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Sir Jimmy Savile in Israel in 1975. 

JIMMY SAVILE FIX IT FOR ISRAEL IN 1977? (links found at Jimmy Savile Sex Beast Allegations.)

In 1977, Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin had a meeting with Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.

This led to 'peace' between the two countries.

Sir Jimmy Savile received a medal from Israel in 1979, for services rendered.

Reportedly, Savile visited Israel in 1975 to advise Israel's President Ephraim Katzir on a matter of security.

Reportedly, Savile told the Israeli cabinet that he "was very disappointed: the Israelis had won the Six Day War but they had given back all the land, including the only oil well in the region, and were now paying the Egyptians more for oil than if they had bought it from Saudi Arabia."

Princess Diana with Jimmy Savile.

Reportedly, Savile visited Israel a number of times to offer his advice.

A Manchester businessman, Benny Sternberg, revealed that "Savile had been approached to explore the possibility of a meeting between Sadat and Begin because of his friendship with the family of the Egyptian president's wife Jehan."

Savile described himself as "the only yok with a Yiddishe kop".

Howard Silverman was one of Sir Jimmy Savile’s closest pals. Website for this image

"Savile claimed during an interview with The Guardian newspaper’s Simon Hattenstone that he told Professor Katzir: 'I’m very disappointed because you’ve all forgotten how to be Jewish and that’s why everyone is taking you to the cleaners … You won the Six Day War, you took all that land, you gave it all back, including the only oil well in the area, and now you’re paying the Egyptians for the oil you already had.'
"Savile also maintained that the president invited him to repeat his words at a Cabinet meeting. 'They asked my opinion about a couple of things, to which I said, ‘Nothing’s impossible’. They did exactly what I suggested and it worked out 100 per cent successful.’”
"The occasion was confirmed partly by Roger Ordish, producer of Jim'll Fix It, who said: 'I know he met the President when we were in Israel in 1975.'

"Sir Jimmy always said he had berated the Israeli Cabinet in 1975 for being too soft after the Six Day War."

Savile's "ten-day visit to Israel in 1975, when he met President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust...

"One of Savile's eight homes was a flat in the heart of the Leeds Jewish community in Roundhay...

"He was a regular at fundraising dinners at synagogues in Leeds and Manchester..."

Cardinal Keith O'Brien with Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile had both a Royal and Papal knighthood (Order of St. Gregory the Great)

He was a Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Order of St. John, Knights of Malta, and Chevaliers of Malta)

"I know from my own unimpeachable sources that Saville was a sick abomination of a human being who not only abused children, but was a necrophiliac, which is defined as an 'obsessive fascination with death and corpse' and an 'attraction to or sexual contact with corpses' - hence his famous 'volunteering' to be a 'porter' at Leeds General Infirmary." / Jimmy Savile Sex Beast Allegations.

Sir Jimmy Savile and former prime minister, Gordon Brown

Sir Jimmy Savile told Esquire magazine: "I am the eminence grise: the grey, shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work under cover."

Savile says he spent "11 consecutive Christmases ... with the Thatchers."

Speaking of former Prime Minister Thatcher, Savile told Esquire: "I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else. The times I spent up there (Chequers) - Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire."

"He spent an afternoon entertaining the wives of the G7 leaders back in 1991 at John Major's invitation...

"Savile had dinner with ... Admiral Sir Michael Boyce (Chief of the Defence Staff)...

"Dickie Arbiter, who was Prince Charles's press adviser, confirms that Savile was involved in the lives of the Royal Family."

Diana described Savile as a "sort of mentor" to Charles. 

Roger Ordish, Savile's former BBC producer, said: "I know he met the President when we were in Israel in 1975. 

"And he did the same thing at Chequers with the Blairs as he did with the Thatchers."

Savile claimed that was the only existing civilian holder of the coveted Royal Marines Green Beret. 

Read more:

The late Sir Jimmy Savile with Lady Diana

Was Jimmy Savile being used by the intelligence services?

Reportedly, some BBC producers were aware of Jimmy Savile's behaviour "as far back as the mid 1960s."

