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Jimmy Savile. Website for this image

The military, in the USA and Europe, developed the 'Monarch' brainwashing programme.

Project MKUltra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Website for this image

"As a child I was made to wear plain dresses with a single butterly on them, I was given a butterfly necklace for my 13th birthday (when one is considered a woman), and my mom would adorn me with butterfly barrettes.

"The butterfly is a symbol of Monarch programming, and it is an image that is supposed to represent the soul, many Monarch slaves within the music industry discreetly wear a butterfly in some form."

MonarchSlave - Above Top Secret

"Have any of you read Wire in the Blood? The book that became the tv series? 

"It's about a woman hating celebrity guy based in Yorkshire who grooms young girls whilst travelling the country and volunteers at the local hospital where he has a key to the morgue. 

"He'd go in late at night to help burn body parts, including those of his victims who he'd kept tied up and tortured/raped. 

"It's mostly set in Leeds and the coast to the East where Saville had his flat. Wire in the Blood"


Jimmy Savile.

You'll find:

- top politicians and Jimmy Savile down at Haut de la Garenne
- the oddity of teachers at special schools lining up the girls for Jimmy to pick his mate for the evening 



dognamedblue said...
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Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

28 seconds, who is that great big brown and black butterfly?

Zoompad said...

The butterfly at 25 seconds

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago, a Labour MP resigned his post, because as a married man with adult children, he was 'busted' at a gay bath house.

Before that, a very celebrated Jewish stock broker suicided in the 2nd bedroom of his mother's apartment. This stockbroker was married with 5 adult kids. Numerous scandals surrounded his celebrity/fabulous wealth, including a young woman who also met her death at the foot of a cliff...
Let us please expose the cabal in Oz

Anonymous said...

So this is who I am

the Bee Gees and Celine Dion sublime song

once again

the sacred and the profane
boys and girls
criminality and the divine..
Barry is the last man standing....
and the women?
symbol of my faith in who I am

Human beings
and their destinies
staying faithful to whom we are born to be....
we don't say goodbye...

aangirfan you have literally hundreds of thousands of page views and a tiny handful of common taters? LOL

God Bless Aangirfan and all truth seekers and see ers and speakers.

Zoompad said...

Aang, there is something funny going on with access to your anti corruption blog.

It is being rated as an adult site. I tried to access it from my mobile phone last night, and a message came up saying that if I wanted to go onto your blog I would have to give credit card details to pay to get on.

That doesn't seem right at all.

Anon said...

Dear Zoompad,

We have no 'anti corruption' blog.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Dear dognamedblue,

Your links take us to adverts.

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

hmmm, not an "occupy the banks" pages?
weird, here's some of the youtube vids that were there:

Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation:
[dutch child snuff movies]


beyond detrux affair:

there was a page that tried to load in my browser so that may have been the adverts that you mentioned
try these pages:

my web browser blocks all adverts so miss them, my bad

Anon said...

Dear dognamedblue,

I've added one of the videos to the text.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Hu Bris said...

you might also want to add this to the text -

Audio extract and transcript, taken from "Gobshite", a live recording made of one of Sadowitz stand-up show in 1987, since withdrawn from publication. [audio]

"There's been serious allegations, in the news, of child abuse in Cleveland. Serious allegations of child abuse in Cleveland. Now to my mind there's only one way of finding out [if] whether it's true or not, and that is to call in Jimmy Savile! You can't afford to fuck about; bring in an expert.

Am I right? I mean a friend of mine think's that Jimmy Savile is a paedophile; rubbish, he's a child bender! That's why he does all the fucking charity work, it's to gain public sympathy for when his fuckin' case comes up.

I've always known that... Ay, ay.. Ay, he may be able to fool you, not fuckin me, I'm tellin' you that. He doesn't fuckin' fool the big nose Jewish bastard over here, I'll tell you that. I've always thought that if you could take the action of a wank and turn it into a voice, you'd get Jimmy Savile, wouldn't you!

Now then, now then, lovely, lovely, lovely, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh you lovely, young Billy, ooh, ooh."

found here:

Anonymous said...

there are people who are very suspicious of British police, charging a 46 year old known to the family, for murdering April Jones.

No body of the child ...

has she been trafficked?

Is the accused, a link in the organized 'ring' of paedophiles?

Anonymous said...

CASTLE SAUTOU, Satanic rituals/child abuse....

felix said...

Hope you like the cycling pics, Aang

More about "Oscar" here.
Just some interesting and little known but not relevant background.

Zoompad said...

I cannot express how disgusted and angry I feel right now about this

Anonymous said...

You posted an image a few days ago that was of ord Lieutenant of Orkney Colonel Macrae and Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile, taken from the Orkney Library & Archive blog {}

They have now pulled it!!!
Someoine is scared up there maybe?

Google has a cache:

One sharp-eyed blogger has noticed:

Memory Hole in Orkney Library

keep up the good work!

Zoompad said...

Ann Widdecombe was in it.

Here is some of the correspondence I had with Ann Widdecombe concerning the imprisonment of 200 people in 2005 following secret family court trials. It is interesting to see how little she appears to care about this, judge her words for yourselves:

Unknown said...

Aang, Anon 9:27pm et al. got some interesting stuff on Orkney going up on the blog shortly. Just a few dot connections for others to use for further study. All a little mind boggling. It goes a bit further down the rabbit hole but all very high end.

Zoompad, thanks for pointing out that butterfly on the vid. That was well spotted.

I was ill over the weekend but picked up your reference to the FOIA requests you have been doing. Good work. Did you want a help with any of that in future?

I will pop over to your blog when I get a minute.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

I never looko the net but my cousin showed me all this because i often talk about a broth and sister i knew years ago, no one be,ived them at the time but over the years the story never changed and always stayed the same, now i believe it fter seeing this, the young brother and sister wrote in to jiml fixit, now called jiml poxit for the number of kids who got the pox from him, jim replied and said meet us in the studio where we can chat without your parents, the parents thought it must be alright it is jimmy saville,
but the children were given a drink and driven to a music shop they did not know where, where other children were and were wlecomed by a man in a ladies fur coat and nothing esle, they said they were woozy from the drink, a man from the BBC asked their names
and thier surname was frank, he said no relation to Ann Frank ? thats all fake and just a bollox story. the kids were asleep when driven back. their mum phoned the BBC to complain and got sent a solicitors letter from saville saying he did not abuse the boy and his sister and would sue them for every penny if they spoke of it again. The boy said he got an STD from jimmy.

Anonymous said...

Hattie jacques was a very unhapy jewish comedienne who suffered from depressive spells and used to chat to me at the doctors surgery where i worked, she told me that
on the set of the Carry-On films, Frankie Howard said that Tom Driberg and Jimmy Savile were satanists who abused kids boys and girls BTW some were killed off.
Alan Yentob was told of this but said he could not go against a fellow Jew

Anonymous said...

I forget who it was now but one of the writers for a real news site
showed that the Bruce spingstein/manfred mann hit
" blinded by the light " when you listen to it, tells of illuminati abuse of kids, itsa shock when you ctually listen to the words
thanks pete

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