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Was there a paedophile ring in the Prime Minister's residence - No 10 Downing Street?

Member of Parliament Tom Watson demands probe

On 24 October 2012, Tom Watson MP, speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, said that a powerful pedophile network may have operated in the UK with links to Parliament and Downing Street.

Mr Watson said: "The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.

"One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad...

"The leads were not followed up..."

In 1992, Peter Righton was convicted of importing child pornography from Holland.

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Child abuse children's home Bryn estyn, in Wales.

According to Nick Davies:

In 1998, the Guardian revealed the international police hunt for two unidentified men who had made the 'Bjorn tape', a video which recorded their sexual assault on Bjorn, a young Dutch boy ... limp and hooded... strapped into a chair.

Dutch police found Bjorn. 

It turned out that Bjorn had contacted the authorities a year earlier to complain that a Dutch man, whom he named, had been drugging and raping him since he was only three years old, most recently with the assistance of an English man. 

The Dutch man had been tried but acquitted. 

The Dutch man sued Bjorn for making a malicious complaint against him. 

Bjorn collapsed into mental illness.

The tape proved that the boy had been telling the truth.

The 'English man' is John Peters, a former soldier, now believed to be in Asia.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

Kray Twin with boy, inside a prison.

The Guardian wrote about Warwick Spinks who, in Amsterdam, joined a group of British men who produced snuff videos in which five boys were reportedly raped and murdered.

Currently, Spinks is out of jail, having served a short sentence.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

Today in Britain, there are probably 1.1 million child-abusing paedophiles at large. Some studies suggest that the figure is very much higher.

During the last 30 years, children’s homes in Britain suffered an epidemic of rape and violent assault. 

There are thousands of men and women, in North Wales, South Wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Northumbria, Edinburgh – in seventeen different police areas in all – who have come forward to make detailed, credible allegations about their childhoods of abuse in care. 

Most of them were NOT protected by the police, social workers, the Social Services Inspectorate, health visitors, doctors....

In Cardiff, in Wales, Paul Conibeer tried to persuade the police to prosecute Alan Williams, Lee Tucker and John Gay for buggering him and passing him around their friends when he was a 13-year-old in care. 

Police in Cardiff, said Conibeer’s story was too old to be proved.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

Fleet Street has many stories about powerful abusers who have evaded justice. 

One such is Peter Morrison, formerly the MP for Chester and the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. 

Ten years ago, Chris House, the crime reporter for the Sunday Mirror, twice received tip-offs from police officers who said that Morrison had been caught cottaging in public toilets with underaged boys and had been released with a caution. 

Morrison was not charged by the police because he was well connected.

There is clear evidence of paedophile rings infiltrating parts of the child protection system, and using political or social power to conceal their activities.

Some are never brought to trial – like the group of men who were believed by police to be abducting homeless girls from the streets of London in the early 1990s and holding them in a converted garage with padded walls, where they were being abused and finally killed. 

The man who was said to be disposing of the girls’ bodies was identified by police in Wales.

But, the police 'were unable' to identify those who had hired him or to find evidence to charge him.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

Robert Oliver and Sidney Cooke and their friends abducted, drugged, raped and killed Jason Swift, Barry Lewes and Mark Tildesley. 

They were convicted only of manslaughter and given short sentences. 

Officers from Operation Orchid were 'never able' to bring any charges at all in relation to six other boys who, they believed, had also died at the hands of the same ring.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."


Greystone Heath, an approved school for boys in Warrington, had a number of child-abusing paedophile staff who raped a large number of boys.

The Greystone abusers then fanned out.

Keith Laverack went to childrens’ homes in Cambridgeshire; Alan Langshaw became Principal of St Vincent’s Catholic boys’ home in Formby; Grain and Shuttleworth were both promoted to other homes in the Warrington area; Steve Norris went to North Wales. At their new homes, all of them continued to rape boys who were in their care and wherever they went, they crossed the paths of other paedophiles.

The Mail on Sunday reported that children from Islington childrens homes were taken to the 'child abuse' island of Jersey 'on unofficial visits'. A close relative of Baby P was reportedly involved with the Islington child abuse ring.

In Cambridgeshire, Keith Laverack worked with numerous colleagues, four of whom are now also suspected of abusing children.

