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By Le merle étourdi

We remember the time we kissed a very pretty teen.

Our memories help us to imagine the future.

We imagine a long happy relationship.

We forget what the teen's mother looked like when she was not wearing her make up, or her wig.

We remember seeing George Bush with Rafsanjani in the Hotel George V.

Or was it the Hotel Crillon? (BUSH.)

Or was it somewhere else?

Our memories help us to imagine the future.

Our memories did not evolve so that we can remember.

Our memories evolved so that we can imagine what might be.

This idea about memory come from Professor Endel Tulving, of the University of Toronto.

We confuse memories and imagination, says Daniel Schacter of Harvard University.

The ultimate guide to memory - New Scientist

In our dreams we meet Mary in our school in Miami.

Our Diary records that we only met Mary after we moved to Plant City.

By LJ.

Your personality determines what you remember.

The soldier who thinks he is brave tends to forget about the time he was scared.

People who are depressed are apparently vague about both negative and positive experiences.

Thinking about a negative experience can help a person to work out solutions.

Thinking about a positive experience can cheer one up in times of stress.

This is according to psychologist Mark Williams.

The ultimate guide to memory - New Scientist

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What do you remember of early childhood?

Do you remember these posts:

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Zoompad said...

I can remember being pushed in my pram past the school railings to collect my brothers, and the children playing with balls in the playground. I must have been very young at the time, because we moved from Birmingham when I was three, and mum said what I remembered was the school at Bordesley Green. I described my memory to my mum, and she said she used to take me in a big Silver Cross pram to collect my brothers.

I also remember Chadswell Assessment Centre, the horrible dirty Pindown childrens home I was kept prisoner in on a "place of Safety" court order when I was 14 years old. Before that, I remember the 4 big policeman (especially the very tall one with a porky looking face and very dark brown hair) who threatened to hold me by my arms and legs if I didn't take my knickers off and allow the police surgeon to do a vaginal investigation on me to see if I had had sex, and I remember seeing them at the door and hearing them laughing and joking while I was, in effect, being clinically raped, and I remember hardly being able to walk home and shivering like crazy when they finally called my dad to take me home, and my dad putting his big coat round me to keep me warm. I remember all that vividly, and other things as well.

Anonymous said...

My earliest memory is one of terror, but being held in my father's arms. I was tiny, and saw a ship, leaning sideways, rushing into the water with a terrifying speed and noise.
My father was a welder in this ship building yard in Holland.
We emigrated to Australia when I was 7, and in that vast space of almost constantly harsh light, all photos of Holland depicted a dreary, dark cold place.
How wonderful then, that I returned to find colour and sunlight, charm, cheer and most of all, long lost kin.
Zoompad I am so sorry for the sorrows and abuses you have suffered. In the spiritual direction I have received, I learned that imagination and enthusiasm are our link to God, as we 'hoe and weed the Garden of Life' to obtain the harvest.
Peace to you and Aangirfan, and with special prayers for all the cases of child abuse that are coming before the courts (Kevin Annett) or close to becoming court cases; thanks to the internet and sites such as AANGIRFAN, Henry Makow and The Truthseeker, all sexual abuse/corruption is under the microscope.
Alex Chapman is taking on the Masons in Canada, thanks to the exposure by Henry Makow and petitions signed around the globe for Terrance Williams to be spared execution, and Leah Goodman allowed entry to UK to complete her research into Jersey scandals.
Now, Savile and Glitter. The complicitors have no where left to run and hide.
in peace and with gratitude

dognamedblue said...

my earliest memory is from 1 to 2 years old, getting a bath in the kitchen sink by my gran, standing up naked & laughing as "everyone" could see in through the kitchen window

remember most if not all of the blogs although not "hot north african sex"

Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

Anonymous, amen to your post.

Dognamedblue, hugs xx

Anonymous said...

The infamous Dr. Stephen Ward once told me all of the kids at the St. Barnardos he worked at for free as a councillor had been sexually abused at some time. But anything at St. Barnardo's stopped when Johnny Jones rose in the ranks and took over. Johnny ran a tight ship, suffered no excuses, was hands-on, often doing surprise inspections. He sacked a few people.

No wonder his co-workers called him 'The Sergeant Major'.

That was the nicest name he was called. Others used other names...

Johnny Jones lived around the corner to me, in the poorest street in what was a fairly well to-do town in SE London. Everyone knew him, he was a nice man when not suffering one of his 'black-moods', but then he would sit in the dark in the front room and avoid people. He had his pride.

I knew his son, we were only months part in age, we kicked footie together, in the same cubs, so I often visited. I liked Johnny, despite his problems he was one of the good guys, and was thus, at a suitable age, invited to St. Barnardo's, driving there in the tiny Fiat 500 2-seat that came with the job, seeing a man I'd seen before, at Leonard Cheshire's care-home. The aforementioned Ward. Who used to help Leonard and Sue for free, too. He used to hypnotise the kids and dig out the problem, and try to deal with it. "No point in pushing it deeper, that's short-term, these things usually surface sometime and can cause even worse problems. Better to try and deal with it now, with a young, unformed, mind."

I had very good mentors when a kid, they formed me into what I am today.

Anyway, Zoompad, think yourself lucky you were 14 before the evil started, it only lasted 2 years before you could legally leave. I met kids who were in care from birth. As a 13-year-old I had to deal with a kid who, in my arms, decided I was 'nice' and 'loved' her/him, and started to pour forth all sorts of shit. Phew! Thank god for Ward noticing, to sit beside me and gently help me work through it. Then we'd dry the tears and play footie, great time!

Johnny Jones was David Bowie's dad.

dognamedblue said...

hope you're keeping well Z

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