Reportedly, the BBC turned a blind eye to Savile's alleged child sex abuse.

"One of the assaults had even been witnessed by the member of a BBC television production team."

Wilfred De'Ath, a former BBC producer, says that, in 1964, he saw Savile in a restaurant with a 12 year-old girl, who had been picked up by Savile at the BBC.


Savile with the former BBC personality Esther Rantzen, who is now working for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Sir Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen and 'feted' by the Pope. - Jim-fooled-thinking-saint

The BBC is said to have close links to the security services.

The BBC blocked a Newsnight investigation into the Savile's 'predatory behaviour'.

Sources at the BBC say that the Newsnight investigation uncovered evidence that two other celebrities allegedly sexually abused underage girls on its premises in the 1970s.

The military carry the coffin at Savile's funeral at Leeds Cathedral.

An ITV1 documentary includes a 2009 recording of Savile talking in support of Gary Glitter, who was later jailed for child sex offences in Vietnam.

Reportedly, Savile molested girls on a couch in his BBC dressing room, and sometimes he would pin them roughly against the wall in the BBC corridors.

Did TV bosses turn a blind eye to Savile?.

Duncroft School.

Savile was a frequent visitor to the Duncroft School 'for intelligent, emotionally disturbed' girls.

Two Duncroft girls "were repeatedly raped" by Savile. Both girls claim that Savile gave them sexually transmitted diseases.

"The revelations follow a year-long investigation by former Surrey police child protection officer Mark Williams-Thomas for an ITV documentary."

According to Mr Williams-Thomas, "This was a man who was Mr BBC. He was everywhere, he was iconic and he was incredibly well-connected."

Savile had links to top people. Pall bearers from the Royal Marines carry the coffin of Sir Jimmy. Website for this image

'Anna', a former pupil from Duncroft was invited backstage after a recording of one of savile's BBC shows.

She says Savile looked on while two other BBC stars abused an underage girl in his dressing room and one had sex with her.

Read more:

Lord Lieutenant of Orkney Colonel Macrae and Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile, by Phoenix Photography

Allegedly Jimmy Saville supplied kids to top people such as former UK prime minister Ted Heath.

"Sir Jimmy Saville was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on board Heath's yacht the morning cloud...

"Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse."

([2011] JERSEY:  Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen)

CHILD ABUSE 'COVER-UP'; Police call off Sea Cadets ...

Allegedly, UK Prime Minister Edward Heath "would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends....

"The name 'Mr. Eddy' was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies."

TV star Jimmy Savile - fond of boys.

On 29 October 2011, a West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

'Police were called at 12.10pm today to the discovery of a man's body at a house in Roundhay, Leeds.

'The body of a man in his 80s was found at the property...'

The body was that of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Savile was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Highgrove.

(Jimmy Savile dead: Presenter dies aged 84)

Jimmy Savile

"In the 50s, when Savile was running dancehalls in the north, he earned himself a reputation as a hard man.

"Savile, the most Jewish Catholic you'll ever meet, asks me if I've been to Israel...

"He talks about the dancehall days. 'I wouldn't stand for any nonsense whatsoever. Ever, ever. I never threw anybody out.Tied them up and put them down in the bloody boiler house until I was ready for them'...

"The press has dogged him for years, determined to pin some nastiness on him. Savile says they have failed miserably. Is he talking about the paedophile rumours?"

(In bed with Jimmy The Guardian

Child abuse at a childrens' home in Jersey - "Seems Jimmy Saville, Wilfred Brambles (played the old boy in Steptoe) and at least one ex Tory cabinet minister are implicated.

"Saville has put out a gagging order, he was a regular visitor to the home.

"Very similar to Kincora and other similar scandals where masons conspired with top cops and those in high places to escape justice."

(Masonic child abuse in jersey, Jimmy Saville implicated - Stormfront)

"He ... did have some contacts at morgues around the country and he paid them for access to their, shall we say, clients."

(Jimmy Savile - David Icke's Official Forums)

Savile and cub scouts

"Savile, the star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, decided to start proceedings against the Rupert Murdoch paper after a series of articles linked the former Radio One DJ with Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne.

