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Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

On 15 November 2012, there was a by-election in the UK, in Manchester Central.

In Manchester Central, the voter turnout was 18.16%.

A growing number of people know that elections are a waste of time, as the 'big decisions' are made by secretive cabals.

These cabals appear to have links to the security services and to Israel.

Sir David Bell who attended the University of Pennsylvania

Members of the board of directors of The Economist Group have included: Sir David Bell and Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

On 16 November 2012, the Daily Mail names some of the secret rulers in the UK.

Common Purpose is a 'spooky' charity that runs leadership courses.

The 'international communications agency' was founded and is owned by Alan Donnelly.

Donnelly lives with Peter Power, an ex-spokesman for and close associate of the former Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

Jacob Rothschild and Peter Mandelson

Sir David Bell is on the panel of assessors assisting Lord Justice Leveson with his inquiry into press standards.

Sir David is a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the group behind the BBC Newsnight report which failed to mention the names of any powerful child abusers.

Sir David heads an organisation called Common Purpose which sends public servants on ‘leadership’ courses.

Jean Charles de Menezes

Among senior police officers linked to Common Purpose is Cressida Dick, the police commander in charge of the operation that ended with the 2005 shooting of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes.


Dick chose Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers to head the investigation into phone-hacking and payments to police and public officials at Murdoch's News International.

Read more:

Blair and Savile, friends of Israel

Some people want the UK print media to be firmly controlled by Ofcom, the media regulatory body. 

Ofcom is largely staffed by friends of Tony Blair.

One of these is Ed Richards, who was senior policy adviser on the media to Tony Blair.

Other names to note include Baroness Helena Kennedy, linked to Common Purpose, and Robert Peston, BBC business editor and Common Purpose 'cheerleader'. 

Sir Bob Kerslake, head of the Home Civil Service, is a Common Purpose graduate.

Lord Patten, chairman of the BBC Trust, is linked to Common Purpose.

Jon Williams, the BBC's World News Editor, is a graduate of Common Purpose.

Professor Richard Sambrook, who was the BBC's Head of News and director of the World Service, is a fan of Common Purpose.

The secretive cabals try to keep us in the dark.

The Waterhouse Inquiry examined child abuse at children's homes in North Wales.

A former Deputy Director of the Bryn Alyn children's home, Des Frost, was not called as a witness, despite reporting abuse at the home to the police.

A year after the report was completed a former ITV Wales journalist had a private meeting with Sir Ronald in which he says he told him about Des Frost's claim.

"More and more instead of it being a conversation between the two of us, it was me telling him things and my impression is that he was stunned, shocked, by the Des Frost allegations. I got the impression he knew nothing about it." - FORMER ITV JOURNALIST PADDY FRENCH

Child abuse inquiry 'may not have heard key evidence'


Anonymous said...

This article seen on the david Irving website exposes Jimmy Savile as being protected by zionist interests in Britian,
Its the last word on why the
Zio-BBC did nothing about stopping him

Anonymous said...

"Mark Linder is a Common Purpose trustee. He is also an executive at the leading lobby and PR firm Bell Pottinger."

Read more:

I find it interesting that there are two 'Bells', both on either side of the political fence, so to speak, near the central nexus of this. Cabal behind the cabal? Wheels within wheels.
Apropos to the DM for the almost full tilt but curious that they seem to push the line that it's only about 'the Left'.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the name of the cabal is, they are all the same cabal, any seeming difference is just for 'chaos' sake, they all have the one name really and it's 'legion', it's all the left hand path, and they all have the same goal.

Not sure this isn't a 'oh look over there!' tactic, when in fact the lamestream media is very much an arm of this octopus - one arm of the legion octopus pointing and another arm and telling us that is the enemy when it's actually the head, we need to be interested in.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the 'Peter Power' you mention as living with Alan Donnelly is not the Peter Power of Visor Consultants notoriety, but may be the Irish Politician.

Anonymous said...

from icke's....

"Well, well, Bell: Sir David Bell, leading light in the Leveson inquiry into press standards, is trustee of the group that produced the Newsnight interview which sparked the naming of former Thatcher treasurer Lord McAlpine

Bell is a key adviser to Leveson and major player with government insider Julia Middleton in the infamous Common Purpose, an organisation long exposed by Brian Gerrish at the UKColumn over many years and an organisation that has regularly appeared in my books.

Common Purpose is handed millions in taxpayer money to run 'training course' for 'leaders' at all levels of government, law enforcement, the whole lot - the 'system' in other words. They are developing system people with system minds - this is why there has been such a transformation of the dynamic and relationship between people and the personnel of the system.

Julia Middleton just happens to also be co-founder with Bell of the Media Standards Trust -'a lobby group behind a huge amount of evidence presented to the Leveson inquiry'. Two other Leveson advisers, former Ofcom chairman Lord Currie and Sir Paul Scott-Lee, former Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, have connections with Common Purpose.

A Daily Mail investigation 'has uncovered an incestuous network of political, business and financial links between Sir David, ex-chairman of the Financial Times, and individuals and organisations appearing before the inquiry to demand statutory press regulation.'

