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Ken Clarke, (left) top UK government minister, reportedly groped boy's penis.

"I talked about cabinet minister Ken Clarke MP groping my penis through my trousers in political lobbyist Ian Greer’s office. 

"How he gave me alcohol in an attempt to get me drunk. 

"I explained to Jack Malvern that there was even video evidence of the incident as we'd filmed it during our 'cash for questions' sting operation for The Cook Report.

"We had a camera in a briefcase which captured the sordid event."

- Ben Fellows, former child actor

Ben Fellows.

At 21st Century Wire we read more revelations from the former child actor Ben Fellows:

Ben Fellows: 'Murdoch Newspaper Does a 'BBC'.

Ben Fellows was contacted by Ruth Lewy from The Times newspaper on 16 October 2012.

Senior Times journalist Jack Malvern interviewed Ben for an article that was to appear on 20 October 2012.

Malvern asked Ben to name the people who had abused him as a child.

1. Ben talked about cabinet minister Ken Clarke groping his penis in political lobbyist Ian Greer’s office. 

2. Ben talked about a top female BBC producer who likes to have sex with teenagers.

3. Ben listed the well known actors, casting directors, producers, directors, writers and executives who had  abused him sexually, or attempted to abuse him sexually, while he was a child actor.

4. Ben refers to a party in a house in the New Forest attended by the founder of a child protection charity.

Ben was around sixteen.

At the party  Ben was given drugs, alcohol and was propositioned by men and women all night.

Ben ended up passed out in the garden. 

The New Forest is close to a major base of MI6.

5. Ben referred to a BBC person who is "a new star of SKY Television."

Rupert Murdoch is linked to Sky TV.

Rupert Murdoch's newspaper decided not to publish Ben's story.

Full story here: Ben Fellows: 'Murdoch Newspaper Does a 'BBC'.

Ben Fellows, now grown up.

Clarke has been linked to Savile, as Savile was handed the keys to Broadmoor secure hospital in 1988 - under the watch of Minister Ken Clarke.

Sir Jimmy Savile is linked to the Kray Twins.

The Krays reportedly supplied boys to the elite. "Russell Marson was a hairdresser and part time gay prostitute; he ran up a bill with the Krays for sleeping with young boys at the Norfolk home they ran; hewas found dead and naked."

Comment from Moshe Solomons:

"My family knew the Krays through the Jewish underground.

"My family were influential.

"In fact my uncle was the first man to expose the Ann Frank fraud, because he felt it was an insult to Jewry.

"Rose Finesilver was a powerful voice in world Jewry who was the Krays early handlers.

"But the reason for the Krays downfall was they upset powerful figures in the Jewish community by claiming the Holocaust did not happen as claimed.

"Most of their money was earnt by prostitution protection rackets, fixing boxing matches and gambling clubs, not just from renting out boys to gays; this was just a small part of their operation."

(NB - some of the information we are being sent may of course be disinformation.)


Esther Rantzen likes kids. Website for this image. She founded the children's charity Childline.

TAP - I decided to watch Esther Rantzen on 'Who do you think you are?'

This is what I saw.

Time to realise who Esther Rantzen is

"Her father was a BBC engineer...

"Jewish parents.

"Great grandfather a fraudster...

"Esther was pleased he got away with stealing all his clients' money, and shooting one of his father's servants.

"Esther found it all rather hilarious.

 "Her father's father, the Rantzen side, was a wealthy stockbroker with sexual history, raping a parlourmaid.

"Again she finds this hilarious.

Esther Rantzen founded Childline in 1986. Childline is now part of the charity NSPCC. There is a suspicion that all the major children's charities have been infiltrated by the spooks.

"The Rantzens were early arrivals in the 1850s from Warsaw, moving up to upper middle class level by 1880...

"Her great grandfather Abraham became a diamond broker and made a fortune.

"Esther's father's middle name was Barnato, from Barnie Barnato, one of the richest men in the world, a diamond dealer.

"Her great grandmother, Sarah Isaacs, was the sister of Barnie Barnato.

"He bought the right plots in South Africa, and was bought out by Cecil Rhodes for £500,000,000, the biggest cheque ever written at the time.

"Barnato later disappeared off a ship without trace...

"Esther acts as if she never knew and wondered what happened to all the money..."

Much more here: Time to realise who Esther Rantzen is

CIA Mossad torture house for snuff kiddie porn

"Also found in the murder house were a number of cameras and many films of naked children being sexually assaulted and, in one case, killed with a garotte." 

"On March 27, 2008, two teams of agents from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, acting on information received from a foreign intelligence agency, conducted a heavily armed raid on a house in Balikesir. 

