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Politicians are involved. Child Abuse, Iran-Contra, BCCI, Bush, Dutroux, Franklin

"Didn’t the Dutroux child abuse/murder scandal in Belgium... create a political crisis? THATCHER AND JIMMY SAVILLE- 11 YEARS - Ian Bone

Savile in Belfast 1976. aangirfan: Kincora Boys / aangirfan: JIMMY SAVILE; ROTHSCHILD; ANTHONY BLUNT; MI5

"SEVERAL Haut de la Garenne abuse victims have named Jimmy Savile as a sexual abuser, a UK lawyer representing them said today."

"Everyone But Jersey Calling For Full C.O.I"

Up to five girls, some as young as nine, say they were abused at the Haut de le Garenne children's home in Jersey.

At least six police forces have now received allegations of child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile.

Cliff Richards with Savile.

Anonymous comments:

"Some years back a small ad in the paper, for child models, had my aunt rushing her kids down to be photographed in a hotel room.

"She had a phone call to say that Celian her boy of 11 would be suitable; could she bring him to the hotel and collect him at 5 that afternoon and a cheque would be in the post.

"According to Celian, he and 3 other boys were given a cup of something to drink and became woozy.

"They were taken by car to a large house in Leeds where Jimmy Savile and several other men sodomised them.

"They were dropped back at the hotel foyer.

"No trace of the men was ever found, and Savile had an alibi that he was working at a hospital for charity.

Jimmy Savile and friends.

Gary Glitter 'raped a girl, aged 13, in Savile's BBC dressing room'... as Jimmy and a third star 'abused two 14-year-olds'

Jimmy Savile - satanic child abuse?

"Yesterday it was claimed Savile molested girls as young as nine during charity visits to the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey where abuse was rife during the 1970s and 1980s.

"A woman who used to live in the home and was 11 at the time told how the star abused her and her nine-year-old sister in 1971. She said: ‘When I reported the abuse, it was brushed it under the carpet.’"

Read more:

Savile with Princess Anne, president of Save the Children. aangirfan: SAVE THE CHILDREN - FRONT FOR CIA?

BBC bosses were well aware of allegations about Sir Jimmy Savile’s targeting of teen girls as long ago as the 1970s, former staff have revealed.

Former BBC Press officer Rodney Collins says the BBC was ‘certainly’ aware of allegations about Savile in the 1970s.

A lady, now 65, claims that, as a teenager, she met Savile in 1963 on Radio Luxembourg.

Savile lured the teenager to his London hotel, pinned her against a wall and then raped her.

Read more:

Manchester and Salford Police's Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

"It is claimed that Jimmy Saville was a 'Facilitator' on every level, providing 'chicken' for the Kray Twins..."

Jimmy Savile Dead - Page 25


Haut de la Garenne 1940

The Jersey child abuse scandal is reported to involve theZandvoort network. (Jersey stinks of Zandvoort / aangirfan: Jersey children raped, tortured, murdered and burned in ...)

"The ring was first uncovered when a key member was found dead in Italy. According to The Irish Times, he was murdered by another member of the ring.

"His apartment in the Dutch town of Zandvoort was found to contain 'thousands of digital images stored on computer disks,' as well as 'hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients,' according to the New York Times." - Global Grey Child Abuse Rings & Satanic Ritual Abuse : Marc ...

The Zandvoort file is linked to Operation Koala, with 2 million files of child pornography (Marcel Vervloesem at the court of Appeal)

The Zandvoort network is alleged to have Belgian, Dutch and Portuguese branches.

The Zandvoort network reportedly involved Marc Dutroux.(Marcel Vervloesem at the court of Appeal)

Photo - Haut de la Garenne 1905 (First pictures inside 'Colditz' care home as police find secret ...)

In 1990, two part-time members of staff at the Blanche Pierre care home on Jersey alerted the authorities about child abuse.

In 1999, a confidential report detailed "gross acts of physical and psychological abuse" at the Blanche Pierre care home.

In 2000, alleged victims complained to the police.

Court proceedings began, but were later dropped. - Children's home in abuse claims

The Dutroux gang supplied girls to the elite, to be tortured and murdered.

Marc Dutroux's lawyer, Xavier Magnee, said Dutroux, was part of a criminal network supplying the sex trade.

Magnee said Dutroux was a "small fish" working for a network with links to the police.

