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During a TV program .... "there was a statement from investigative journalist Meirion Jones, whose aunt worked at Duncroft School, where Saville carried out some of his abuse...

"His exact words were: 'It was a very strange place, full of celebrities and minor members of the Royal family.'

"I would like to see is a full investigation into Derek Laud, former Thatcher speechwriter,... and Tory lobbyist Ian Greer in the Bryn Estyn child abuse scandal, in which both men were named by a number of victims."

The Jimmy Savile witch-hunt - Guardian - comments.  comments (847)

Simon Jenkins

Sir Simon David Jenkins is a former editor of The Times, and very much part of the elite.

Jenkins was at one time married to Gayle Hunnicutt.

According to Jenkins, in The Guardian, "The Jimmy Savile witch-hunt sets us on a path to paranoia."


Sir Simon Jenkins writes:

"Is Jimmy Savile and the BBC the biggest story on Earth? 

"Apparently so. 

"Today the British media placed it above Romney versus Obama...

"The media has gone collectively tabloid. 

"Savile clearly did terrible things to young people, which authorities failed to notice or investigate. 

"But he is dead, damned, gone for ever...

"What appeared a conspiracy over the cancelling of Newsnight was ... a regretable cock-up...

"The case is awash in malice, vilification, exaggeration and litigation..." 

Jenkins is wrong in suggesting that the Sir Jimmy Savile story is not that important, and that we should move on.

The Sir Jimmy Savile story, like the Dutroux affair and the Franklin cover-up, helps us to understand the current political situation worldwide.


Jenkins writes:

Is Jimmy Savile and the BBC the biggest story on Earth? Apparently so. Today the British media placed it above ... the implosion of Lebanon and above the birth of the world's largest oil company. Savile was bigger than killer drones in Lincolnshire... bigger than the sensational Birmingham terrorism trial.

The Savile story is about elite pedophile rings and the security services blackmailing top people.

How do you persuade Congress to vote for a war that will hurt the USA but benefit certain arms dealers, drugs gangs and people on Wall Street?

Blackmail the members of Congress.

"The revelation of an Israeli-linked system for monitoring and potentially listening in to the phone calls of every single person in the nation at will opens up the possibility that a massive blackmail operation, unprecedented in scale, is the real force shaping media bias and United States policy."



Anonymous said...

when i worked at the BBC it was in your favour to put in your CV you were gay, i wa stold as i was gay it would help me to get on, but recent revelations have put back the gay agenda a very long way, a similar thing happened with Freemasonry a short while back, once it would help you in the BBC suddenly it was bad news
paul leake

Anonymous said...

I cant think of his name offhand but one of the ex intel chaps who writes on these sites said a while back, that the jimmy savile saga was concealed because mossad ran the whole thing from top to bottom, rupert murdock, peter mandelson esther rancid all of them in place for blackmail.
and in vew of something similar happeneing in the US i would not be one bit surprised
pete wilson

MaryC said...

Who does Jenkins think he's kidding? Of course he knows that a lot of his Establishment chums, whom he and the rest of the MSM have a vested interest in protecting, are quaking in their boots. So naturally he wants this story to die a death.
Who cares weather Obamney or Romobama; The Republocrats or the Demicans get in; both are puppets of Israel. The one who kisses Jewish arse more will win.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the ultimate link in the chain.

Saville is important because he was a fairly significant Mossad asset and handler and his actions also show just how controlled the media is in the UK and just how heavily compromised the political elite has been for decades.

For me the big one remains 9/11. That is what will ultimately bring the house of cards down.

As with Saville, where many of his significant links can be quite easily established (McAlpine, Laud, Thatcher, Heath, royalty, Rantzen, Krays, Hodge/Oppenheimer, Mandelson, Straw, Blair etc) most thinking people who have done a bit of research actually know the names of many of the 9/11 planners:

Dov Zakheim
Philip Zelikow
Douglas Feith
Paul Wolfowitz
Michael Chertoff
Michael Mukasey
Marc Grossman
Elliot Abrams
Lewis Libby
Jack Abramoff
Lewis Eisenburg
Daniel Lewin
Jules Kroll
Rupert Murdoch
Michael Cherkasky

9/11 will seal their fate. They overreached and, despite pulling off the actual event near perfectly (apart from wtc7) and media response/cover up, public awareness is grwoing rapidly due to the internet, something which they failed to properly anticipate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The purpose of much of this abuse is as you say, to control politicians to accomplish the real big plans.
Fascism, one world government etc.

