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Savile (left)

John was only aged ten when Mr BBC, the friend of Tony Blair and Israel, sexually assaulted him.

The assault took place on the utterly corrupt island of Jersey.

I was only 10 when Jimmy Savile assaulted me in a toilet.

"John" was living at Jersey's notorious Haut de la Garenne children's home, where children were reportedly tortured and murdered by top people.

John told how Sir Jimmy Savile regularly came to the home.

John broke down as he told how Savile moved him into a toilet and subjected him to a sexual assault.

John sobbed as he said: "I was frightened and alone...

"I remember he had so many rings on his fingers and his jewellery would jangle as he walked. He also had a big cigar in his mouth."

The police on Jersey investigated John's complaint, and other complaints against Savile.

But the case was dropped.

Savile with former UK prime minister Edward Heath. Both were said to be visitors to Jersey.

As in all such cases, from Charleroi to Omaha, it has been reported that top government people are members of the pedophile abuse rings.

The first of the unsolved homicides involved Jimmy, "a wealthy 'lifelong bachelor' who had been pursued since his death by rumours of a 'secret dark other life'.

"Although Jimmy's will had left 'three million quid that mainly went to children's charities', there were allegations that he had been involved in a sex ring – also involving senior police officers and politicians – that procured underage girls from care homes.

New Tricks: was the series finale actually about Jimmy Savile?

Savile and the police. Website for this image

Savile sexually abused children at the Duncroft School.

The police claim that they carried out an inquiry into Duncroft in 2007.

However, former staff at the Duncroft School were not questioned by the Surrey Police during their 2007 inquiry into sex abuse claims against Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile scandal: Police did not question Duncroft staff

Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector

Former detective and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas has said that Duncroft's head teacher at the time of the alleged abuse - Margaret Jones - was unaware of the police investigation until she read about it in the newspapers.

He told the Daily Telegraph the 2007 investigation "offered the best opportunity to catch Savile".

He added: "It raises questions about why the one person who could have provided information was not spoken to.

"She (Ms Jones) could have provided important background information about the girls and Savile."

Jimmy Savile scandal: Police did not question Duncroft staff

A spokeswoman for Surrey Police said officers had spoken to the notorious children's charity Barnado's, which was running the home at the time of the sexual abuse.

She said: "Barnardo's informed us they had no record of any allegations of sexual abuse reported to staff during this period.

"A decision was made not to interview former staff unless there was evidence to suggest they witnessed abuse or were made aware of abuse at the time."

Jimmy Savile scandal: Police did not question Duncroft staff

Abuse campaigner: I told Esther Rantzen about paedo Jimmy Savile 18 years ago...

Police discover more bones inside chamber of horrors at Jersey ...


Anonymous said...

My foreman where i used to work would talk to me in the lunchtimes and tell me about all the gays who worked at barnodos homes screwing the boys, all the boys without exception were assaulted on many occasions.
We talked becuse my scout troop where i was a boy, had jimmy savile as an assistant scout leader
and he used to nob the boys, we were in fear of him.
both boys from my scout troup and my pal the foreman both contacted childline and nothing ?
the police were contacted about barnados homes and they told the homes manager who punished us all
i am 73 years old and it still haunts me

Anonymous said...

textbook limited hangout stuff here

That article is just one attempt after another to downplay any idea that Royals had knowledge of Savile crimes. But they can not deny the many documented visits etc. that occurred so they must be published, and polished.

The note from Charles to Savile that read
"Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that."

Is that a thank you for supplying children to be brutalized by politicians in order to control them with blackmail to keep the Royal family agenda moving forward?

That article earlier had photo of Charles and Savile sharing a joke which looked pretty sick to me.....subjective territory. That photo is now gone, replaced by a solo of Savile. This limited hangout stuff is tricky, even for the pros.

Anonymous said...

Jersey Evening Post said "Savile, whose mother lived at the Little Sisters of the Poor care home in New St John’s Road, made three appearances at the Battle of Flowers – twice as Mr Battle in the early 70s and one as guest of honour in 2002." (There is another Little Sisters home in St Johns Road Leeds, where she volunteered or worked.)