Magnee pointed out the failure of the police to process all the forensic samples discovered in a basement cellar in which Dutroux kept four of his captives.

Magnee said that some 6,000 hair samples found in the basement cellar where some of the victims were held had led to the discovery of 25 "unknown" DNA profiles.

"There were people in that cellar that are not now accused," said Magnee.

M. Magnee said prosecutors had ignored evidence that might have linked the ring to a Satanic cult called Abrasax, which is suspected of performing human sacrifices. - Dutroux says he abducted girls with police help - Europe, News ...

Roger Holland, from Jersey, was a convicted paedophile.

In 1992 Holland became a part-time policeman on Jersey.

Six years earlier, he had indecently assaulted a mentally backward 14-year-old girl.

He had admitted molesting a second child.

In 1995, he was promoted to the rank of vingtenier, the second most senior in the island's volunteer police force, which supplements the work of the full-time police. - Secrets and terror of Jersey care home

Regina Louf mentioned a number of girls that she had witnessed being murdered. (The Belgian X-Files) (Belgium's X-Files - An Olenka Frenkiel Investigation - BBC)

Marc Dutroux insisted that he was not a "lone predator" but part of a wider paedophile ring.

Dutroux described himself as a victim, a "puppet in a show trial" who had to be put away to "hide the truth" and serve the interests of "organised corruption".

Dutroux said only 10% of the case had been examined. He asked why independent-minded policemen had been removed from the investigating team. - Dutroux insists he was part of paedophile ring World news The ...

General Michael Aquino. In 1986, San Francisco police began investigating claims of sexual abuse centering around the Army's Child Development Center at the Presidio of San Francisco. In 1987, a girl identified Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino as the person who had had abused her.

"It is this allegation of an establishment cover-up, with its echoes of Belgium's notorious Marc Dutroux case, which is likely to leave the most indelible stain on Jersey's cherished reputation.

"When Dutroux was convicted in 2004 of raping and murdering a string of young girls - two of whom had starved to death in his cellar - he said he was part of a widespread paedophile ring that included policemen and elite members of Belgian society." -Secrets and terror of Jersey care home - Telegraph

"Belgian police were told of the whereabouts of one of the victims of alleged child murderer and pedophile Marc Dutroux one year before she was found dead, a court in Belgium heard."

"Throughout the Dutroux investigation and trial there have were allegations of police collusion..." - Police told where Dutroux victim was long before she was found dead: witness

"Marc Dutroux, the Belgian paedophile, claimed today that police officers helped him to abduct two young women whose bodies were later discovered buried in his garden." - Dutroux claims police helped in teens' kidnap - Times Online

Jason Swift

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang.

Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

Sidney Cooke, Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver, and Lennie Smith, were imprisoned in 1989 for the manslaughter of Jason Swift.

Cooke and his gang had sexually tortured and prostituted a number of boys.

The gang is believed to have killed at least nine children.[2]

Cooke was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

In 1998, Cooke was let out of prison eight years early.

There have been allegations that very powerful people have been involved in a child-abuse ring connected to Islington children's homes. ( Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

In 1982 Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) became Islington council leader.

She became a close friend of Tony Blair, who lived in Islington, a few doors away from Hodge.

Many girls went missing in Belgium. 

In February 1990 Liz Davies and David Cofie, senior social workers, discovered evidence of sex abuse of children and reported it to a residents' meeting attended by Mrs Hodge.

In May 1990 Mr Cofie and Ms Davies were told by Lyn Cusack, assistant director of social services, to stop interviewing children about the abuse claims.

On 1 May 1997 Tony Blair moved from Islington to Downing Street.

In June 2003 Mrs Hodge was made minister for Children.(Another minister under fire: call for Hodge to quit over child ...)

Almost 1,000 children went missing from UK residential and foster care in 2007.

(Our children are missing: Most vulnerable youngsters are targeted)

Madeleine McCann; Bilderberg; Belgium; Bush

According to a report in The Daily Mail, 17 May 2007, a "secret chamber" was found in Robert Murat's home. (Madeleine: Police swoop on Russian computer expert's flat the ... )

Marc Dutroux had a dungeon in one of his houses.

"In 'Beyond the Dutroux Affair', it was described how a cabal of highest level players, including judges, lawyers, top bankers, prime ministers and aristocrats were involved in child abuse and snuff networks (going right up to Bilderberg and the Nazi Stay-Behind networks).