Dennis Grain worked in Doncaster for the same group of private schools as Terence Hoskins who went on to become headteacher of St Aiden’s Community Home in Widnes, where he liked to thrash naked boys with a cane, which he then pushed into their backsides, while his housemaster, Colin Dick, indecently assaulted those who caught his eye.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

Dennis Grain had previously attacked boys in Danesford childrens’ home in Congleton, opening the door to three others, John Clarke, Joseph Smith and Brian Hudson, who set about the boys with relish. Dennis Grain, in the meantime, went off to work at Eton, where he became a housemaster. The web is almost endless.

While he was Principal of St Vincent’s, Alan Langshaw recruited a care worker named Edward Stanton, who joined in Langshaw’s orgy. Stanton appears to have got the job through the good offices of Roy Shuttleworth, who was continuing to abuse the boys at Greystone and who is believed to have known Stanton from their time in Birmingham when they took the same course in residential child care.

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."

The residential child care course in Birmingham is believed to have been lectured by Peter Righton, a notorious paedophile. 

Righton, for his part, belonged to the Paedophile Information Exchange, along with Jack Bennett who joined in the abuse at Greystone. 

Righton had earlier worked in the same childrens’ home in Maidstone, Kent as Peter Howarth, who went on to become a legendary abuser in the homes of North Wales where he shared his indulgence with Steve Norris, formerly of Greystone.

Peter Righton lectured not only in Birmingham but in numerous other colleges. 

Before he was finally taken to court and convicted, he became a highly regarded consultant in child care and, eventually, the Director of Education at the prestigious National Institute of Social Work in London, a position from which he was able to have some influence on Government policy.

Peter Connelly

With similar cynicism, Keith Laverack, who opened the catalogue of abuse at Greystone Heath, went on to run the Guardian Ad Litem panel for Cambridgeshire County Council, with the job of representing the interests of children in court cases. 

This job not only introduced him to the most vulnerable children in the area but also gave him access to files on abused children all over the country. 

Terence Hoskins, who worked with some of the Greystone abusers, used connections with South Yorkshire police to get access to his own file, from the supposedly secret National Criminal Intelligence Service, NCIS.

Roger Saint who spent years assaulting his foster children in Clwyd secured himself a job on the local adoption panel, from which he could referee complaints about people like himself...

The Guardian, April 1998, Nick Davies - "The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain."


Common Purpose Exposed
Honk Bonk Man at Honk Bonk Man

From Jack Edwards
28 Fen Rd

"My elder sister and I were evacuated for W W 2 to Norfolk.

"Even as a school girl she had fabulous knockers and the men all wanted them.

"She was abused by several men as were many of the evacuated kids.

"But we eventually ended up in an orphanage.

"I was in the boys section and the men there were all gays, and abuse was a nightly thing.

"If you complained you got it worse.

"The boy in the next bed to me could not walk and was crying in pain.

"He showed me his bottom was sore and inflamed.

"I will always hate gays for as long as I live for what they put us through."


Anonymous said...

One sick individual, now universally loathed by a nation for shafting the innocent

...Seen here with Jimmy Saville.

Anonymous said...

whata fantastic bit of detective work.before sydney cooke died he named several other offenders, one of whom was a boys swiming instructor and nark to the police, bill goldsmith then gave the lead to islington care home, where childrens minister margaret hodge was desperately trying to hush up the gay rings working in that area using the boys, one of these was uncle jimmy or jimmy savile.

su said...

What you are doing here is a godsend to the planet.
I hope Tom Watson reads this and follows the links.
Did you see Cameron's face during Watson's speech.
Fucking toff.

Anonymous said...

the book "bum bandits at 9 oclock"
tells of life in a boys home after lights out, the description of the attacks on the poor boys at 9 oclock each evening made me almost cry, i dont wear this bit about the BBC pretending not to know, i was listening to a phone in prog on radio and people were saying they told the BBC ester rantzen and the rest about it all and nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

"In November [1998], every newspaper in Britain carried the story of how Scotland Yard had worked with police forces around the country to raid the rooms of teachers at private schools in search of evidence of their involvement in a paedophile ring. The more interesting story, however, was the raid which never happened."

The extent of paedophile abuse in private schools has never been uncovered.

Anonymous said...

It's true. Margaret Thatcher is a well-known nonce. The Grantham Groper they used to call her.

voiceforchildren said...


You and your readers might be interested in this exclusive interview with the Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse investigation LENNY HARPER

Anonymous said...

Ben Fellows has had his first legal threat and it is a classic response from the power people.
Intimidation and an attempt to shut him up.

Party girls are not allowed to talk about their parties with Royal family members.
A month in a notorious dirty prison on trumped up charges.

