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Anonymous writes about Jimmy Savile:

"I was only 12 but Jimmy Savile came and gave us a talk about himself and his work for charity etc.

"He said it was great cover for his real work as a spy.

"He said spies have to have deep cover and England would be part of a grand plan and it was so exciting to be part of this and all of us children must help to bring England and Israel closer together.

"I later told my Mum and she said its just pop speak and did not mean anything, but i wonder now in the light of recent revelations about high level Jews keeping his dirty secrets."

The Daily Kos tells us about the Jimmy Savile cover-up

"Increasingly it seems that Savile was a protected man.

"One senses that the real question should be the role of the Intelligence/Security services (MI5 / MI6 in UK) and establishment elites in the cover-up...

Jimmy Savile, Politicians and Royalty

"Savile was for years a regular guest of Margaret Thatcher at her official country house when she was Prime Minister.

"Savile was close to Royalty, as well, and a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Highgrove (Prince Charles’ estate). Indeed Prince Charles had visited Savile at Savile’s retreat in Glencoe, Scotland...

Savile's inheritance. BBC grooms children for sex on Cbeebies.
Tapestry at the tap

The Daily Kos tells us more about the Jimmy Savile cover-up:

Sir Jimmy Savile, Pedophile - Protected by UK Power Elites

"The sad fact is that in the UK and Canada the secret Intelligence/Security Apparatus are known to see part of their role as operating outside the law to illegally protect establishment elites from justice when they do wrong.

"BBC Presenters are always vetted by the secret intelligence/security services, and friends of royalty and top politicians are also known to be vetted on a regular basis - Savile was both.

"So it is inconceivable that MI5/6 were unaware of his pedophilia since it had been going on for so long - theirs was the role that hid the truth and protected Savile from justice..."

UK Elites Cover-up Pedophilia using MI5/MI6 :

Wilfrid Brambell and John Lennon
For some years there have been allegations about Jimmy Savile, Wilfrid Brambell, and a former top person in the UK government being involved in child sex abuse on the island of jersey.

Now the mainstream media have mentioned the BBC's Savile and BBC actor Brambell as alleged abusers of children on Jersey.

The BBC's Wilfrid Brambell allegedly abused two boys in a theatre in Jersey in the 1970s.

One of the alleged victims was a resident at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home, where children were reportedly tortured and murdered.

He claimed to have been molested by Brambell at the island’s main theatre, the Opera House.

The second victim, who had not been a Haut de la Garenne resident, also says he was abused by Brambell at the theatre. The alleged victims were aged 12-13 at the time.

Jimmy Savile: Steptoe and Son actor Wilfrid Brambell 'abused boys in Jersey ...

Brambell, who died in 1985, had a criminal record involving sex with boys.

Former Jersey health minister Stuart Syvret told The Daily Telegraph: “Two of the people who contacted me said that they were abused by Wilfrid Brambell.

Savile abuse claims span six decades

One woman claims Savile was told to leave a Leeds care home in the 1970s after staff found him in a bedroom with her, aged 12.

Savile groped sick and infirm children – disabled, unconscious even – at Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke Mandeville hospitals.

Last night Pete Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac), raised the question whether Savile could have been part of a paedophile ring. 

"It's hard to accept that nobody else wasn't in some kind of collusion with him. Who gave him a flat at Stoke Mandeville hospital? Who gave him access to vulnerable children in children's wards?"

"CABINET minister Ken Clarke was dramatically dragged into the Jimmy Savile scandal yesterday. It emerged that BBC pervert Savile was “given the keys” to Broadmoor secure hospital around 1988 — when Mr Clarke was Health Secretary." Jimmy Savile was given the keys to Broadmoor under Ken Clarke's watch

The former health secretary Ken Clarke sought to distance himself from the decision yesterday.

 Esther Rantzen, founder of Childline, said: "Unfortunately, when I heard rumours about Jimmy Savile some time ago, at no stage did I ever come across a child or witness or an adult survivor who actually told me of abuse by Jimmy Savile."

One woman reportedly warned her about Savile.