"It was also described how this cabal could place their own investigators in leading positions of the child abuse investigations and dismantle it by blocking important inquiries, putting detectives on false leads, and making carefully planned leaks to friendly newspapers." - Cached

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. (Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million)

From The Daily mail:

"As well as growing fears that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile ring, they (the parents) can have little hope of justice when leading Portuguese figures are allegedly involved in covering-up their own child sex scandal.

"Both cases [Casa Pia and McCann] - the two highest profile criminal investigations in the country since the end of the Portuguese military dictatorship in 1974 - have been riven by allegations of compromised police officers, high-level interference and vicious, virulent attacks on key witnesses." - Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth ...

Michel Nihoul - links to the security services and Gladio? Nihoul ... was a close friend of U.S. General John Singlaub. aangirfan: BOYS CASTRATED; LINKS TO DUTCH PRIME MINISTER

Madeleine McCann went missing on 3 May 2007.

Reprtedly, Jean-Michel Nihoul was released from jail on 4th May 2007. (Cached )

The Bilderberg meetings began near Istanbul on 31 May 2007.

(List of delegates at Bilderberg 2007, Istanbul, Turkey (May 31 ...)

David James Smith, in The Sunday Times (UK), 16 December 2007, (Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears) wrote about the Madeleine McCann case:

"I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work.

"The Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita mentioned the 'mysterious Clarence' – Clarence Mitchell, the former government PR officer turned McCann spokesman – and I was told there was suspicion too about another government official, Sheree Dodd, who had acted as a PR officer for the McCanns briefly in the early days..."

Michel Nihoul was the person who allegedly organised orgies in a Belgian chateau.

These Orgies allegedly were attended by a former European commissioner, judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen.

Nihoul was one of the accomplices of Marc Dutroux.

Regina Louf testified to the authorities about orgies at which she allegedly saw children tortured and murdered.

The allegation in the the book called 'The X-files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair' is that, at Black masses, attended by members of Belgium's elite, children were sacrificed.

(The investigation BBC News CORRESPONDENT EUROPE Belgium's X-Files: an Olenka ... BBC NEWS Programmes Correspondent Europe Belgium's X Files ...)

In 1996, at the village of Forchies-la-Marche, the police investigated an institute of Black Magic. They dug up human skulls. (The Irish press coverup of the Marc Dutroux Murders!)

The International Herald Tribune( Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope ... ) quoted Guy Poncelet as saying the X-files book was convincing.

Guy Poncelet is a judge.

His son, a police officer, was mysteriously shot dead.

This son had been investigating a case involving Dutroux.

Judge Connerotte was the judge who caught Dutroux.

The authorities removed Connerotte from the case.

Patriek De Baets was the official in charge of investigating the X-files. The authorities removed him from the case.

Andre Cools was shot dead. 

In 1991, Belgium's former deputy prime minister, Andre Cools, announced that he was about to make some revelations about the mafia and their links to some of the most important people in Liege.

"Cools had most imprudently announced to the Belgian press... that he would soon release startling evidence about corruption in Belgium's growing arms industry and its ties to the Canadian billionaire Bronfman brothers, a number ofmajor U.S. political figures and republican fat cats with influence reaching into the inner circles of the Bush White House.

"Among the names that Cools promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld and members of thepowerful Republican Barbour and Racicot clans who all own large shares in major arms manufactuerers as well as Britain's Jonathan Aitken, Thatcher's secretary of state for defense who had large holdings in a string of British arms suppliers and was a leading figure in the Tory Party hierarchy." - (Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...)

Cools was shot dead. Before he could speak out.

Dutroux. The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies."

After Dutroux's arrest in 1996, arrests were made in the Cool's case.

One of those arrested was Alain Van der Biest, a Socialist Minister, alleged to have close links with the mafia gangs of Liege.

Belgian TV came up with an anonymous witness who claimed that leading Socialist politician, Guy Mathot, had ordered Cools to be killed.

In 1994 Mathot was charged with corruption over kickbacks paid to Belgium's Socialist parties.

Willy Claes was NATO Secretary General and a Belgian. He was caught up in the Mathot kickbacks thing and was forced to resign.

Melchior Wathelet was top judge who released Dutroux from prison in 1991.

Wathelet was Belgium's judge at the European Court of Justice.

Wathelet was Belgium's Justice Minister at the time when Cools was shot dead.

Cools' son called for Wathelet and other top judges to be removed from office.

