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Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector

"Jimmy Savile cultivated the friendship of a group of senior police officers through weekly meetings at his penthouse apartment, while being investigated over a string of abuse cases, a friend of the star has told The Times.

"The broadcaster’s 'Friday Morning Club' included up to nine serving and retired police officers. The meetings were held regularly for almost 20 years until shortly before his death."

Regular weekly meetings with several senior police officers in his flat in Leeds

George Thomas.

Reportedly, the Speaker of the House of Commons, George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy  paid for underage boys.


George Thomas was a Labour Member of Parliament who was 'Speaker of the House of Commons' from 1976-83.

He was also a Methodist minister.

"He would visit cinemas in London looking for boys to have sex with. 

"He would pay young men to give him blow-jobs in train toilets between Cardiff and London. 

"He was frequently blackmailed by these same men. 

"Leo Abse a fellow Welsh labour MP gave Thomas £800 to pay off one such blackmailer. 

"It was Abse who revealed – long after Thomas's death - that Thomas was indeed a continual blackmail victim in his autobiography."


Leo Abse


"This reminds me of the ‘hanging judge’ Lord Rayner Goddard, the Lord Chief Justice, who literally used to spunk in his robes every time he passed a death sentence,( including Derek Bentley) and have a fresh pair of trousers to change into afterwards."

"George Thomas Lord Tonypandy also paid young boys to emigrate if they started bothering him – as admiringly reported by Leo Abse. 

"Jeffrey Lord Archer did the same with Monica Coghlan. Met her at Victoria railway station to give her 2 grand. And on the Eurostar you go... (Monica Coghlan only got killed later, run over on her way to court.) I seem to recall in George Thomas’s case the boys went to Australia."

"What are we to make of the report that Jimmy Savile had regular weekly meetings with several senior police officers in his flat in Leeds? Was he paying them with money or children? Were they getting Savile to supply children for people higher up the chain?...

I can’t hold the question in any more – was Savile a freemason?


Bryn Estyn in Wales.

Speaker George Thomas and Leo Abse were both from WALES.

On 1 December 1991, the Independent on Sunday referred to former Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea and children's home Bryn Estyn in Wales (Chief Superintendent Gordon Anglesea.):

"According to former residents at Bryn Estyn, Gordon Anglesea, a former senior North Wales police officer, was a regular visitor there. 

"He recently retired suddenly without explanation. 

"Another serving officer has been accused of assaulting a child at Ty'r Felin."

aangirfan: Jersey, Bryn Estyn and Belgium - are we to believe the ...


Anonymous said...

from Christopher Bollyn, investigative journalist who has an impressive background himself, and who is fighting for justice on behalf of the numerous bereaved due to the psychopathic lies/suppression of evidence of those in charge:

' When the state's case against me began, a supporter wrote:

"The side which gets the most evidence excluded wins."

All the more reason for us to keep revealing the evidence Aangirfan :-)

Unknown said...

Members of the 'Friday Morning Club' included:

Howard Silverman
(a jewish hairdresser / bar owner)

Mick Starkey
(retired Police Inspector)

Jim ‘Jim the Pill’ Cardus
(a retired pharmacist...)

Jeffrey Marlowe

Bob Meggitt

Andrew Kirk

Barry Taylor, Bazzo

Joe Baker

Matthew Appleyard

Dave Dalmour

Furthermore if a DJ Jeff Dexter knew the truth about Savile and stated as much back in 1999 then the UK police clearly have no credibility and are demonstrably corrupt:

Unknown said...

Gary Glitter allegedly groomed and abused Denise Van Outen in around 1990 when she was a young teenager.

The Sun ran an article on this today which has now been pulled from their website. Apparently lawyers have been on the phone.

PB said...

Tonypandy? TONYPANDY?

Are they laughing at us that much?

Unknown said...

Van Outen was about 15/16yrs at the time:

Some reports state she was 17 though it has been alleged that the relationship began earlier and that she lost her virginity to Glitter at the age of 15. This and the grooming are denied by Van Outen. She says he was a family friend..

Anonymous said...

I had the displeasure to meet similar creature in my area. This guy was an English Jew and, of course, a freemason. He would change jobs every three months and come up always with a six figure type of job. Always high on drugs, I can't believe this guy could even function in the work place. Not to mention about the jokes he used to make about his almost teenager daughter. Pretty nasty stuff.

Unknown said...

1.'They' were upset with Research in Motion 'RIM' the makers of BlackBerry phones for not assisting with the control agenda:

2. An occult ritual was then performed:

3. The fate of RIM and BlackBerry have now been sealed:

4.Now it seems BlackBerry will not be around for too long in 2013:

Carol A. Valentine

Ian Leslie said...

Putting my HOOPAJOOP on the line!!!

Anonymous said...