I agree that the big spin is on now to present this as an isolated case of some evil individual who went wild and got away with it. I also see a new talking point as somehow trying to tell everyone that it was the 70's or the 60's and things were different back then. BULLSHIT!
Sadly I see Ben Fellows getting way too much press and floating these types of ideas. I am beginning to wonder if he is going to be used to limit the damage.

I saw the story of the messy murder of two children of a CNBC news executive this week and it stunk from the word go. Now all the media coverage is identical, having dropped any focus on the news executive and it is all about the pain of parents, be afraid, don't trust your greasy illegal maid, be afraid be afraid be afraid.
This grizzly murder was about getting somebody to shut up and play ball, a message was sent and now media swine confuse distract and frighten.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, 911 is the 'BIG ONE' that must be exposed to the wider public -- that would bring down the whole house of cards.

Expose the Israeli connection.

(While the political leadership is wrapped around Israel's finger because of campaign contributions, especially in America, the regular folks are far less under the influence of Israel because they don't get 'campaign contributions.)

And the expose` of these pedophile sex rings is a stepping stone because it is opening up the eyes of the general public to just how corrupt the Elite really are.

CRITICAl: Expose the Israel connection to the pedophile sex rings.

Good job Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

Freddie wants to talk, the police don't want to hear it. From The Independent:
Speaking outside his home, Starr said: “I have said from the word go that I wanted to be interviewed. Everybody, the press, the police, people at the BBC, they knew that things were going on with Jimmy Savile. Everybody is guilty of this. You can put the finger on everybody at the BBC.”

A spokeswoman for Starr said: “Freddie is prepared to be interviewed by the police, but his lawyer has been in touch with the person that is heading the investigation and they have no intention of questioning him.” Scotland Yard declined to comment.

Can the Met reach new lows of integrity and professionalism? You bet they can!

Great coverage of this. You do a great service to victims everywhere. This has to end the wretched ruling class and their tolerance for or engagement in the very worst activities imaginable.

Anonymous said...\

Anonymous said...

May I add bouquets to the comment at 6.58: You do invaluable service to victims everywhere, and also to those who burned out in the process of serving victims and their families, and was then silenced by the PTB.

Until I discovered aangirfan, I felt very alone and isolated.
Thank you also to the contributors of
constructive comments here;

Keep saying it strong and saying it loud aang, with your classy presentations and eloquent photos.

As for Jenkins, he reminds me of a line in the film Convicted:
"People like to bury their mistakes"

Who does he think he is, anyway? Just one of 7 billion people on this planet, who runs a newspaper.

I have survived numerous people who truly wanted me dead, just so they could protect their own lying, murderous filth.
God bless you for digging up the Truth and shining the lights on the perpetrators of destruction. xx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

'Palestinian supporters have demanded that Israel's deputy ambassador to Ireland be removed after she allegedly described Israeli human rights activists as suffering from "problems of sexual identity".

Israel's Channel 10 TV published the full transcript of a diplomatic communiqué which it claimed that Nurit Tinari-Modai had sent to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. It quoted her as saying

"The activity of those activists against the state is, in my evaluation, not necessarily ideological but grounded in psychological reasons generally of disappointment with the parents, [or] sexual identity problems."

From Jewish Chronicle online

Sheer lunacy from a highly placed woman.
How well do I recall women saying that the world would be a better place when they were in charge.

While in Oz, PM Gillard and her Defence Force are discussing the purchase of 3 billion dollars worth of drones.
These are creating additional nightmares in Djibouti and elsewhere.
While the Masters of the UNiverse chuckle over their vast profits at the expense of human suffering.

Neither males or females have the monopoly on sheer destruction based on lies.
No wonder the genders are increasingly without trust.

Peace and good will to all

Anonymous said...

Check out the journalist who thinks people should move on from the savile story!!!:

Say no more guv, a nods as good as wink etc.

Anonymous said...

The Sun: "Hate-spreading trolls should be unmasked and locked up.WE call for trolling to become a criminal offense as victims of cowardly online ghouls reveal how it impacted on them."

Of course, The Sun and other Red Tops must maintain their exclusive franchise on trolling and naming of sundry people as Vile Monstrous Pockmarked Fiends on the flimsiest of evidence - like statements (uh, barks, woofs?) by Perez Hilton's dog.

Zoompad said...

Who is he?

Anonymous said...

Zoompad, I think that is Simon Jenkins.

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