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"Real Whitby investigative-journalists have identified eight locations in Scarborough and one in Whitby that were associated with Savile and the paedophile-ring of influential people that he operated there for over forty years.

"It would appear that four of these locations are unknown to the police. The single location in Whitby still exists and is alleged to have had a whipping-post in it."

North Yorkshire Police and Jimmy Savile : How much ... - Real Whitby /North Yorkshire Police and Jimmy Savile : How much did they know?

Whitby Website for this image. "MI5 may have been involved in a cover-up to silence child abuse allegations" MI5 'link to abuse'

In 1987 a fire hit King's Cross underground station in London.

"Just two months before the King’s Cross Fire, pop duo, The Pet Shop Boys released their second record entitled Actually.

"The final track on the album is a melancholy song entitled, King’s Cross which, in a rather bizarre coincidence, appears to foresee a disaster at the station with the lyric:

"'Only last night I found myself lost, by the station called King’s Cross… dead and wounded on either side, you know it’s only a matter of time…'"

Tales From the Terminals: King’s Cross (Part 1, History & Film)

Allegedly, certain juvenile members of a pedophile ring  were in a cafe, underground, when the fire broke out.

Allegedly, the fire was started deliberately.

King's Cross.

1987: Disaster underground

"Inspector Peter Power was sent to the scene of the King's Cross fire to co-ordinate the efforts of the emergency services.

"He ran the Metropolitan Police's forward command post for much of the evening and most of the night on 18 November 1987."

ON THIS DAY | 18 | 1987: Disaster underground / WagNews: The Pied Piper of the London Bombing

Peter Power, who was also involved in the London Bombings of 7/7

There are good journalists, who tell us that pedophile rings do actually exist, and appear to be protected.

And there are journalists, often fascists, Jews and crypro-Jews working for the spooks, who pretend that such pedophile rings probably do not exist. 

There is a suspicion that it is 'friends of Israel' and friends of 'fascism'who ultimately control both the pedophile rings and the spooks who make use of the pedophile rings?

John Major sued and won. He had been accused of having a mistress. 

Owen Jones, in the Independent, reports: "They were little children, gang-raped and beaten till they bled by those charged with their care." 

The real victims ...-The Independent

"Buggery, rape, bestiality, violent assaults and torture," is how Labour Member of Parliament Ann Clwyd described the findings of the Jillings Report into abuse at children’s homes in north Wales.

The real victims ...-The Independent

Prime Minister John Major's Jewish mistress, Edwina Curry

Steven Messham was sent to Bryn Estyn at the age of 13. 

He, and other children from Bryn Estyn, and other homes, "were sent to flats and hotel rooms in their pyjamas to be raped. 

"By the time Messham escaped on the eve of his 18th birthday, more than 50 men had abused him."

The real victims ...-The Independent

Abused children "can be plagued with self-hatred, an inability to form meaningful relationships, and a tendency to 'escape' through drugs or risky sex.

The real victims ...-The Independent

Lord Boothby sued and won. He had been accused of having a link to a gangster.

"It is a mystery why a recent photograph of Lord McAlpine was never shown to Steven Messham - although the police have largely escaped scrutiny for seemingly wrongly identifying him to Messham in the 1990s as one of his tormentors."

The real victims ...-The Independent

Lord Boothby with gangster Ronnie Kray, supplier of boys to the elite. The postcard that exposes pervert Tory peer's lies.

Will the police be sued by Lord McAlpine for identifying him as a possible abuser?

"Steven Messham was let down badly by the police and by journalists; he is now re-living his abuse while being publicly smeared. This must not be allowed to continue. The focus must return to the victims..."

The real victims ...-The Independent

Steven Messham, victim of child abuse, and threats to kill him. Steven said that he not only had Polaroid photographs of this famous abuser, but the man had told him who he was and how he would have him killed if he ever spoke out. Click here to see the interview ...

Lord McAlpine is NOT the person who abused Steven Messham, according to Steven himself.

The Guardian was the FIRST part of the mainstream media to name Lord McAlpine.

"New evidence obtained by the Guardian suggests that the senior Conservative figure at the centre of sex abuse allegations broadcast last week by BBC2's Newsnight has been a victim of mistaken identity.

"A local councillor who was himself a victim of abuse at Bryn Estyn, the Wrexham care home at the centre of the allegations, told the Guardian on Thursday he did not believe Lord (Alistair) McAlpine was involved in the scandal."