I was working as a cleaner at the Ideal Home exhibition thiswould be about 35 years back-ish, and before the doors opened there was a special viewing for some bigwigs,
i stod there and watched them after we were told to go, it was the MP leo abse who stunk of aftershave, Lord Goodman one of the Rothschld bankers and they were cooing over several teenage boys, it felt like a homosexual tryst. I was sacked next day for talking about it.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Val McDermid based her paedophile serial killer on Jimmy Savile, with such a thin disguise: "Total suspension of disbelief, that’s what he achieved every time. They came to these events expecting Jacko Vance and everyone connected to the great man to be exactly what was projected on TV." (Wire in the Blood).

It is even more amazing that Irvine Walsh based charity fund-raising, hospital visiting TV personality Freddy Royle on Savile: "Yes, the trustees knew all about Freddy Royle, Glen reflected bitterly. They knew the real secrets of the chat-show host, the presenter of the lonely hearts television show, From Fred With Love, the author of several books, including Howzat! — Freddy Royle On Cricket, Freddy Royle's Somerset, Somerset With a Z: The Wit Of The West Country, West Country Walks With Freddy Royle and Freddy Royle's 101 Magic Party Tricks" (Lorraine goes to Livingstone, in Ecstasy).

Unlike some of the retrospective wisdom about how "weird and obvious" Savile's paedophile criminality supposedly was, these were written and published before the media circus.

Anonymous said...

Comedian Jerry Sadowitz in 1988 joked that Jimmy Savile should be brought in to advise on Cleveland child abuse, because he was an expert. And the only reason he does all that charity work is for when his case comes up. 1988.

Anonymous said...

I have to phone my sister in law once a week to check on her since her stroke on her 72nd birthday now i asked her about when she worked for children in need at the Beeb and she said terry wogan refused to work with as he said
" that dirtly little poofter jimmy savile " and savile was kept well away, strange that the boys are being excluded from the savile investigation i dont undrstand why ?
K fielding

Anonymous said...


I know for a fact that at least four police complaints have been made by men who say that Jimmy Savile abused them as boys. Some solicitors are saying that the number is "at least 10 boys". But most news reports, Wikipedia and the Yewtree briefings say that "Savile abused girls".

There is some strange reluctance to mention the abuse of boys.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Bollyn and Peter Eyre wrote magnificently on this stuff, a girl i was at college with became a teacher and went through all the common purpose and NLP courses it changed her views totally and she became a supporter of homosexual rights and childnapping, and saw nothing wront in sex with kids if they agreed
paul leake

Anonymous said...

Catholic church defends Savile: "they were his right, and as long as the girls liked it." Written by Fr Charles Gosnell, a chaplain in HM Forces in The Commentator.

Anonymous said...

Hope the police will search Savile's converted lifeboat, that was moored near Leeds Bridge - and hope they checked the loft of his cottage, and anywhere else someone as fit as Savile might have used

MaryC said...

@Anonymous 5.28pm:
Firstly: you have (deliberately?) taken Fr Gosnell's words out of context. He was speculating on how Savile might have justified his actions to himself, not expressing
his own opinion.
Secondly: Fr Gosnell is not the "Catholic church", he is just one priest.

Anonymous said...

Sa-Vile had close links with a certain Prince. This Prince has a very close friendship with somebody he met at Cambridge University. This very close friend also has (what locals call) a 'pink house on the hill'. This 'house' is remote but has good transport links, and a certain prince is/was a regular attendee.

Clue = bridesmaid holding her ears on the balcony of the latest royal wedding is blood related on her fathers side.

Garsdale:Moorland Cottage:

felix said...

@anon 5.28
I have read that article. Your clip is deliberately distorting, and this is what the priest writes;
In all reality, Savile, (if he is guilty) like many predatory sex offenders, would not have seen his acts as a crime: they were his right, and as long as the girls liked it, so what, he may well have thought. I have heard that spoken from the mouths of several murderous rapists and child abusers in my days. It would make my skin crawl in utter abhorrence.
You don't work for the BBC do you?

Anonymous said...

anony 1.48
Thank you for the link:
I looked up the 'cottage' and was struck by the remoteness, and the colours, and yes, the ridicolosness ( I deliberately spelt that wrong) of calling such a place a 'cottage'.

I am in Oz,where most of us (in previous decades we were known as the rejects, flotsam and jetsam and detritus of the so-called 'ruling class') are bemused by what passes for 'elitism' in the UK, but a certain Prince received at least some of his education here, and only a small handful are aware, of just how 'controlled' we are by these people of less than noble thoughts and actions.


Anyhoo, could you please provide the link to this 'pic' of the latest wedding?

I have all my life enjoyed puzzles.
Cheers xx

Anonymous said...

A guy called "John" describes Jimmy Savile visiting Haut de la Garenne regularly (

Odd thing that the final home of Jimmy Savile's mother was The Little Sisters of the Poor. Some bloggers suggest that this was the one in Jersey. Is that true? If so, why isn't it being noted more widely?

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