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According to The Sunday Times, recently retired military generals in the UK have been secretly filmed claiming that they have the ability to influence arms deals if they are hired as lobbyists

The rules governing lobbying say that generals must have been retired for two years before they can become involved in any activity which might be helped by their previous role.

Lord Dannatt, the former head of the UK army, talked about "targeting" the UK Defence Ministry's top civil servant, with whom he went to school.

Montgomery Britain's most famous general , who loved young boys.

Lieutenant General Richard Applegate, a former Ministry of Defence procurement chief, reportedly described a secret lobbying campaign in parliament for a £500m military programme on behalf of an Israeli arms company.

The Sunday Times says Lt Gen Applegate was prohibited from lobbying at the time because he had recently retired.

Sir Jimmy Savile was known to have had dinner with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of the UK Defence Staff at the time of 9 11, and was known to have had close relationships with the leaders of Israel.

3500 military staff 'left to join arms firms'

More than 3,500 senior military officers and Ministry of Defence (MoD) staff have moved into arms firms within the past two decades, new figures have disclosed.

American wars and UK job opportunities?

According to Private Eye (UK), August 2005: Sir Robert Walmsley, former head of UK defence procurement, procured himself a job as director of US arms firm the EDO Corporation.

Admiral Lord Boyce, the chief of the UK defence staff who retired in 2003, became an adviser to the US arms firm CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) in 2004.

Boyce told Private Eye that he advised CSC on its bid for a £6 billion defence contract.
Nicholas Knatchbull, killed alongside Mountbatten. Mountbatten, Oldfield, Kitchener, Haig...

Qinetiq sale made £107m for 10 top civil servants

David Cameron, Dame Pauline Neville-Jones and QinetiQ.

The bin Laden family and the Bush family have had investments in the Carlyle Group which once bought a large stake in Qinetiq.

Qinetiq and bin Laden and Bush and Blair


Anonymous said...

Gen Montgomery was despised by his men for abusing young soldiers. at night soldiers would creep past his bodyguards to daub huge penises on the side of his tent.
a daily herald journalist interviewing some 8th army soldiers asked the question, what would you ned to win the war ?
a soldier was severely disciplined for saying
" give us Irwin Rommel "

Charles Edward Frith said...

Bloodlines are the critical issue here.

Anonymous said...

Yes Charles so why don't we start by you telling us all about yours?


Anonymous said...

During WW11 Lt-Col Sir Claude Dansey knowingly hired a French double agent Henri Derincourt, who betrayed some of England's finest young men and women. These were tortured and executed by Germans, while their controllers continued their posturing, important lives, aided and abetted by the usual suspects: politicians+press+police.
Dansey too, was despised, but he got to live to an advanced if lonely old age.

In Robert Marshall's book All the King's Men, there is no mention of sexual perversion, but the flow of money and blood lines is unmistakeable.

The same sadistic psychopaths are operating today. Truly evil.

Derincourt, an obviously skilled French pilot, was a true narcissist, who seemed to live a charmed life, devoid of conscience. He cheated on everyone; having survived several air crashes, (he also worked for Air France) he eventually was killed in a plane crash, leaving an Asian 'wife' whom he picked up, while 'trafficking' in Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia.
Yes: the money to be made for the Masters of the UNiverse from armaments/war, drugs and sex, rule this world.

Growing up in Australia, we mostly foreign children displaced from war torn Europe, plus the descendants of reject English/Irish convicts and their very posh administrators were taught to salute the flag, honour the Queen and serve our country.
When any dignitary visited, all the stops were pulled out.

What a pretentious, hideous farce, now that I look back, with the hindsight gleaned through hard won experience, plus the revelations I learn here.

Then, in the fifties, so many of us, took that seriously.
So seriously, we gave our lives to 'the cause': serving and protecting Queen and country.

That photo aang has published, show the eternally exquisitely dressed Queen to be so cold/distant/aloof, standing in front of those excited kids and the staff who encouraged that excitement.
Knowing the abject conditions of most of those kids, my heart goes out to them and all who suffer today, while these obscenely wealthy ply their 'charity'.

Now, I am so, so, so ashamed, of the goings on in these iniquitous halls of power.
I have learned for my self, the extent to which 'dissidents' get vaporized/eliminated.

How people can gather in bleak, cold crowded conditions for hours, just to wave their little flags at these horrific, cold-blooded specimens who suck the life out of all they touch, makes me cringe.

Sorry if this is a rant, but aangirfan is doing a great job, not only fearlessly publishing the realities of life in 'high office' and their 'secret connections and activities', but also providing links to other websites, for our broader education.
I am now reading A Place of Greater Safety, by an impressive and gifted woman, H Mantel, on the French Revolution.
I am seeing the connections.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was a close neighbour of actor peter Arne and was privy to local gossip, what i do know is that Arne has connections through the RAF to some big players on the world scene, and hired out boys for sex to them. Arne through pillow talk knew details of "bomber " harris war crimes and Rothschilds power over him and Churchill.
BTW no mention of the welsh singer from pontypridd who has abused more women than robin gibb.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Mine are exotic and stretch back to Sumerian geography Carol. Is that your real name Carol? What do you think about Royal paedophilia and sacrifice?

Charles Edward Frith said...

Anonymouse writes: "Sorry if this is a rant, but aangirfan is doing a great job"

No it's not. It's distracting from the real action ie living breathing power elite in positions of Royalty and protected by MI5 with kiddy abuse secrets to hide.

Anonymous said...

@Charles Frith:
How and who?
When aangirfan's focus is relentlessly on the military -(Queens Household /Guards/Cavalry and all that) and vicious, perverted homosexuality and treachery etc)church, and numerous royal family members, child sexual abuse, torture and murder
and the ever manipulative, sadistic, ingratiating/scheming/intermarrying Rothschilds, how are we distracting?
In the article cited by aangirfan, it is clearly stated how some within M15 had to bottle their rage about Blunt and his treacheries.
Here are some quotes; it is well known the extent to which the QM was a manipulative, scheming, controlling, snobbish piece of work.
That is why she and her daughter protected Blunt: he was one of her own kin and kind, while George and his family were emotional cripples and bullies.

The Queen, fully briefed about Blunt's confession, played her part perfectly and Sir Anthony Blunt continued to be a familiar and welcome figure in the royal palaces, as official adviser on her art collection, just as he had been to her father

'Blunt had a special relationship with the Queen Mother, while Margaret Thatcher publicly exposed him as a traitor in 1979 - he died four years later.'
'But after he was exposed in 1979, it was different, though no one ever mentioned his name in front of the Queen Mother. While in no way condoning what he'd done, she didn't like to hear him being disparaged.'
'Burgess found him easy to manipulate. He had seen in the emotionally stunted Blunt not just a wish to commit himself to anti-fascism, but also an appetite for subversion which, in those days of illegal homosexuality, was keenly whetted.'

When I concluded with a ref to the French Revolution, it was an allusion to the end of monarchy. That of course leaves the age old dilemma of living breathing Zion, and all the unwanted children of the cattle class.

Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Charles. Sumerian you say, that is not too surprising in the circumstances, although not by way of Belerion though as there are too few of those left now. As for the other questions all I can do is leave it for others to judge.

Carol x

Charles Edward Frith said...

This blog is taking very good care of the living perpetrators. Royals and ancient bloodines who can afford to throw a few morsels to the crowd in order to keep them off the scent.

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