"The police are currently investigating the care home after human remains were found at the residence where children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused.

"On 1 March, Savile’s solicitors said, The Sun carried a photograph of the former Top of the Pops presenter allegedly visiting the Jersey home.

"This was followed with a series of articles. One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. The Sun also criticised Savile for being unprepared to 'go some way to fixing it for the victims'."

(Jimmy Savile turns to Fox Hayes for action against The Sun News ...)

Sir Jimmy Savile and friends

"In the 1960′s ,The former Radio 1 DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a large corner shop on the Lea Bridge Rd in London.

"This shop has recently been reported as a place where ‘Fluff’ heldkinky parties ,attended by the likes of confirmed bachelor Sir Jimmy Saville , Jonathen King, the once jailed paedophile broadcaster & former pop star and Brian Epstein, who was at the time the Homosexual manager of the Beatles.

"At these parties , young boys , specially brought over from several childrens homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol.

"However these parties were forced to come to an end when Police chiefs got wind that the MP & Ex Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was attending them along with several other prominent MP’s...

"Edward Heath, Prime Minister of England from 1970-74... was a frequent visitor to the Haute de la Garenne childrens care home on Jersey."


Jimmy Savile and friends

In 1988, Jimmy Savile "was named as the head of a new task force charged with turning around Broadmoor, Britain’s most notorious high-security psychiatric hospital, home to Ronnie Kray and Peter Sutcliffe."

(Rolls of bank notes in his shell suit, he wore oddness as a badge)

Ronnie Kray reportedly ran a pedophile ring for top people (THE KRAY TWINS, BOYS, TOP PEOPLE, SEX IN PRISONS)



2011 Oct] Death of a Showman: Jimmy Saville 1926-2011 by T Stokes

[2011] JERSEY: Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen


Anonymous said...

Given Savile's untouchability, his hardcore associations with the extremely powerful, and, tellingly for mine, his elevation to the ranks of such groups as the Knights of Malta, I'd say the question, 'Was Jimmy Savile being used by the intelligence services?' should be turned on its head. Which is to say, it's far more likely that they worked for him, ie. he was a powerbroker and called the shots.

The idea that he rubbed shoulders (and in no small way) with royalty, presidents, and prime ministers because he was, I don't know... 'fun', fails in the face of the likelihood of him being one of their peers. Hell, let's scratch the word 'peer' and insert
'senior' or 'mentor'. They pretty much tell us this themselves.

Just the fact that he refused to own a computer speaks volumes. He knew what a computer was: a means by which the intelligence services could entrap and catch lower-pecking-order paedophiles (thus magnifying the fear and loathing attached to their blackmail threat). Neither Gary Glitter nor Pete Townshed knew this. Savile was possessed of 'intelligence' in the same way that they weren't.

Putting all this together, under the logic of as-likely-as-any-other-thing I'd guess that Savile was the kind of 'senior' that comes with 33rd degree masonry (or higher), or satanist high-priesthood. Or both. It's almost certain to be something like that.

I also wonder at Esther Rantzen's admission. It's smells of limited hangout to me. What with the documentary coming out and nothing to be done for it, a best case scenario spin was required and Rantzen's 'we suspected but, gosh, weren't quite sure what to do' fits the bill nicely. It's that variety of soft-as-shite mea culpa that tells us nothing useful and yet, what with its alleged look-how-I've-done-the-right-thing candidness, functions to shame anyone who might think of asking further probing questions. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Rantzen was an active participant in ceremonies presided over by Savile. With they all dressed alike, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, regards Aang. You remain unmissable.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

there is a big red herring in this and aangirfan did not notice it, T Stokes claimed he/she ? saw a document dated march 1968 on headed paper from Mecca who employed Jimmy Savile which warned staff that quote
" jimmy savile was queer "
and this is the nub, no mention of all the young boys he abused, because homosexuality is now beyond criticism in the law, disgusting.
peter Wilson

The Realist Report said...

Excellent report, thanks for exposing these scum bags. They make me ill.

Zoompad said...