Rantzen says that she has no recollection of the conversation.

Stuart Syvret, a former health minister in Jersey who exposed allegations of child abuse there in 2007, said: "Undoubtedly Savile will have known senior police officers, other celebrities, people in the BBC. It's the glue that holds the child abuse cover-up together, that these people protect each other."

He said he "would be profoundly surprised" if there weren't a paedophile ring within the BBC.

The prostitute who ended Tony Blair's chances for the EU Presidency
Tapestry at the tap



Anonymous said...

well once again I say it, it all came naturally, considering SaVILE was a Jew converted to Catholicism....

Anon said...

Anonymous said...

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is embroiled in a child sex scandal centred on Jimmy Savile, its anchorman on many popular entertainment shows for over thirty years. Now new information is surfacing which indicates that Jimmy Savile was a fully paid up member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) - an organisation which campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent in the UK.

The letter below has been sent to Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust. In it I have stated "I am placing this information before you in this open letter as I feel that the BBC should now initiate a full investigation into these reports suggesting that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the BBC’s editorial policy was influenced in favour of P.I.E. This alleged infiltration of the BBC by P.I.E might also explain how Savile was able to operate as a sexual predator during his extended tenure at the BBC without challenge and/or prosecution."

I will pursue my objective of securing a full investigation into the alleged membership of Jimmy Savile of the organisation, P.I.E. I will also continue to seek a full and open investigation of the influence, if any, that P.I.E exerted on BBC editorial policy during the 1970's and 1980's. I also expect the authorities to investigate whether any BBC employees were members of P.I.E or expressed sympathy and support for the aims and objectives of P.I.E.

Further links are set out at the bottom of this email.



TELE: 0795 – 142 – 6617

Lord Patten.


The British Broadcasting Association Trust,

The BBC Trust Unit,

180 Great Portland Street,


W1W 5QZ. 12th October 2012.

Dear Lord Patten,

RE: BBC / Jimmy Savile.

This is an open letter, ie. I do not regard it as confidential and reserve the right to publish it. There are some parts of it in italics, these sections I do regard as confidential and, as such, they will not be published.

During 1982 I initiated an investigation into corruption in public life which resulted in the criminal prosecution of some high profile figures for offences against children, including serial child rape.


I turn now to the reason for my writing to you at this point.

My investigation led me to the fringes of the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E), an organisation whose history is a matter of public record. The organisation was founded during October 1974 and officially disbanded during 1984. ( Due to a lack of financial support my investigation into PIE was severely limited although I did secure two names on the membership list of the organisation, one was Jimmy Savile. One of the key aims of the organisation was to secure a reduction of the age of consent in the UK to FIVE and then abolish it altogether. The organisation secured significant support within parliament, the entertainment industry, the media and similar, professional, organisations. It was reported that, when the organisation was finally closed down, the membership list was found to contain the names of nationally known politicians, entertainers and people engaged in professions, including the medical and legal profession. Some teachers were, I believe, also found to be registered members. The quality and influential nature of its membership and the extent of support for the aims of the organisation among ‘opinion formers’ probably explains how it managed to remain in existence in this country for a decade before it was finally closed down. My investigations did clearly indicate that the tentacles of P.I.E extended deep into the establishment including the BBC and Parliament.

Anon said...

Anonymous continued:

This quote from the book Paedophilia - The Radical Case (Chapter 11) gives an indication of just how far the tentacles of P.I.E had spread and how influential the organisation had become

"One outcome of the MIND conference was the suggestion to Keith that PIE should submit evidence to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent. With amazing despatch Keith did exactly this, preparing and submitting the seventeen-page document discussed in Chapter 6 in a matter of weeks, without the benefit of research time or facilities at his disposal. What's more, we have it on reliable authority that his work caught the imagination of no less a figure than the Home Secretary of the time, Roy Jenkins."

The source who notified me that Savile was a fully paid up member of the organisation is extremely reliable. Other sources implied that Savile’s membership of P.I.E was known to others within the BBC who were either sympathetic to its objectives or were members themselves. This might explain why there appeared to be no effective pursuit of the organisation by BBC sponsored current affairs and investigative programmes during that period of P.I.E’s existence.

