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Recently there has been a report on child abuse gangs by the Children's Commissioner for England.

The panel "met various agencies who gave evidence that all victims in the area were white British females.

"Next the panel met workers from the youth offending service in the same city.

"Their evidence showed that all of the victims were 'black and minority ethnic girls'.

Racism and child abuse: the prejudice behind the pain


Anonymous left this comment on the post "WE NEED GAY PEOPLE":

I am generally happy with the level of intelligence and compassion at this blog.

This comment thread is truly weird.

The convoluted logic and mental gymnastics people are using to justify their homophobia is laughable, and a bit sad.

The child abuse topic here has rightly focused on sympathy for the victims and on the big picture of how child abuse in many ways is a means to an end.... to blackmail individual politicians and control governments.

Wars, austerity programs, and a slow steady drift to fascism are all enabled by politicians totally in the control of evil shadowy figures.

Getting hung up on homosexuality and its role in all of this is a waste of time.

I wouldn't be surprised if the guy who runs this blog put up this 'we need gay people' post to remind his viewers that some of their homophobic rants are not accurate, kind or relevant.

The push back from some of you people on this shows that you have a lot to learn about life.

I guess it would make sense that the most extreme positions here, the Jesus nut who hates queers and the evolutionary zealot who uses his superior intellect to hate queers....are reflective of the views that our propaganda merchants want us to have.

The rest of us in the middle understand the big picture and are quite capable of seeing good (if it is there) in our fellow human beings.

I have had many great friends in my life, some lesbians, some gay guys, most straight people.

My gay friends would simply have hurt feelings and react with sadness reading some of the vile puke in the comments here.

I like to think they are from greasy trolls rather than real people.

Anonymous left this comment on the post "DUMB WHITE PEOPLE":

Good article.

As we all search for the truth and cast aside our lifetime of indoctrination, saying goodbye to the left vs. right duality is vital.

As a lefty, finding ways to embrace the righty, redneck, hillbilly cliche.....

I remembered simple men from my childhood.

Good honest trustworthy neighbors, not too bright, not prone to complex thought.

Perhaps there was a time when simple men (today's dumb white person) were very valuable to society. 

Hard working, bring home the bacon, love the kids and their stay at home wife etc.

When those men live in a free country with good leaders, they are valuable contributors.

The traits that make them all of that, make them very susceptible to ugly propaganda.

The stuff of FoxNews and W Bush, dumb, ugly, simplistic talking points create the modern 'dumb white people' that this article discusses. 

The education system as many point out, is a huge part of why this is happening.

We all have potential to be good or bad.

The conversion of the simple honest hard working man to the dumb war loving drone has been a great crime.

Good discussion of it here.

Hull in the UK

"Hull has lost a lot of its factories and its docks are no longer as busy as they once were....

"Earlier this year Carl Cooper, who runs a Canterbury-based marketing agency for car dealers, attempted to expand his sales force by offering jobs to seven unemployed people.

"Yet not one turned up on the first day.

"One said he overslept, one complained the rail fare was too much and four said that it was raining too heavily to get out of their front door.

"But on closer prodding Mr Cooper found out the truth: five admitted that they had calculated they would be better off staying on benefits."

Hull's job crisis is happening all over the country | Express Comment ...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Turns out MI5 knew about Savile for sure. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1522875/Revealed-how-the-BBC-used-MI5-to-vet-thousands-of-staff.html


Anonymous said...

Since my comment was censored under your white people are dumb post, I will no longer be reading.

There was nothing foul or wrong with my comment and there was no reason for it to be censored. You are what is wrong with this world--picking and choosing what is acceptable to be heard. Ridiculous!

Unknown said...

Aang -

I think They may be playing with you.

Some of the toys and ploys They have are tricky.

Be careful. They have been getting very active lately.

Sometimes its better to take no steps than to take false steps.

Best wishes,


CanSpeccy said...

A person's tendency to irrational hate is, I suspect, more or less inversely related to their power. Those without money, social position, authority, good looks, or achievements of any significance, are, on this view, the most likely to engage in bullying, lynching, and cheering on brutal fascist leaders.

Hence the lynch mobs of the US Deep South, where the white "trash" were inclined to take it out on niggers, the only people more powerless than themselves. Hence, today, the demonization and casual slaughter of dusky Muslim "terrorists", which serves to keep the masses in line with the forces of imperialism.

Anonymous said...

I get my housing paid, $440 a month, foodstamps $200 a month, a free cell phone with 160 minutes a month, free health care at the Veteran's Hospital, and for college I get tax fee grant money of $10,000 a year. When I was working I made $31,000 a year so I am not better off.

