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Local Farm Labor  USA: A History,

In the USA in 1900:

The vast majority of American women went out to work.

The USA "had the highest divorce rate in the world."

Roughly 10% of American children grew up in single-parent households.

USA early 1900s

Hundreds of thousands of American children were abandoned, "due to shortages of money."

American families "were plagued with disease and death".

Between 35% and 40% of children lost a parent or sibling before their 20s.

Source: Tim Stanley at History Today.


In the USA in the 1950s:

In 1950, only 16% of American women went out to work.

The American economy grew by roughly 37%.

In the USA, in 1958, Jimmy Wilson was sentenced to death for stealing $1.95 from Esteele Barker.[2] This was 'fascist Christian' America.

There were LOW rates of inflation and unemployment.

By 1960 the average American family had 30% more purchasing power than it had in 1950.

America was "the workshop of the world."

"The majority of brides were pregnant within 7 months of their wedding."

In 1960, only 5% of births were attributed to single mothers.

Source: Tim Stanley at History Today.

In the USA between 1960 and 1980:

The divorce rate almost doubled.

By 1980, 28% of births were attributed to single mothers.

By 1985, the proportion of married women under 45 who worked was 67%.

The number of individuals using food stamps rose from 500,000 in 1965 to 10 million in 1971.

The overall effect in the increase in food stamps was a fall in the proportion of Americans living in poverty from 19% in 1964 to 11% in 1973.

Tortured to death by the US military; 9 11 was an inside-job, similar to Operation Gladio.

In the USA in the 1990s:

68% of African-American babies were born out of wedlock.

Lockerbie was about CIA heroin.

In the USA in 2012:

An estimated 19% of gay people were raising a child.

Source: Tim Stanley at History Today.

Americanisation means the destruction of pretty gardens and houses and their replacement with ugly concrete structures.

Americanisation means crime, violence and unhappy children.

Americanisation means that beautiful old cultures are torn down and replaced with malls where you can buy McDonalds or watch a film about madness, mayhem and murder.

Americanisation means control by the military, the drug mafias and the big corporations.

When people try to resist Americanisation they find that they are subjected to false-flag terrorism and rigged elections.

"There are no people outdoors anymore—no kids on bikes, no neighbors talking over fences, no old men sitting on porches."

According to Gallup, 1957 was the happiest year ever in the USA.

After that, it was all downhill.

Bill Bryson has written about the destruction of pretty towns and farms in the USA.

Bill Bryson: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006)

1. American Farms destroyed

Bill Bryson writes: "I was born into a state that had two hundred thousand farms.

"Today the number is less than half that and falling...

"Most small towns in Iowa have pretty well died.

"Drive anywhere in the state these days and what you see are empty towns, empty roads, collapsing barns, boarded farmhouses."

Bigger farms make more money.

2. Americans' worship of money.

Bill Bryson describes the Americans' worship of mammon in the years after 1957.

"We were entering a world where things were done because they offered a better return, not a better world.

"People were wealthier than ever before, but life somehow didn’t seem as much fun...

"Women increasingly went out to work..."

3. Americans become more dumb and more criminal.

Bill Bryson writes: "Juvenile crime continued to rise and the education system seemed to be falling apart.

"The most popular nonfiction book of 1957 was an attack on American education standards called Why Johnny Can’t Read..."

"Television got itself into a terrible scandal when it was revealed that many of the game shows were rigged."

Can of US Cola in the West Bank. Picture taken by Justin McIntosh, August 2004.

4. American Towns destroyed

Bill Bryson describes what happened to Des Moines as the big corporations took over.

"Now we would be able to dine at the same restaurants, eat the same fast foods, wear the same clothes, direct visitors to the same motel beds as people in California and New York and Florida.

"Des Moines would be exactly like everywhere else...

"Often now along streets like Grand and University avenues the old houses were bulldozed to splinters...

"Two stately Victorian houses across from Tech High School on Grand had become sudden vague memories.

By roberthuffstutter

"The old downtown movie palaces were among the first to go.

"Bishop’s, our beloved cafeteria, closed about the same time...

"The Register ... which once truly was the pride of Iowa, got taken over by the Gannett organization three years later. Today it is, well, not what it was...

"My peerless Little League park, with its grandstand and press box, was torn down...

"There are no people outdoors anymore—no kids on bikes, no neighbors talking over fences, no old men sitting on porches.

the boys of Autumn, 1952: bike-riding on Ash in Maywood
By roberthuffstutter

"Everyone is indoors.

"All the downtown stores went one by one...

"Then somebody got mugged or saw a disturbed homeless person or something, and hardly anybody went downtown after dark after that, and most of the rest of the restaurants and nightspots closed.

"In the ultimate indignity, even the bus station moved out..."



Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the Biblical model of husband as breadwinner and head of the household, and stability in marriage, is what works in a society. Of course, the fallen world hates this truth, so expect me to be attacked for saying this.

Anonymous said...

Anony 7.13
My interpretation of the Bible is of extended family as the core of society. In the OT some individuals did dastardly things, while others demonstrated God's qualities. Some were murderous and incestuous while others were frightened and confused. SOme had dreams and faith, while others prophesied on the Coming of the Messiah.

When He came, and showed everyone a better way of Living and Loving, forgiving and merciful and compassionate to the sick and rejected;
as he healed, he was confronted by the 'righteous' ones, who mocked and discredited him with their 'proper' ways.