"In addition to the reports of the existence of this house, the Ministry also had growing reports from local citizens about loud screams issuing from the building for “many weeks previously.” 

"Ministry officials were able to capture six American citizens, all of whom claimed to be members of the USIA, a known branch of the CIA. 

"Taken as evidence were many papers and documents that showed with great clarity that this house had been used as a CIA torture and murder house.

Website for this image

"Quantities of blood taken from drains are shown to have belonged to over thirty people. 

"In a small furnace found in one of the rooms were found the remains of at least seven people, one of which was a 14 year old girl. 

"Also found in the house were eleven Turkish children from ages three to ten, six girls and five boys. 

"All had been drugged and police reports indicated all the children had been sexually abused for some time. 

"Arrested were: Kenneth A, Myron G, Timothy MC, Robert A, Jacob Z, Arthur C and three Israeli citizens identified as Aaron R, Efram T and Yitzak Y. 

"The Americans claimed diplomatic immunity and admitted only to being USIA officials. The Israelis were also stated to be of the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency.. 

"The Ministry ascertained that none of the men had diplomatic immunity and although the U.S. Embassy protested, the Foreign Ministry declared all persons as persona non grata and ordered out of Turkey within a 24 hour period. 

"All confiscated documents remained with the Ministry for further investigation.

"Evidence found in the murder house included many torture devices, whips, cattle prodding electric devices and many ropes, shackles and other restraining devices. 

"Also found in the murder house were a number of cameras and many films of naked children being sexually assaulted and, in one case, killed with a garrote. 

"Subsequent investigation by Turkish authorities disclosed that the passports of the Americans were all fakes and that the persons were later proved to be:

Kenneth A was actually Keith Leslie Urkhardt of 4400 East West Highway, Bethesda, Md. 20814

Myron G was actually Istvan Prouty of 3400 North Venice St., Arlington, VA 22207

Timothy MC was actually Thomas McAuliffe Porterman of 415 Russell Ave., Gaitherburg, MD 20877

Robert A was actually Russell Allan Gordon of 1595 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Jacob Z was actually George Berman of 10570 Main St., Fairfax, VA 22030

Arthur C was actually Ervin Melrose of 3014 Brinkley Rd., Temple Hills, MD 20748



Anonymous said...

thankyou angirfan for this exposure, i had been folowing this for some time on the excellant peter eyre website, esther rancid
has long had a very bad name in the TV industry.
One major point is that the government is behind the push for homosexuality, and has surgically cut any mention of boys from the jimmy saville case and others.
its only because of the internet this came out at all
tete wilson

Anonymous said... said...

I kept tackling my brother in law who works at the BBC about Jimmy Savile, and he got angry and blurted out, " look we could not go into it, if we outed savile, the connections with the Krays, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Bagan, Esther Rantxen Peter Mandelson and Rupert Murdoch will all come out, do you want that ?
the BBC is run by jews any investigtion could even expose the gigantic bollocaust fraud now leave me alone about it "
Harry Marsh

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Boy George used to live in the in/famous Warren Street Squat.... Google it..

His school days.... Im sure smth happened to him then....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Be careful about writing to Cointelpro honeytraps, people.

Anon said...

Dear Cecil Hargreaves,

aangirfan: HITLER THE GAY JEW?

aangirfan: THE REAL HITLER

aangirfan: IT'S A GAY WORLD

Anonymous said...

The "elite" public boarding school I went to used to send boys on a sail-training ship. The teachers who were reputed to be paedophiles were all involved with it, and many public figures. All the same names cropped up at Haut de la Garenne, none (as far as I know) have been convicted.

I used to think that "humanist" and "paedophile" meant the same thing, because most child-centred "humanism" seems to be a smokescreen for abuse.

Edo said...

I'm not sure at all about this Ben Fellows...

I knew I'd heard the name before and then it came to me. He was a guest on Red Ice Radio pre Olympics doing an expose of G4S's lax security preparedness.

I remember thinking, "is that the best you've got after having been, quote, deep undercover for a year".. I just thought it was a pissweak interview.

Yet here he is with some of the most explosive information, at Savile's public outing, and he never thought to mention this before.


Anonymous said...

Not your traditional description of a secondary boarding school:

"Sevenoaks is home to loads of hunky gay lads plus lots of clubs and gay cruising. Sevenoaks is said to be a Kentish Commuter Town situated on the London fringe of west Kent, England, some 20 miles south-east of Charing Cross, on one of the principal commuter rail lines from the capital. Sevenoaks posesses a gay atmosphere with many gay bars and also gay clubs. There are a number of independent educational establishments in the town, including the prestigious Sevenoaks School. Men come to Sevenoaks for its very good gay environment and easy men. The town’s name is said to be derived from the Saxon word Seouenaca, the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in Knole Park around 800 AD. Check out the catalog of lads and gay bars in Sevenoaks…"

Anonymous said...