In 1996 there were suggestions that the gangs involved in the Cools' killing had been involved with Dutroux.

According to an article by OSWALD LEWINTER, at Conspiracy Planet, (Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...):

The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies...

"By arresting Dutroux, the Belgian authorities were simultaneously able to round up many of the people responsible for the assassination of Cools.

"In the interim, Dutroux led police to the burial site of four young girls, all of whom had been ritually murdered by his pedophile colleagues.

"Within a short time, over 30 people had been arrested, including a number of high-level politicians, judges, and senior police commanders...

"Dutroux... was closely tied to a senior Portuguese diplomat, Jorge Ritto...

"Ritto has been implicated and jailed as a major figure in Portugal's Casa Pia pedophilia scandal.

General John Singlaub

"Another leading figure dredged up in the widening circle of the Dutroux pedophilia operation, Jean Michel Nihoul, managed the group's finances out of posh offices on the Avenue de Louise in the heart of the Brussels business district.

"He managed a string of Dutroux's properties which functioned as pedophilia clubs in various countries, including a sumptuous and secluded villa in the Caribbean at which leading U.S. political figures, governors and members of Congress could satisfy their pedophile perversions safe from media sleuths.

"Nihoul had been in and out of jail since the 1970's, on a wide range of money-laundering, drug-trafficking, and prostitution charges.

"He was also... a close friend of U.S. General John Singlaub and Rev. Moon.

"The Dutroux-Nihoul case also sparked a revival of interest in a parallel case unearthed in the United States, as part of the late 1980s Congressional and special prosecutors probes of the Contra Supply operations.

"The American case involved CIA- Col. Oliver North initiated drugs-for money-for weapons operation, and also the Franklin Credit Bank of Omaha, Nebraska,run by Larry King, a powerful African-American Republican Party operator, whose savings and loan institution was used to launder funds for Oliver North's Contras.

"When former Nebraska state senator John De Camp undertook a probe of King's activities , he uncovered a nationwide pedophile ring, servicing some of the wealthiest and most powerful figures in the Omaha business and political elites in the Republican Party circles of George Herbert Walker Bush (see 'The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska,' by John W. De Camp,{Lincoln Nebraska: AWT, Inc., 1992}).

"On October 14, 1996, the Supreme Court of Belgium removed Judge Connerrote from the Dutroux case...

"Newspaper, LE SOIR, opined in an editorial that Judge Connerrote had to be removed 'because he was unwilling to refrain from subpoenaing major U.S. diplomats and high government officials, as well as key figures in the Dutch and Portuguese pedophilia cases.'"

Bryn Estyn

"Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to 'play' with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.

"Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'." -

(North Wales paedophile ring, top people, the police and the security services. Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail.)

"MI5 had been aware of a homosexual vice ring operating within the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast. Colin Wallace was instructed to leak intelligence reports on Kincora (as part of a project code-named Clockwork Orange 2) to put pressure on key people..."aangirfan: Kincora Boys


Was Dutroux working for the security services

Cover-up of the Jersey-Portsmouth link?


The British security services, fascism and child abuse.

Corrupt Jersey policemen try to block Jersey child abuse and murder investigation.

Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London

Jason Swift; Islington children's home; hundreds of missing children

Torture and death of British children; the death of Gareth.

The 1999 child abuse scandal in Latvia

The Police Chief, the Judge and Child Abuse

'Jersey care home boss raped his own foster daughter'

Jersey; top people; a cover-up?

Child abuse

Bryn Estyn Boys' Home in North Wales

Child abuse at the Kincora boys' home

Jersey: the cover-up begins?

Jersey, Dutroux and cover-ups

Jersey - Channel TV names top people caught up in the child abuse scandal

Philip Martin Bailhache and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey

Dukes, Freemasons, Jersey...

Jersey victims

Child abuse in the UK: Jersey, Kincora, North Wales, Dunblane, Islington, Leicester, Quarriers Homes, Nazareth House, St Ninians, Coatbridge

Satanic child abuse and the police

Rapes and murders in Canadian boarding schools; thousands died.

Child abuse and murder in Canada

Jersey and famous people

The bin Laden links to the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey)

Child abuse; Jersey; Kincora; North Wales; Dunblane

Satanic child abuse on Jersey.

Was Dutroux working for the security services?.