Just two minor current examples of why more victims don't come froward and report abuses. The comments at the mass media sites attacking people who are reluctant to report abuse are just one more ugly aspect of this story.

Great work here on keeping all of this front and center.

Unknown said...

I know a lady from North London.

Before she was frightened off from talking to me in anymore detail I was able to ascertain that,

'activities' in Islington link to the name Kennedy.

The group has links with the police and with at least one senior politician.

The lady was adamant that her residence and her movements are being very carefully monitored.

These are very dangerous people.


Anonymous said...

Yes congratulations aangirfan on your continuing feistiness with style.

That top photograph of the Queen and her PM's-their body language speaks volumes; a bunch of gawky, gauche posers.
VIP's indeed.

Thank you to aangirfan and the contributors to comments and all links: I second @su: this website is a godsend to the planet.

Problem is, the entire status quo must collapse, for any meaningful change.

Unwanted babies, parentless children are the real victims here.
As for 'evil military', I agree with aang in theory.
However, our society is so structured to take on boys of intelligence and fitness, train them for their dastardly purposes, and bestow on them awards for heroism, status and good money. I was married to such a person, and his sadism destroyed the marriage.

And looking at the people in that photo, thinking about the formative events in the lives of those people, I can only shudder. Privilege and power without love.
Do any of those very important people demonstrate a conscience?

'Where there is a will to power, there can be no love': Nietzsche

The deprived become depriving.
The abused become abusers.
And so it goes
on Planet Earth.

Yours is truly a labour of love aangirfan.
God blessxx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

conpromised cartoons said...

Just linked the article to Tom Watsons twitter

Anonymous said...

We've heard of abuse, torture, murder, necrophilia in cellars and dungeons followed by incineration of bodies. But what about cannibal feasts or at minimum cannibal snacks. You can be certain there were such. Seriously.

"They are also trying to determine whether the men who talked about murder and cannibalism actually committed such acts or were just sharing twisted fantasies."

"What they found on Arnett's computer was unlike anything some of the investigators had ever come across: long, graphic, online chats about his desire to abduct, kill and eat children. They said he had also made photos of a naked 2-year-old boy in a roasting pan inside his oven. The child and two other boys Arnett allegedly abused and photographed were later identified and found alive."

"In excerpts of an online chat between Arnett and Brown from 2011, the two men appear to be discussing their desire to cook a child for Easter.
"he would make a fine Easter feast," Arnett says.... "yes, his thighs and butt cheeks would be fantastic for Easter," Brown responds."

Anonymous said...

police surveillance on the MP david laws and several high ranking Lib/dems revealed enough of this to really rock the political boat so why wa sit shelved ?
i will tell you why, the government supports it, the mail system carries huge amounts of porn and various filth because the agenda is to break up the family, the red top news papers carry each day a pic of the most beautiful girls topless, this to to make men unhappy with the woman they have at home. the agenda is to promote homosexuality and the BBC is part of that.
hitler stopped it by putting the poofs in the camps, why cant we do the same ?
moshe solomons

Zoompad said...

Why is Tom Watson (member of Searchlight, look it up, and Harry Bidney) being used as the announcement mouthpiece?

Of course there is a paedophile ring in Parliament! We Pindown survivors/whistleblowers/honest bloggers all know that!

What I would like to know is why Tom Watson is being elevated as some sort of person who gives a damn about child abuse, and why people are forgetting his links with Searchlight and also that other MP he used to share a flat with.

Zoompad said...

"i dont wear this bit about the BBC pretending not to know"

Bolox isn't it? OF COURSE THEY KNEW!!!

Zoompad said...

"The lady was adamant that her residence and her movements are being very carefully monitored."

I am getting a succession of different vehicles parked up outside my house.

Yesterdays vehicle:


The behaviour of the men at the wheel is always the same. Head down, tapping in to a small elkectronic device

Anonymous said...