Afraid of Truth, they saw to his crucifixion, ever careful to not soil their own hands.

Destruction of Truth and Christianity and families continues to be their death-dealing way. There will be no more Saviours, other than those we nurture in ourselves thru discipleship to the Word of God.
We are all born icons of God.
We are all born with Free Will;

to believe or not to believe

we as adults have that choice to turn to God, or to turn away from God.

Children do not have these choices; they are vulnerable and almost completely powerless.

Hence the vile shame to be heaped upon those who exploit them for their own depraved, evil and wicked selfishness.

Nothing under heaven, can justify the actions of adults who sexually abuse little children and it is my hope and prayer that all such perpetrators are brought to full legally sanctioned account and justice.

Suffer the little children...

Anonymous said...

To those religious nuts above: what god did to protect kids from being abused/killed? Nothing coz it doesnt exist. I dont care if my comment will appear or not, truth hurts, ha?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

People have been very effectively blinded to the simple truths of life, and denied the knowledge of how it feels to live a simple life with a sense of belonging, purpose and community that a traditional life offers. I think its fair to suggest that they can't miss what they really have never known. And that makes the whole thing all the sadder. I support what you say about Christianity and I think people should try to get to the bottom of just who has invested so much effort in trying to distort the meaning of it. They had to take it from the Russians by their deaths and yet Americans and everyone else seem to have offered away their faith on a plate. What are humans without their spirituality? And if we don't have it in our lives what is there to stop us regarding each other as mere objects to be used, interacted with and discarded once our needs have been met. People need to start demanding truth. Now!

nina said...

Amazing synchronicity!

From the L.A. Times today:

"What to read into Obama and Romney's favorite books" ...,0,1421008.story?track=lat-pick
...Much about Romney the public figure — and about his opponent and presidential candidates in general — seems depressingly scripted. But "Battlefield Earth" [L. Ron Hubbard's massive sci-fi novel] is a work that's so odd, and such an unlikely choice for any political candidate to name as a favorite, I have little doubt that Romney actually read it. Why else would the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major political party name the founder of the Church of Scientology as one of his favorite authors?

These days all presidential campaigns begin in Iowa, and Romney's reading list also includes a book set in that state — Bill Bryson's memoir, "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid."

"Thunderbolt Kid" is a fun book you can read in a day ...

Kristin in Arizona said...

it isn't "Americanism" that caused all of this, it was ANTI-Americanism! America is what was destroyed- to be replaced with the Marxist ideal: destruction of the American family!

"Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."

"Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

and last but not least:

"25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

Courtesy of Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

Anonymous said...

During the age of European colonialism, the impact of Western society on "primitive" societies throughout the world caused social cultural disruption, social disintegration and often population collapse or extinction, e.g., Tasmania.

In the late 20th Century, Western "civilization" has begun destroy its own. Our culture something that has evolved with us and which is compatible with national survival. It is merely the byproduct of the commercial system combined with state propaganda and state surveillance technology to keep the lid on an increasingly restive, disillusioned and antagonistic population.

Zoompad said...

I feel sorry that people attack those who have faith in their heavenly father by calling them "religious nuts".

I have had to put up with being called a nutter for most of my life. It still hurts, but I tell myself that only a bully would attack someones faith in God by yelling YOU'RE A NUTTER

the gardener said...

Just asked my mother "when did you and dad get your first tv set?"

"oh, it must have been around 1957, it was a 13 inch black and white set".

"did everyone go out and get one when they became available?"

"everyone we knew had one that year" then she proceeded to remind me of the three channels available and the soaps she started watching those first years of television.

Seemed so innocent those tv sets. Most insidiously used tools of our lives.

Anonymous said...

the gardener

I remember my parents' first black and white tv; it was 1958 and because they both went out to work, I would watch it while on school holidays. I adored Shirley Temple, Danny Kaye, Red Skelton, and everyday, mid day movie, the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy; Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, I Love Lucy, Eve Arden, Bonanza....the list goes on.

Living in the country with no near neighbours, I was in seventh heaven with these fabulous 'creations', and of course, real life was forever after that, harsh and disappointing.

Nevertheless, I am here now, having turned off the radio; gave away the landline, car and television ten to twelve years ago.

Having 'uncovered' the core of evil in my region (sex, drugs, prostitution of children and murder and police cover-up etc)I sold my house and prepared to go back to where I had come from as a child-a tiny nation in EU. There, I had been loved by a huge cast of extended family. Life was blissful for me as a little child in post war Holland.
My parents are completely brain-washed by the la-lah land presented on their huge flat screen television. My mother just loves the pretty newsreaders and their stylish clothes and hair, as does my father: 'these people are our family', they crow to their only surviving daughter. My younger sister died of cancer at the age of 45. Anyway, after the house sold, I moved into a transit apartment, while I made my plans. That is when I bought a modem and connected to the internet.
And discovered aangirfan, and the global endemic scourge we discuss every day plus a handful of other websites that confirm my deepest darkest concerns re the human condition, which I am so blessed to have survived.
Going through my own trials of fire, people, ESPECIALLY my own family, just felt confirmed that there is something wrong with me....that I am deficient, hopeless, inadequate, whatever.
But the truth is, that I would call the shots as I saw/felt/experienced them, and that made me a 'trouble maker'.
And so few people in the world around us, are aware. Worst of all, they do not want to be aware.
That is the most frightening aspect of all.

So now I am in great company.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear gardener, I experienced the same situation, thank you for your honest sharing, please write to me at

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