Surprising little pickup on his mother living in Jersey, especially when Savile denied having visited childrens homes there during the abuse enquiry and threatened to sue a newspaper for saying he had.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.42
I agree with you in theory, from what I can deduce of Charles and Diana, is that they were two young people who had been 'groomed' by their elders.

Diana ended up being incredibly beautiful and vibrant with all the attention and glamour and money etc.
Not sure exactly what she was 'groomed' for, but that is the general aristocratic motivation, right? Diana was, essentially, starved of love.

And then she died.

Charles too. His mummy returning from Africa, upon disembarkation of her plane, shook the hand of her waiting 4 year old first born son.
Born to be King of the Empire.

My mother STILL cries, when she tells that story.

I only know Charles thru the media, but my heart has at all times ached for him.

Imagine, 24/7 from birth, living with the 'input' from 'others', that one day, one will be King.

And being of the same age as Charles, that day does not look like it is going to come, as William and Kate are the rising 'stars'.

Excuse me please, while I be sick...

Anyway, being so filled with the notion of 'doing good for the plebs'/aka as 'charity', I am thinking that Charles probably has a very limited appreciation of the full extent of the dastardly deeds of Sa vile, and that any notions of 'naughtiness' on the part of Charles, stop well short of the horrendous realities of Savile.

I am not making excuses, or defending the royals in any way. Just offering you my opinion on Charles and his long years of privilege and suffering.
I simply can not see him in ritual abuse of children/torture etc.

I do not have any feelings like this, for the rest of the so-called royals, who are very aware of horrendous realities.

How well do I recall the Queen, dismissing Charles as a 'fool'.
Charles is no fool.
Charles is a person who has been cuckolded/hoodwinked again and again and again, and he in all likelihood, might never 'get it'.

That would be the tragedy for Charles.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media are being utterly despicable in the way in which they are trying to present Savile as an abuser of females only, are not mentioning his exceptionally close links to Thatcher/Heath/Blair/Brown/Israel/Royalty, are not looking into his relationship with Sutcliffe BEFORE Sutcliffe was imprisoned, are not exposing the obvious paedophile rings which existed and at which Savile was at the heart.

The mainstream media is working to protect elite interests, not to protect the general public and establish the truth.

Anonymous said...

well of coarse, the main stream media and law enforcement and the intelligence agencies work for the elite at the end of the day. follow the money, and we already know who has the money.

Unknown said...

Jimmy Savile:- known satanist.

Jimmy Savile born on 31/10/1926
(Halloween 1926)

7th child of Agnes and Vincent Savile

Agnes Monica Kelly born 01/11/1886

Savile's mother was also born during the occult Samhain festival

Savile's mother was also the 7th surviving child of her parents..

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Before anyone is introduced to royalty they are vetted and their security file checked by police,
not only did royalty know about savile, but saviles pals paul kidd and anthony blunt took small boys to tea with the queens mother acording to t stokes whom i believe on this.
There were pics published in an underground isreali mag i found on a train some years back showing pics of savile and israeli prime minister menachim begin who was also alleged to be a pedophile
tete wilson

KPatrickRyan said...


Living in Oregon I have educated myself enough now to know it is useless to read the Oregonian or the Times or the Washington Post or the NY Times or to 'learn' what's going on by viewing Fox or MSNBC or CNN so I may be WAY OFF BASE ... however.... I doubt if there's ANY American as well versed in the sickness or evil of Savile as I - a human who pays no attention whatsoever to the media.

Why am I more educated than anyone else (with the granted exception of those in power in N America who took part in the abuse) with the Savile Story???

Because I've had the great fortune of reading your website for a number of years now.

Thank you much for your efforts. May ALL OUR efforts not be in vain as we struggle against the sickos who hold the keys of power in this world.

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! From the Daily Mail UK 27 June 2012: “London set to be flooded with prostitutes during Olympics as escort agencies touting ‘gold medal’ services cash in on Games trade. Children’s charity Barnardo’s fears growth in child sex trafficking to London.”

Didn't want competition?

Anonymous said...

