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Lebanon bomb

Reportedly there has been a meeting between the Saudi's Prince Bandar and Lebanon's Saad Hariri to create chaos in Lebanon and Syria.

Note: it is always difficult to get the truth about people like Bandar and Hariri, as there is much disinformation.

The USA and Israel want a change of government in both Lebanon and Syria.

Meeting between Hariri, Saudi Prince Fars News Agency - 27 Oct 2012

Saad al-Hariri is the head of Lebanon's 'Future Movement' party, an opposition party made up of right-wing Christians and Sunnis.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan is Saudi Arabia's spy chief, who was previously rumoured to have been assassinated.

Reportedly, Hariri and Bandar met in the Saudi city of Jeddah, just after a terrorist bomb blast hit Beirut.

The bomb blast was reportedly intended to increase tension in Lebanon.

Reportedly, Bandar "coordinates terrorist operations and blasts in Lebanon with Israel and he occasionally makes secret visits to Tel Aviv."

Reportedly, the Jeddah meeting discussed ways to create chaos in Lebanon, and to support and expand terrorism in Syria.

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Beirut bombing done by: French Intelligence and Mossad:

According to Thierry Meyssan :

"France started by circulating the rumor that President Bashar al-Assad sponsored a Hezbollah plan to assassinate five Lebanese leaders: the head of the security forces, the head commander of the Ministry of the Interior, the Grand Mufti, the Maronite Patriarch and former prime minister, Fouad Siniora.

"Then, Paris took out Michel Samaha, who had served as liaison to the Syrian armed forces but who, having been disgraced in Damascus, was no longer of use.

"This brilliant and adept politician fell into the trap set for him by General Wassam el-Hassan, head of the Free Syrian Army and himself a liaison with the Salafists.

"Next, Paris eliminated General Wassam el-Hassan himself, who had not only become useless in the eventual advent of peace in Syria but also dangerous because of what he knew.

"The French rumor became reality : the number one name on the list of targets is dead and a pro-Syrian figure was arrested as he was preparing an attack on another name on the list.

"At the core of these machinations is General Puga.

"The former Commander of Special Operations and Director of French Military Intelligence was the head of the personal general staff of President Nicolas Sarkozy and has been retained in that post by Francois Hollande.

"Linked by his unconditional support for the Jewish colonial occupation of Palestine [1] and having close connections to American neoconservatives, he carried forward French colonial policies in the Ivory Coast, Libya and Syria.

"Bypassing democratic institutions, he determined on his own the direction of French policy in the Middle East, despite his having no official appointment."

Thierry Meyssan

Bandar has been linked to the financing of the CIA's 9 11 'hijackers'.


"Bandar brokered the Al-Yamamah arms deal, managing to divert more than one billion pounds, according to British official sources.

"He then used this windfall, and many more, to finance the activities of jihadist groups around the world, including Al Qaeda.

"In early 2010, Prince Bandar attempted to overthrow King Abdullah."



Anonymous said...

9/11 was a Mossad job involving assets within the CIA and military industrial complex. Mostly, but not exclusively, Jewish.

Let's not forget that when we talk of Saudi involvement, which was peripheral.

There were no Saudi's involved in the planning and execution of the attacks, except unwittingly.

Anonymous said...

The Isreali Mossad can call on any jew anywhere in the world to assits in its operations, hotel managers to steal passports, police to insert fake reports or erase others and to watch neighbours, any criminal enterprises means you can escape to israel and never face being sent back for trial as israel sees the rest of the world as its enemies. failure to comply with helping mossad means ostracism from jewish society, It is well known in intel circles that israel was a sbehind this bombing as 9/11 and 7/7

Anonymous said...

Helo Aangirfan, some great reporting here.
I workes as a social worker for some years and i noticed that as homosexuality became legal, and even encouraged by such bodies as the BBC so child abuse figures went through the rof, in work we complieda chart with these figures but were told by seniors that this did not match targets for political correctness and to destroy it
john Brooks

arthur zbygniew said...

see:attentat beyrouth: dgse + mossad and wissam al hassan, suspect du meurtre de hariri in french

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arthur zbygniew said...

check:beyrouth bombing: dgse + mossad in english this time

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