'Mistaken identity' led to top Tory abuse claim | Politics | The Guardian

Was Lord McAlpine smeared because of his move away from the Conservative party, after 1990?

"After Thatcher left in 1990, he was unsupportive of John Major's premiership, particularly its Europe policy, and joined James Goldsmith's Referendum Party... "

Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green - Wikipedia.

Was Lord McAlpine smeared by Scallywag magazine as part of a campaign to help Tony Blair's pro-Israel Labour Party?

So, who did abuse Steven?


David Icke has written (Newsletter on child abuse):

"What I find strange is that he (Lord McAlpine) is talking about legal action now... when he did not take legal action 'in his prime' in the 1990s when he was very prominently named in relation to abuse at North Wales children's homes by the now defunct Scallywag magazine.

"McAlpine told the BBC this week that it had been an 'horrendous shock' to hear the allegations...

"I don't understand. The Scallywag article could not have been more explicit. And why does he say that it was an 'horrendous shock' to hear these allegations when similar ones have been published before and he did NOTHING?

"... If he had showed in court that its allegations were not true, this would have nailed the allegations for good..."

(Lord McAlpine has said that he left it up to John Major to sue Scallywag.)

David Icke continues:

"After McAlpine made his denial statement, suddenly Steve Messham retracted his decades-old claim that McAlpine was one of his abusers...

"That was shocking enough, but his explanation for doing so was absolutely bizarre.

"Messham apologised for naming McAlpine (he hadn't publicly) and he said it was a case of 'mistaken identity', the same words that McAlpine had used in his statement earlier the same day. Newsnight then made a grovelling apology for naming McAlpine when they hadn't...

"Steve Messham said that the reason he recanted that night on his not publicly mentioning the name of Lord McAlpine is that he was shown a picture of him by police 'in the last hour' and he realised it was not the man who abused him over and over and over decades ago.

"Messham said that the problem of 'mistaken identity' arose because police showed him a picture in the 1990s of the person that he said abused him and they told him that it was Lord McAlpine.

"Now they had shown him a picture of the 'real' Lord McAlpine 'in the last hour' and he had realised that it is not the man in the picture that police showed to him in the 1990s.

"WHAT? I mean where do you start with an explanation....

"We are being asked to believe that... he never once sought out a picture of McAlpine of any kind in the decades since his time in the children's home until the police showed him one 'in the last hour'?

"MP Tom Watson said after he asked his question about the Downing Street paedophilia ring in Parliament: 'I'm not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It's spooked me so much that I've kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen.'

"Only a few days before Steve Meesham came out with his sudden 'mistaken identity' apology, he told Channel Four News how he had broken into the flat of an abuser in North Wales and taken dozens of photographs of abusers raping boys, including himself, and some clearly showed the face, he said, of 'the prominent Tory abuser'.

"Was he talking about the same man that days later he said that he had misidentified or someone else?

"Further, he said that he not only had Polaroid photographs of this famous abuser, but the man had told him who he was and how he would have him killed if he ever spoke out. Click here to see the interview ...

Sian Griffiths.

"So Meesham said that he took the photographs to police and that although the faces of the abusers were clear to see the police said that they could not identify men in the pictures...

"Meesham's story about the pictures is corroborated by Sian Griffiths, who worked in the inquiry office at Clwyd Council in the 1990s during the two inquiries into abuse at North Wales children's homes.

"These were the Jillings report, which was never published because the council was warned by insurers of possible legal action by those that the victims named, and the main Waterhouse inquiry which did not allow victims to name who they said were their famous abusers...

Website for this image...

"Sian Griffiths, who sat at the administrative centre of both inquiries, told Channel Four News that Steve Messham's photographs of abuse were ordered to be destroyed. She said: 'We were supplied with copies of court documents ... there was an order made for the books and photos to be destroyed.' This is Sian's interview ...

"Why would you order that photographs showing abusers should be destroyed?

"(A quick aside here, but a very relevant one: When you see that Channel Four News interview with Steve Messham which did not name anyone, how is that any different to the BBC Newsnight interview with him, which equally didn't name anyone? Yet now the BBC (licence fee-payer) is forking out £185,000 in compensation to McAlpine over an interview in which he wasn't named? Will McAlpine be seeking an out-of-court settlement from Channel Four News? That's laughable, but the BBC is easy pickings now what's left of its balls have been handed over on a platter.)"