Anonymous said...

the government has made it law to have a minumum wage, many employers pay well under this.
In Norfol the "friday rule " is common, this is when a job is advertised as payinga good wage but when you start you are told you work friday for free for "admin costs "
The article on gays missed the point, we need to get professional help for these people
several psychiatrists were able to re orientate, before the government stopped this.
So whose wrong the 99% of the bloggers or the one person with his ideas ?

Anonymous said...

I believe that people should get more credit than they get. I have been noticing a " circle the wagon "mentality. Our media is creating a fear for knowledge. I would be comfortable laughing at something than being laugh at, even knowing its true. GROUPTHINK. How much easier to wipeout culture during Tv indoc sessions than at other times? Believe more and be confused less!

Unknown said...

Oh, golly.

I was one of those 'dumb white people'. Yes, a card carrying Republican who, if you can believe it, worked for Reagan's re-election in 1984 years before I was even old enough to vote! I shook hands with his VP (Bush the Elder) and am ashamed to admit I didn't throw up on the man.

Later I was old enough to vote.

It took a while, but after a few elections I realized I had never voted 'FOR' a candidate; only 'AGAINT' another candidate.

It was only late in '08 that I finally comprehended the fact that the system is rigged against all of us.

What amuses me is this: the cliche that those on the right are: "not too bright, not prone to complex thought, hillbillies."

Really? Is that how those of us on the 'right' are?

Let's consider some traits of those on the Left.

"Eager to follow authority"; "Quick to acquiesce personal rights for rights of the majority"; "faith in the rules and regulations of the State"; "trust in International Govt"; "agreement that personal weapons are anti-people". Does that serve in part to sum up the beliefs of the so-called liberal left?

It is stupid for any of us who consider ourselves awake and hope to awaken others by using the old, warn left/right paradigm.

Arguing Left/Right in a blog such as Aangirfan is like going back 20 years and bringing up bullshit that readers of this blog have already determined as being false.

I didn't have a problem with your pro-gay/homosexual agenda. I can understand that we all have different beliefs and yet have the same goals.

But this post really does make me wonder: Has aangirfan been co-opted? If not, your most recent posts are anti-anti-NWO and your readers deserve an explaination.

You are much better than this.

So what's your point?

Zoompad said...

This is the last post I am going to make on your blog, and I am reposting it onto my own blog just in case you dont publish it.I feel disguasted and betrayed by this comment:

"People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned."


That is a lie.

I don't want to be associated with your blog any more because of this, Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

"Christian Worship & Hypnotic Manipulation"


dognamedblue said...

I have to say I think you are mistaken
I think you may have read it wrong
to suggest that after all the work Aangirfan has done that they are promoting the abuse of children just doesn't make sense
you will find in the next blog your piece is in quotation marks & attributed

Anonymous said...

Hello Unknown

Didn't mean to cause you offense by referencing the negative cliche of the 'hillbilly'. And I certainly did NOT characterize all those on the right of being the 'dumb white people' which the article was discussing. What is your game here?
Maybe you missed the part where I stated that getting beyond the left right duality is vital?

I spend more time on traditional establishment lefty blogs which support the Obama lies, taking my fellow liberals to task for supporting his fascist ways. Honest.
I am quite willing to trash ignorant unthinking liberals who support the immoral Obama wars in Libya, Syria etc. Happy now? Ready to move forward?
Surely those of us claiming to rise above that left/right crap, can acknowledge that the cliches still exist without freaking out on one an other??

This topic of child abuse should unite every single person to defend kids and to stop the crimes.

And to stop the crimes we need to know why they happen. The control of governments (left or right) through blackmail of individual politicians with child abuse photos is the nut....not homosexuality.

I don't see any "pro gay homosexual agenda" here either, just one that stands up for all good people, no exceptions. I fail to understand how you can demand an explanation from this blog for asking people to pause and reflect on the notion that this is not some homosexual crime spree. Over 100 articles here bravely take on the topic of child abuse, while just 2 of them defend gay people from the increasing number of ignorant homophobic comments. And for that, you wig out telling him 'he is so much better than this'.
What is your game here?

Some people want to twist this complex topic to fit their simple gay bashing mindset (worse, some trolls work to distract from the core issue and get people fighting amongst themselves?) they are not helping.

All the abusers are scum, be they male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish or Rastafarian.
If we can all remember that the protection of kids from abuse is the priority, none of us should have any quarrel with each other.

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