I am placing this information before you in this open letter (except for the parts in ITALICS) as I feel that the BBC should now initiate a full investigation into theses reports suggesting that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the BBC’s editorial policy was influenced in favour of P.I.E. This alleged infiltration of the BBC by P.I.E might also explain how Savile was able to operate as a sexual predator during his extended tenure at the BBC without challenge and/or prosecution.

It has been reported that Savile was responsible for the sexual assault of a brain damaged child at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It has been stated “it can get no lower than this.” I beg to differ. My understanding is that the archive at New Scotland Yard hold an image of the youngest child recorded as being sexually abused, the child was female and was still attached to its mother by the umbilical cord. Perhaps there is someway to go before we reach the bottom of this “cesspit?”

I do expect and formal and comprehensive response from you within a reasonable time period. A copy of this letter has been forward to The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Yours sincerely,

Michael .H. Murrin

MaryC said...

@Anonymous 3.03pm
So,how do you account for the involvement of people who are neither Jews of Catholics?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one cheering thing to come out of the Savile revelations is that we have not heard a squeak from the "False Memory Syndrome" folk. Can we take it that this insidious little theory is now totally discredited?

Abu-Suleyman said...

Excellent article Anon !

Anonymous said...

A prisoner blackmailed his way out of a long term sentence in Wakefield prison using photographs of Leon Brittain with kids

Anonymous said...

@MaryC Savile may have been a Freemason as well as the "most Jewish Catholic you ever met"

moshe.solomons said...

please dont blame all jews for these horrors, many of us have disowned these people. Rothschild and rockefella instigate the angenda that the BBC is folowing, the anti family, break up families and bring in homosexuality brigade
do not represent us all, they want to make heterosexuality illegal like homosexuality was, and everyone is being programmed for more wars and to be homosexual

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, when I heard rumours about Jimmy Savile some time ago, at no stage did I ever come across a child or witness or an adult survivor who actually told me of abuse by Jimmy Savile."

No you wouldn't Esther. These kids are lacking in confidence/mobility to begin with: they are hiding/cowering in fear and shame, with blame and incredulousness heaped upon them from a great height, if they so much as squeak.
So why did you not enquire into the rumours you heard?
And of those who say they informed you, you can't remember?

Who lacks credibility???
Who rightly deserves the shame?
Time to face the victims, at least, those that continue to breathe.
Free them from the pain of guilt and shame and revulsion they have carried all these years.

Well done and thank you Michael Murrin writing to Lord Patten.
We look forward to the response.

Anon said...

Dear moshe.solomons,

I agree with you.

In Asia the Chinese get the blame for running criminal enterprises.

But it is only a small minority of Chinese who are criminals.

And, there are plenty of mafias in Asia run by Americans, Germans, Russians, Japanese, Indonesians etc.

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

Well done Murrin.

I knew P.I.E would come back to haunt a lot of them like Hodge and Harman.

It is now almost an accepted and established fact amongst the well informed now that Savile was a high level witch.

These further revelations come as no surprise but as Bill Maloney has commented on a recent interview (to be found on UK Column) there will be many many others still hiding in cover.

Mr. Maloney proposes an offer of an amnesty for those who come forward giving names and making full disclosure. Without necessarily endorsing that proposal I can see how it would put the terror and fear into the minds of the perpetrators rather than the victims.

I had considered a more radical solution to this problem previously although similar in some respects (there would be no amnesty - only different levels of punishment...). For such approach to work the pendulum of power needs to swing away from the ancien regime.

I believe there are reasons to think this could be happening.

We should not count our chickens before the eggs have hatched. TPTB may be more relaxed about recent 'micro' developments on the domestic scene as I suspect they have some much more dramatic 'macro' level events lined up for us all soon in their puppet show.

Certainly there are cracks that are starting to appear in their giant edifice. That must be a cause of alarm to them.

Anonymous said...

moshe.solomons, supremacism is a central part of Jewish identity, breeding conspiracy and sociopaths.