Lord McAlpine is NOT the person who abused Steven Messham, according to Steven himself.

We suspect that Lord McAlpine is a strong character and will survive the recent unfair accusations against him.

Lord McAlpine has had an adventurous life, and now runs an excellent bed and breakfast in Italy.

“Another world”

"This is one of my most favorite places on earth. This is a magical setting.....Lady Athena and her husband are the most wonderful hosts. Pierluigi is the best chef.....wish I could take him home! We totally escape when visiting this place. We also always meet the most interesting people."

Lord McAlpine's Sex Secret.

January 27, 2002

Lord McAlpine's partner "is 27 years his junior, and younger than two of his children".

"So how has the former Treasurer managed to marry his third heiress - and why did they have to hide their love from the world?...

"In the official version, their friendship blossomed into romance after his separation from Romilly in October 1999, although there was dark talk on the gossip circuit of adultery - the uncontested divorce papers lodged by Romilly last March cited adultery, although no one was named...

"In fact, until recently he was estranged from his two eldest daughters by his first marriage... the relationship had been cool since he left home when they were teenagers...

"McAlpine .... did lose much of his fortune on an eco-tourism venture in north-western Australia in the Nineties."

The Greek Junta, reportedly put into power by the CIA

How about this:

Grovel to Tory Swagman Lord McAlpine

 March 4, 1997

"The onetime party treasurer (McAlpine) said (prime minister) Major asked him to approach shipping boss John Latsis before the last election, when the Tories were broke. Soon after, Latsis handed over pounds 500,000...

"Lord McAlpine told Channel 4 news: "He (Prime Minister John Major) said to me 'Look, you know Captain Latsis... Why don't you puddle along and see if you can get some money from him?'

"... Lord McAlpine's revelations fuelled suspicions that foreign cash has helped turn a pounds 19million Tory party overdraft into a pounds 20million election kitty in just five years...

"Latsis, believed to have given pounds 2million to the party, was close to the evil military junta that ran Greece from 1967 to 1974.

"Former Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir, who has letters of thanks from McAlpine, gave the party more than pounds 1million. He is in Cyprus after jumping bail on fraud charges.

"Receivers have since demanded back more than pounds 400,000 thought to have been plundered from company funds. The Tories have refused.

"Fugitive Octav Botnar, former head of Nissan UK, has admitted giving pounds 90,000 to the Tories. It is thought he may have handed over as much as pounds 1million between 1979 and 1983...

"Tories deny that wealthy donors are rewarded with knighthoods and peerages."

How about this then?

Quote taken from “The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business” 1999 by Lord McAlpine

Lord McAlpine’s views on dealing with the media:

"Another option is for the businessperson to learn the art of dealing with the media, using all the tricks that go with that trade – such as the false defeat: when a person seems to lose, in order to gain public sympathy, or the false triumph: where a person seems to win in order to appear strong – thus giving credibility to any number of dubious propositions that person may wish to make in the future.

"Neither of these ploys are examples of the use of true facts, rather of false facts given to the media to chew on, much as a dog chews on a bone.

 "Another useful ploy is the false accusation.

"First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. 

"Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. 

"Those who have made accusations ... become discredited. 

"Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion. 

"Always remember that people’s memories are very frail, remembering only both the high spots and the lows of a person’s career, and then seldom remembering accurately.

"People believe in the facts that it suits them to believe." p176. 

Wendy by Graham Ovenden

How about material indicative of paedophilia?

"In May 2003 the London Evening Standard reported that Lord McAlpine was the 'well-known and anonymous collector' for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 'fashion and eroticism' photographs, including '10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden'.

"Graham Ovenden is on a Ministry of Justice list of suppliers of material indicative of paedophilia - p.11"

Public Protection Manual Chapter 11 ... - Ministry of Justice

Lord McAlpine tidies his Wikipedia entry

Privates on parade

"Under the hammer: 'A (Very) Private Collection: Fashion and Eroticism Photographs, 1970-1990'. Well, not so very private. The vendor has been revealed as Lord McAlpine, whose reputation as a collector has hitherto resembled more that of 18th century curators of curiosities than a connoisseur of sexy photos. But his eye for icons is evident. Here are images by the legendary David Bailey, Guy Boudin, Terence Donovan, Bob Carlos Clarke and 18 others, estimated £200 to £1,200 at Bloomsbury Book Auctions, 3 & 4 Hardwick Street, London, Friday 23 May (1pm). Inquiries (020 7833 2636/7), www.bloomsbury-book-auct.com. Shown here, Bob Carlos Clarke's 'Polished female (Tanya in rubber pants)', 1990, est £800-£1,200."
Alternative investments: Eye-popping good value | Money | The Guardian.