Here's one up in your area:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Miles Goslett published a lot of the detail of the Jimmy Savile abuse story back in March in The Oldie, and amazing that nobody paid the slightest attention until the circus in October. By any accounting this is an important story, and the press are still avoiding many issues.

The magazine is here but the story is pasted here

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...returning from Africa, upon disembarkation of her plane, she shook the hand of her waiting 4 year old first born son.

Born to be King of the Empire.

Yes, though the Regent Q is a woman and is always subservient to a King (in this case; in waiting). C, being a child, was represented by Mo/bat/n during daily business until he was of age (investiture as P of Whales) why M was more regal than a King when he dressed-up - with huge ego M was pushing a point of protocol in their faces, "I'm bossman," - Q was represented by a male proxy chosen from one of the 13 families at the top of the 'christmas-tree', in this case first Lord Ironside, then Roddy Sinclair, chief of the Sinclair's of Caithness. Suggest good look at current manager of Balmoral.

The strange thing is: UK has always prospered more under a Q than any King.

Can I be a trifle catty? Why then, would they allow the Q to rule after C came of age. Fallin' orf a horse an' breaking y' neck is easy to arrange, mmm?

I happen to know Q has here own security, totally separate from the obvious team. Only known to a handful, who fear him totally. He has carte blanche to 'do whatever it takes to secure Q's safety'. And is above all law. She chose him, pays him, turns a blind eye. He can, and probably has, killed threats and simply walked away, leaving the police - who could even have been watching! - to cover it up.

And he has possibly several very secret assistents working with him. Only he knows who they are. He knows and sees all.

So there are certain people foaming at the mouth they've been unable to get rid of her and get C on the john - sorry, throne!

It bodes ill when a man sits on the throne, as history shows these are the bad times.

Anonymous said...

TY for your thoughtful reply anony 11.52

Not catty at all-
my thoughts are that Q is possibly narcissistic (self-preservation and lack of empathy and all of that...)
She has at all times been beautifully/stylishly dressed; pretty and thoughtful and all that mag eds/owners live off...

Q 'plays' the Game, in a way C would not do. In a quirky way, I identify with C, who genuinely wants to co-create a better world for all.

Are you familiar with Laurens vd Post?
Jung and the Story of our Time is one title of his.

There is more, but I am out of time.

As an elder and female, I have lived to learn and finally understand the different 'drivers' of the two genders: it is well known that women, especially once they have survived child bearing and rearing, are well able to live without sex and/or males.

So essentially, the women are not as 'black-mailable'as the men. Also, my theory is that strong women tend to captivate weak men he he

and rich boys attract pretty but poor girls.

You know how it goes...manipulate and control, for the sake of status, protecting interests.

I generalize, but it is probably true to say that K's do not do so well because they give in to their peccadilloes, witness the royals in the Netherlands.
None so fierce as 'mothers' and these two are hanging in for all its worth, knowing they are 'protected' by cronies: those who would lose too much, if they failed.
The dutch royal men have almost invariable come to abject/pathetic stages in end-of-life experiences.

And it is only in recent times, that I have learned of the infestation of Zion in the life of the Netherlands. I have known a bit longer, about the UK.

I have read here on Aang, the prediction that W might suffer a flight accident, leaving his bride on the john.
Sorry, I am hoping and praying that the campaigns for abolition of all Euro monarchies are successful.

Have just finished reading A Place of Greater Safety, by your brilliant Hilary Mantel, who truly grasps the human condition and its relations. Well deserved, her second Booker Prize.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.52
Hi 04:18


I was contacted by X in regard to Mr. F. Fors#th weaving genuine secrets into his books. X was evaluating texts of all his books, 'washing' them through the most powerful computers/programs/algorithms etc.

Someone recalled me, knew I was on-file, suggested contacting me. He wanted something from me, after some squirming tongue-in-cheek suggested who was paying him, so I said I wanted something back. Unfortunately, he couldn't access my files, 'too dangerous, they're like tigers wound-up to spring.' They being the people who hired him.

We talked and found a common ground, I gave: he gave. guess who got the best deal? Never was a good wheeler-dealer!