Sir David Bell is also a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, ‘an independent not-for-profit organisation’, which was behind the interview with Steve Messham that triggered the Lord McAlpine saga that has led to the neutering of Newsnight and BBC journalism in general.
British mainstream media you are being set up with a view to making you impotent and destroying press freedom - can you see it now?"

Anonymous said...

Christinne said...

amazing how lord mcalpine ressemble winston churchill.... any wonder?

Bridget said...

@ Aangirfaan & Anon @ 12.49

Peter Power Mandelson's EU Trade Spokesman:


is neither the PP of 7/7 nor the Irish TD.

Anon said...

The background papers for the massive sandusky pedophile case in the US, is identical to the similar case here in Britian, showing organisation behind both, which seems to be linked by hacked email with a HQ in Tel Aviv.

Brian Davis

Anonymous said...

Mr Alan John Donnelly

Date of Birth: Jul 1957
Nationality: British

Many directorships (hint)

30 Jul 1991 — Close
European Shadow Communications Agency Limited

Sovereign Strategy Limited
Coburg House 1 Coburg Street
Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom

pre 2001 known as Finalgate Strategy Limited


After retiring from the European Parliament in February 2000, Alan Donnelly became the Executive Chairman of his own Company, Sovereign Strategy which he has turned into an international communications agency with offices in London, Newcastle, Brussels and Kuwait.

Following his retirement the British Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, issued the following statement:

“Alan Donnelly has been an outstanding member of Labour’s team in Europe since he was elected 11 years ago. In this time he has served the people of the North East well and has consistently excelled, gaining positions on key committees within the European Parliament as well as playing a full part in the Labour Party back home in the UK.”

First elected to the European Parliament in 1989, representing the constituency of Tyne and Wear in the UK. For two years until his retirement from the European Parliament in January 2000 he was Leader of the Labour Party in Europe.

Unknown said...

Watch for the name Kennedy.

Baroness Helena Kennedy is just one of them.

For reference see what Springmeier had to say on the subject.

Following the dualist approach that They so adore, Helena Kennedy is a good example.

She is a gatekeeper par excellence.

On the one hand ostensibly undertaking much charitable work:

The Helena Kennedy Foundation

And with a purported high level of concern for 'human rights' and social justice:

"Helena Kennedy is one of Britain's most distinguished lawyers. She has spent her professional life giving voice to those who have least power within the system, championing civil liberties and promoting human rights."

"She has used many public platforms – including the House of Lords, to which she was elevated in 1997 – to argue with passion, wit and humanity for social justice. She has also written and broadcast on a wide range of issues, from medical negligence to terrorism to the rights of women and children."

Then on the other being hand picked to give the inaugural Tavistock Square Memorial Trust Lecture to 7/7 survivors and families at the BMA in Tavistock Square Gardens the scene of their 'triumph' and our pain. Sick.

Also see Charter 88, Common Purpose, Medical Aid for Palestinians, the Human Genetics Commission, The Power Report 2006, International Bar Association Task Force on Terrorism, Michael Bettany espionage trial and Guildford Four. The list goes on

She is up to her neck in it. Like a lot of other Kennedys.

Nonetheless 'a friend' still gave her and Rafferty a battering one day in the Court of Appeal, or so I heard...

Carol A. Valentine
Unrepentant save before the Lord.

Anonymous said...

If it's true that Leveson is a social acquaintance of Liz Marduk, isn't that a conflict of interest? Strange that the lamestream media would neglect to investigate this alleged connection in it's critique of the inquiry.

Anonymous said...

There is another group of powerful men connected by being alumni of McKinsey&Company: William Hague, Tony Blair,Archibald John Norman, Ian Davis, his brother Sir Crispin Davis is very interesting because he owns some of the most important companies involved in gathering information on people, among other things.

Anonymous said...

So the Leveson Enquiry is packed with those who believe only the grauniad and the bbc can be trusted; others might blurt out the truth and frighten the natives. (Pst - your country is being overrun with foreigners by design).

Just like the Iraq enquiry was packed with those who believe that sacrificing goyim for the sake Israel's safety is what any civilised country (with synagogues) would do.

Unknown said...

Another Gatekeeper Kennedy:

Sir Paul Kennedy

- A High Court Judge

- The Interception of Communications Commissioner

'Responsible' for 'independent' oversight of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

- Also a member of the 'Advisory Board of Youth at Risk'...?!?

In a speech given to a select audience on 6th December 2011 Sir Paul Kennedy stated in relation to the interception of private citizens communications:

"Those who operate in this field are intelligent, careful and conscientious. They are at pains to comply with the law. They do not seek warrants unless they believe that it is necessary and proportionate to do so."

"What I and my inspectors have found, time and time again, is that local authorities do not misuse their powers"

"I am puzzled to say the least by the proposal to require all local authorities to obtain the approval of a magistrate before they can use these powers."

"Happily in my experience so far deliberate and mischievous abuse of powers has not been a problem."

