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Eileen Fairweather

For over 20 years, investigative journalist, Eileen Fairweather has been exposing powerful paedophile rings in such places as Islington in London, Essex, Hackney in London, Jersey, north Wales and Romania.

Her work has led to numerous government inquiries. 

Every government inquiry confirmed that child abuse had taken place.

"But did they bring child abusers to justice? 

"Not at all."

"Inquiries are mostly the establishment's way of managing dissent and pretending something is being done."

Inquiries fail abused children - The Guardian (blog)

The role of the security services in organising child abuse is usually covered up. Website for this image

"Not one of the resulting inquiries has had the power, remit, skills or resources to investigate properly....

"These rings all join up. 

"An investigator may start by looking at a home in north Wales but soon will be looking at a linked home in north London or Devon. 

"The paedophiles protect each other and swap children, references, cover stories, venues and customers. 

"Yet no one ever joins up the dots and says it is time we investigated them nationally...

“Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming... Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room...They all had to drop their pants and bend over... a big man raped each one of them in a lineup." - Bryce Taylor - Website

"Many survivors or those supporting them have tried to point police towards the people and places used to prostitute children. 

"They have identified child brothels, transportation routes, hotels and bars, fixers, providers of false documents and outlets for the lucrative trade in images of child abuse. 

"Almost none of this evidence has ever been acted upon.

In Europe, the police and security services have been linked to the child abuse gangs. Website for this image...

"The child protection whistleblower who contacted the MP Tom Watson last month did so because he was once in a team of just the kind needed now. 

"I was first in contact with his team and wrote about it 19 years ago, before it was abruptly closed down by orders from on high. 

"It was ... a joint police/social services investigation into the ring around childcare guru Peter Righton. 

"It produced establishment names and revealed an alleged linked cover-up by Labour - let us never forget paedophilia is a cross-party crime - and was shut down as a result. 

"Not one of the implicated men was prosecuted.

"We need to kick down a few doors and rescue some children..."

Eileen Fairweather is a freelance journalist covering child protection issues


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

fantastic article, i lived i East London and my elder brother was a driver for the krays, they had several, the slum landlord Peter Rachman ccording to his girlfreing Mandy Rice-Davies, would supply children usually tenage boys to people like the krays to pass on,
occasionally he would abuse them himself, reputedly several bodies are around the Rising Sun pub in Epping forest

Anonymous said...

The main problem is these people have 'friends' all over the place, deliberately nurtured, so the authorities, the judges, the lawyers, the politicians, are basically investigating themselves. And thus, offering the odd expendable sheep, or pleb, for the slaughter, preferably an already dead one, are in a position to slide the REAL perps off to one side and cover the real problem up.

I still say Savile must have had a bankbox somewhere, with evidence in it. The lease has to run out sometime now he can't renew it, but how long do we have to wait, and will the person opening the box burn it, use it themselves, or put it on the www.

We need hard evidence, of the sort that would stand up in court, or, I suspect, the top guys'll slip off the hook. Either documents, photos, films, or someone brave enough to go Queen's Evidence and expose his mates by signing a sworn statement.

And risk he and/or his family 'having a sad accident'.

As I've suggested before, the police knew of ill-deeds way back in the 50-60's but lacked said evidence. They could not act without it. I know because they got me to try and persuade some abused girls 'from a big house in central London' to sign statements at Bow Street.

I failed.

I know girls don't have any, but they had the balls of a gnat. Their families would not be amused, it seemed. They preferred to be abused and not lose their titles and inheritances.

I've been able to check one or two, and they have done what the family demanded and married very rich.

What's love got to do with business.

Unknown said...

So now their Hegelian agenda becomes clear:

My message to TPTB:

It is most often not the parents that children need to be protected from. It is the state that they must be shielded from.

Carol A. Valentine

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Anonymous said...

@ Amanda - Because TPTB are trying to aggressively promote homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice" and if the public realised that virtually all of these paedophiles are homosexual or bisexual it would be a blow to that.

Anonymous said...

...Peter Rachman, according to his girlfriend Mandy Rice-Davies, would supply children, usually teenage boys, to people like the Krays to pass on, occasionally he would abuse them himself, reputedly several bodies are around the Rising Sun pub in Epping Forest...


a: Which Rachman.

b: And when and where did Mandy say this. She wrote a couple of books, I've never found one, so has no one else I've been in contact with. Have you? Like to scan it and post it? Aang will sort and edit it, gladly.

Be aware: my research into that business is deep and far-ranging.

And with surprising results.

There were TWO Rachman's, which one are you referring to, the short, fat, ugly one, or the tall slim, boyishly-goodlooking one, the one Mandy lived with in Israel after being released from an Irish Jail for gun-running for the IDF, who designed and made the decorated tiles her bar and nightclub were decorated with.

The bar Israeli special-forces drank at in '67...

(I DO know what I'm talking about).

The real Rachman (Scarface, in Russian) studied art and design before the war, and worked part-time as a designer of decorated tiles, intending to buy the factory when the owner retired.

The fat one was an ex-para from East End who was born in the Polish Quarter and could pass as a Pole if no real ones were around. He was hired by the tall one to impersonate him. Thus all think Rachman was a small, fat, bald, greasy Pole who smelled of garlic, and drove around in a huge white Yank barge of a car and fondled little girls in his strip-clubs.

He's the one who died in '62. Not the real one.

Thus, incognito, the real Rachman could operate in the shadows. If he was seen he was assumed to be one of Rachman's bodyguards or drivers. I'm told he was so intelligent and clued about clandestine activities you wouldn't want to play chess with him.

The real Rachman lived until the early-mid 80's, still looking 20 years younger than he actually was, barely a grey hair on his head, a respected multi-millionaire property developer. He often used to crack a beer with the guys at Private Eye, who knew full-well who he was, they had Gold Cards to the strip-club in Soho Mandy ran as a hobby. She loved stripping and was the favourite artist, dancing only at weekends as she had a family to raise. If he and Mandy actually married sometime is a mystery, but they certainly were a couple from '61 on, despite the problems his life-style caused, and he is likely the father of their daughters despite it all.

There is no indication Rachman abused kids. He might have arranged for Peter Arne to give them the odd 'present', as Ronnie likely would demand a 'sweetener' before discussing business (via mercs I knew of several arms-dealers who were the same, they hated it but the guys needed the weapons, so...). Mandy, abused by her stepfather from early-age, would have clawed his eyes out if he was actually into that sort of stuff.

Mandy and Keeler said absolutely nothing during the scandal, or later, that has any anchor in reality. They were given a script to follow ...or die.

Arranging Ward to be discredited to the degree no one would react to his 'suicide' was dangerous enough, but 'doing' the girls too was definitely not an option.

There were eyes out there, watching... Who might not be amused.

Anyway, yet again, if you know anything could you share it with Aangirfan? Leave it here, he/they don't post everything he/they get. Any detail of interest, it might be banal, but it's all part of a jigsaw puzzle, that banal comment might be the key to a door. I'm interested in photos, you can glean quite a bit if you know what to look for.

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