terrorists.

The FBI did not go find him in Chicago. Agents put the inquiry on hold.

24. In January 2009, Headley went to Copenhagen.

He did video surveillance and assessed targets.


25. Headley returned to Pakistan.

Headley shifted to al Qaeda.

Headley met Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pakistani terror chief (believed to work for the CIA)

Kashmiri gave Headley the names of militants in Britain and Sweden who could help with a Mumbai style attack in Denmark.

26. Back in Chicago, Headley prepared for his second reconnaissance trip to Denmark.

He communicated with two al Qaeda operatives in Britain.

Headley traveled to Derby in the UK to meet two militants.

Headley continued to Stockholm.

Headley then took a train to Copenhagen.

European security services were aware of his presence but did not arrest him.

Headley returned to the USA via Atlanta.

Airport inspectors questioned him, then let him go.

David Headley after being taken into safe custody

27. (Elements of the security services in India wanted Headley arrested and brought to India.

This would not have suited Headley's handlers.)

On 9 October 2009, the FBI took hold of Headley at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

A deal was done.

Headley agreed to a plea bargain that spared him from the death penalty and extradition to India.

28. (Headley has the appearance of someone who has been brainwashed by the CIA's MK ULTRA programme)

Headley loves the films of the Coen brothers.

He has a caring and generous personality and a cold and treacherous personality.

Anonymous writes:

One of the most telling phrases:"India, Russia, China, Brazil. How do you break up the friendship?"

The Mumbai attacks were intended to shift Indian political opinion and further alienate India from Pakistan and bring India into closer cooperation with the US-Israel-UK axis of evil against China-Pakistan.

The axis of evil would be happy just to instigate a war to weaken both India and Pakistan.

If China takes the bait too, that's a bonus.The axis of evil is never terribly original.

It's all the same tired and bloody stratagems they pulled in Western Europe as part of the Strategy of Tension to ensure ongoing hostility towards Russia and European subjugation to the interests of the Angloamerican cryptoplutocracy of banksters.

This dirty work is always done in cooperation with extremists from the intel, criminal and deep political worlds.

Not that there's much difference between them.

Mostly they're filth who can't see past the greenback dangled in front of their runny noses, whether they're in the IB (Indian domestic intel), RAW, RSS, BJP, or mil intel.

And who's doing the dangling? The usual suspects: CIA and Mossad narco thugs....


"Swami Aseemanand’s chilling confession is the first legal evidence of RSS pracharaks’ involvement in the Samjhauta Express and 2006 Malegaon blasts." -

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