Really. So Sir Paul if all of your above pronouncements are true then why is it that 1 in 78 Britons has been subject to a surveillance request?

From Sir Paul's 2012 Annual Report:

"Much has been said about the reform of intelligence oversight and the proposed Communications Data Bill. In my view it is right to update the legislative framework so far as is necessary to ensure that law enforcement and intelligence agencies may keep pace with the increasingly complex communications methods being used"

Without doubt a Gatekeeper and one of Them.


Some readers may also be interested to know that a certain member of parliament, Mr Harry Cohen, descended from eastern immigrant stock, who got into trouble back in 2009 for claiming parliamentary expenses for a house that happened to be let out to tenants, had his difficulty reviewed and case closed by yes you guessed it Sir Paul Kennedy...

March 2011 Report of Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons:

"We append a report from the Rt hon Sir Paul Kennedy of this review...on Mr. Harry Cohen, the former Member for Leyton and Wanstead. The Committee is grateful to Sir Paul and to all those who assisted him. We now regard this matter as closed".

A clear case of one tribe backing up the other tribe...

Carol A. Valentine

Unknown said...

Aang sorry to have to bang on on the Kennedy theme ... but

If the Kennedy point were not already clear enough the following sheds more light:

So it seems Sir Paul Kennedy was heading a charity which sanctioned the abuse of young offenders:

"Some offenders were reportedly reduced to replying: “I'm dirty – unwanted – bad.”


Also I could not help but notice:

"Sir Ian Kennedy, a lawyer, academic and close friend of Alastair Campbell, the former Downing Street spin doctor, was made chairman of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, which will scrutinise the system from now on."

Further sources on the Data Communications Bill:

"Sir Paul Kennedy, the data interception watchdog, said it was "essential" for the law to be strengthened, although he believed the proposed new powers would be used sparingly."

"He told the committee the police and security services could only obtain about 75% of the information they needed to help secure convictions and disrupt potential terrorist activity and this gap was "very dangerous"."

You know you are living in a satanic/zionist police state when even the Regulators advocate ever greater police powers.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

"Watch for the name Kennedy.
Baroness Helena Kennedy is just one of them."

FYI, Helena Kennedy is of Jewish immigrant origins and is not a real Kennedy.

Unknown said...

Thank you Anon @ 10:49AM

I appreciate you taking the trouble to read what I am writing. Clearly I must be pressing a few of the right buttons.

There seems to be a lot of 'its the jews' 'its the jews' finger pointing going on. For my part all I will say other than the below, is that I think it is a little more complicated than that.

Whether by design or by accident you may be mixing up one dead 'Helena Kennedy' who was Hungarian and jewish:

With the Baroness Helena Kennedy QC I was referring to and who 'apparently' is 'Roman Catholic'. Here she is giving an interview about it to the 'New Humanist' (if that is not in itself a contradiction and dead give away about a certain lack of sincerity...):

So Baroness Kennedy self-reports as having jewish friends and being a supporter of jewish issues but not being jewish herself. Many people might say the same, that does not make someone jewish or crypto-jewish.

According to her wikipedia entry she is a Roman Catholic born in Glasgow in 1950 to a working class family of four girls, her father was Joshua Kennedy who worked for the Daily Record

Her mother was a housewife about whom she has said:

"My mother's closest friend when she grew up in the Gorbals was a Jewish woman called Celia Katz and my mum remained very close to Celia always. We were really much closer to Jewishness than we were to Protestantism."

In the absence of more information about her mother perhaps it cannot be conclusively ruled out.

Certainly she is definitely a Kennedy which was my point.

However, if Mr.Anon or anyone else can shed more light here then as always I will be grateful.

Carol A. Valentine

tony roma said...

“He won’t be coming back”: Jeremy Paxman to quit Newsnight after Lord McAlpine scandal

so adieu mr strutting cock.
mr w12s cocksure thing.

oh licence fee scum kneel before mighty smarmy jezza of the lend lease white city.
who’s concrete soil has sucked forth so much blood,flesh and rancid semen over the years.
a west london crime scene well beyond fred west and his masonic chums.
no cadaver dog search in that ritualist satanic w12 shithole.
just praise for the best telly maker in der world init.
hail bbc paxman the pox newsman.
are fake hero.
the so called slayer of giants the peeples equaliser with word weapon.
a simple phrase yes or no answer the question.
a performance but no art just bad theatre.
like his friends the dimble bees of dumbledoor.
the frank jaw war gardeners,the pesky p p prat pesten’s the shiter the other mr robinson.
mi5 men one and all.
pox ridden captured tools on a million a year.
flaccid informational uk gov cocksmiths working for tired gay vauxhall spookmen and the vampyre queen.
no suicides of shame for these common purpose tools, just a cushy tax payer funded pension.
a humble reward for a lifetime of lies and deceit.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tony for the laughs - I am glad to be leaving the humour to you. Not my speciality!

Another Kennedy:-

PC Mark Kennedy

Police Agent Provocateur working for the very shady National Public Order Intelligence Unit.

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