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Dallas Downtown

DALLAS, November 8, 2012

"My stepfather used threats against my mother to gain my complete surrender to him and his pedophile sex trafficking ring."

The prayer of a sex trafficked child: Escaping the abuse - Washington Times - by Jerome Elam

The 'Kids in the saddle'  was a very large American pedophile ring.

Customers could rent a boy and do whatever they wanted.

"This usually included rape, torture, bondage and choking or even hanging a child to the point of being unconscious."

Members of the ring included doctors, lawyers, politicians and judges.

Children were drugged, beaten and murdered.

Not all Texans are bad.

Three top people in the community ruled the network.

One of these, called Duke, liked to murder kids.

"Duke masturbated after killing Steve...."

Duke and his friends liked to shoot boys with bows and guns.

"In desperation I had cried for help on several occasions, once to a doctor who was treating me for bruised ribs.... On my return visit to see him I had three broken ribs as a lesson for talking.

"The second occasion of my plea for help involved telling a female teacher... she asked me to stay after school and while in her office she molested me as the principal, who was a new member of 'Kids in the saddle,' watched."

Continued here: The prayer of a sex trafficked child: Escaping the abuse

"Notice the leopard print? Think Sex Kitten Programming isn’t real?" 

"And you can best believe that politicians, athletes, clergymen, entertainers, attorneys, doctors, the Mafia, drug lords and scholars of all kinds are all partaking in this ‘forbidden sick fruit’...

"If an estimated 2 million people are under mind control ..."

Ritual Child Abuse “Noemi” in French Case

Angers in France. Photo by Denis Pithon

Do child abuse rings exist? (Haringey boy's link to child abuse rings and top people. )

Is there involvement by government officials?

Do some adults sexually abuse babies?

Between 1999 and 2002, a large paedophile ring operated in the town of Angers in France.

(Child abuse gang horrifies France / A Town Called Angers - TIME)

At least 65 adults were involved.

13 women reportedly raped boys.

There were 45 abused children.

The youngest of the abused children was 6 months old.

The oldest was aged 14.

Some of the children were prostituted and raped by their own parents and grandparents.

21 of the 23 families involved in the case had been monitored by French social workers.

The first report of abuse was in 1999, but the investigation only began in 2002.

Three of those put on trial had a previous conviction for child abuse, and were supposed to be under police supervision.

Some of the abused children talked of a group of men who arrived at the abuser Franck V.'s apartment wearing suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks.

Franck V.'s lawyer Pascal Rouiller said he believed the men were part of a wealthy pedophile ring.

Le Monde said Angers' police and judges were using "evasive justifications" about why they missed more than a year of warnings about child prostitution.

The elite are corrupt beyond belief?

The above German documentary looks at three cases of child abuse in France.

"Three victims, 'Deborah', 'Robert' and 'Noemi' tell about their experiences of abuse, and how they were molested in a pedophile network.

"In cases such as the Casa Pia case in Portugal, the Dutroux case in Belgium, the Franklin affair in the USA, the Jersey case in the UK and the Zandvoort affair in the Netherlands, there have been allegations of cover-ups.

"Noemi, in this documentary, claims to have met Marc Dutroux, the Belgian pedophile who was convicted for kidnapping and killing several girls in the late 1990's, through her father. 

"If this is true, it is explosive evidence of the case reaching beyond national borders, something that has always been suspected by researchers.
"The stories involve child-murders, infant sacrifices and instances of cannibalism."

PM Julia Gillard announces royal commission into child sex abuse


Anonymous said...

Gillard may be hoping this will prevent the taxpayer funded propaganda network, the ABC, getting the same scrutiny the BBC is getting - most people are suprised how quickly she agreed.

She's a (former) lawyer. Previous Royal commissions haven't achieved much change but they dominated the newspapers and other issues get less noticed.

Anonymous said...

About 14 -15 years ago a childrens home in West Lynn Norfolk, fought hard to supress the fact that mainly boys were being used by mainly men but also and this is shocing, some women too.
A social worker called John Cross was told by several boys not realising he was part of this.
Incidentally Jimmy Saviles breath was awful, even the boys who were asked knew who it was by the smell, i was told he only came to our home twice, i never saw him myself.I cant understand why no one is lsetning to boys abused by savile ?

Anonymous said...

The spiritualist church was taken over a few years back by a group of homosexual mediums, these were quite blatent and would often turn up at meetings with a toy boy in tow, they would only promote other gay mediums and heteros got sidelined,a pressure group was formed to take it back and were met with much hostility.
The catholic church was riven apart with homosexual preists, and the Church of england now votes for homosexuals to get married, why when studies show the average home relationship lasts 3 weeks ?
Karen Cummings

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


"Comment on the Internet about UK political paedophile scandal that has followed the Savile revelations

'People who make decisions for us have always been slimy and sneaky, but this, this is different, this is disgusting people being allowed to bulldoze through any laws, and decency, and morality, and we are just fucking idiots for putting up with it.

Lets be honest, if we all cared that much we would be on the streets marching for truth, but the guilty know we wont, and that's why they do what they do, including stealing from us, taking us to wars, and evidently either abusing children or covering up for those that do. The thing is, these nonces are open to blackmail, and that means they are controlled, and that to me is the scariest notion.

read the other night about Ted Heath, a known homosexual who liked young boys, and was well known for his tastes, and it seems common knowledge that seems to be accepted. What the fuck kind of place are we living in when we actually vote for perverts like that? Seriously, if there isn't a revolution, we may as well all hang ourselves in shame because ultimately we have the power to stop this, and we don't, and we wont, and the fuckers know it.

How 60 million brits can be controlled by a couple of hundred people is shocking, yet they do, and we are nothing but fodder and money earners for them all. And we watch this disgusting scandal unfold, and what will we do about it…??

We will go to work, pay our taxes, talk about it amongst people we know, but it will change and stop nothing. Our media are blatantly being gagged in front of our eyes and even now we just sit and watch. WE are to blame for this, because we, the masses, do nothing to stop them. We ALL know now that seriously important leaders/judges have been involved in abusing children, I guess we all feel that sick feeling inside, well maybe that's our conscience, because we let it happen.'

Yes, but we now have a chance to expose it and stop it by refusing to accept the current cover-up.

Don't be fooled by the political Establishment and it's mainstream media."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

j said...

"Child Abuse" is not only about sexual abuse . There are also more forms of abuse (also child labor of course!).


Anonymous said...

In the 1970's in Clarksburg West Virginia, Raymond Shields the brother of the chief of police would pull up in front of W I school and offer under age boys money for sex.In the 1980's the county, Joe Trupo, sheriff's campaign manager, administrative assistant and former news reader on WDTV channel 5 John Peters paid to have sex with a 14 year old boy named Rodney Delaney.

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CHILD ABUSE RINGS IN THE USA AND EUROPE":

I had to comment after seeing the piece on the west lynn kids home.
I moved from Luton and took up work as a postman in Kings Lynn Norfolk, one of the managers there
told us he wa a worker there and used to nob the kids " only when they deserved it " he said there was some smashing young arse there.
He also bragged that he worked in a care home and they used to get into bed with the old dears with alzheimers who thought they were teenagers, he said some were so desperate for a little affection, we used to go in lock the door sit down and say " suck this off "
this manager xxxxx would later sexually abuse me, the goings on there were awful, we had an old guy who tried to whistleblow
they sacked him for "theiving" and did some terrible stuff to himand his family
he died some two years after also from an allzheimers related ilness

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