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Steven Truscott

On 9 June 1959, 12-year-old Lynne Harper disappeared near an air force base south of Clinton, in Ontario, in Canada.

Two days later, air force searchers discovered her body on a nearby farm.

It looks as if the police decided to frame a 14-year-old called Steven Truscott.

Perhaps this was to protect some well-connected child abuser and child abuse ring.

Lynne Harper

There were a number of possible suspects, including the following:

1. A convicted pedophile who was stationed at the airforce base at Clinton at the time of Lynne Harper's death.

A retired police detective felt this man was capable of murdering a child.

In his house there was an eight-volume transcript of Steven Truscott's hearing before the Supreme Court of Canada in 1966-67.

2. An airman, Sgt Alexander Kalichuk, who had a home close to the base, and who was a former alcoholic and psychiatric patient known for having a sexual interest in children.

He had tried to pick up a 10-year-old girl two weeks before Lynne's death.

He fits the description of a man who was seen trying to pick up other children in rural areas.

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3. A convicted rapist who worked on the Clinton base as an electrician at least one day a week. 

The man had been to the Lynne's home before the murder to repair a clothes dryer.
4. A minister and "accused sexual offender" who lived just north of the Clinton base.

He has been accused of sexual assault by his daughters.

One says that when she was 6, she saw her father carrying the limp body of a girl towards a grassy, treed area.

Apparently the police were only interested in framing Steven Truscott.

Steven Truscott and Lynne Harper were in Grade 7 at the Air Vice Marshal Hugh Campbell School located on the north side of the Air Force base.

In the early evening of 9 June 9, 1959, Steven gave Lynne a ride on the crossbar of his bicycle, from the school northwards along the County Road.

Steven says that he took Lynne to the intersection of the County Road and Highway 8, where he left her unharmed.

Steven says that when he arrived at a bridge, he looked back toward the intersection where he had dropped Lynne off and saw that a vehicle had stopped and that Lynne was in the process of entering it.

Bob Lawson spotted a car at the murder scene. Website for this image

At 11:20 that evening, Lynne's father reported Lynne missing.

On 12 June, Steven was taken into custody.

Steven's trial began in September.

Karen Daum told police that she was looking for turtles in a river when she saw Steven ride over a bridge on his bicycle.

This agreed with the evidence given by two boys. 

Their statements all supported Steven's version of events. 

Karen Daum was not called as a witness in 1959 trial of Steven Truscott. 

The 'two boys' were branded as liars.

Steven. Website for this image

All the evidence presented in court against Steven was circumstantial, and 'centred on placing Lynne's death within a narrow time frame which possibly implicated Steven'.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty.

In 1959, 14-year-old Steven Truscott was sentenced to death for the murder of Lynne Harper.

An application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada was denied.

In 1969, Steven was released on parole.

He married and raised three children.

Steven continued to maintain his innocence until 2007, when he was formally acquitted of the crime.

He was awarded $6.5 million in compensation.

Isabel LeBourdais with Steven Truscott in 1968 outside Collins Bay Penitentiary.

In 1966, Isabel LeBourdais argued in The Trial of Steven Truscott that Steven had been convicted of a crime he did not commit.

In 2000, an interview on CBC Television's The Fifth Estate revived interest in his case. 

Together with a subsequent book by journalist Julian Sher, they suggested that significant evidence in favour of Truscott's innocence had been ignored in the original trial.

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