I live in a tourist town and coach lods of tourists comw each day, all the public toilets are only open office hours 9=5
this means distress for the tourists, the police pushed for thier closures as queer were meeting up in them for their sordid sex sessions, the police were told by governmnet to not harrass gays in public tiolets,
so the policing authority had them closed down

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

While I applaud the work here - Paedophilia, rape, murder and sexual criminality are NOT the same as homosexuality. These men are sexual criminals, murderers and rapists. They choose young boys (and girls) and in the case of Savile, corpses because they enjoy having power over them, they enjoy the fear, some are sexually turned on by children (paedophilia) and sexual abuse (sadism). Not homosexuality - love of one's own gender. Love has no place with these men, they are sex criminals and need to be locked up. As noted before in this blog, the abuse being carried out at the children's homes was of the ultimate purpose to blackmail foreign politicians and cabinet members. This is abuse of power, not homosexuality. I have worked for the young homeless in London, a lot of these children were kicked out of home for being gay, to be then picked up by bastards on the street who used them for sex and forced them into prostitution. Blackmail, threats, intimidation, manipulation. This has nothing to do with a loving bond between two adults.

Zoompad said...

"Paedophilia, rape, murder and sexual criminality are NOT the same as homosexuality. These men are sexual criminals, murderers and rapists."

We know that. What they are doing is hiding behind a shield, they pretend they are gay, the way the human rights act is being interpreted and the "hate crimes" law is like a pretty much impenetrable shield for them.

We do know what they do, their little tricks.

Anonymous said...

Not Peter Robinson but "Lord McAlpine, Derek Laud, Ludgate Communications, Ian Greer Associates" according to

Anon said...

"Now what BBC actor has been buggering under aged boys? In other news .... ..... will leave east london based soap for personal reasons."

Junis said...

Was Jimmy Saville living in a country that proudly extradited a few innocent british Muslims to America a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read Zoompads comments on Searchlight Magazine. Now wasnt the chap that ran that outfit a paid agitator and known homosexual?-I dont recall his name? Gable? but I do remember his face from some article-watery eyes and a Mexican type moustache?

And yes Zoompad you are right, this Tom Watson will be yet another establishment gate keeper, employed to steer the whole investigation out of dangerous waters and into obscurity. Funny how the paedophile class follow a formula and are becoming so obvious, though maybe not to the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Hunt's main donor is alleged to have been involved in the cover up of a paedophile ring

Groucho Club's website forum hit by child pornography scandal

Anonymous said...

This story totally, utterly vanished from the media consciousness within 24 hours - which would be fine if it was merely a delusional conspiracy theory. But it is not, there were real court convictions and prison sentences of SOME but not all of the paedophiles involved.

They did not even try to publish a riposte or answer, just shelved it.

Anonymous said...

The link above clearly explains that it was just an "allegation". The quote from the manager included at the bottom of the piece that explained the change of IT systems switch-over seemed a perfectly acceptable explanation.

Anonymous said...

This is a National Disgrace

Too much has been Covered Up
and it is an Outrage

Anonymous said...

While I agree this is some fantastic work,some of the comments on here are ignorant and idiotic. For ex."The agenda is to promote homosexuality and the BBC is part of that.
Hitler stopped it by putting the poofs in the camps, why cant we do the same ?" Homosexuality and Pedophilia are NOT the same thing. Most pedophiles don't even have an adult sexual orientation, meaning they are attracted to prepubescent children. Some of you seem more obsessed with homosexuality then pedophilia, and all this does is distracts the public from dealing with the real problem of children's sexual mistreatment. You are becoming more of the problem instead of the solution. So instead of blaming the gays for everything, do the world a favor and educate yourself.

Anonymous said...

To Zoompad, re your comment at 8.51 a.m., I have done some research on the internet and there is/are 1,maybe 2, firms that fit the description of the company whose van was parked outside your house.

I do not know how old your comment is, as this blog does not indicate a date for its comments. I also assume that when you wrote SXWIFT, you meant Swift, and this was a typing error.

In that case, there is a company called Swift Furniture; there is also a company called Swift, who deliver office supplies, presumably including furniture. I am not sure whether or not these are 1 and the same, or 2 different businesses, as both claim to be old-established family-run firms, having been in business for 40 years.

However, the Swift who deliver office supplies have a fleet of over 400 vans, all of whose drivers are security-cleared, and whose vans are satellite-tracked. In theory, this means that it should be possible to trace which van was in your area at the time and on the date concerned, and who the driver was, in case they were moonlighting as surveillance agents on behalf the P. T. B.

I have tried under similar, but different circumstances to try to get an identification from D V L A, but they will not release information relating to registration numbers, as they claim that this is "personal information", and will only comply with a request for details if you have proof that an offence has actually been committed.

There may, of course, have been a perfectly innocent explanation, such as the driver was on a proper job, and was simply texting his depot, using "the small electronic device" ( a mobile 'phone?) to notify them of his arrival at the delivery address.

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