I believe Esther Ranzen. I looked at her during the Frank Walker/Stuart Syvret Newsnight episode, she looked very uncomfortable then. I think she looks frightened.

I also think that the documentary tomorrow night will be a damage limitation exercise. They won't want to delve into any of the Haut de la Garenne stuff, they never do.

Saville knew the Royal Family, and Heads of State, but there is one person that fits into that catagory who has not yet been mentioned, the Grand Master of the Jersey Freemasons. I would be very surprised if Jimmy Saville was not on first name terms with that man.

Anonymous said...

you are indeed unmissable aangirfan, even tho the subject matter is for the most part, vile.

another of my 'unmissables' The Truthseeker UK has been off the air all day today. I just continually get a message from Microsoft when I use a link, and on Google there is only an old site.

I pray for all at aangirfan and truthseeker eds/writers/advocates

Anon said...

Yes, I reckon Savile was probably a very high up Freemason.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Peter Wilson said "and this is the nub, no mention of all the young boys he abused, because homosexuality is now beyond criticism in the law, disgusting."

Savile seemed to abuse boys as well as girls, and to associate with other adults who abused boys. I hope that these voices are heard too. So far the press is taking no interest in the boys' accounts.

Anonymous said...

I am a great believer of "live" and "let live" when it comes to scandals. Paedophilia is the current whipping boy of the hysterical fundamentalist. Nevertheless when tortured remains turn up as a result of a dereliction of a duty of care, that crosses the line. If these allegations are true, may Saville roast in hell.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

"I also wonder at Esther Rantzen's admission. It's smells of limited hangout to me."

Childline was always intended to be the first-stop for child abuse victims. Handy that if you are part of a network that is interested in keeping a lid on such things.

majestika said...

Sun Sea & Satan

A hard-hitting emotionally charged 60 min documentary by Bill Maloney (Award winning independent film director) who's family were all brought up in the UK care system.

Obadiah 1:18 said...

Excellent report, but I'm a little confused, was Savile Jewish or not?

Anonymous said...

There is the stink of freemasonry all over this.

World history said...

Jimmy savile is a typical example of a high ranking freemason. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS.

The sexual abuse. The megalomania. The connections into the corridors of power and monarchy ( who head the masons ) & church. THIS IMPLICATES THEM ALL.
They use the cover of CHARITY work.( this way they can access children )
The oath they must swear which is an oath above the laws of the land, to protect fellow masons at all costs.( even with sexual abuse & murder)
Their secrecy explains the oath, which is why savile was exposed AFTER DEATH.
Every institution & organisation has members of boards who are freemasons.( head police officers included )
Only when masons rise above the 28th degree, do they learn the 'FREEDOM' of crime, abuse, corruption.
Many business men are low ranking masons, so can only guess what their 28thdegree and above brothers are up to.

Institutional ..

Anonymous said...

"..."I am the eminence grise: the grey, shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work under cover."
...Satan said.

Anonymous said...

Sir Jimmy, who died at his home in Leeds on Saturday, was Howard Silverman's best man in 2009.

Mr Silverman, a Leeds hairdresser, said he became a close friend of Sir Jimmy's after they met jogging on the streets of the city.

"All his pals, every one of them, were just like me - an ordinary geezer," he said.
Cakes and whisky

He and Sir Jimmy used to "laugh at the stories people came out with" in the media.

Talking to BBC Radio Leeds, Mr Silverman said that every Friday morning Sir Jimmy held what was known as the FMC, or Friday Morning Club, at his flat.

Friends of Sir Jimmy would be invited to sit around a big table laden with tea, cakes and whisky.

Enveloped in the host's cigar smoke, the old friends would reminisce and chat the morning away.

Mr Silverman said: "If you saw that, no-one would say he didn't have pals."

According to Mr Silverman, Sir Jimmy had seven homes across the UK including in Glencoe, Bournemouth and Scarborough and he had friends in all those places.

When Mr Silverman got married two years ago, he asked Sir Jimmy to be his best man

Mr Silverman saw Sir Jimmy last Wednesday, when they went for a meal at a pub near the entertainer's flat in Roundhay, Leeds.

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