I was aware of evil doings by, who tried to swap the person 'on the john' (must be a bit security-conscious sometimes! Sorry) several times. The war stopped 1st, regrouped, went to plan-b (perhaps original plan anyway) succeeded but hit a wall not anticipated (the 00 hired by Q) and failed in the actual intent again. Tried again (here I'm being VERY cryptic) but a perverted doctor inadvertently uncovered it, got 'dealt' with. Now other powerful people were fully aware of the intent and objecting to it he had to back off and lick wounds. Massive re-planing. Then he infiltrated a girl (uncertain of how plan worked, but you've indicated a way) failed again.

X then said something interesting: there is a current plot ongoing.

THIS is what his employers were interested in. They wanted to work out who/where/when/how in advance.

It seems M represented another organisation to my new friends.

Remember, Aang, I've often said there are various factions/sects etc., involved in in-fighting and NOT to get to involved with so-called 'Jews' as these idiots don't represent the majority anymore?

They were certain FF was a top planner for the people behind, who perhaps didn't realise he was using bits of the plan to spice-up his books, or he was using his books to spread various scenarios in secret.

Thing is, the new guy for the john is now too old, he's contaminated 'the bloodline'. He was outsider, different clan, if we were to check lineage there might be a connection to the current in-place girl.

A complication: I was 'good friends' with another girl when we were teens (same age) though interested we could never be more than friends as her life was planned, though she knew not how-or-why she was to try and stay close and attain a certain position.

She has.

Are there TWO plots ongoing?

All of this has to do with ritual child abuse etc., it's all part of the same thing, same people. What Aang has been researching for years is just scratching the surface. We plebs are merely objects to be used and abused for their amusement.

And to do all the hard work.

Zoompad said...

Jimmy Savile:- known satanist.

Jimmy Savile born on 31/10/1926
(Halloween 1926)

7th child of Agnes and Vincent Savile

Agnes Monica Kelly born 01/11/1886

Savile's mother was also born during the occult Samhain festival

Savile's mother was also the 7th surviving child of her parents..

Most people probably remember this version though

Anonymous said...

Hi 12.54
TY again for this fascinating conversation.
I have learned the Truth of the saying: live by the sword/die by the sword, so while I have tangled with that echelon of society, I have, in all honesty, extricated myself from it in the physical/social.

Like you, I met someone really very very special, who fell in love with me. His life was planned for him, and I knew myself to be a misfit (and free spirit). So I walked away, and 33 years later we found each other. He loved the free spirit I have become, while I was shocked by who he has become.

He has totally forgotten who he was!

Just like Icke says, and he is now an elite (and proud) servant of the regime.

Like you, I know myself to be an abject negotiator, and choose instead, Love and peace, and relative poverty.

It works much better. I would not, and did not, want what the elite have.

Anyway, through all my reading, and insights from personal experience, and now your accounts, I know that there are so many factions and plots, that we will not ever get the big picture of their doings.
Look at the people who have devoted decades to researching and writing the JFK stories.

Claude Dansie, personification of evil, knowingly had some of the most beautiful and fine people betrayed in WWll.
These people prepared to do evil to others, are so filled with self-loathing, they are good to stay away from. They project their self-loathing onto harmless,and beautiful, clever and loved, others.

Destroy is the name of their Game.
These English resistance people operating in France were captured and jailed, tortured and executed by the Germans. Dansie was in with Churchill, who was controlled by Rothschild.
That would be where the Churchill diaries are stashed.
So the Zionists want control of the john, and the world, and the people are waking up, and very very angry.

Begin: I must check, but I think I read on Bollyn that Rahm's father worked for Irgun, which was responsible for the assassination of Folke Bernadotte.
Rahm and David Axelrod are said to be the decision makers behind Obama.
Now Glenn Beck is calling for the impeachment of Obama, for crimes against his own people. Ambassador Stevens et al.
The same families are pulling all the same criminal stunts throughout history, and across the globe.
We must stop them, through sheer confrontation and resistance.
Not Playing the Game any more!

Anonymous said...

Wow North Wales child abuse investigator was at Duncroft

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