Patrick Henningsen, founder of the 21st century wire website which features Ben Fellows' claims, is a 'regular geopolitical analyst' for the Russian Times according to his Guardian profile.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting so f***** sick of this warped tribe and the way in which they have debased and corrupted all of our institutions.

Trouble is that most people are so thick and ill informed that they couldn't see the truth if it was hitting them over the head.

Saville - Jew
Currie - Jew
Krays - Jews
Rancid - Jew
BBC - fulls of Jews in strategic positions of control
Police - full of Freemason watercarriers

And of course if they do get a glimpse then they immediately recoil due the "Holocaust"™

Rufus said...

Excellent article. Is it any wonder that the UK is so screwed when one considers that the self-Chosen enemies of humanity control the government, economy, media, police etc etc. The Expulsion Edict of 1290 needs to be enforced, and the whole parasitic tribe relocated to Birobidjan (not Palestine), where they can destroy each other and not bother the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

No worries, Murdoch's Sun just yesterday established a new mob of cyber-vigilantes, headed by two mums, to hunt down paedophiles. Provided, of course, they're pockmarked yobs, chavs and such. Lords and Ladies need not fear.

re - Anonymous 2:24 PM above
"I used to think that "humanist" and "paedophile" meant the same thing, because most child-centred "humanism" seems to be a smokescreen for abuse."

Like the animal activists who sacrifice a few kittens to fake animal snuff videos, then collect millions in donations to, "Help Us Catch the Monstrous Fiend." The Red Tops know how that works too.

Zoompad said...

Edo, I also found that blog post about Ben Fellows and was just about to repost it but you beat me to it.

I was shocked when I saw Ken Clarke being implicated. I don't want to hurt anyone who has been abused as a child by not believing them when they try to tell what happened to them, because I know how that feels, but this really shocked me and I cant help wondering is it true?

I know many in the Fathers Rights groups hate Ken Clarke because he tried to crack down on the secret family court corrupt lawyers gravy train, the secret family courts are using syndromes invented by paedophiles to make loads of money and screw peoples lives up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "Murdoch's Sun just yesterday established a new mob of cyber-vigilantes, headed by two mums, to hunt down paedophiles. Provided, of course, they're pockmarked yobs, chavs and such. Lords and Ladies need not fear."

And the real problem is that ALL child protection is mob vigilantism, whether it is criminal records checks turning up stupid teenage acts, banning people from acting normally around Scouts, or dredging up every embarrassing fact in family court. None of it helps children be safe with adults, and none of it helps adults recognize abuse when it is happening. Abusers do not have horns.

The whole Jimmy Savile circus will now roll on in some grand moral panic, with links to satanism and necrophilia, at least some of which will turn out to be false. Then they can bury the whole affair as one deeply aberrant man who conned everyone, and bury his associations with other paedophiles underneath any false allegations.

Meanwhile about 20% of all children are sexually abused - that is 140,000 children abused every year in England and Wales. said...

Some time back a close freind who was a postman discovered loads of plain brown envelopes he was delivering contained awful child porn pics, he told his line manager who said you are not paid to think just deliver mail.
so he went and
complained to the childline and police giving a long list of adresses of people recieving this including 2 of his own managers social workers and a teacher, the police informed his manager he wss whistleblowing, his manager sacked him under pretences of something else, he went to the top of the mail system and they saud " the mail needs to make a profit and we turn no financial assets away " and the cover up continued

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail questions why police were soft on Savile:

Were the police in awe of Jimmy Savile?

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Jimmy Savile scandal – and there is strong competition for that dubious distinction – is why police didn’t arrest him over child abuse allegations five years ago.
Detectives spent months investigating claims the BBC star molested an under-age girl at a children’s home in the 1970s.
But for reasons which have not been fully explained, officers from Surrey Police decided not to detain him and instead interviewed him by appointment.
The importance of that decision in the wider scandal cannot be exaggerated because had police arrested Savile, they would have had the right to search his home.
I just wonder what they would have found at the home of a serial child sex predator who for decades clearly felt he was above the law. Child porn videos, pictures of under-age girls on computer equipment or even pictures of his young victims?
I suspect that had he been arrested, news of his detention would have leaked and dozens of his other victims would belatedly have felt strong enough to make further allegations of abuse against him. He would have faced justice.
As it was, the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge him and it was only after his death that the truth came out.

Anonymous said...

This is a detailed description of The Cook Reports attempted entrapment of Greer, Grylls etc. it refers to the 'young Ben' masquerading as openly gay.

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