A Catholic disowning the pope isn't a Catholic.

You either base your identity on a controlling myth or you are not part of that clan.

Anonymous said...

boy scout sex abuse

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think you are right Carol.
Here is a quote from Mike Adams which I picked up on the Truthseeker, and seems to me to reflect a 'best case scenario', since the debt clock is ticking on the entire western systems.

"The time between today and the day the global debt collapse reaches our shores is finite. The U.S. national debt clock shows a nation spiraling into financial oblivion. When Ron Paul says “Americans should be panicking” over the Fed’s new QE unlimited policy of infinite money creation, he was actually holding back. In reality, Americans should have been protesting in the streets… everywhere!"

from there, the worsening scenarios are rioting and war.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The current staged publications are part of the ongoing Revelation of the Method and the planned and announced take-down of nations, institutions, belief-systems, morals, food, water, air, soil and the queen.

MaryC said...

@Anonymous 7.35pm
I don't know if you are the person who posted the original comment, but my point is that the original poster said that it came naturally to Savile, because he was a Jew who converted to Catholicism; the implication that being Jewish or Catholic pre-disposes one to paedophilia. I can only say, that as someone who was raised Catholic, I take exception to that.

Anonymous said...

over sensitive jews like always? they mention a few jews here and there and you wanna cry? _plus the overall NWO idea is judaic old testament based anyway read some of those isiah passages_and thats the plan in a nutshell. .

Anonymous said...

@ Carol A. Valentine
you meant a high level bitch.

Zoompad said...

I sincerely hope that Bill Maloney has taken heed of what I told him and that, despite his frostiness towards me for gently reproaching him, he has decided never again to share a platform with Peter Tatchell.

Zoompad said...

Thats not an attack on Bill Maloney, but a heartfelt plea for him to stop giving me the cold shoulder for questioning his friendliness to a man who has not only openly stated that he finds nothing wrong with adults having sex with children but has written the forword to a book pretty much celebrating paedophilia.

Bill should never have stood shoulder to shoulder with such a man, not even when that wicked man who was in Hitlers youth movement who now pretends to be God came to this country pretending to be God over here as well as Italy. Bill should not have cut me dead for pointing stuff out to him, someone had to!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anon said...


Anon said...

Anonymous said...

An aspect that has been neglected is that P.... ......., who runs the ..... pressure group, is also an intelligence gathering apparatus on other homosexuals particularly in the military and show biz.

The MP D.... .... could have been exposed as using rent boys except for help in the cover up.

This intelligence apparatus knew all about Jimmy Savile for many years yet they said nothing ?

- ex cop

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoompad
You can't trust these people.
They perform a specific task for undisclosed purposes.
If they are unfriendly, take it as a hint.
Your informing us is valuable.

You often miss answers to your comments here.

MaryC said...

I can't stand Ratzinger. However,I find the hypocrisy of Tatchell quite staggering. He was one of the signatories of a pompous letter to "The Guardian" sent by a group of professional athiests, Dawkins et al, protesting Ratzinger's visit due to the sex scandals when he has been agitating for the age of consent to be lowered for years. Methinks Tatchell wants to be able to diddle little boys but not go to jail for it.

Anon said...

Anonymous said...

Michael Murrin's interesting background explaining the paragraph deleted from the open letter:

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure Savile was a Knight of Malta, Which basicly makes him a mason by defalt..? Im pretty sure I saw him say this on the Louis Theroux documentery into him...

Anonymous said...

Its ba secret intelligence war. Easy to spot the good Guys they always get arrested and set-up like Andrea Davison JUSTICE DENIED: Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all...

Anonymous said...

Saville, like many high profile figures from the entertainment sector, media, military, legal profession, politics etc., may well have been involved with the Alluminati; secret societies, which have suspicion of satanic rituals involving sex within it's higher echelons. I know it is only a theory, but this would probably account for the seemingly lack of enthusiasm by those in authority to investigate; when one domino topples, the rest would surely follow. Of course that is unless someone dies first??

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