Michel Nihoul and other famous Belgians



Marc Dutroux



Muriel Degauque and Charleroi


Fritzl and the security services

Josef Fritzl and Dutroux


Lockerbie links to Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee

Jersey, Dutroux and cover-ups

Belgium prime minister met Dutroux? Testimony of Regina Louf.


Mossad, Haider, Dutroux, Fortuyn, Prince Bernhard

Melchior Wathelet; Jersey


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Anonymous said...

"Sir Jimmy Savile: Prince Charles’s love for Savile's 'ladies’
The Prince of Wales sent Sir Jimmy Savile a Christmas card in which he asked him to 'Give my love to your ladies in Scotland'."

Anonymous said...

The Savile stuff has been known about here for years. What is coming out so far is just the tip of the iceberg, the man was vile in every way, including name. I doubt anyone will be brave enough to start talking about the visits to the morgue, the friendship with Peter Sutcliffe etc. As for why did people wait so long - people don't want to believe it now, so imagine what it would have been like back then.

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all wrong:

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aferrismoon said...

@Anonymous -
I see, "Jimmy'S A Vile ......" :)

His various catchphrases , and the tune to Jim'll Fix It take on sinister undertones.


aferrismoon said...

According to Wiki , Frankie Howerd, one of Jimmy's friends, had treatment with LSD for his homosexuality. Also was in the army , as I think many entertainers on BBC at that time were - a link to the military.

Howerd also sports the same eyebrows as Aquino.


Anon said...

Brainwashing by military intelligence is a real possibility in this case.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Bravo Aang, truly excellent.

Anonymous said...

By way of Craig Murray's comments, it seems that Freddie Starr has been named as the third person in the room with Savile and Glitter. I'd never heard of him and looked him up in wikipedia. It's unbelievable - give away after give away. Worthy of an entry here?

best, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

some time back i lstened toa radio interview with T stoakes at his central london flat, i gather he was something to do with combatting soviet penetration, and he said that Sir Anthony Blunt was a child abuser and procurer, the aim was to blackmail people for rothschild, the american brothel madame also said she blackmailed her clients for mossad,
and the monopoly of child protection in Britian is Jewish run, esther rantzen sarah caplin childline, peter mandelson NSPCC, margaret hodge childrens minister etc and all for rothschilds israel to blackmail our politicians, and assisted by rupert murdoch i did not believe this radio broadcast but now i am not so sure ?
Michael Cavan

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Something related re pedophiles and prime ministers. Read comments too.

And this, about 3/4 way down.

And yet more strangeness: "The bunch in North London, not the teenagers in 2006, but the ones gloating about capturing Magnotta - Kerkedes the snuff movie expert, "Alex deLarge," etc. - are big on Aleister Crowley style Satanism and cat worship."

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Bosgeus said...

Where's my bucket
Nice that people are aware of very romanist propaganda in the media. The comment on Jews I saw at the link in the Vatic blog link in the log and at one of the comments however, are highly inappropriate. Alternative information on these subjects is also very much infiltrated, and most propaganda starts at the schools, rather than the media.

I live in the Netherlands, and all schools and mainstream media are propaganda. All alternative media was taken out, before the internet started. Now, 2012, there still seems to be some real information on the web. But rare, and one of these free websites being this aangirlfan blog here. Most other websites on this subject are propaganda. Reason being not always that people mean to make propaganda, but do so, because they believe the lies from elsewhere. Unwilling agents.

Dutch media looks a lot as is made in Britain, where the Catholics have taken over all the newspapers in the 1800's. This fact one can check, when looking into publications on Dr. Ian Paisley in British Newspapers. The most ugly pictures that where made of this man get front covers, every Irishman or Brit I would ask questions about Dr. Paisley believes the propaganda made by the Roman Catholic Newspapers in Britain. And any link in the log above to papers that I tried, the article was removed, although this log is only one week old.

The Jews and the occult are portrayed as the axis of evil, Mossad connections every where. Just as in Germany in the 1930's. Fingerprints of the Jesuits. How do they get so much personnel? Answer: Orphanages, Residential schools, educating all the children of a nation.

Iraq is a crusade, Bush said; was that word found any where in the Jewish culture? The Vatican, given to the pope by Benito Mussolini, 1929, was the last country on planet Earth to acknowledge Israel as a country, 1993. But the Vatican has acknowledges Palestine since the first century.

For people that understand what I convey, enjoy.

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This paedophile scandal in New Zealand should be attracting attention - the paedophiles are about to be presented awards from the Queen's representative:

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