Sale title – A (Very) Private Collection - Photographs

Date – 23rd May 2003. No. of lots - 325. No. of pages – 89. Illustrated – black & white

Condition – Good - a sale catalogue of erotic photographs by important photographers; David Anthony Jean Francois Jonvelle David Bailey Karl Lagerfeld Enrico Bossan Andrew Macpherson Guy Bourdin Edward Maxey Alex Chatelain Graham Ovenden Bob Carlos Clarke Bettina Rheims Henry Clarke Nigel Scott Terence Donovan Jeanloup Sieff Norman Eales John Swannell Stephane Graff Luciano Tomasin Horst P Horst Alvis Vega. Apparently part of the collection of Lord Alistair McAlpine, donated to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Scarce

Bloomsbury 2003 A (Very) Private Collection Photogra ... - WorthP

"Eccentric British developer Lord McAlpine had a dream - an urge to create a whole new civilisation in Australia's North based around the town of Broome in the remote north of Western Australia."

"LORD Alistair McAlpine called them stupid, the people who blew up the house at West Green in Hampshire that he had handed back to the National Trust the week before...

"He spends much of the year in Venice and Broome...

"In 1990 Margaret Thatcher led 3000 mourners in St Paul's Cathedral to honour the life of Lord Alistair's father Lord Edwin McAlpine of Moffat.

"Father and son are descendents of eight generations of Scottish kings.

"Father and son raised the money for Mrs Thatcher's election campaigns as personal friends and staunch supporters."



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Why didn't John Major go to prison for perjury?

Anonymous said...

my understaning from MI5 wa sthat there are only 4 people alive who knew the kings cross fire was started deliberatly, and if i spoke out they would know who to come for
the fre was scheduled for the week before but cancelled at the last minute, it was professionally instigated and carried out, i have much to say on this

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Charles Edward Frith said...

Now that Mr Icke is back in the fold all it takes is for you to target senior Royals and I will once again be confused who is feeding information to this blog. Mind blowing information.

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We just have to keep uncovering the truth http://google-law.blogspot.com/2012/11/child-abuse-investigator-andrea-davison.html

Anon said...

Dave Pringle Huddersfield:

When I was at the Rochfield home
the staff there were almost all gay; any heteros were soon frozen out; nobbing the boys was seen as a perk of the job; they used to say to us "keep quiet or that Mr Jan... will come and get you "

Jimmy Savile, "james " he liked to be called, was a regular; how he has only been named as doing girls I just dont know as he was always after the boys back then.

Anonymous said...

Malcome KIng who exposed North Wales child abuse in suspicious crash North Wales Child Abuse Whistle-blower in Suspect ... http://google-law.blogspot.com/2012/11/north-wales-whistle-blower-in-suspect.html?spref=tw

Unknown said...

Some people say Carol A. Valentine is under investigation by the UK Government.

That is incorrect.

It is the UK Government that is under investigation by Carol A. Valentine.

What is more I can confirm that as part of that investigation

Peter Power, of Visor Consultants, is wanted for questioning.

Thanks Aang for highlighting the link to Kings Cross.

Anonymous said...

Is it not illegal to destroy evidence of a crime? I'd have thought it would qualify as either aiding and abetting or obstruction of justice. No? Why have the councillors not been charged?

Keeping in mind of course that they cannot claim that the information they destroyed was not evidence of a crime. Had it not been they wouldn't have destroyed it.

Anonymous said...

David Icke can't understand why Lord MacAlpine didn't sue Scallywag; hint David - Lord McAlpine is a businessman. Would a libel action against Scallywag heve been a sound investment? Why bother if it wasn't affecting his life; afterall, anyone doing the most basic research would soon discover that McAlpine was rather more interested in the ladies.

As for Messham, the more I read, the more I am inclined to agree with the the judge at the time of the original investigation that he is an unreliable witness.

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Google the Medomsley Monsters

Ian Leslie said...

Not for the faint hearted, VERY GRAPHIC

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